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PostPosted: 02 Mar 2003 22:00    Post subject: [playlist] What to Do Until the Ambulance Comes 2/28/03 Reply with quote

(Looks like I'm gonna be in here for the rest of the month...)

Chemlab: Exile on Mainline: East Side Militia: Fifth Colvmn/Metal

*Reversal Penetrations: LSD Philanthropy: Generation Mindwar: COP

Collide: Wings of Steel: Chasing the Ghost: Noiseplus

*Hypnoskull: Biotech Brainkillers(Deconstructed): Operation Tough
Guy!: Ant-Zen

Chris and Cosey: Watching You: Trust: Nettwerk

*Cybonetix 2001: My Machine(Databomb Remix): Glis: DSBP Hypersonic: 10.6.5: Some More Crime: Hyperium (Now is the time,
sample the right song, you'll be godlike!)

Hellsau: Defrow(No Sign): Vain: Invisible

*Stateofbeing: Landslide: Implosion: Reverse Image

*Corvus Corax: Para Barei: Seikilos: COP Int'l

Wumpscut: I Want You: Eevil Young Flesh: Metropolis (or Ich Will
Dich, as Rudy would say)

*Pigface: Insect/Suspect: Easy Listening...: Invisible/Underground

*In Strict Confidence: Engelsstaub: Mistrust the Angels: Metropolis

Biopsy: Disgust: Third Stroke: DSBP

Controlled Bleeding: Darkening Skies: Dub Songs from a Shallow Grave:

*Neuroticfish: Inverse: Les Chansons Neurotiques: Dancing Ferret

*Claire Voyant: Pieces: Love Is Blind: Metropolis

13 Mg.: Azimuth: Trust and Obey: Slipdisc

Will: Furnace of Souls: Deja Vu: COP Int'l

*Decoded Feedback: Burn Europe Burn: Shockwave: Metropolis

*KMFDM: Boots: Sturm & Drang Tour 2002: Metropolis

The Arbitrary Width of Shadows: Open in Silence: Mira: Projekt

Empire One: Where Angels Lie: Android Lust: Tinman

Feedbackloop: Dying Morality: C/A/T: Doppler Effect

*Beautiful Assassins: Radar: Preamp: Positron!

Aphex Twin: Alberto Balsalm: I Care Because You Do: Sire/Warp

*Lacuna Coil: Tight Rope: Comalies: Century Media

Fockewolf: Everything Becomes Ash: Die Toten Weg: ADSR

*Conjure One: Pandora: Conjure One: Nettwerk

*Faust: Du WeiBt Schon(Remixed by Dead Voices On Air): Freispiel:
Klangbad (An eszett! An eszett! My kingdom for an eszett!)

Das Ich: Das Dunkle Land: Anti'Christ: Metropolis

Cubanate: Hinterland: Interference: Wax Trax!/TVT

*Ministry: Impossible: Piss: Sanctuary

*The Cruxshadows: Earthfall: Wishfire: Dancing Ferret

Attrition: Beast of Burden(Take a Walk): The Attrition of Reason:
Projekt Archive

*Assemblage 23: Drive: Defiance: Metropolis

Brain in the Wire: Mary Jane: Aranos and Nurse With Wound:

Babyland: Nowadays: 2002: Mattress

Gebrauche-Musik: Sole Soul: Manifest: Disband At Dawn

*Bile: Not to Touch the Earth: The Copy Machine: BileStyle/Underground

*Project Pitchfork: Momentum: Inferno: Metropolis

Society Burning: Fuel Line(Dept. of Hate Mix): Entropy Lingua:

*Cruciform Injection: Breaking Skies: Critical: Negative Gain

Godflesh: Gift from Heaven(Breakbeat): Love and Hate in Dub: Earache

Sunshine Blind: Noone: Liquid: Energy

The Mirror Reveals: Dreaming of Myself: Frames of Teknicolor: Middle

*Komposi001: Transparency: Sister Machine Gun: Positron!

Informatik: Innocence and Blood: Syntax: Metropolis

*Iron Lung Corp.: Liquid in the Lungs: Ditch the Attitude, Pally:
Cracknation/Invisible/Underground Inc.

*Snog: Waiting: Beyond the Valley of the Proles: Metropolis

*Soil And Eclipse: O' Magnum Mysterium: Purity: COP Int'l

*The Resuurection: Tanz mit dem Teufel: Melotron: WTII

Treponem Pal: Freetribe: Higher: Mercury

Endanger: A Rabian Theme: Motion: Dancing Ferret

The Cure: Babble: Fascination Street: Elektra

Not Breathing: Rotorhead Aggression Release: Sangre Azul: Invisible

*Covenant: Winter Comes: Northern Light: Metropolis

I, Parasite: String Ladder: Horseslayer: Tinman

*Diva Destruction: Stolen Bliss: Exposing the Sickness: Metropolis

*Meat Beat Manifesto: Happiness Supreme: R.U.O.K.?: run (Definitely
one to save until two in the morning...)

Front Line Assembly: Falling: Implode: Metropolis

Cleen: Transparent: Second Path: Metropolis

*Pig: Whore: Genuine American Monster: Metropolis (Cleen Pig?)

*VooDou: Doomsday: The Blessing of Curses: Invisible/Underground Inc.

*Scorn: Black Belt: Plan B: Hymen

*Voice Industrie: Sky(Trick Edit): Power Up: A Different Drum

*Any Questions?: The Face: Prey for Death: Floating Fish

*State Of The Union: Mankind: Black City Lights: WTII

Black Lung: Menticide: The Disinformation Plague: Metropolis

VNV Nation: Beloved: Futureperfect: Metropolis/Dependent

Skinny Puppy: Circustance: Last Rights: Nettwerk/Capitol

Mono No Aware: Versus Citric Acid(Live at U-Club): Kitanai Yatsu:

Monte Cazazza: Climax(Virgin Witch Mix): Power Versus Wisdom Live:
Side Effects

logout CHR$(81) 3:00 am 3/1/03

What to Do Until the Ambulance Comes, with DJ CHR$(81)
industrial - gothic - synthpop - powernoise - experimental - etc.
Fridays, 9 pm to 3 am on:
KTEK 88.7 CaFM "The Deep Thundering Pig Snout of College Radio",
Socorro, NM

Attn: Industrial DJ
Campus Station
Socorro, NM 87801
chrisiel at nmt dot edu
Don't e-mail the hotmail account, save that for the spammers.

Predictability is the devil's arse-trumpet.

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