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From: 8dpromo
Subject: Autoband : captivating + icy electronica album from Norway
Date: 2012-02-11 03:31:58

Artist: Autoband
Album Title: Autoband
Label: Beatservice Norway
Style: Chill Out / Deep House / Folk-tronica
Available Now From: Beatservice Shop / iTunes / Beatport / Juno Download

To hear previews of tracks from Autobands self-titled album click HERE

Autoband is the solo project of Gudmund stgrd, a prolific member of the music scene in
Troms, Norway. With his warm Scandinavian electronica he blends ambient, glitch and jazz
to a surprising and soothing mix. The album sounds a bit like The Cinematic Orchestra snow
skiing on the Arctic Circle, meeting up with Boards of Canada and Tycho, and jamming in
the hotel room with Ane Brun.

The tracks from the
Autoband album showcase the diversity and depth of stgrd's production.
Sounds vary from upfront electronica to icy 'chill out' material as well as a couple
lilting songs with a gentle female vocal supplied by stgrd's sister. Warm up, lounge, or
end-of-the-night after-hours affairs will definitely benefit from a slice of Autoband in
the mix.

Originally from Stokmarknes in the north of Norway, Gudmund stgrd has been working with
music for theatre, film and TV for years. As a performing artist he has collaborated with
Russian electronic artists as well as fellow Troms electronica-heads like Gaute
Barlindhaug (Aedena Cycle/Kolar Goi/Taigatrost) and Nasra Ali Omar (Nasra & Gaute) on
various live projects. He has performed new music for several silent movies, touring
Russia recently with a re-recorded version of a Metropolis soundtrack. stgrd has
contributed to albums from a.o. Kolar Goi and Anneli Drecker (of Bel Canto fame). He has
also been a member of the americana band Milestone Refinery.

Nick Warren - "I really like this. Clever
production and use of unusual sounds "
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - " Hard to pick a
favorite. A diverse release without being overly so, and cinematic in the right ways."
Acid Ted blog - "The album has gentleness but a
background crackle, like creaking ice floes."
Irregular Disco Workers - "'City Slides' is a slow motion bomb!"
Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe) - "Lounge-y, seductive,
and wonderfully crafted. Perfect for mix-tapes, warm up sets, and early morning drives."
Anji Bee (The Chillcast) - "Nicely chilled with a
touch of darkness. Shades of Tycho without the cute factor. I dig the addition of acoustic
guitar and female voice - so unexpected."
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - "We'll get this on
rotation in the yoga studio and around the camp fire."
DJ Nutritious (Brooklyn Shakedown) - "'Sunbeam'
really speaks to me here - lush, laid-back, pretty. This album is intense and musical...
and that's awesome."
Bootsy (For The Love radio show) - "A strong and
varied album. My pick is 'Rails,' with its four to the floor beats and bluesy
guitar/harmonica, it just builds and builds, very fresh sounding. 'City Slides' stands out
- choice, chunky weirdo electronic music. Sunbeam deserves an honourable mention. An
unexpected folky treat."
Brewster Brigham (KISS FM, Australia) - "A
delicious and fabulous soul-soothing must-have record for any true musically-minded
person. i know it's early but this is the best release for 2012 so far..!!"

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Autoband on MySpace:


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