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PostPosted: 01 Aug 2006 16:01    Post subject: The endless music festival Reply with quote

I'm thinking of saving up BIG TIME and going on a "round
the world festival tour"
. Its kind of like going to one place for a
festival, then a couple of days later fly to some where else for another one, and then
another, and another, etc. Untill I run out of cash or die. Which ever comes first. It
doesn't neccesarily have to be 'around the world' even just around europe will prob do
(I'm an Aussie).

I'm guesing it would be best to have a couple of days break in
between for recovery, but not essential if it doesn't work out that way.

What I
originally had in mind was all BIG music/youth festivals like Glastonbury (England) and
the Love Parade (Germany) and Global Gathering. But it might also be good to fit in some
other stuff, maybe a comedy festival? Not sure yet its all really just an idea at the

Obviously I'll have time and money constraints. But if I didn't have
any of those constraints what would you suggest.

Does anyone know of a good
bank of festivals relitivaly close together?

Any and all ideas/suggestions/comments
are welcome.

And if it makes any difference I have a european passport.

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PostPosted: 10 Nov 2006 14:51    Post subject: Re: The endless music festival Reply with quote


i thoroughly recomend the sziget festival in budapest. I went there in 2005 and it was
pretty awesome. it went for 8 days and was only 100 euros including camping.

its on every year in august. it is absolutely huge. there is and incredible range of both
food and drink (good quality beer, wine, spirits, cocktails) all very cheap by australian
standards (eg, 500ml of nice red wine worked out to be a little over $1.70 australian. the
hungarian currency is gradually becoming stronger, but even if everything was twice the
price it would still be an absolute bargain.

the festival has heaps of stages with a wide range of acts (pop, rock, metal, jazz, gypsy,
world, artsy theatre, fashion parades, even a dog show)

transport is easy to and from the centre of budapest (in my limited travelling experience
i found former communist countries had amazing public transport.

they have programmes available in a handful of languages including english.

anywho, enough crapping on do a search for it. from memory they had a decent english
language website.

Hope you have fun.

Trent Lane.

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