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PostPosted: 14 May 2003 02:00    Post subject: Rare drumnbass for sale - CHEAP! See Listings and Linx Inside. Reply with quote

All of these are up on eBay as different auctions.

It says I won't ship outside US and Canda, but if you're out of that range and really want
any of these we can work something out.

Couple of bits from Reinforced Records. 3 Plates all full releases from between
2000-2001. Just about Mint condition.
#1. Rivet 138:
A: Sonar Circle "Free Spirit"
B: Sonar Circle "In Deep" and "In Deeper"

#2. Rivet 144
A: Stretch "4 Real"
B: Stretch "Massive"

#3. Rivet 158:
A: Sonic & Silver "Science"
B: Sonic & Silver "Gyro"

Classic tunes from the Easy Dj label. All 5 are white label promos. Packaging is a
bit banged up, vinyl is in great shape.
#1. Easy 21 promo; 2000
No artist or track listing available

#2. Easy 20 promo; 2000
A: Disruptaz "Air Lok
AA: Disruptaz "Panther"

#3. Easy 19 promo: 2000
A: Dj Phantasy "Atmosphere 2000"
B: Dj Phantasy "Bana Ca Pasa"

#4. Easy 18 promo; 1999
A: The Fugitives "Digiri 2"
AA: The Fugitives "Cruise Control Re-Lick"

#5. Easy 16 promo; 1999
A: Hopa & Bones + DJ Phantasy "The Crow" Stakka & Skynet Remix
AA: Hopa & Bones + DJ Phantasy "Back In Time Remix"

Splash and Juice, 7 plates, all promos, 1997 – 2001
#1. Splash 24 promo; 1998
A: Undercover Agent "Crazy Shit"
B: Undercover Agent "Everytings Ready"

#2 Juice 29 promo
Undercover Agent "Borderclash"

#3. Splash 31 promo
A: Ego Trippin "Vortex Plains"
B: Ego Trippin "3rd Angle"

#4. Splash 30 promo
A: Embee "Drop Tha Bomb"

#5. Splash 25 promo; 1998
A Majistrate "Retry Remix"
B Majistrate "Interface"

#6. Splash 28 promo; 1999
A Footloose "14 Shot Clip"
B Footloose "Running Style"

#7. Splash 27 promo; 1999
A Embee "Acid Splash"
B Embee "Sentinels"

Juice "Way of Life" LP, 3 plates, first Juice LP
A: Undercover Agent "Oh Gosh" Swift RMX
B: Majistrate "Retry"
C: Splash "Babylon" Daz RMX
D: Embee "Walk Tall"
E: MTS "Hard Disk" Zinc RMX
F: Undercover Agent "Slaughter"

EastSide & Fuze, 7 plates, all promos
#1. EAST 28 promo; 1999
A: Majistrate "Return"
AA: Majistrate "Systems"

#2. EAST 36 promo; A-Sides "Bustin Up Styles" EP
A: "Membrane"
B: "Level 2"
C: "Rocksteady"
D: "Wake up 2000" Peshay RMX

#1. FUZE 24; 2000
A: Skeptic "Grip"
AA: Skeptic "Luminous"

#2. FUZE 25; 2000
A: Gammaray "Nematode"
AA: Gammaray "Plasma"

#3. FUZE 28
A: Future Bound & Protocol "Red Light"
B: Future Bound & Protocol "The Rager"

#4. FUZE30; 2001
A: The Vagrant "The Visitor"
AA The Vagrant "We're Into That"

Dylan / Biotic, 4 plates, some ltd. edition release some promos
#1. Biotic 005
A: Bkey "Intruder"
B: Bkey "Amnesia"

#2. Industry 003
A: Dylan "Different Sensations"
B: Dagga "Analogue Vision"

#3. Nu Skool vs Old Skool, IML 003
A: Specimen A "Armed and Dangerous"
B: Specimen A "Armed and Dangerous" Dylan RMX

#4. Ltd edition RAID003
A: Dylan "Hostage"
B: Dylan "Security"

Biotic "Penitentiary EP"
#1. Ltd Edition "Penitentiary EP Sampler" promo. These tunes were not on the triple pack.
A: Dylan and Bkey "Terrordome"
B: Facs and Bkey "Studly"

#2. Penitentiary EP
A: "Apostles Warning"
B: "Bad Dreams"
C: "Bad Lieutenant"
D: "Somebody"
E: "Penitentiary"
F: "Element"

1210 Recordings, 4 plates, mostly promos
#1. 1210 003
A: Drum Kru "Thin Air"
B: Drum Kru "Poltergeist"

#2. 1210 004 promo EP, 2 plates; 2001
A Ryme Tyme "Y.E.S." Instrumental Mix
B Ryme Tyme & Nasis "Abyss Remix"
C Ryme Tyme & Nasis "Touch Timeswitch"
D Ryme Tyme & Touch "Pipebomb"

