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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2003 06:18    Post subject: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

In order to not clog this message board with my info, i'm just going to keep updating this

- March 14 2003

Last I just totally went on this crazy mission and completely re-did my website. Go check
it out, It's got a brand new look I made out of photos of
factories I sneak into, a radio section, new sets, a new 12", and tons of other goodies.

I added a new episode of Torontobreaks Radio today too, here's the info for that:

Busy busy busy...

Torontobreaks Radio V Matt Le Monkeh Feature

This weeks episode is on more of a harder, electronic tip and starts off with Matt EL
Monkeh banging out the slammin Nuschool Breaks. This guys got tight-ass mixing, wicked
track selection, and excellent programming, give him a shout at
For the second half of the show I get a little wacky and dig out all kinds of crazy
tripped out tunes.

Here are the links for this weeks episode:

Kand heres last weeks episode:

It seems I was eating up too much bandwidth with the mp3s on so I'll be
archiving the sets on my own site from now on.


Hour One V Matt Le Monkeh

Krafty Kuts/skool of thought - Sound check
Dj ERA - Fight Club
Chris Carter - Echo Babylon
Mind Muggarz - G.S.T
Player One - R U Ready
Mindmuggaz - One Minute Man
Deekline/Nubreed/Ransom/Phil K - Bush Pig
Freq Nasty - Boom Back at cha ya
Deep Impact - Methods
Ed Solo/skool of thought - Loud Noise
Raw As F**K - Punks
Disco Assasins - Hook You UP
Deep Impact - Stick Up
Ed Solo/skool of thought - Feel the Music
Dj ERA - Pig
Dave Dub - The Lighter EP.

Hour Two V The Phat Conductor

Modul feat. Busha V Boomstickie
Dj Gumbee V The Bounce
Culture Crusher V Scoop DJ (Si Begg Beach Boys Bootleg)
Rennie + BLIM V Eskimo (Yellow Snow Mix)
The Phat Conductor V Ice-9
Si Begg V Welcome to the Discotheque (LaMonde Mix)
Shakti V Out of Sight
Sirene V Love (Terminalhead Remix)
Fatliners V The Shrink (Def n Dub Remix)
Ian Davy V The Battle (Be and See Remix)
Neo V Diskhead (Anorganic Rework)
Raw Deal V Dark Horse
Deviant Electronics V Swollen Goods
Andy Page and Babs V Oblivia Newton Bomb
Digitalis V Falling Down
Elite Force V Here Comes the Flow
Soundscape V Dubplate Culture
ASAP - Heavy Water
Deviant Electronics V Swollen Goods
Kiwa V Arachnoid Dub
Chris Miller V Bushwhacked2

Torontobreaks Radio - Digby Fox Feature:

Hour One V The Phat Conductor V Live set

Deviant Electronics V Free Radical
Elite Force V Here Comes The Flow
Neo V Diskhead (Anorganic Rework)
Return Of The Dreadi (Bob Marley Vs Star Wars Bootleg)
Scissorkicks V Ali G Garridge (Unreleased)
Timo Maas feat. MC Chickaboo V Shifter (Scanty mix)
Electric Avenue (Bootleg)
Sharaz V White Powder (Rock the Casbah Bootleg)
Tzant V Sounds of Wickedness (PF Project Def Mix)
Freddy Fresh V Chuppacabra (Bassbin Twins Mix)
Scotty Mars V Hot Butter
Green Velvet V La La Land (Kid Kenobi Mix)
Kicks and Rock V Shazit (Unreleased)
Friendly - Glottal Stomp
Scissorkicks V Turbo (Unreleased Norwegian Punk Rockers Mix)
Mighty Dub Cats V Manana (Fatboy Slim Mix)
Headrillaz V Shoeshine (Bronx Dogs Mix)
Myagi V Les Beats (Beatles vs. Beastie Boys Bootleg)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Bootleg)
X-Press 2 V Lazy (Bootleg)

