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Six Ways to Be a Better Singer

Take care of yourself.
Your body is your instrument and you only get one. So, stay hydrated. Get enough sleep.
Don't smoke.

Support your breath.
You've probably heard this before by every choral director and voice teacher you've ever
had"and there's a reason for that. Proper breath support is imperative if you want your
tone to sound the best it can. Unfortunately, it seems like every pedagogue has a
different way of explaining breath support, which leads to a lot of confusion. This is an
area where a personal voice teacher will come in handy for you. He or she will work
one-on-one with you to help you learn or improve your breath support so that your tone is
always supported. [Read: "Choral Clich: Support the Tone."]

Keep your jaw loose.
A tense jaw will cause your tone to sound constricted and may even cause you to sing out
of tune. So, reduce your jaw movement to only what is necessary and don't chew on your
vowels. For example, if you are singing a major scale on "ah," there is little need to
move your jaw while ascending from pitch to pitch. Keep your jaw as stationary and as
loose as possible, and think of making the shape of the vowel inside your mouth rather
than with the muscles in your lips.

Read ahead of the beat.
When reading music, always have your eye at least one or two beats ahead"that way you can
anticipate what's coming next and you'll be less likely to be caught off guard when you
encounter a curveball interval jump. This can be especially helpful when doing a cold
sightread through a new piece of music.

Listen louder than you sing.
Aural multitasking"the ability to listen to yourself while simultaneously listening to
other singers and musicians in your ensemble"is a challenge that every choral singer
faces. Please: Do not plug up one earlobe to be able to hear yourself better. Why? If you
have to do that to hear yourself, then you aren't training yourself to listen

If you're having trouble hearing yourself in the group, one trick is to angle your music
book or folder in front of you (but without completely burying yourself behind it, of
course) so that some of your sound bounces back to you as you sing. Use acoustics to your

Get over your mental blocks.
We all have at least one. Maybe you had a Simon Cowell-esque choral director in high
school who told you had a dreadful voice and ever since you've had low self-esteem. This
is another area that a personal voice teacher can help you with. A good voice teacher will
help you to sound the best that you can using the voice that you've got. Because remember:
No matter the raw materials you've been given, your singing voice can always be improved
upon. So, be proud of your unique voice.

visit here to learn more how to
become a better singer

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