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Thursday, 24th September 2009

retail nike shoes,adidas shoes,gucci shoes,puma shoes,jeans,sunglasses

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Time: 1am - 9:30am

Visuals: www

Lighting: w

Sound: ww wholesaling ,retailing and dropshipping many kinds discount brands on shoes£¨nike,adidas,puma,gucci,prada,dg,lv,coach,juicy,true religion¡­¡­£© ,clothes, jeans, purses/bag, Sunglasses,brand accessories, etc, which is from Putian city,Fujian province,China.
1.We supply door to door express shipping,The products are shipped from China to your places by EMS, TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, The shipping time is 4-7 working days .
2. Retails like dropshipping is also welcomed,we even accept one piece order.
3.please visit our website: for more information


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