Hour Two V Digby Fox V Funky from the Funky Chunky Double Pack

Deejay Punk Roc - Blow My Mind (Montana Chromeboy Remix)
Turntable Rocker V A Little Funk
Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince V Summertime (Hybrid Remix)
Skeewiff V Lets Have Scratch For Breakfast
Young MC V Know How (Acapella)
Pepe Deluxe V Woman In Blue vs. Sugarhill Gang (Bootleg)
Bassment Jaxx V Wheres Your Head At (Stanton Warriors mix)
Silver Box V Phreak
Andromeda V White Lines (Club Dub)
Soul Of Man V Dirty Waltzer
Scissorkicks V Living For Kicks
Def Cut V Love For The Streets (Superfresh Disco Mix)
Sirene V Love (Mol Remix)
Kaned V R.P.M. Fascinator
The Chemical Brothers V Base 6
Lee Coombs V Thrust 1
Silver Bullet V 20 Seconds to Comply
Shimon and Andy C V Bodyrock


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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2003 14:11    Post subject: Re: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

Torontobreaks - April Fool's Day Show feat Decepticon

This week's show marks the return to our Tuesday night timeslot and features Decepticon,
an incredibly skilled house/breaks/techno DJ from Toronto. Decepticon is a Toronto staple,
playing a wide variety of styles he is always guaranteed to mercilessly pound the
dancefloor with an endless barrage of highly technical insanity. He can mix, cut, scratch,
juggle, you name it, and his track selection is truly phenomenal.

In the first hour I rock it on more of an electronic tip than usual, showcasing a lot of
work by Gabor Deutsch (my hero this week) on the Chi label from Hungary, the originators
of the absolutely devastating Crash and Carry samplers. Gabor Deutsch is also known as
Raster and Anorganik and his staggering discography spans many genres including Breaks,
Jungle/DnB, Garridge, and Downtempo/Trip-Hop. You can learn more about him and about Chi
at .

Here's the links:

and here's the links to last week's show which featured Jay Cunning (UK)

Due to server restrictions I'll only be posting the guest mp3s for 1 week on my website
starting next week, so if you want Jay's set, you had better get it soon. I'm working on
getting another, faster host for the mp3s, the amount of traffic that the show has
generated has been staggering. Check it out: Good thing
my webmaster is a kindly Mormon in Michigan and he's sorting me out with faster free
hosting soon : )

Enjoy the show, and don't forget that you can always find tons of music, Torontobreaks
Radio info, and my art and design work at, it's much more than
just my DJ promo site.


Part One - The Phat Conductor

Anima SS vs Asian DF - Eleg Volt (Anorganik Rework)
Timo Maas feat Chickaboo - Shifter (Scanty Mix)
BT - Fibonacci Sequence
Circuit Breaker - Loaded Gun
Raster - Hardwired
Rennie and Uberzone - Black Widow (VIP Mix)
Koma and Bones - Powercut Remix
Elite Force - Here Comes The Flow
Kiwa - Trans-Electronic
Freq Nasty - Fresh (remastered)
Modul feat Busha - Boomstickie
Nea - Diskhead (Anorganik rework)
Cedric Benoit - Multibass (Summer Mix)
Rough Ryder (Rolling Breaks Mix)
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Krafty Kuts Mix)
Megatron - Shook Ones Bootleg
Ian Davy - The Battle (Be and See Remix)
Terminalhead - Breaking Rules (Terminalhead Skank)
Laidback and 12tree - Wait for the Break (Krafty Kuts Mix)
X-Press2 - Smoke Machine (Koma and Bones Mix)
Phil Kieran - My House (Acapella)
Chris Miller - Bushwhacked2

Part Two - Decepticon


No tracklisting provided, but it's utterly disgusting, I assure you.


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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 10 Apr 2003 05:17    Post subject: Re: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

Torontobreaks Exclusive: Anorganik (Hungary) + Andrew Spence (BC)

Ok, due to the excessively huge amount of awesome demos flooding my mailbox I've decided
to take a back seat to these two truly brilliant sets: a Torontobreaks Radio exclusive,
all original set from Anorganik (Hungary), and then at the 55 minute mark Andrew Spence
(BC) rocks an utterly disgusting DJ mix titled Deeper Than Dark.

