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PostPosted: 31 Aug 2009 12:24    Post subject: I'm looking for studio musos / putting a band together. Reply with quote

So Im looking for studio musos / putting a band together for a once weekly session to
play a lot of songs and record videos.

My current budget for reimbursing players is $50 per week for the guitar keyboards and
$40 per week for drums percussion.
(Secondary vocalist required beyond October.)

I hope this will improve as my financial situation allows.
I also hope to afford a lighting tech and general hand in charge of filming and technical
assistance in the future.
The outlook for this phase of work is medium term.

Timewise, this will ideally suit those who can hear a song and then play it.
This is because the initial format for the weekly session is: I send an mp3 of the session
we will be playing. These are mixed down multitracks recordings, sequenced on synth or
recorded on microphone, of the songs
To be played in studio, It is then expected that you will turn up knowing all the material
and being able to get straight in to it.
Ill be available during the week to go over stuff.

The style examples can be seen on YOUTUBE ./ LAKEOR
This lighting will be used during our sessions so if you have practice playing under these
conditions that would be good.

A mashup of the body of work we will be doing will be sent out to you on receiving your
email. / A playlist of early songs is available online and represents <5% of the workload. The preferred studio for the weekly session is Lighting Lab in Box Hill South.
The sessions will be recorded on both video and audio for reference, and posted in a blog.
Good material will be distributed via the web.
The band currently makes no regular money or income of any kind and is under no contract.

I hope youll have a good time or at least interesting time being involved and look
forward to working with you.

There is a standard of attitude expected, i.e.
Studio time to be spent as if in a recording studio, that is
Its not a party band etc.

In any case the first stage and the most important thing is to find the right group and
then progress from there.

Depending on how long it takes and whether many replies are forthcoming this could be a
while progressing any further, and its unlikely that the first session will occur
before October.

I have a Korg d1600 recording station, korg trinity synth used for sequencing a lot of
songs as a first draft, podxt, acoustic guitar and range of other bits.

Its expected that equipment will be shared in and out of studio as I will frequently be
correcting chord compositions and adjusting melodies or running over new material.
So this gear will available for you to use.

It is hoped you will have access to good effects or ability to fine tune the sound of the
instrument to suit.
Basic effects used a lot include pitch/octave shift,delay, reverb, distortion not
necessarily in that order.

If youre not able to commit as yet but interested in trying it out also please get in
touch also as I dont know how many replies are going to come and I would like to get
some help soon.

Please make sure to check the links and download the samples before mailing.

There are hundreds of songs and lots of work but the future depends on a lot of factors
which may not be entirely predictable.

PS Thanks to Andy (Ghoul, Sydney) and Brother Dave for ongoing help with this.

Music tracks (sequenced, uncompressed/unmastered):

Style videos:



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PostPosted: 10 Aug 2010 15:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

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