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PostPosted: 15 Jul 2006 12:14    Post subject: Re: The Beast Ball Reply with quote

haha fuck your stupid, you come here post bullshit that no one here gives a fuck about and
when i tell you my personal opions of your comemnt you get all upset like a child,
honestly whos more insecure the person who made a comment in a unwated thread, or the
person who got so completely upset that they had to start throwing around words like
"Jealous" and "insecure"

as for your comment on ME doing some "research before you go off on people" have a
lookround at whos one of the most common posters on this forum?

also i probly wouldnt have bothered replying to this normaly but someone contacted on msn
about it

-={|<}=- says:
I actually thought your comment was pretty tame compared to what you've said on there in
the past..

as a word of warning next time you have a shot at me you better fucking know what my IP is
and how to get around my firewalls, because i dont ahve tiem to play games with mornic emo
retards such as yourself.

so yeah pretty much this is your one warning.. dont fuck with me.

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