Gbor Deutch aka Raster became known first as Anorganik, but he is that kind of guy who
has a minimum of thousand alter egos to counterbalance his constant moves in and out of
tons of different styles. He steps up with an all original showcase from his truly immense
discography. You may remember me playing Neo - Diskhead (Anorganik Rework) excessively
over the last few weeks, this is the guy. This set is a Torontobreaks Radio exclusive too
by the way, but not for long with those juicy mp3s on the wicked new
server at ... You can get more info and music from Gabor
Deutsch, as well as many other wicked Hungarian artists at
Any country with rasta sheepdogs HAS to have good breaks

00:00 minus 8 - badman & throbin' (gbor deutsch lovely dub) 05:24 homegrown - my kinky
pink room (gbor deutsch vocal mix) 08:51 montefiori cocktail - on a clear day (gbor
deutsch remiks) 13:17 gbor deutsch - retina stars 17:13 neo - diskhead (anorganik rework)
22:53 amb - moxa (raster's rewire) 30:01 anima sound system feat mc spex & mc aktarvata
from asian dub foundation - elg volt (anorganik rework) 35:26 raster - hardwired
41:06 anorganik - elektroshock 45:02 raster - spiral transform 50:50 raster - steelspider

Our second set is by Andrew Spence, a disgustingly skilled and diverse DJ who's been
rocking it in Vancouver, BC since '89 as Dj Slim. This mix, Deeper than Dark is very
smoothly assembled, flows beautifully for a dance floor, and he takes it over the edge
into absolute sickness with disgusting scratching at just the right points. Any of our
Toronto listeners can see Andrew live April 18 at Focus with DJ Punk-Roc, Robb G, D-Monic,
and Tasc. Hit up for info on that one.

si begg - eurostar (tipper rework)
electric erop - switchshift
sonic infusion - reformatted (general midi remix)
bogey man v lombardo - disturbed
overdrive - machines do the work
flash brothers - hazy march (ils remix)
rhythm division - skin
one dead jedi - already dead (count tekula version)
raster - hardwired
objects - lobster boy
evac - terra (salim rafiq remix)
visionary - acid flex (original 137 mix)
kasha - itsagnarlykindafunkythingblim and rennie - monkfish
coded motion - insider
leftfield - original jam

Don't forget you can get last week's episode featuring Decepticon at .

Much love and respect to:

-This week's guests (and all other who have sent demos)
-Greg Weld for the awesome web hosting and support, given out of pure love for music.
- for gosting the show
-Farbsie for letting me witness the true magnitude of his sick record collection.

Watch out for sets from:

Son of the Electric Ghost (Bassdrop, Texas)
and another Torontobreaks Radio exclusive:
Jay Cunning v Terry Hooligan (of the Atomic variety) Live on 4 decks in Spain!

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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2003 08:01    Post subject: Re: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

Torontobreaks - School's Out! feat Resin Dogs/Super Dense Child

OK, I'm FINALLY done exams, etc. and have time to rock some SERIOUS Torontobreaks action
This week's show is a 3+ hour monster with two guests.

Our first guest is Chill Will aka Super Dense Child from Resin Dogs. He sent me his albums
and a wicked Aussie hiphop comp he put together for Marble Bar a while back called Burning
Issue. For the first hour I rock mostly tracks from these releases and then I bust loose
with some hiphop, acid jazz, psychedelic dub/jungle, and then later ragga jungle

CPI has long been a staple of the Ottawa underground scene playing everything from
downtempo to IDM, ambient to underground hiphop. This set is CD 1 from his double CD
Chinchillin' released independently a little while ago and it totally rules. You can get a
hold of CPI at: Where you can also download a TON of free

