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Jeff Morris

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2005 19:54    Post subject: A Great Guy's Dating Profile: check it out; Reply with quote

A Great Guy's Dating Profile:

Jeffrey David Morris,

Los Angeles, CA.


I don't consider myself as a swinger, player, but yes to an observer, and am curious,
thus, want some love via, feeding on woman = vagina / butt.

I haven't been lucky to be invited to a swinger's or otherwise similar party yet, thus,
I'm a virgin to one, but know not to expect anything, treat women respectfully, & just
enjoy myself, casually, per say, so to speak.

36, but look a lot younger, (25 - 27), via White/Caucasian, but
my mom's Hispanic, (via my grandparent's - her parent's), father's background unknown.


6" big.

150lb.'s- (slim, swimmer's build).

Black hair with blond shade's.

Green eyes.

I prefer white/Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, but must be really clean vaginally and butt -
wise, & safe, no pain.

Straight sexual orientation.

I am actively seeking REAL hook up's for friendship, etc. real female companion's
/friend's to share life with, non sexually, and otherwise, but I do not expect it ever.

Seeking? Oral sex, nude & clothed hiking, nudist & clothed beach visiting; (I haven't ever
been to a nude beach, etc. ever), social group's, all kind's of nudist activities (non
sexual though), & I welcome any idea's for (the above) one or more would like to share.

Kink's? Maybe, while I'm masturbating, a woman licks my lips like ice cream, slowly & / or
fast . . . ? Feeding on a woman's vagina, labia lips, butt; I have a fascination of slowly
undressing a woman, as if to explore her body like a new, sexual find, never discovered
before, sexually exploring her vagina - (inside/outside), labia lips, butt, breast
/nipples /areolas - around the nipple ('s), her mouth & lips, and the last time I tried to
French kiss, long ago, too much teeth action, so I'd like to have a woman show me how to
French kiss, maybe a woman could rim my butt?

Turn on's? (See above), and I always had this fantasy of where me and a woman, or a group,
come together to meet, and we're all talking about whatever and everything except what
we're doing, as if to not have any awareness of what we're doing, thus, we all meet up,
undress (each other, not ourselves), and while we're doing oral sex, etc. we're talking
about the news, entertainment, etc., like what we're doing is a no brainer, and no big
deal, like we're unaware of what we're doing, like it's just doing housework, office work,
or whatever. Then, there's the fantasy of in a home, in the office while other's work
around us, on the street in public, or, unrelated, in the Mojave desert, being sexual with
someone while people just pass by us, and we're totally naked, in the street, wherever,
and while a woman is on the phone, I gently and slowly undress her, while she's not aware
or doesn't mind whatever I'm doing, I undress her, then get on my knees, and start feeding
on her
vagina and butt, then gently lay her back on a desk, in the front office, again people are
just walking by, and referring to what I'm doing to her as something simple as filing,
helping her with some work, like it's whatever, and another female worker comes by to ask
me a question on a file, while I'm fucking or eating a woman pussy or butt, or while she's
milking me, and I feel on that woman's butt, etc. while I assess her question on a file,
or on or in the street, car's naturally, are re - directed around us, no chance they would
come too close to us, even a celebrity award show, where no clothing is allowed, everyone
comes nude, and it's no big deal, everyone's unaware of nudity, as if Adam &
Eve never realized they were naked.

Turn off's? Anything painful, teeth, tool's/prop's, etc. Any kind of sex to me, should be
= cuddling, nurturing, pleasuring.

Specialties? Is it too much to ask if I met a woman or woman, to see if I could explore or
have them teach me, thus, assess them with me? Otherwise, I'm not really sure, honestly
what they are.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hello, I'm seeking to meet new friend's, (as stated above), and desiring to meet beautiful
young, sassy & spunky, independent women (21 - 29) for friendship, companionship and
dating, in the Los Angeles, CA. area, who have a fun, outgoing, uninhibited attitude on
life, can be daring as well as not afraid, etc. to take risk's or chance's, and who don't
care what anyone thing's, kind of like (for example, "Faith" from the TV show "Angel" &
"Buffy", but not really dysfunctional, but more enjoy life & it's available moment's with
close friend's, safely, cleanly, positively, etc. for all their worth for what one might
view their worth. Such recreational activity's may include those where one is comfortable
nude, as I welcome clothing - optional lifestyle, (not so much as sexual), as more about
the state of being clothing - less; which is not about sex. As sex, for one, is over
rated, it's nice, but oral sex is even better, and is the physical activity between
people, where's being clothing - less means doing the same thing's one might do being
clothed, but being clothing less, it's really no big deal. And it's about the choice
people make whether they want (being nude) to be sexual, or not, is something to discuss
before hand, and out of respect, get what I'm sayin'? I mean, it's cool. But being nude is
not a state to be in with close friend's if one or more are having expectation and hidden
agenda's to for it to be more than it is, because then one or more is putting their
issue's on whoever, and that is not fair and is flat out disrespectful. But anyway, I like
nude hiking when I hike; it's more of a freer feeling. And there's various nude beaches,
etc. around Southern CA. Being nude with close friend's (non - sexually let's say), I
think can bring close friend's even closer together, and in essence, can build and help
grow that bond of friendship and companionship, as clothes may act as some kind of facade,
so to speak, kno' what I mean? Also I am 5'11, (150) lb.'s, and I enjoy various music
style's and movie's, and I am a all around easy going, laid back guy who enjoys life
hangin' out and kickin' it with close, good friend's. I have my own studio apt., live
alone, am independent, and alot better at cleaning than cooking, thus, have an willingness
to learn from a fine, beautiful woman, as I'm not desiring a clingy, etc. (sorry)
relationship, but a friendship where both people cab be free to just be themselves,
without expectation's, etc, thus, exhibiting independence and not seeking benefit's, etc.
from another, as that is flat out irresponsible and disrespectful in any friendship, and
states that one has issue's; hey, sorry, I call it what I see it as, regardless what
people say. Ya want this or that, get yourself, or live without it, but don't try to live
or want ("The Life") at the expense of someone else. You want it, provide first, for
yourself what you want, then you may share or another may share with you. Much love, peace
out, see ya. X X, O O = (kiss & hug)

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