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PostPosted: 29 Jan 2009 12:12    Post subject: Don't be ignorant. Straightening things out. Reply with quote

I felt the need to do this, because of the amount of ignorance i've encountered on this
site, i don't even know how i ended up on here, but in the 5 minutes it took me to browse
i read a whole lot or rubbish about 'real goths' and 'posers' and who deserves to judge
these criterias.

I felt these people needed to be straightened out.

Now don't get me wrong, i have a great appreciation for the gothic culture, but the way
some people think of it is ridiculous, childish and incredibly ignorant.

Actually, the lack of depth in your research shows how naive you are about the actual
roots of 'gothic', having nothing to do with either bands, edgy hairstyles, black
clothing, or 'living on the darker side of life'.

'Gothic' was a style that came about in around the Victorian era, where gothic
architecture such as ornate cathedrals started becoming popular, and things like corsets,
heavy and draping clothing, and thick boots/shoes were readily available (for those who
could afford them) due to the obvious need for them in miserable cold, and dark weather.
As most things were massproduced in the most affordable way back then alot of the material
was made black, or grey; neutral colours, and thats what most people could afford. Red was
actually a more popular colour (for the more wealthy people), not because it represented
blood, but because it represented a sense of wealth (purple did this moreso as it
represented royalty).

The actual original 'Goths' were a Germanic tribe who were at their most violent and
maurauding at the time the Roman Empire fell. They had their own language and religion,
which have absolutely nothing to do with anything anyone assosciates with the word
'gothic' now.

Around about 1981, as a concession to the energy of punk and the
pristine peacocking of the New-Romantics the 'gothic-punks' began to appear. Initially
they modeled themselves on the Addams Familly, and then began to adopt the medieval, and
victorian gothic into their costume. This is where your gothic 'trend' started.

None of you, unless you're a member of a Germanian Tribe, or were around in the Victorian
Era and wear corsets and listen to classical music (which was actually incredibly popular
in the 'gothic age') can call yourself 'REAL GOTHS', so you have absolutely no right to
judge the people who wish to join the trend, just as you have. Call yourselves 'Goths',
but anyone else who wishes to do the same has the right to, regardless of the difference
between your idea of the trend, and theirs.

Being a metalhead myself, i do listen to and enjoy bands that have been mentioned like
bauhaus, and slipknot (which is quite tame really), and these have nothing to do with the
gothic scene at all. You can be a metalhead and like gothic culture, it doesn't make you a
'real gothic' or any better than anyone else.

As said above, People in the gothic period actually were restricted to listening to
classical music, it was all that was around, and its the music that was enjoyed by people
in that era. So for whoever said classical music is gay, and that listening to it makes
you a fake or a poser, you are actually dead wrong.

Try researching a lifestyle before you preach that you know it all.

No disrespect to the people who actually like the gothic scene, in the true sense of the

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