how old are you?

where were you born?

when/ how did you get involved in the club/ djing scene?
i started making techno music on my own amiga around 1991 and played live with various outfits - earthmetal, non bossy posse, organarchy. i've been djing for a couple of years now and i started because no one else was playing the style of music i like to dance to, in sydney

what activities are you involved in at the moment?
sourcing music, practising and producing music with daniel from ju ju space jazz under the name of cannon 2 jack. and playing gigs and kicking back..

what kind of music do you play and why?
hard driving techno that is rhythmic and mindless. i don't like a lot of unecessary melody of vocals and shit. the best dance music bypasses your brain and directly moves your body with pure sonic stimulation

what do you think is important when playing to a crowd?
selection of tracks, mixing technique and maintaining an energy level on the dance floor

what makes you good at what you do?
sticking to my style and listening to the sounds, not just reading the label

what do you dis/like about the job?
i like playing to open minded people and seeing them go off and enjoy themselves

what have been the highlights?
playing at stompede, going to melbourne and having a ball, filter a couple of weeks ago, travelling around nsw going to mad parties and the rest. lowlights?
empty venues, dodgy equipment and getting the runaround

what is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while djing?
once i ate a curry that had some meat in it before i played, and because i'd been vegetarian for ages i got really sick while i was playing and had to throw up these undigested lumps of meat. yuk. i wasn't funny at all

what advice would you give to someone starting out?
practise, and only buy good records

is djing the career move of the 90s.?
it's definitely popular

what do you hope to do in the future?
travel, dj and produce more music

where do you see the club scene and dance music heading in the next year or two?
there will be more and more marketable techno off shoots like 'trip hop', 'goa trance' or 'hard house'. the real underground will keep it real

do you prefer records or cds
cds AND records - why limit yourself?

what are your current top 5 tunes?

carl lekebusch - (promo)
adam beyer - pump
cannon 2 jack - (unreleased)
surgeon - (promo)
kextex - bugswat

your all time top 5?

aprohead - in the dark we live (dave clarke remix)
cristian vogel - defunkt
age - trope (acid mix)
the advent - (digital domain remix)
tobias schmidt - take thatt

and your fave pop song please!

public ememy - brothers gonna work it out (ah, i think we said pop song! Eds)

5 djs you'd merrily swap records with?

jeff mills, mayuri, biz e, db, the warlock