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Pay Per Match Will Obsolete All Current Matchmaking Software as of 18 January 2008

Pay Per Match is now bringing out a niche-dating directory, adding momentum to the move
from "broad" to "specific" by Internet-savvy single men and single women.

(PRWEB) January 3, 2008 -- When it comes to matchmaking, innovation Pay Per Match will
change the matchmaking approach online -- an innovative approach is usually necessary to
get to the top of a saturated market. Pay Per Match is about making members' profiles the
main focus of matchmaking.

Matchmaking Bioaffiliates is a carefully targeted matchmaking marketing approach with
profile match accuracy that is the best way to find a partner who thinks just like you.
That's where "Pay Per Match" online dating comes in. The matchmaking industry has finally
figured it out. Singles need to make money to afford dating. Not every matchmaking online
dating service has gotten the message. How do you find someone online? How do you afford
the matchmaking membership fees? Note that typing the word "singles" into Google pulls up
more than 19 million results. This daunting figure is enough to steer any man or woman
back to the print classifieds or even the bar scene -- where the odds of finding Mr. or
Mrs. Right are slimmer.

Online matchmaking dating service sites apparently still attract a strong following,
discerning adults are, instead, logging onto niche online dating sites that target
compatible mates with bull's-eye matching accuracy. Pay Per Match is now bringing out a
niche-dating directory, adding momentum to the move from "broad" to "specific" by
Internet-savvy single men and single women. With the Pay Per Match bioaffiliate program
and banners, singles can now get paid to promote their profile. This in itself is a
massive matchmaking industry breakthrough.

Pay Per Match in our niche sites has dramatically increased as people recognize the
inherent advantages of being paid to have a profile online.

"As soon as people hear the name Pay Per Match, they immediately recognize that our focus
is on having outstanding profiles of people who seek to market themselves in the
matchmaking world and who are serious players, and in return find the right person or
persons as the case may be. There is no mistaking that our members and visitors will come
back to Pay Per Match bioaffiliate matchmaking sites daily to check out there accounts.
You will not see 'last online 6 months ago' on a Pay Per Match matchmaking site."

The aim of Pay Per Match is to make it so the person who places the profile on the Pay Per
Match matchmaking sites are the ones who receive the bioaffiliate membership fess and this
in turn will create better content and greater matchmaking ability. The overwhelming
success of Pay Per Match sites is that it will allow people to afford to date.



The Pay Per Match idea is good idea. If I was getting paid and all I had to do was set up
a profile, then why not? I would join. Who wouldnt want to do it? Its easy, you get
to meet new people and earn some money doing it.

- Josh, 24


I think unlike other dating sites, Pay Per Match gives you an incentive to join and become
a member and talk to people that you are genuinely interested in getting to know. The only
downside would be, the doubt of whether the other members had joined the site for the
chance to make money, rather than for the chance to meet someone for a potential
relationship. Other than that, its an interesting concept and I would probably give it
a go.

- Maria, 28


The one thing that puts me off dating is the money it costs to date a girl. If I could
really make money from setting up a profile on a dating site and I knew that not only
would I be meeting women, but earning dollars at the same time, Id try it out.

- Victor, 29


Angela " Single Female, 22Yrs

Well considering that Im sick of the kind of guys I meet out at clubs and its not
really the best place to meet someone, I have used a few online dating sites but theyre
kind of all the same and a few times, I have seen the same person on all of them! But if
there was a site that allowed me to have a profile, search for potential partners while
also having them look at me and at the same time make money from it, then of all the
dating sites that are available, I would use that one the most. I work casual hours and
study full time at Uni so I am very busy and also money is tight so if I can make a few
extra bucks while at the same time looking for that special someone with no extra major
effort from me time wise then why the hell not! Sign me up!


Robert " Single Gay Male, 28 Yrs

Its a clever concept and to be honest, Im surprised no one has thought of it as
you are putting the best of two important social issues together " making extra cash and
finding your soul mate. Who wouldnt want that?? You have absolutely nothing to loose
and a lot to gain so yes, I would use it. My only suggestion would be to include the gay
community or at least have a sub section for us. Since our culture is known to be quite
out there in the dating world, this type of idea would be very successful as we
enjoy looking for new people to meet and also for men and women who have just come
out feeling quite scared and not knowing where to turn to meet people who are just like
them. It would be the perfect starting point to meeting new friends who share your
lifestyle. AND at the same time, you can make some money from it which is a huge incentive
as every single person in this world would love to make some extra money quick and easy.
Not only would I use it myself but I would definitely spread the word


