Opening Night: Site Gesture - Meg Driver

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Venue: STACKS Projects, 191 Victoria Street, Sydney

Time: 6pm

Site Gesture - Meg Driver

Exhibition 24 May - 10 June

Opening Wednesday 23 May :: 6-8pm

Site Gesture, a solo exhibition by Meg Driver, explores the objectâspossibility for movement through a process of arranging and re-arrangingdeceivingly static objects.

In offering an alternative relationship tointerior and exterior spaces; the show suggests a new dynamic bondbetween art/site and private/public spheres.

Driver draws inspiration from the interactions that occur between objects andarchitectural spaces and explores the altered encounters that transpire between viewer and object when one gallery wall is taken away andreplaced by a window.
Immediately a heightened intimacy between outsideand inside is formed.

This exhibition embraces the performative process of art making and presents an exhibition model which has nofixed outcome.

The resulting works are motivated by an exploration ofprocess and experience.
They act as a response to the space and the artistsâ memories of encountering these objects.

Site Gestureconsiders the surface of the object through touch and movement.
Throughcreating a new context to interact with the object, Site Gesture aims todisrupt the division between public and private realms.

This spatialand temporal involvement with the exhibition format invites immediate correspondence with the viewer and forms a new architecture for temporary interactions.

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