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Earle Holder, Information
Paavo Jumppanen, Tech. Specs.


Atlanta, Georgia - August 15, 2003 - Har-Bal International - a joint venture between
TAQUIS (Australia) and HDQTRZ Digital Studios (US) - announced today the release of
Har-Bal (Harmonic Balancer) A powerful, new mastering equalization system for all Windows
systems (95,98,ME, NT, 2000 or XP) that corrects inconsistencies in mixed track sound
files 100 percent of the time. Har-Bal will revolutionize the music industry by completely
eliminating the need to have a mastering engineer in the end process of music production.

The software is composed of two parts: a spectrum analysis engine and a high-resolution
linear phase digital filter to perform the EQ'ing so there is imperceptible degradation in
quality (i.e. noise wise). Har-Bal analyzes a recording, which gives a measure of the
average and peak spectrum content (displayed graphically) from which any user can easily
judge the spectral balance. Next, through a novel user interface, the software allows
you to design a matching digital filter. This differs from conventional approaches in that
you no longer need golden ears to judge the problem areas of a particular recording. The
spectrum measurement provides you with an accurate indication of any problems in the
recording. Har-Bal International is the first company to address the classes of
frequencies that have proven to be troublesome to the human body. Frequencies felt in the
body, i.e., low frequencies, with high amplitudes and throbbing, pulsing envelopes can
make listeners sick to their the expression goes. There definitely seems to
some connection with the corrected resonant frequencies of a song that has been
harmonically balanced as opposed to mastering.

For an undetermined period of time, a restricted version of Har-Bal can be downloaded at You will no longer need to test your mastered CD in cars, boom boxes,
walkmans, etc. The software uses an 8192-point linear phase FIR filter whose
characteristics are designed to match and compensate for the average spectrum as closely
as possible.

The degree to which you can boost and cut a particular region is essentially unlimited.
Har-Bal International has proven that by coupling spectrum analysis with linear phase
digital filtering, Har-Bal provides a powerful, yet functionally simple means of
re-adjusting the spectral balance of sound recordingsbe they original new masters or
re-masters of existing works.

Har-Bal International is currently working on a plug-in version for individual tracks.
Har-Bal has definitely taken the pain out of mastering music and will prove to be a
necessary tool in any producer or engineer's studio. Har-Bal International may very well
be the next Microsoft of the music industry. Their product really works!

Let your Eyes be your Ears

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