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PostPosted: 26 Jan 2006 17:00    Post subject: Constructive Criticism Reply with quote

nah hobarts honestly a shit hole... you wont find any pic's oh actul hobart itself all the
pics are of sandybay or salamanca... (salamanca = tourist shit hole during the day and at
night trendy night club muchness)

but honestly it does take about 15 minutes to walk form one end of our capital city to the
other end o.O

if you like nature, seafood, and stinky ferals than i guess its an o.k. place

but i 100% purely revoltingly hate nature.
seafoods fun to play with but i only eat flake icon_sad.gif (lol once stuck a live crayfish on a
freinds face while he was sleeping and it latched on... even better the day befor we
watched the Aliens series)

adn yeah.. i hate ferals.. i actuly god called rude yesterday by one..

Feral scumbag: would you like to sign our blah blah blah to save blah blah blah tasmanian
me: lol not fuckin likely
Feral scumbag: your a rude prick arnt you...

if it wasnt female i would have span around and punched its face in...

this is how bad they are one side of a block right?... 8 of them asking for you to sign
some shit to save some even greater shit. each one will attempt to stop you and get you to
help their "cause"

there are countless protests through town ever year.

it doesnt matter if you sign up and give them money and stuff they still bug you for even
more money.

a friend of mine attempted to see if haveing "PISS OFF" in big capital letters on his
t-shirt would stop them form bugging him when he walked along a street in hobart.. 5 out
of 6 asked him to sign something -_-'

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