The Phat Conductor - School's Out! feat Resin Dogs/Super Dense Child

Resin Dogs - Friday Night Fever
Resin Dogs - Gimme a Break
Resin Dogs - Daily Trouble
Resin Dogs - Biggie Fries
Super Dense Child - SDC (Resin Dogs Remix)
Dirty Beatnicks - Latinhead
Senor Fluff - Fine #### (Burning Issue Comp.)
Vigi and Zero - Ultrafunk (Latina Remix)
Rhibosome - Walking (Burning Issue Comp.)
Fatboy Slim - Everybody Loves a Carnival
Resin Dogs - Rasta G
Los Chicharrons - Psychedelic Fox
Super Dense Child - Stonebow Interlude
Resin Dogs - Blip Hop
Doom Selector - Broken Joint
Tim 'Love' Lee - Zilla (Mary J Blige Bootleg)
Fila Brazillia - Swan Todd
Jimpster - Groove Jumping
Gabor Deutsch - Love Garden
Katalyst - Out of This World
Sven Van Hees - Tsunami (Inside My Soul)
Sassi and Loco - Orange Street
Fila Brazillia - Leonids
Deviant Electronics - Silverside
Hallucinogen - The Herb Garden
Kiwa - Phatmuffin
Amon Tobin - Chomp Samba
Anorganik -Hands Up!
Deviant Electronics -Loud and Clear
The Nam Shub Of Enki - I Lieeeeekk Cattle Farming!
The Nam Shub Of Enki - Snotgreen
Bad Company - Nitrous
Bad Company feat Rawhill Crew + Navigator - Start the Fire
Sixteenarmedjack - The True Champion (Buju Banton Bootleg)
Freestylers feat Navigator - Warning
Scissorkicks - The Drum
Haem - Here and Now Boys
Monkey Mafia - Ward 10 (Voodoo Mix)

CPI - Chinchillin Disc 1 - Get Up

Golden Palominos - Heaven (You Have To Be In Hell To See Heaven)
Waiwan - The Deep
Five Deez - Time Is Night
9 Lazy 9 - 4 AM
Bonobo - Sugar Rhyme
Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix)
Thievery Corporation - Oscillations
Jon Kennedy - What Are You Searching For
Alias - Quitting Time
Boom Bip & Dose One - Birdcatcher's Oath
Lulu Mushi - Moon Funk
London Funk Allstars - How To Be A Ninja In One Easy Lesson
Stromba - Rigor Mortis
El-P - Day After The Day After
RJD2 - Work
Waiwan - Yesterday
9 Lazy 9 - Bad Boy
Herbaliser - The Sensual Woman
Harmonic 33 - Woodblock
Cherrystones - Pleasure In Measures
London Funk Allstars - Give It To Me Raw
Dynamic Syncopation - Dedicated (instrumental)
Mad Doctor X - I Like My Beats Hard
DJ Food - Stop Fink
Minatone - The City Sleeps
Miles Davis - Black Satin & On The Corner (DJ Krush Remix)
Apollo Grooves - Gibby Music
Nightmares On Wax - What I'm Feeling (Rae & Christian mix)
Land Of The Loops - Multi-Family Grunge Sale
REQ - What
Lemon Jelly - Spacewalk
Aim - Cold Water Music
Boom Bip - U R Here

Don't forget you can still download past episodes at including
last week's double feature on Anorganik (Hungary) and Andrew Spence (BC)

Coming up in future weeks:

April 29 - BLIM (UK) Exclusive + Chameleonic (Ottawa)
May 7 - Elite Force (UK) + Kraymon(UK)
May 21 - Son of the Electric Ghost (Texas) + DJ Nocturnal (Calgary)
May 28 - Jay Cunning (UK) vs. Terry Hooligan (UK) live on 4 decks in Spain + Stenmix (UK)

Mad props go out to Randy Chow this week for landing me a feature in Eye magazine, cheers

Oh yea, and if you're in the Toronto area, I'm looking for an apartment  email


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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 08 May 2003 04:18    Post subject: Re: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

Torontobreaks - Elite Force, Skeewiff, Kraymon

This week's show is totally over the top, Elite Force, Kraymon, AND the new Skeewiff
album!?!? Man oh man I LOVE my internet radio

Elite Force

Elite Force aka Lunatic Calm is one of breakbeat's national treasures, belting out
disgusting tunes in shocking quantity on labels like W9Y, Chi, Phonomental, Faith and
Hope, Fat, TCR, Moonshine Green, and his own Fused and Bruised imprint. His contributions
to our music simply cannot be overstated. You can check him out here:

sHack's been hiding in the studio for the last few months finishing 7 remixes,
collaborating with Meat Katie, and rocking his Strongarm Sessions show on
He's currently touring North America and the UK to celebrate the long-awaited release of
the Elite Force album No Turning Back in June. Somehow he found the time to send me this
wicked new set, cheers fella!

