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PostPosted: 12 May 2005 16:54    Post subject: NOISE MACHINE RELEASES mp3s available also Reply with quote

NOISE MACHINE : from Newcastle, Australia to the rest of the universe

the following is AVAILABLE NOW on CDR -- some now with stick on labels that you can
peel off the disc and stick on your car (if you really want to)!!!!!!


NOISE : 002 : PAINt - MACHINE METAL MUSIC - the noise album of 2003 cd-r available for
$8 (features free cd)

NOISE : 003 : DRILLBIT (-dform) = NOISESCAPE - $7 - ambient and harsh noisescapes, (with
bonus noise cd)

NOISE : 004 : PAINT + SPLINTER Vs STALIN - WE ARE THE MONGO - The insane collaboration
between Italian avante garde duo SPLINTER Vs STALIN and PAINT cd-r
available for $8 with dvd

NOISE : 005 : DRILLBIT - FACEBREAKS - the new album full of horrible speedcore and crap
hardcore beats - $8

NOISE : 006 : ASYLUM - MACHINES OF HATE - 17 tracks of brutal industrial / hardcore /
ambient / noise ... Absloutely brilliant - $10

NOISE : 007 : XHORST - ACID RAIN - Extrememly well crafted laid back beats, electronic
acoustic gems and some interesting surprises.- $10


NICE : 001 : EYE + SHITHEAD - Split - 8 tracks - Shithead and EYE do 20 minutes each
of harsh noise, ambience and horror, then pack it all into this 40 minute ride of total
chaos- $6

NICE : 002 : DRILLBIT - THE EXTREME ULTRA VIOLENCE EP Breakneck speedcore and violent
noise shit - $6

NICE : 003 : COCKBREATH - TOTALLY ADDICTED TO SPERM - idiotic hardcore techno and flat
out breaks, not unlike but totally different to jack johnsons latest work, - $6


Andor : 002 : "This time it is all your own fault" by SHITHEAD - 2 hours worth of crap
noise, totally unfit for cd. Available now as a 256kb mp3 cdr with heaps of extra special
shitty bonuses .... more than 4 hours of shitness on your cd ($6)

*****Andor : 004 : GRANNYFIST - FISTING GRANNY relentless grinding shitcore OUT NEXT
WEEK - $8 pre order now for your small free poster !!

Andor : 006 : PAINt:SYNTAX ERROR V.2a - The brilliant album of messed up machines and
stunning electronic symphonies - (free if you buy NOISE : 002)

also available :

AUTOLYSIS - teratology - Extreme metal featuring jessi from flesh mechanic on vocals -
$ 5

ARMY OF DARKNESS - Earlier tracks by jai from asylum - $6



reasonable postage rates apply, also expect heaps of other junk in your package

inquiries to

new and reissued stuff coming out all the time, always keen to find new and interesting
acts for releases and remixes

check website for regular updates



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