The Mysterium

Saturday 9th December 2017

The Mysterium is a thoroughly modern exploration of the world's most bizarre and enigmatic phenomena.

Live: David Bramwell, Mark Pilkington, Jenny Rowe

Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL, United Kingdom

Tickets: Standard: GBP 8.00

Time: 2pm - 5pm

The Mysterium is a thoroughly modern exploration of the world's most bizarre and enigmatic phenomena. Drawing on contemporary folklore, unsolved mysteries and unsettling oddities from the dark corners of the internet, three of its authors delves into some of the strangest and most enduring stories of our modern age.

Host and co-author David Bramwell (The No9 Bus to Utopia/Haunted Moustache/ The Odditorium) introduces the afternoon with a brief look at three fascinating stories from the book:
Hikikomori - Why are a million Japanese unable to leave their bedrooms?
The Toynbee Tiler - Who is the mysterious Toynbee Tiler, and why has he or she embedded the message 'Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter' in over 600 linoleum tiles across North and South America? And what does it have to do with David Mamet??
Salish Sea Mystery -
Why do human feet keep washing up on a beach in British Columbia?
David Bramwell - Operation Mindfuck, the story of how a counterculture movement, intent on disrupting our media, just might have been responsible for our post-truth age of fake news.
In the 1960s a mind experiment, Operation Mindfuck, was designed by Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley to shake the western world out of its grip of rationality and control. It was adopted by fringe groups, including the Cacophony Society and Church of the Subgenus (Bob Dobbs) to spread disinformation through the worship of Eris, goddess of chaos. It led to the creation of Burning Man, Satancon and Fight Club. But was it a victim of its own success, leading to the rise of fake news and The Church of Kek, an occult group who used meme magic to support Trump in 2016? What can we do to stop it? Or should we welcome in this age of uncertainty?
Mark Pilkington - Behind the Flying Saucers
In his 2010 book and documentary film Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington explored the origins of the over-arching American UFO mythology in Cold War counter-intelligence and espionage operations.


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