Intro - c83 - Back in the Day
Double Back - Pipedreamer [CDR]
Serge Santiago - Impedance (Dylan Rhymes + Meat Katie Mix) [Stompaphunk]
Amb - Drip (Loes Lee Mix) [Chi Recordings]
Meat Katie - K-Hole [Saw Recordings]
Artist Unknown - 4 All The Freaks [CDR]
Klaus Hill - G's Groove [Mob]
M+T - Music [Carbonwhite]
Ajello - It's True (Elite Force Mix) [Irreversible]
Kobbe + Fabb'x - Abyss [Sondos]
Dylan Rhymes - Musika (Rolling Tek Mix) [W9Y]
Elite Force - No Turning Back [CDR]
Layo and Bushwhacka - Deep South (Mr. C Remix) [End Records]
D-Formation - Carry On [Beat Freak]
Artist Unknown - Deeperflash [White]
Los Paranoias - Lies, Lies, Lies (Elite Force Mix) [Faith + Hope]
Tricknology - #2 (Happy Daze) [White]
Plump DJs - Scram [Finger Lickin]


The second set this week is from the man they call Kraymon, a tight UK artist who's been
really blowing up lately with SERIOUS releases on Freakaboom, Boombox, En:Vision,
Streetwise, and Skydive. His hard, but funky style goes over well with any dancefloor and
his slick production will wow any chin-stroker. Check him out at
(all you producers should be sure to check out his sweet sample downloads too)

Kraymon - On Time [CDR]
Mr Velcro Fastener - Electric Appliances (Plump DJs Vocal) [Air]
Vigi and Zero - Emit/Collect [Streetwise]
37Hz - 37Hz (Kraymon Mix) [Skydive]
Moguai - U Know Y [Hope]
Puretone -Stuck in a Groove (Koma and Bones Mix) [White]
Chris Carter - ESP [TCR]
Raw as F**K - The Slammer [Aghainst the Grain]
Aquasky vs Master Blaster - Perception (Autobots Remix) [Passenger]
Kraymon - Who Wants Some? [En:Vision]
Aquasky vs Masterblaster - Shadow Breaks [Shadow Cryptic]

Skeewiff/Jalapeno Feature mixed by The Phat Conductor

The third set of this especially lavish episode is a feature on the new Skeewiff album
Cruise Control mixed up by yours truly. This album is utterly disgusting, mad funky
instrumentation over cut up breakbeats that really blurs the line between electronics and
funky band jams. Every track is a different take on their sick style and it hasn't left my
CD player all week. Truly brilliant! It seems these days that Jalapeno Records can do no
wrong If you liked the Resin Dogs feature, School's Out
from two weeks ago, you'll freak over this Skeewiff album.

Skeewiff - Cruise Control [Jalapeno]
Skeewiff - Feelin' Fine [Jalapeno]
Skeewiff - Mow I'm Livin' For Me [Jalapeno]
Kraak and Smaak - Money in the Bag [Jalapeno]
Skeewiff - Theme From Dave Allen [Jalapeno]
Skeewiff - The Bone pt2 [Jalapeno]
OST - The Spy Who Dubbed Me: Opening Titles (Full Moog Action) [Related]
The Winstons - Amen Brother
Freestylers -Breaker Beats pt2 [Freskanova]
Skeewiff - Watermelon Man [Jalapeno]
Skeewiff - Nitty Gritty [Jalapeno]
Kraak and Smaak - Come On People [Jalapeno]
Skeewiff - Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya [Jalapeno]
Psychedeliasmith - Dub Me My Augur Back [Southern Fried Fonk]
Skeewiff - Overdrive [Jalapeno]
Doug Lazy - Let It Roll (Skeewiff Mix) [Jalapeno]
Marlon Sea - Disco Del Mar [Tummy Touch]
Skeewiff - Coming Home Baby [Jalapeno]

Upcoming Shows:
May 21 - Son of the Electric Ghost (Texas) + DJ Nocturnal (Calgary)
May 28 - Jay Cunning (UK) vs. Terry Hooligan (UK) live on 4 decks in Spain + Stenmix (UK)

June 4 - Malinna (UK)
June 11 - Myagi (Canada)

Don't forget you can get last week's show with BLIM and Chameleonic at for one more week too

