A Collective Exhibition in Three Parts


The Agora Gallery (530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY, 10001) is proud to present A Collective Exhibition. Scheduled to run from September 9th through September 30th, the collection will feature an incredible collection of artistic talent from around the globe.

Venue: Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Tickets: Free

Time: 11am - 6pm

Masters of the Imagination - The Latin American Art Exhibition

The brilliant colors and dazzling forms that characterize the tradition of Latin American art are still found in contemporary painting today. The talented artists collected here channel their zest for life, transforming it into energetic paintings that explore the individual world while celebrating the beautiful people and places that surround it. Agora Gallery's Masters of the Imagination offers a rare chance to experience the nuances of fine art by Latin American artists, not merely with the eyes, but the heart.

Featured Artists: Daniel De Souza, C. Drummond, EdNa, Luis Granda, Ammer Jacome, Ricardo Lowenberg, Victor Meza, Davor Pavlovic, Dago E. Seguel, Sandra Valentim, Lee Vanderwalker
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/ExhibitionAnnouncement/latin_9_9_2008.aspx

Spatial Fluidity

Achieving harmony between positive and negative space is a key feature in a successful composition. The creative minds included in Spatial Fluidity are keenly aware that of the soothing effects of open space, and how each stroke of the brush alters and characterizes that space forever. With grace and beauty these superb artists showcase the dynamic potential that exists between layers of expression and the foundation of empty space beneath them.

Featured Artists: Tohru Aizawa, Su Goddard, Aranka Israni, Fumio Noma, Olivier Sabria, Jan Westerhof
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/ExhibitionAnnouncement/9_9_2008.aspx

Strength in Color

Pulsing with a vibrant energy, Agora Gallery's Strength in Color displays the expressive central role that an artist's palette plays in the creation of a painting. Crafting their personal inspirations in a variety of styles, this exhibition features a collection of painters that are united in their understanding of the intimate relationship between color and emotion.

Featured Artists: Carol Bajen-Gahm, Jana Chebotova, Dhanur Goyal, Anne Elisabeth Hogh, SooJin Jeong
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/ExhibitionAnnouncement/9_9_2008.aspx

Exhibition Dates: September 9, 2008 - September 30, 2008
Reception: Thursday, September 11, 2008, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat, 11am - 6pm
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/ReceptionExhibitions/9_11_2008.aspx

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