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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2005 15:54    Post subject: Re: Not posting but saying it has????????? Reply with quote

I need more details... exactly what form were you using to post?
Which version of the boards? (please copy/pase the urls if you are not sure!)
Where you still logged in after the problem? (if not maybe that might be a clue) - also
what links did you click on (in spraci) just before the problem happened?

I have seen posts complaining about a mystery "posting problem" for over a year now but I
have not been able to see the problem whenever i test it and their descriptions have been
way too vague for me to get even a slight clue about what the actual problem might be.
My guess is that some people might be using the boards in a different way than I have
thought of myself or following links in some old section of the site that I've long
forgotten about (and might need updating)
(combined with default IE6 settings causing cookies not to be returned resulting in being
logged out unexpectedly - I can't do much about the IE6 problem except to try to pass
session ids in urls wherever possible and advise people to check their settings to allow
the session cookies)

btw were you using or
(both are the same site but it might make a difference when there is a link somewhere from
one to the other with no session id in it)

Re: Regarding the board types there are actually three versions of it and they are all
somewhat unique to spraci.
Though the front-end of one of them is based on phpbb, the backend is quite different.
All three types share the same backend and use the same data - they just look and behave a
bit differently. Each time I put up a new version there were always some people who
preferred the old one so I let people have the choice.
- Also - there are features that most types of boards do not have that I did not want to
lose like real threading (not just a "topic"), thread-from-anything, cross-posting, etc
and admin is much more managable being able to look at an admin page showing all new
messages on ALL the spraci boards.

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