And remember, to stay in the know about the show, hit up


PS Cheers to all of those who helped me in my house hunt, I've found my dream place and
I'm pretty excited about it. Ever since I met Algorithm and Troll when I was 14 and they
did a live PA for me in their Kensington Market apartment I've always wanted to live there
and produce. Now I have tuned out and I'm moving in with Marcus Visionary of Visionary
Recordings/Vinyl Syndicate fame. The place is totally wicked, cheap, and in my ideal
location, I couldn't ask for anything more

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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 23 May 2003 11:07    Post subject: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

Torontobreaks -DJ Nokturnal, Tic Tac vs. The Phat Conductor

Son of the Electric Ghost has been postponed until next week due to unforeseen technical
difficulties caused by moving my studio. There are still three sick sets mind you, DJ
Nokturnal hooks up a sentimental nuschool mix, I did a party breaks mix for Breaks FM, and
then later Tic Tac and rock a Trip Hop/Downtempo Set.

DJ Nokturnal - Calgary, Canada -

I met this badass through the Torontobreaks message boardwhere he was posting tons of
absolutely wicked dj sets. His tastes are very refined, and he targets his mixes at both
the connoisseur and the dancefloor. My favourite set of his is "Travelling Linty", a set
he made for his friend Amanda, who was leaving to travel the globe. Touching sentiment and
a wicked set of choons mixed with great care. Noice! Be sure to hit up his wicked website
for a mixsets.

1 Contax: The Beats EP/ Surge /Backroom Records
2 Whitelabel Unknown (sounds like a Madonna remix though)
3 Medways Sean Cusick: The Fiscal EP/ Column of Clouds/ SAW
4 Whitelabel Unknown (has AMB written on it)
5 Maurice & Noble/ Union Main Room Dub/ Distinctive Breaks
6 Lee Coombs/ Lamb Sweet/ Perfecto Breaks
7 Beber/ Chief Rocka/Marine Parade
8 Deekline Nu Breed Ransom Phil K/ Bushpig/ Supercharged
9 Illko/ Ill Rhythm/ Mad Wax
10 Andy Page & Babs/ Oblivia Newton Bomb/ Thunk
11 Illko/ Tazer/ Mad Wax
12 Don L/ Lonely/ South Beach Underground
13 Whitelabel Unknown (OPUS 3 Fine Day Remix)
14 Ogenki Clinic/ Kirapella/ Easy Access

The Phat Conductor - Breaks FM Set #1

This is a set I did for the Breaks FM competition, but I've decided it's too housey, so
I'm making another one Get this one quickly, because I'm taking it will not be archived.
It's definitely one of my best sets, but I borrowed that Guru and the Roots remix from my
roommate so I don't want to have it up permanently.

1 Professor Angel Dust + Da PH Force - Oye Como Va (Freddy Fresh Remix) - Howlin (2001)
2 Vigi and Zero - Ultrafunk (Latina Remix) - TCR (2002)
3 Punks - Reckless Dub - (Bootleg, 2003)
4 Skeewiff - Nitty Gritty - Jalapeno (To be released June 2003)
5 Rubin Steiner - Home Disco Karaoke (Scissorkicks Mix) - Platinum (1999)
6 Eminem v Armand Van Helden - Phuck Phenomenon (Bootleg)
7 Green Velvet - La La Land (Kid Kenobi Remix) - (2003)
8 Kicks and Rock - Shazit - (Unsigned)
9 Missy Elliot - Work It (John Faruggio Bootleg 2003)
10 Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Krafty Kuts Remix) - Crunchy Frog (2003)
11 Apollo Kids - Hustlers - Fat (2003)
12 The Phat Conductor ft. Tasc- Ice-9 - 2wars (To be released June 2003)
13 Guru and The Roots - Lift Your Fist (Wayward Soul Bootleg, 2001)
14 L-Jay - Nu-Ways - Funkatech (2003) + Deekline v Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (Bootleg
15 The Incredible Melting Man - Funky Plaid Coat (Scissorkicks Remix) - 2wars (2002)
16 Aquasky v Master Blaster ft Ragga Twins - All In Check (Atomic Hooligan Remix) -
Botchit and Scarper (2003)
17 Million Dan v Raw As F**K - No Replica (Deep Impact Dub) - Against The Grain (2003)
18 Phrenetic - Fatal - Mechanoise (Unreleased)
19 The Phat Conductor and Dave Dub - Untitled, Unfinished, Unmastered, Feb 8, 2003
20 Soundscape - Dubplate Culture (Edit) - Satellite (1997)
21 Jay Cunning and Ed209 - Sound and Motion - 2S2 (Unreleased)
22 The Disciple Grin - Flex - Bless (Unreleased) + Mel Orliko(?) - Recounting LSD testing
experiences in an ABC News documentary about mind control (1979)

