VAMP: Dark Alternative Music Club Canberra

Saturday 7th May 2016

Canberra Alternative Music Club eg. [Post] Punk, Dark Electronica, Indie, Goth, Industrial, New Wave & So On

Live: Snuff

DJs: Robot Citizen, Mircalla, Black Temple

Venue: Transit Bar, 7 Akuna Street, Canberra

Tickets: $10

Time: 8pm - 2am

Club VAMP's 9th Anniversary Event.

~ Sydney band SNUFF - mixing gothic electronica, electro industrial & trip hop.
~ DJs: Robot Citizen, Mircalla, Black Temple & The Tormentor ...
Mixing varieties of: Dark Alternative, Post Punk, Indie, Gothic, Electro, Industrial, New Wave, Electronica, Hard House, Heavy EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Glam & Art Rock, EBM, Grunge, Darkwave, New Romantic, Bowie tunes... relevant song request are welcomed :)

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This event follows from hundreds of other Alternative Music Clubs - DJ dance parties & live band events - that have been (co-)organised by and/or featuring DJ Robot - mostly in Canberra (ACT) and also in Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC) and Perth (WA).