Trouble Vision 9th Birthday: Move D, DJ Sprinkles

Friday 6th October 2017

Venue: Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB, United Kingdom

Tickets: Early Bird: GBP 5, 2nd Release: GBP 10, 3rd Release: GBP 15, 4th Release: GBP 20.

Time: 11pm - 6am

Move D
DJ Sprinkles
The Pilotwings
Mr. Solid Gold
Park Ranger
OK Jones

We're not one for growing old gracefully and at 9 years young we figured it isn't the time to start either. Uniting all three rooms of Corsica Studios under one shaking roof, we've teamed up with a selection of our favourites, for a birthday of vintage proportion.

Move D and Willow head up Room 1. As a long time custodian of the scene, Move D has helped shape and influence many a disco before. He draws on a wild combination of house, jazz and techno - taking you through rocky psychedelic paths and cosmic seas to fields of loose hips and heads.

Willow took the world by storm last year after her debut release on renowned hot house, Workshop. Now taking dance music's floors by storm too, she has finessed her own brand of interlocking soft and hard melody and rhythm.

DJ Sprinkles takes The Colombian for an enlightened trip into the depths of house music sound and experience. A DJ Sprinkles set is something special - a nocturnal sermon taking on more than just the music, breaking through the boundaries of sound and culture jamming on its peripheries. This is one set this year not to be missed.

Lyon's up and dancing, The Pilotwings touching down in Room 2. They bring new French balearia and a sophisti-punk attitude, melding together the nostalgic UK rave sounds of yore with cuts from the disco underbelly. Tranced out gems plucked from the bargain bins of your local record outlet, sit pretty next to raging tropical beats.

Rolfie, OK Jones, Park Ranger and Mr. Solid Gold are all in town combining for this extra special night. We've got all the residents,
all three rooms and all of you lot coming down. Do Not Sleep!


Tickets go on sale Friday starting at just £5 -

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.

Artists / Speakers: Move D, DJ Sprinkles, Willow, The Pilotwings, Mr. Solid Gold, Park Ranger, OK Jones, Rolfie.


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