The Phat Conductor vs Tic-Tac - Downtempo Mix

This is a Downtempo/Trip Hop mix Tim and I did the other day, a window into our living

1 Depth Charge - Intro
2 The Psychonauts - Mo' Wax Megamix Side B
3 Tim "Love" Lee - Zilla
4 Mr. Scruff - Travelogue
5 DJ Food - Cosmic Jam
6 Nine Lazy Nine - The Train
7 Tim "Love" Lee - Twilight Reservation
8 Pepe Deluxe - Woman In Blue Remix
9 Organic Audio - Local Groove Grocer
10 Easylife Natural -Keeps The Mind Active (Gabor Deutsch Mix)
11 Ikon - Indulgence
12 Fila Brazillia - Slow Light
13 Terra Martino - Physical Language

May 28 - Jay Cunning (UK) vs. Terry Hooligan (UK) live on 4 decks in Spain + Son Of The
Electric Ghost (Texas)
June 4 - Malinna (UK) + Stenmix (UK)
June 11 - Myagi (Canada)

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The Phat Conductor

PostPosted: 30 May 2003 05:45    Post subject: Torontobreaks Radio (constantly updated) Reply with quote

Torontobreaks - Son of the Electric Ghost, Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan

This week marks the Canadian debut of one of my favourite artists ever, Son of the
Electric Ghost from Bless records in Texas. I'm also posting a link to Jay Cunning and
Terry Hooligan live on 4 decks in Spain as well as an interview I did with Jay. Enjoy!

Son of the Electric Ghost - Texas -

This maniac has been seriously wrecking shop down there in Bassdrop, Texas (yes that's his
real address) running Bless Records. His dark, synth-heavy, tie-your-head-in-knots
nuschool breaks style is just sickening, and this set is no exception. Bill keeps it real
to his artistic intentions on such another level its ridiculous Watch out for his new
alter-ego The Disciple Grin out soon on Bless records.

The Disciple Grin - Odditease
The Disciple Grin - Flex
Son of the Electric Ghost - The Fuzz
Son of the Electric Ghost - Crowd React
Son of the Electric Ghost - Thanks 2 You
The Disciple Grin - Complicate the Sequence
Son of the Electric Ghost - Mysterious (Homicide Mission)
Son of the Electric Ghost - Awkward
Son of the Electic Ghost - Bring It

Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan live in Spain on 4 decks - UK -,,

Jay Cunning does the mixing and Terry from Atomic Hooligan does all of the scratching.
These two are a seriously badass combo, representing the UK full on. This set is no
exception, 'avin it from start to finish

Jay Cunning Intro
Arc-En-Ciel "The Juice" [Finger Lickin]
X-Press 2 "Lazy" (Accapella) [Skint]
Chambao "En Las Playas de Barbate" (Deibeat remix) [Weekend Breaks]
Mr Velcro Fastener "Electric Appliances" (Plump DJs remix) [Air]
Green Velvet "La La Land" (Kid Kenobi Remix)
Atomic Hooligan "Larger Than Life" (Accapella)
Clubriders "Set Free" [Sosumi]
Santos "No Ticket No Run" (Krafty Kuts remix) [MOB]
Force Mass Motion V Dylan Rhymes "Vanquish" [Acetate]
Dylan Rhymes "Musika" [W9Y]
JHz "Azures" [Botchit]
Rasco [Pirate]
Aquasky vs Masterblaster "Shadow Breaks" [Shadow Cryptic]
Jay Cunning vs Ed 209 "Sound In Motion" [CDR]
Layo & Bushwacka! "Love Storey" (Stanton Warrior remix) [XL]

Jay Cunning Interview

TPC: So tell us a little about yourself. We already know you're a pom and you like breaks,
you were voted best DJ by you've been playing since 89. That's in every
interview, let's have some dirt!

