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PostPosted: 13 Sep 2003 13:04    Post subject: Yeah, but what do it mean to be alternative? Reply with quote

I don't know about you, but time and time again these days I see "alternative" culture
seeping into the mainstream and slowly becoming it. This leaves those true followers and
believers in all things alternative looking like the rest of the masses, like hangers on,
another face in the bland unmemorable crowd.

Every yuppie, businessman, paddington dwelling model has got a piercing or tattoo of some
sort. In a way it's good that it's now become acceptable to have piercing or tattoos in
the work place, but the downside is that now everyone looks so clichd.

I see countless people wearing designer sports gear, with an eyebrow piercing - nothing
wrong with it, but these are the same individuals that hounded the kids who wore them

As for those new tops that girls are wearing which say "Rock Chick" or "Very Metal" with a
fake version of the Motorhead logo are seriously misguided. Do they really think that
having the latest t-shirt gives them any credibility at all? It's a fucking joke.

These are the same people that listen to Linkin Park and call it metal, the same red cap
wearing fans of Limp Bizkit that although white suburban malls kids try and be black dudes
from the ghetto, their the same kids who now buy Avril Lavine because it's "rebellious"
music. She's an interesting cultural phenomenon had to happen, she's the alternative
version to Britney, and I bet you anything they'll be imitators like her all over the
place in the next few months.

With more rock acts in the charts, POD, Papa Roach, Puddle Of Mudd, Limp Bizkit and Alien
Ant Farm is seems as if the alternative scene is the latest fad, the latest scene to be a
part of. Now don't get me wrong the more people we get listening to extreme, or diverse
music the better but these bands are derivative, and far more pop than rock. Sure they
have distortion, but it's the kind that really sounds nice on radio, interesting fact that
during the entire Linkin Park album not a single swear word is if that isn't
a ploy to get on radio I don't know what is.

First it was pop, then dance, the hip-hop and R&B now it's rock music with a strong sense
of melody which seems to be the flavor of the month. Hey I'd rather listen to Linkin Park
than Danni Minogue any day, but I doubt kids realize that Linkin Park in particular aren't
a metal act.

All we can hope for is that they listen to say Papa Roach, and then going looking for
heavier bands. Nobody starts off listening to Slipknot after all, it's all about
progression. So in a few years time maybe we will see heavy acts breaking the big time.
Not even heavy, just not mainstream, something that requires a few listens but which in
the long run has far more depth. Pop music by its very nature is transitory, rock music

So if the mainstream are pilfering from our ideas, our looks and our sound - what have we
got left? Simple, we have to go deeper, we have to push the envelope, be more extreme in
our appearance, our art, our music. We have to become more extroverted, more deviant,
smarter and more defiant.

I truly believe that alternative music isn't about being rebellious, maybe it is to begin
with, but in the long run you can't live without it. I've yet to meet a person who loved
Cradle of Filth and now enjoys Ibiza Anthems 2002. Once you're a part of the scene, of the
culture, once you get to know the bands what they stand for and what they're trying to
achieve you can't help but turn your back on the mainstream.

All the ideas are below ground, it's not safe, it's dangerous, thrilling, adventurous and
ours. The mainstream takes what it likes, dilutes it and pumps it out in a bland form for
mass consumption. Music is just a very easy to understand example of this.

At the end of the day, ground breaking acts, artists, painters, writers etc might not sell
millions, but they'll keep their integrity and the respect of their fans. To me that's
worth more than any cheque could provide.

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PostPosted: 27 Dec 2003 18:29    Post subject: Re: Yeah, but what do it mean to be alternative? Reply with quote

i agree with what you say, but i don't think the answer is to go more extreme in our
appearance and tastes. to me, purely realising the hypocrisy of the mainstream culture in
its attempt to get "hardcore" with its image (e.g. piercings, rock t-shirts etc.) shows an
awareness which will always be alternative, as few people demonstrate this. doesn't the
word "alternative" (as much as i hate pidgeon-holes) suggest a minority anyway? i think
that it is important to hold onto our interests and inspirations, and not even worry what
the mainstream is attempting to affiliate into its culture - for the true alternative
underground world will never be touched by the masses because they either cannot or will
not understand it - it is way too scary and removed from the everyday for them! to be into
the underground is to exhibit a particular mode of thinking and of seeing the world - no
radio song or cleverly marketed item of clothing will ever teach it, it is something you
are born with. we should just live in our warped little world, and laugh at the suckers
who think that the right t-shirt or body modification will gain them entry icon_smile.gif little do
they know...

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PostPosted: 08 Mar 2004 16:32    Post subject: Re: Yeah, but what do it mean to be alternative? Reply with quote

Kooba radio is alternative. We only play unsigned bands so they're always fresh and
untainted by the mass media!
Kooba is also hosting live events in Brixton on the first Thursday of every month fo
alternative culture to flourish.

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