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PostPosted: 24 Nov 2005 06:35    Post subject: F5-A Drug For All Seasons Reply with quote

Artist: F5
Title: A Drug For All Seasons
Genre: Rock/Metal
Label: Dead Line Music

I feel guilty about not reviewing this album several weeks ago; it totally rocks from
start to finish. F5 is one killer, kick ass unit. On their debut release A Drug For All
, they show why they could easily be one of top selling acts in the world in
2006. I know they have not broken big yet but just wait, they will.

Dave Ellefson had one thing to do after leaving Megadeath, start another band, and one
that rivaled if not surpassed his long time gig. I think this band leaves Megadeath in the
dust. Do not get me wrong, I love Megadeath, but they are living off their past work right
now more than anything released recently.

They call this abrasive rock, and while it is, there is an incredible melodic
sensibility running throughout this album. I know that is the very reason why I cannot
seem to get this CD out of my stereo and why it has taken me so long to get off my arse
and write about it!

If you like to get the adrenaline pumping into your heart a mile a minute then this is
the album for you. When "Faded" kicks in to open the album, you know that one raucous ride
is in store, it sets the stage. What starts with the lead off track is continued non-stop
until the disc stops spinning. Ellesfson put together one potent unit before going into
the studio and his judge of talent, besides being one talented musician, is obviously his
strength. Everyone in the band, with the exception of the lead singer Dale Steele, is a
multi-tasker with technical dexterity and high degree of professionalism. Steele does
enough though, giving his vocal cords a major workout. He does not scream or growl, he
grabs hold of a song and owns it with passion. His style is down-in-the-gutter rockin'
tough and a perfect fit for the music behind him. Ellesfson (who also plays some rhythm
guitar) and drummer Dave Small, form a powerhouse rhythm section while John Davis and
Steve Conley share the lead and rhythm guitar chores on electric and acoustic, plus Conley
plays a mean ass sitar. When you put all of this together, the music most certainly is
A Drug For All Seasons. The opener "Faded," the title track, and "Hold Me Down,"
are my picks for the most energizing and inexhaustible rockers. I do have to say that I
loved every track though, even the remake of "What I Am" was hard to ignore, somehow Eddie
Brickell and New Bohemians are nothing more than a faded memory 1 minute into the song.

This music gets in your face, kicks you in the pants, and makes you jump out of your
chair and start bouncing off the walls. Be careful not to make your living room a mosh
pit, but do enjoy it just the same. This may be a sleeper for late 2005 but wait until
everyone starts getting turned on to these guys, watch out Godsmack and all the rest of
you big time metal bands, there is a veteran rocker coming to your town to blow the roof
of your concert venue with a young and vibrant band. This pulsating and vital music
machine is ready to realize its destiny now!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

November 23, 2005


01. Faded (3:13)
02. Dissidence (2:32)
03. Fall to Me (3:33)
04. A Drug for All Seasons (2:31)
05. Bleeding (3:25)
06. What I Am (3:50)
07. Dying on the Vine (3:0icon_cool.gif
08. Hold Me Down (3:02)
09. Defacing (2:29)
10. X'd Out (2:36)
11. Look You in the Eyes (4:47)
12. Forte Sonata (3:47)
13. First Cut - In the Studio with F5 [*/multimedia track]

F5 Is:

Dave Elllefson-string bass guitars, rhythm guitars
John Davis-rhythm, lead & acoustic guitars
Dale Steele-lead vocals
Steve Conley-lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, sitar
Dave Small-drums & percussion

F5 Website

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PostPosted: 18 Apr 2007 10:01    Post subject: F5-A Drug For All Seasons Reply with quote

Hey muzikman..
Has anyone ever told you that you have a unique style of band reveiwing...
Talent in its self....Have you ever tried to write a band biography?
Back to bejing** Im messaging you in responce to the F5 reveiw.
To be honest i had never heard of them. I visited there website via your link..
And your right Once you have there music you can stop listening... m/ 0_o m/

Sharnas myspace

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