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Potty Mouth: HIJACK "Jackpot EP" - Out Now!

PMM-005 HIJACK "Jackpot EP"
Original tracks by: HiJack
Tracks: Party Poeple, Shimmy, Possessed
Remix by: Dj Fame (Party People)

Available for purchase at:

HIJACK (UK) Potty Mouth Music
HIJACKS Potty Mouth Winter Mix!

Amidst the bass-driven allure of Londons underground clubs, DJ Daniel Carro found
something more alluring than the nightly vibe. As a devoted enthusiast of techno, breaks
and Chicago House, Carro set out to transcend the participatory realm of a club scene that
entrenched him for years. While studying music production in Bournemouth, UK, in 2005, he
met Jon Chant, a party promoter/DJ who helped turn the South UK-based clubs into a
breeding ground for a sound defined by its jackin basslines and fidgety sampling.

When the two talents met in the studio, their style exuded the same kind of bumpy, fidget
techniques igniting the club scene. As production partners, Carro and Chant put their own,
glitchy edge on classic house beats. The result was a creative partnership they called,
HiJack; in 2006 they went on to release their first EP on On the Brink Records (OTBR),

Chants club-based and creative credibility paved a successful path for fidget house
releases on OTBR, his self-helmed Jack Union Records, and most recently, Potty Mouth Music
(2008). Their self-professed catalogue of peak hour tracks are bouncy, funk-fueled grooves
that beat with twisted hooks and cut-and-paste samples. We shared a common
understanding and love of the jackin sound, says Jon, who describes he and Carros
work as upbeat, with a funkier edge.

As a production and performance battery, HiJack has reason to smile. Their forthcoming
HiJackin EP on OTBR and Wobble House EP on Jack Union Records define a
low-slung sound that has already brought them notoriety as producers and performers
throughout the UK. Carro and Chant also flexed their remix moxie on Nic Sarnos label
(ESP Records) and for Kenton Slash Demon (WSGM RMX).

HiJacks recent inclusion on the Potty Mouth Music roster is homage to the wobbly
melodies and chunky beats gives their music a roll and bounce. Inspired by the influential
likes of DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, Dave Taylor and Jacob London, HiJack has already set
themselves from apart from the production masses embracing the fidget house sound. Jons
self-owned Jack Union Records continues supporting unsigned projects that embody the same
flavor and character of their tracks.

We try and avoid too much of the dark stuff, Jon says, We like our crowds to jack
with a smile.


01. Santiago & Bushido " Headtrick [Potty Mouth]
02. Justin Martin " Ghetto Train (Oliver $ Remix) [Utensil]
03. HiJack " Possessed [Potty Mouth]
04. Geoff K " Mary Go Round (Bulgarian Remix) [Second Session]
05. DJ Fame " In The Ghetto (Original Mix) [Potty Mouth]
06. Dub Pistols " Open (Trevor Loveys Remix) [Sunday Best]
07. HiJack " Shimmy [Potty Mouth]
08. Style Of Eye " Remember This (Troydon Remix) [Nightshift]
09. Sawtooth Sucka " Scewing [Dot Bleep]
10. Rodion " Electric Soca (Crookers Remix) [Gomma]


01. Santiago & Bushido " Headtrick [Potty Mouth]
02.Scott Cooper - Tech Buddy [Wearhouse]
03. HiJack " Possessed [Potty Mouth]
04. Lee Mortimer - Fully Automated (Oliver $ Remix) [Wearhouse]
05. Geoff K " Mary Go Round (Bulgarian Remix) [Second Session]
06. DJ Fame " In The Ghetto (Original Mix) [Potty Mouth]
07. HiJack " Shimmy [Potty Mouth]
08. Loose Cannons - WHYD4ML (Stupid Fresh Remix) [Government]
09. Style Of Eye " Remember This (Troydon Remix) [Nightshift]
10. Claude Vonstroke - Chimps (Trevor Loveys Remix) [Dirty Bird]


PMM-005 - "JACKPOT EP" February 2008
Original tracks by: HiJack
Tracks: Party People, Possessed, Shimmy
Remix: DJ Fame (Party People)

PMM-004 - "FOR WHAT EP" January 2008
Original tracks by: Santaigo & Bushido
Tracks: For What, Got That, Head Trick
Remix by: The Bulgarian (For What)

PMM-003 - "ZOMBIE DOOR EP" November 2007
Original tracks by: The Bulgarian
Tracks: The Zombie Door, Into The Groove, Listen Man
Remix by: Santiago & Bushido (The Zombie Door)

PMM-002 - "GHETTO DAYZ EP" October 2007
Original tracks by: Dj Fame
Tracks: Anutha Day In Da Ghetto,
Thats How People Get, All She Wants To Do
Remixes by: The Bulgarian (Anutha Day In Da Ghetto)

Original tracks by: The Crookers
Tracks: Massive, Disco Fidget, Bumble Bees
Remix by: Magik J (Massive)


PMM-006 - "SICK LIKE THAT EP" March 2008
Original tracks by: Heavy Feet
Tracks: Sick Like That
Remix: Santiago & Bushido (Sick Like That)


(Click On The Link Above To Get Your Gear!!)


Screw soap the mouth; the brand of jack that defines Chicagos new-school house sound
gets a tech-heavy makeover from the talent roster of Potty Mouth Music. Inspired by the
dirty glitch twists of fidget house producers such as Switch, Trevor Loveys and Jesse
Rose, Potty Mouth ditches conventional house boundaries, imploring turntable trickery,
unconventional loops and straight up techno into its catalogue of tracks. Chicago-based
label head James Amato keeps house-heavy influences in place and lacing them with the kind
of dirty glitch that makes it feel so good to be so bad. Potty Mouth artists included The
Crookers (Italy), DJ Fame (New York) Santiago & Bushido (Chicago), The Bulgarian (UK),
HiJack (UK).

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