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PostPosted: 20 Aug 2010 20:19    Post subject: Ali Wilson Interview & LIVE set from Sunrise Festival Poland Reply with quote

Ali Wilson Interview & LIVE set from Sunrise Festival
Poland to download ahead of Puzzle Project

You can download this his LIVE set recorded from the
Sunrise Festival in Poland this June from and go
to Mixes!!

Interview by Ali Cantor

Mr Wilson! Hows tricks?

Im good thanks mate! icon_surprised.gif)

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Well, it seems to have
been a pretty fantastic year for you " can you tell everyone a little bit about what
youve been up to in the past year?

This year has been really busy, lots of great gigs and lots of finishing my album and
remixing for the likes of Tiesto &

Gigwise, warming up for Tiesto at Brixton
must have been right up there " thats pretty big time! How
did this booking come about and what was it like?

Basically I had done a remix for Tiesto of a track off his
album Kaleidoscope, called Its Not The Things You
Say with Kele Okereke from Bloc
. They asked me to play as part of his album tour, so I of course
jumped at the chance! icon_surprised.gif)

Youve also just returned from Sunrise festival in Poland, where you tore
it up in front of 7/8000 trance fans. Good experience? How was the

The atmosphere was amazing, Ive wanted to play for them for years so was great to be
booked. You can check some videos here

In terms of production, youve had another storming year " I believe
youve done some remix work for Tiesto and Armin amongst other things?

Yes thats right I remixed Armins first single from his
new album Full Focus and as I said the before the
Tiesto track.

Your tune Pandora has been one of the biggest tunes this year, receiving
massive props from Armin and Judge Jules amongst others. How did you feel about the way
this tracks been perceived by such big DJs, and can you tell us anything about the
inspiration behind it?

Thanks a lot! It was inspired by Avatar the film, I was
amazed by it and had such a strong vision of what I wanted to do musically that I took a
whole day of listening to vocals to get the right ones.

You also have collaborated on Kaos Theory with the legendary Marco V "
what was it like to share a studio with Marco? Can we expect any further joint efforts
from you?

Marco is one of my inspirations so to work with him was
amazing, hes a legend! His studio is also absolute quality, really good pumping
speakers, so its almost like being in a club! Hopefully we will work on more stuff in

Your artist album is also nearly ready to drop, and I understand its now
due for release in September. I for one cant wait, I know theres some monster
tracks on there! This will be your second artist album after Watchmaker. What can you
tell us about the new album? Whats it called, any general ideas/inspiration/concepts
behind it and any tracks you think will be especially big?

The album is called Phenomenon and there will be about
16 tracks on it, including some of my old ones like
Shakedown and
Pandora but it will mostly be new tracks. Its a
range of styles starting from the housier edge and progressing to the more banging stuff.
Therell also be a Shakedown 2010 on there! ;o)

Youve got a very distinctive style, which really stands out from the
crowd " you can normally tell an Ali Wilson track straight off from the percussion and
rythmns etc. How do you go about making a record and how do you get that swing

I just use sounds/percussion I like and try to mould it into my sound. I really try and
keep things tight and clean so the rest of the mix has a chance to breathe.

One for the tech heads " whats your current studio set

Just Logic with a shedload of pluggins!

Youve played for us before so those whove been coming for a while may
well have caught one of your sets for us (or elsewhere maybe) " but for anyone who
hasnt seen you play what can they expect?

Tough, uplifting, techy trance music!

Cheers mate " looking forward to seeing you tear the dancefloor a new one
on the 28th!

Looking forward to aving it with you guys too! icon_surprised.gif)

To round things out in traditional fashion, can we ask you a few quick fire

Best ever gig?

Tiesto @ Brixton Academy & Sunrise!

Dream gig?

Would love to do Glastonbury mainstage!!! Thats just immense!

Funniest thing youve ever seen with your own eyes?

Probably when my son laughs so much he nearly explodes! Haha!

And the worst?

Probably someone getting bottled " fightings for fools!

Childhood fear?


Favourite food?

At the moment loving tapas.

All time classic?

Caf Del Mar

Top three tunes of the moment?

Ali Wilson - Shangri La
Marco V - Godd (Marco V remix)
Chasing Status " Let you go

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