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The Agora Gallery (530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY, 10001) is proud to present A Collective Exhibition - Elements of Abstraction, Labyrinth of Color, Persistence of Form, scheduled to run from July 22nd through August 12th. The collection will feature captivating works of innovative and talented artists from around the world.

Venue: Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Tickets: Free

Time: 11am - 6pm

Elements of Abstraction
Elements of Abstraction presents audiences with a rich kaleidoscope of color, form, and texture that in conjunction breathes life into abstract artworks. Whether employing shimmering brushstrokes or bold fields of color, nonrepresentational art, with its lack of familiar forms, allows the work speak to us on an especially elemental level. Through their deeply personal forms of expression, these artists offer a stunning glimpse into contemporary abstract painting.
Featured Artists: Diana Arkhi, Alicia Falcone, Nina Ozbey, Jorgen Rosengaard
Labyrinth of Color
Literally reaching out into the abyss, Labyrinth of Color finds artists as they approach the deepest regions of our real and imagined space. Radiant colors shine forth, as each artist travels into the unknown, bringing back surreal visions of our universe to share with audiences. This selection of imaginative works is a fascinating glimpse into the otherworldly.
Featured Artists: Udeaku Chikezie, Kenji Inoue, John Nieckarz, Ronaldo Rodinsky

Persistence of Form
Persistence of Form daringly explores the experience of our modern world through the eyes of the artist. Beautifully crafted imagery abounds in this choice selection of paintings as the artists inject wit, fantasy, and sensitivity into their vision of humanity. The works are raw and physical, daring to examine inwardly while holding an unadulterated mirror to the world to expose both the ills and the joys to be found.
Featured Artists: Margaret Girle, Enrique Monraz Ponce, Parizot, Karin Perez, Zakhar Sherman

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