Jason " Single Male, 34 Yrs

Being in my mid thirties now and still single Ive sort of passed caring if I meet
someone or not, as it has become too frustrating and too much work. Ive used RSVP but
find it too expensive and the time limit of your stamps is silly. I do want to meet
someone but am starting to lose interest in the online dating game. But the idea of having
a profile on a dating site that can also make me money definitely peaks my interest over
the other guys. It would make me keep up to date with my profile regularly. Obviously if
my profile is current, interesting and has great pictures " Ill get more hits! So
with the money making as a motivator to have a great profile, it also increases my chances
of meeting more people who would be a great match for me. I think its a gem of an


Belinda " Single Female, 36 Yrs

Well, coming out of a 6 year relationship with someone whom I loved dearly, it was a
shock to be single again after being attached for so long. I didnt know where to start
and felt very awkward in social situations. I didnt know how to pick up anymore
like I did in my younger days and I feel more comfortable staying home then going out to
bars hoping to meet someone. Thats why I like online dating sites because you can get
to know them first for as long as you like through emails and chat before you meet them in
person. You can get to know them personality wise and see if you do have a connection
before taking the physical approach. I know of several popular dating websites but they
all do the same thing. If I can generate a little extra income from a dating site then it
would be a great benefit, as I will already be using the site for personal reasons. I
would choose this option over the other competitors as it goes much further.

The two main characteristics that create pay per match are obviously not original I.a. a
dating site and pay per click. But what is brilliant is the
combination of the two. Not only will the concept gain interests from people who are
looking for a partner but also from people who want to make money
online. Usually, they are one in the same person, so an additional reason to become a
member. It is said, people who are single are those who are too
busy making money, they don't have time to look for a relationship. They either have their
own business or work very long hours. Talk about killing
two birds with one stone.By sharing the membership fee with the members, pay per match is
not greedy, has long term goals and will obviously make a lot
of people happy. When people are happy with a service or product, they spread the word. As
we know, word of mouth of is one of the most effective
forms of marketing.One of the challenges when creating a website is to make it interactive
and keep people coming back. On a dating site, people will
obviously come back to see if they've received any messages or clicks on their profile.
But with the additional incentive to make money from their
profile not only will they come back but they will tell others.It's an exciting concept
which I hope to be part of.

Thank you.Kind regards,

The pay pre match concept, I feel, is far advantageous for the client as the standard
dating service hit and miss concept leaves a lot to be desired.
Lying and deceiving, hidden agendas and lots of desperate and rather unattractive people
fill the sites and it takes forever to sort through to
at least find someone with similar interests, education and lifestyle, let alone find
someone that is attractive to you. Pay per match can offer
clients an intelligent, researched report that presents matches of people with common
ground, similar interests and wants. Rather than pay a flat fee
to spend half your life on line trying to find someone, you pay only for a match that in
theory has the best chance of success. The concept is a

I believe without a doubt that the pay per match concept is going to be the biggest dating
site online since R.S.V.P. This unique yet effective concept
will stand out from the normal concept of meeting people online. The reason is that
someone out their who is lonely can now go to a website and make
money whilst they meet people! Who has ever heard of such a wonderful concept before? Who
wouldn't love the concept of being able to meet people
that you are interested in and than be able to afford to take them out for a date due to
be matched up with them???!!! Pay per match is a win win
situation. Meet people who like your profile and you get a share of their membership fee.
The more matches that you get that sign up because they want
to meet you the more you get paid! Talk about a website to satisfy the client on both a
personal and financial level! One of the greatest benefits
that Pay Per Match will have over the other dating websites is the incentive that besides
the company always making the money... the client
will also make money and feel more valued. Imagine logging on with excitement every time
not only to see how popular you are and valued ...but
to also find your bank account balance going up!

Their simply cant be anything more exciting than this!.

Kindest Regards,

Here we go another dating site you may say!!! Well you are right but only in the
nutshell... There are no stamps that you have to buy, there is no
membership fee that you have to pay upfront,And there are no hidden charges!!!! You surf,
you look, you find someone that you would like to get
in touch with and then you pay - not much Very little isn't it brilliant?!!!!! What we can
offer in return, we offer absolutely genuine
people. Each one we contacted and asked them to fill in a little questionnaire to make
sure that they mean what they are saying in their
profiles. And even more we are often checking on them if anything changed? Interested now?
We think you should be - This is the only web site with 100%
genuine people.....