JC: I've been promoting Global:Beats with Ian Davy for 2 years and we've recently moved to
a perfect venue in Camden which has seen us bring in DJs like Aquasky, Atomic Hooligan,
Elite Force, Mechanoise Sound System to mention a few and as the venue is designed for
live PA's we've had some amazing live appearances from R-Kidz & Noise (aka The Lawgivers)
as well as monthly live shows from next year.

I have 2 radios shows, a weekly show with special guests on
( and a monthly residency on which is the 3rd Friday
of every month from 8-10pm GMT.
Production wise I've just finished a track for Backroom records called Driven, I've also
just signed to 2S2 and working with the 2 sinners on a few tracks as well as DJing with
the 2S2 world tour in 2003. Got planned production with Mechanoise, Quest & Dj Era coming
up in the next few months.

As well as being with Lily Management I've also just signed to Satisfaxion who are the
biggest promotion / agency in Spain, really looking forward to working with these guys as
they hold parties for anything up to 9000 well up for it Breaks nutters on a regular basis
and are the main drive for Breakbeat in Spain.
Also sharing reviews duties for breaking point magazine with Iytal & SOTO!
oh and I'm starting a new label with 2 well know breaks artists... watch this space for
more info!

TPC: A lot of breaks start and stop in the UK. Tell us about some underground producers or
up and comers to watch out for. How about letting us in on who is pumping out the mad
bootlegs? Anyone you would recommend? Any beans to spill?

JC: There are a lot of good producers out there but ones to watch for are producers like
Starfire, The Automators and Grim Bleepers. They've only done a few tracks between them
but for first outings they look really promising! As for more established artists I would
say Atomic Hooligan as they are really working on their sound to incorporate a more
musical, soulful element to Breaks and yet keeping the club energy needed for dance

TPC: We don't have nearly enough UK slang over here, care to enlighten us?

JC: If you hungry - "I'm like the Wolf" as in the Duran Duran tracks that says hungry like
the wolf!
"You have a Giraffe (laugh) mate!"

TPC: Where in Europe are breaks doing well other than the UK. We're sick of hearing about
bloody England!

JC: Spain & Australia regularly talked about for their breaks scene with regular crowds of
1000-10'000 clubbers. For up and coming I'd say places like Serbia & Romania, I've played
and both in the last few months and the music scene there is so fresh as its all still
fairly new to everyone, reminds me of the old warehouse parties!

TPC: What are your feelings on Final Scratch?

JC: Never touched it!

TPC: To mix or not to mix... it's a dying art Jay, any words on this subject?

JC: Bollox!

TPC: What's your most hysterical/nasty/weird/unbelievable party story?

JC: Well one that's printable would be the time me & Terry Hooligan were in a club and
Terry being Terry decides to start breakdancing in the middle of the dance floor. So me
thinking it's a good idea to join in and impress the ladies I decide to try spinning on my
head resulting in me falling straight over and kicking one of them in the head! Luckily no
one was hurt except for my pride!

TPC: What do you feed your brain?

JC: Microwaves from my cell phone

TPC: Let's say that you suddenly had the power to make any change that you wanted in the
breaks scene. What change would it be and why?

JC: The scene doesn't need any change as its progressing in the right direction with
artists / DJs / Promoters all doing their thing but working towards one common goal. Only
change I'd like to see is more support from people into the music actually in real breaks
clubs! There's a lot of people that you see talk a about the scene and the music but only
ever go to clubs like Fabric!

TPC: What was the best set of any kind you have ever seen? You know, the one that made you
thank God over and over again for birthing you into such circumstances that you could
witness such a glorious life-altering performance.

JC: Ellis D @ Dreamscape in 1993 - The man's a no nonsense DJ using nothing but pure tune
selection and a chopped up mixing style, he tore the club to pieces!

TPC: What was your favourite gig ever?

JC: Exit festival in Yugoslavia Playing to 20'000 people in an old fortress. The main DJ
stage was in a trench that the Austrians dug to fight the Turkish, it was a real buzz to
see loads of people dancing where once there was war!

TPC: Okay wicked Jay, good to hear you're keeping busy without losing a sense of humour.
Thanks again for doing the show and interview, Peace!

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