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GeoParadise will be holding its next festival 21st - 28th December 2012, coinciding with
the end of the 13th B'ak'tun of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the last full moon of
the year. The dates cannot be more emblematic for the indigenous and psychedelic tribes
attending this event!
According modern interpretations of the Mayan calendar, the End Of The World, or how we
prefer to call it, the "Edge of Time" will bring a positive change in the global
consciousness and the relationship between humans and all living beings. We only see one
way in which this amazing and much needed global transformation can happen: If WE all make
it happen!
This is the reason we have chosen this date for our next Tribal Gathering. Our aim is for
this gathering to provide a creative sacred space for peoples and cultures of the world to
harmoniously step together into the new cycle of existence the Mayans anticipated.

Well be waiting for you in the beautiful indigenous islands of Kuna Yala (Panama),
December 21-28 for the first of a cycle of 7 annual Tribal Gatherings, each one dedicated
to one chakra. We will grow together year after year, inspired by the art and wisdom of
ancient civilizations combined with cutting-edge modern culture from all corners of the
In 2012, well be exploring the first chakra and Our Roots In Mother Earth, setting the
foundations for this evolutionary movement.

We have already started booking an amazing lineup of international high
profile musicians. Picking the very best from the Psychedelic Scene with Progressive, Goa,
Full-on and a touch of Dark ensuring the main stage absolutely brings it on. We'll post
the line up as soon as contracts are finalized.
The Global stage will feature a more eclectic and laid back musical selection, with a
blend of International, local and tribal acts.

Twelve Indigenous Tribes of Central America will come to the festival to hold the first in
a series of much needed conferences. They will be having positive debate around the
gathering theme: "Our roots in Mother Earth", discussing possible solutions for todays
environmental and social challenges. They will be holding workshops, talks, rituals,
stories, dances, etc to help the global party community understand their cultures and
realize how many common elements we share and how we can help one another.

Mayan shaman from Guatemala will guide us in this epic journey into the new cycle to our
full potential. Western scientists, thinkers and body movement instructors will complete
the educational cocktail for this area.

All structures will be built from sustainable, locally sourced materials. The event will
be carbon offset. Food and drink will be provided by the Kuna Tribe. There will be a zero
waste policy. Hand built Showers and Compost toilets.

As with all GeoParadise events, this festival will Leave a Positive Trace, providing funds
and resources for the bioregion in many different ways.
A local NGO will be set up with the Kuna indians to run educational and environmental
programs, empowering them to become more sustainable and resilient.

Well dance together for a week to celebrate the achievements. A sense of purpose and
belonging to a caring community will fill our hearts.
We no more are isolated tribes struggling to survive, we are one GeoTribe, the Tribe of
the Earth, and we together will keep our loved planet a paradise. We call it GeoParadise.

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Kuna (People) Yala (Land) are quite simply the last islands in the Caribbean not to be
overrun by foreigners, the Kuna are the last indigenous peoples to still control their
lands. They still live in traditional wood and bamboo huts, fish in dugout canoes, the
women wear traditional dress and only three island groups have electricity.

The Kuna People and their land are really a beacon of self managed autonomous tribes. They
are one of a few tribes in the Americas that still exist in their own form and are, in
fact, thriving. They manage this seemingly impossible task by keeping their traditions
alive and holding on to a strict policy that no foreigner can own land or a business
there. Huge and powerful consortiums are constantly turned away, the lure of wealth and
power does not sway the Congreso General Kuna. Disney Land will never come to Kuna Yala.
The Kuna have a Pacha Mama or Gaian based philosophy. They are elements of the universe
interwoven with all. They are matriarchal with land being owned and passed down by women
to women. The men are warriors, defenders of the land and are honored as such with
authority to manage the lands being bestowed on them by the matriarchs.


icon_biggrin.gif THE EASY WAY icon_biggrin.gif
Contact San Blas Tours
and they will for a small fee organize travel to and from the Island for you.

icon_confused.gif THE HARD WAY icon_confused.gif
Bus or taxi to El Llano then north to Carti ($5 bus or $25 Taxi) Alternatively you can
take you own car.
IMPORTANT: The Kuna Yala road is open between 6am-4pm, so you need to reach the Kuna Yala
border before that time. You will be asked to pay a few dollars at the boarder for the
upkeep of the forest (a very good cause indeed).
Once you arrive in Carti (the coast), ask the launches for Banedup Island. ($10 +
depending on how many of you share the boat)
All in the return journey from Panama should cost you less than $70.

However you decide to get here it is a good idea to let us know in advance then we can
make sure there are boats ready for you in Carti and ensure that the restaurant has enough
provisions. You can RSVP on our calendar (posted up next week on our website)

For more information on this event, the tribal conference and GeoParadise visit our


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PostPosted: 23 Dec 2011 03:27    Post subject: Re: TRIBAL GATHERING 2012 Reply with quote

Thats such a beautiful place i hope i'll have saved up for the event!

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