The Concept of online dating and meeting people on the internet, stem way back to the
original days when the internet was being branded the super
information highway. There have been many online dating sites that have come and gone over
the years. But none have been as original and innovative as
the Pay per Match website concept.The Pay per Match website offers the two most human
desires that are on everybody's wish list, that is money and of
course the most important thing LOVE. The Pay per Match website will offer users to meet
people who they would most like to meet and also give them the
drive and desire to keep coming back as they will receive monetary benefits by either
having people join their profile or by spreading the word around.
I have known many people in my time that have used and still are using dating services on
the internet. There has never been a concept where a
person has a profile and because someone joins you would receive monetary benefits. If
this concept was available at that time, these users would have
made a small fortune. But not just money, it would have eliminated all those time wasters
that originally had no interest. They would have found that
perfect partner. But now, it's all going to change. Dating and mingling with the opposite
sex can be costly. The preparation, time, dinners, drinks and
gifts. This website gives you the compensation in the search for finding the right one. It
will also silence the critics that have always said:


The Pay per Match website, everyone is a winner.

Anthony .

Finally a dating site that makes you money instead of costing you money. Welcome to dating
2.0. If you make an effort to create an attractive Pay Per
Match profile you'll attract visitors, who, like you will become a paying member by
signing up from your profile page. For your efforts, Pay Per Match
shares half the membership fee with you. Now you'll know who's serious about connecting
with you and who is not. With more than 20% of Australian
singles registered on dating sites it is clear that there's a strong market and a long
life-span for such an innovative dating site. This payment model
will ensure that the quality of the profiles remains high and that active promotion of the
site will be undertaken by members. Growth won't rely on
search engine optimization or stumbling, instead it will be powered by members in a viral
growth pattern through electronic word of mouth. In 2007,
over 50% of the top 100 fastest growing sites on the internet are user generated content
and 'tell-a-friend' grown, Pay Per Match looks like taking
it to a whole new level with their income model. Clearly, now is the time to get on

Kind regards,


Just like the number of gambling sites and auction sites you are bombarded with today
online, it is the same with dating sites. You are looking for the one you can use
everyday, become comfortable using and stay loyal to but there are so many out there
offering the same thing, which one do you go with? As the number of internet users grows
rapidly each year so does the number of people going online to find their soul mate. Our
jobs and careers are taking up much of our time these days that we are left with no time
to ourselves and when we do have that time, we usually spend it alone catching up on rest.
It gets harder to keep up the social life let alone the love life. This routine can drag
on so long that before you know it, you are older with a great job title but still alone
and yearning companionship.

Also, it's no secret that people like to make money and save money. More and more people
are using the internet as a tool to make extra money on the side by either selling
products on eBay or even setting up their own eCommerce website at home selling products
while still maintaining full time employment. So why not fuse business and pleasure
together? Make those extra dollars while at the same time finding that special someone.
Consumers love incentives " whether it's a freebie or a discount. In this case, while
looking for their Mr. or Mrs. Right, they'll be making money and since this is a very
attractive incentive, not only will they be visiting the site everyday to see if they have
received any kisses or message from new people (and at the same time increasing traffic to
the website making it a popular hotspot) but they will be so excited by this new idea that
they will spread the word like fire. After all, doesn't everybody want to make a quick
buck by doing hardly any work? So from all the dating sites available online, which one do
you choose? The one that gives back.

There are also so many different avenues that you can market to as well. People who are
widowed/divorced or separated and looking to start over, busy career people with no time
to socialize, students wanting to meet new people or even people who have moved from
another town and want to start their social network anew. No matter what your reason, you
have joined up to find someone who will make you happy and knowing that you are making
money from it at the same time will increase that happiness! New friends and extra money
" what a deal! I believe that the Pay Per Click concept for a dating service is unique
and fantastic and even though the pay per click model is nothing new, it certainly is for
this type of strategy and I strongly believe that once live and marketed to the correct
demographic, it will be a hot favorite amongst online dating websites.

Kind Regards,


Pay Per MatchTM

Copyright 2007 Pay Per Match Pty Ltd . All rights reserved

Pay Per Match Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally
privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is
addressed and any others authorized to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient,
you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking of any action
in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you received
this communication in error, please immediately notify the sender by return message and
delete this communication and any copies thereof, including any electronically saved
copies in your systems

Pay Per Match

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