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PostPosted: 30 Oct 2002 20:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

shameless s7 promo as

we are is a cutting edge
industrial act from the shadows of three mile island...

founded by ex
advent sleep (featured on cleopatra's goth box) guitarist/programmer elton
nestler, who has shared the stage with acts such as switchblade symphony, coal
chamber, christian death, rozz williams and many others. has
self released two cd's, "aversion" and "a stitch to mark the wound", and is
currently touring regionally as shows can be booked...

metropolis records
(home of KMFDM) is now distributing s7's latest cd release "a stitch to mark the
wound" v2.0.

press kits containing copies of "a stitch to mark the wound"
v2.0 are still being shipped out to djs & clubs across the nation (as well
as the world) with coast to coast college radio soon to follow as

band info, show dates, pics, mp3s, etc...

OUT!'s latest cd release "a stitch to mark the wound" is now
being distributed by metropolis records!


for $10 via metropolis records distribution mail order, our website, our shows,
or by shaving a goat and painting the symbol of chaos on it's ass with the blood
of a virgin...

we will accept polaroids or jpegs of same.

mpeg will get you a free t-shirt)

"a stitch to mark the wound"

01 void
02 subside
03 kill me
04 eva's lullaby
say you're mine
06 whores
07 casket romantic
08 slow death
10 trash
11 kill me (demo)
12 she (demo)


and here's what "wednz" from AFB had to say about s7 in her

"Suture Seven are an amazing cross genre band from
Pennsylvania. Their sounds range from industrial to electronica to doomy goth
fringes and everything in between. There really is no classifiable genre to mark
them under, and your best bet to get a remote sense of the power this band has
to offer would be to check out their website: and download some
audio clips (or even take the time to send them some money in the mail and get
your very own CD!). Their latest album release "A Stitch To Mark The Wound" is
undeniably one of the best Suture Seven releases to date! Out doing their first
album release "Aversion" - which in itself is a really great album - A Stitch To
Mark The Wound takes you on a deeper, darker journey into the mindset of Suture
Seven's world. After just one listen you'll be amazed at how far Suture Seven
has progressed over the years, and I'm sure they'll impress us even more well
into the future!"


if interested, please contact the "minister of
propaganda" at

and as always,
if you dig it, *please* pass the word.

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