Agora Gallery Presents a Four-Part Exhibition and


Chelsea's Agora Gallery is pleased to present Beyond Borders: fine art from Canada and a four part collective exhibition that is scheduled to run from October 2, 2009 through October 23, 2009.

Artists: Group Show

Venue: Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Tickets: Free

Time: 11am - 6pm

Chelsea's Agora Gallery is pleased to present Beyond Borders: fine art from Canada and a four part collective exhibition that is scheduled to run from October 2, 2009 through October 23, 2009.
Beyond Borders is an exhibition of innovative and stunning Canadian Art. Works span the range of artistic expression, each artist imparting with their unique style a little piece of the Canadian spirit. Playful, humorous, saturated with color, and presented in unique fashion, this is an exhibition to delight the senses.
The unique styles and working methods of the artists showcased in Four Degrees of Abstraction are a consequence of seeking to express the ineffable in new, personal ways. Rapturous beauty combines with intriguing symbolism to explore the inner and outer worlds; each artwork becomes a note in a collective effort to unlock the mysteries of being. Sensorial Realities is a collection of whimsical works of contemporary art exploring both the spiritual and earthly themes. These visionary artists take us on a merry expedition though mystic jungles and intergalactic realms, while delving into the yearly cycles of birth and rebirth. Other works focus on the timeless, transformative power of the figure. Together these creative minds provide us with an extraordinary art experience. Soothing naturalist vistas await audiences of The Portal of Tranquility. Nature has always retained the power to enhance our understanding of ourselves and these artists recognize the potent visual possibilities of the natural domain. Here we find each painter, in varying degrees of realism, striking out on their own path and taking delight in the rhythms and energies of the creation itself. The Saturated Palette is a collection of artists conceiving novel forms of expressive abstract painting. Highly energetic and personal, these artists forge new pathways of visual articulation, while exploring music, philosophy and performing arts. The selection of art works will delight audiences who embark upon an exploration of imagery rich with symbolism and a vigorous pulse. This is contemporary painting at it's finest: colorful, brave, and breathtaking.
Exhibition Dates: October 2, 2009 - October 23, 2009
Reception: Thursday, October 08, 2009, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat, 11a.m. - 6 p.m.
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Featured Artists:
Beyond Boarders: Anne Barkley, Clôde Beaupré, Erin Brekke Conn, Mary Byers-Brule, Paul Kelley, Ami Muranetz, Michel Picotte, Chad Redl, Jen Romnes, Sergey Shaevitch, Alberto Velazquez, VéroniKaH
Four Degrees of Abstraction- Kristina Garon, Sung Hong, Suzete Martins, Christopher Voss
Sensorial Realities- Michael Berger, David Jeffery Frank, Melissa Norenberg, Ren Seffer, Christopher Stone, Tineke Wilde
The Portal of Tranquility- Alexei Adamov, Kerstin Arnold, Abdelkhalek Idmalk, Paul Tappenden and Joanna Dickey, Marc van der Leeden
The Saturated Palette- Taras Borovyk, Jenifer Carey, Lenore Sempert, Kensuke Shimizu

About Agora Gallery
Agora Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the heart of New York City's Chelsea art galleries district that was established in 1984 and is famous for showcasing a spectacular array of talented artists from around the world and around the corner, while providing quality and original art to collectors. The gallery also publishes ARTisSpectrum Magazine, a bi-annual magazine that is distributed to museums, galleries, art institutions and art schools around the world. It provides artists, collectors, museums, galleries, art organizations and enthusiasts with access to the work of internationally talented emerging and mid-level artists as well as feature articles, reviews and interviews. Agora Gallery is also the sponsor of, one of the most comprehensive resources available worldwide to view and purchase fine art from emerging, mid-level and well-established artists. Most recently, the gallery launched, a blog designed to provide helpful information and advice for artists while providing a forum for artists to help one another by sharing their experiences and thoughts.

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