#3. 1210 005 promo; 2002
A Cause 4 Concern "Face Lift"
AA Cause 4 Concern "Psyke"

Phantom Audio, 4 plates, mostly promos
#1. PHAX 001
A: Digital "Oneton"
B: Spirit "Oneton" RMX

#2. PHAX 002
A: Spirit "Mayhem"
B: Digital "Gateman"

#3. Phantom Audio Cool Out EP
A: Digital and Spirit "Cool Out"
B: Spirit "Phoenix"
C: Digital "Highway"
D: Digital and Spirit "Sudden Death"

Moving Shadow "Killa Bytes #3" LP, 2001 3 promo plates
A: Dom & Roland "Original Sin"
B: Hex "Force"
C: NCode "Traction"
D: Pro-Active "Cactus"
E: Rascal & Klone "Twister"
F: TJ Rizing "Agent 007"

Mantronix vs EPMD vs The Quest Project: Strictly Business dnb RMX!
This is a limited edition 10 inch, jungle remix of EPMD’s "Strictly Business"

Timeless Recordings, 5 plates, all promos
#1. TYME 006; 2000
A: Cause 4 Concern "Show U Something"
AA: Cause 4 Concern "4 Ever"

#2. TYME 017
A: Digital "G-Man"
B: Digital "Tales of the Darkside RMX"

A: Spirit "Raygun"
B: Digital "RAS 78"

#4. TYME 016
A: Sonic "Deep End"
B: Sonic & Silver "Hard Times"

A: Digital "Deluxe"
B: Spirit "Conscious Mind"

Genetic Stress, Narcotix, Intercom & Bear Necessities Set
#1. Narcotix, NARC 2
A: Jennifer Bolton "Dreamcatcher" original mix
B: Spirit’s waterhouse dub RMX "Dreamhouse"

#2. Intercom, ICOM 010
A: 60 Minute Man "Soul Survivor"
B: 60 Minute Man "Sounds in da Air"

#3. Bear Necessities, SMA 26
A: Strategy "Cruise"
B: Strategy "Freeway"

#4. Bear Necessities, SMA 29
A: Strategy "3 Phase"
B: Strategy "Opus"

#5. Bear Necessities, SMA 30
A: Rapture "Part One"
B: Rapture "Part Two"

#6. Genetic Stress GS24
A: Tropic "Passion"
B: Tropic "Cause n Effect"

#7. Genetic Stress GS21
A: Tropic "Mayday"
B: Tropic "Two Thirds"

#8. Genetic Stress GS22
A: The Mysterons "Get Down"
B: The Mysterons "Back in Time"

Perspective and Emotif, 4 plates
#1. Emotif EMF 2034
A: Acetate "Genetic Engineering"
B: Acetate "Kingsize"

#2. Perspective 007
A: Bulletproof "Deadman"

#3. Perspective 004
A: Hybridz "nCode"
B: Hybridz "Carbon"

#4. Emotif EMF2037
A: Ill Logic and Dj Raf "Space Walk"
B: Ill Logic and Dj Raf "Rayon"

Congo Natty "More Fire RMX" 2001
The original more fire! Featuring Decka and Buju Banton

MAC II, 3 Plates
#1. MAC008
A: Rising Sun "Better Watch Out"
B: Rising Sun "Run it Out"

#2. MAC009, promo
A: Rising Sun "Free Your Mind"
B: The Mysterons "1 in 6 Million"

#3. MAC010
A: The Mysterons "Check Dis"
B: The Mysterons "Vinyl Conflict"

Old Skool Grab Bag #1
#1. MNB 006, promo, 1996
This is Mix-n-blen #6, Kenny Ken’s label

#2. TESTR7, promo
A: "Funky For You"
B: "No Ordinary Shit"

#3. Kemet, KM 018, promo
A: Lazarus "Governed By Shares"
B: Lazarus "Strong"

#4. BTEC 001, promo
A: MK2 "Rockers"
B: MK2 "Innocence"

#5. Hyper Records, The Turmoil 006, promo
Unknown artist "Knight Rider"

#6. Tearin Vinyl TEAR 008, promo; 1996
no artist or track listing available

#7. Tearin Vinyl; 1995
A: Quanteyes "Lazer Rain"
B: Quanteyes "Ruff Ride"

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PostPosted: 14 May 2003 07:43    Post subject: Re: Rare drumnbass for sale - CHEAP! See Listings and Linx Inside. Reply with quote

Hit this link to see em all at a glance:

eBay Business

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