About SPRACI

     Can I donate to spraci to help keep it online?

     Can you review my track/album/music?

     Copyright Policy

          I added my info/link to the directory. Why has it not yet appeared on SPRACI?

          Can I organise to send my event info out to spraci users?
          How do I enable my email alias @
 mailboxes and logins

     Event Listings
          Can I arrange to use spraci events data for my website/service?
          Can you send me a list of events in *** on ***?
          How do I add my event to the SPRACI event listings
          How do I save an event to my iCal/Outlook/PDA/etc calendar?
          How do I upload an image for my event page?
          How to find whats on in your city/area
          I can't see my event in the listing when I'm not logged in
          I just added my event. Why can't I find it in the listings?
          I organise lots of events. Is there a way to add them without needing to fill out the add event forms for every event?
          I posted my news item in the events listings. Why was it removed?
          I wish to sell tickets to my event. Can you sell our tickets?
          looking for underage events
          Multple listings for events - Can I add more dates to existing recurring events?
          Where does SPRACI get its events data from?
          Why can't I just send the details of my event to SPRACI via email?
          Why is my already showing for this week when it starts in two weeks?
          why is the date wrong for an event I saw listed?

     Feed Aggregator

     Forums and Message Boards
          Formatting and Topic Types
               Can I post Images?
               What is BBCode?
               Why can't I get the wysiwg editor to work on my browser?
          How do I create a poll?
          How do I delete my post?
          How do I edit or delete a post?
          How do I show an image below my username? (Avatar)
          I changed the timezone and the time is still wrong!
          I wrote in all caps and got flamed. Why?
          The times are not correct!
          What are all those acronyms people use in their messages?
          What are Announcements?
          What are Sticky topics?
          What can I say on message boards or newsgroups?
          What is getting "flamed?"
          Why can't I vote in polls?

     I'm looking for a booking-date!

     My Files
          I uploaded an mp3. why was it removed?
          Why can't I find my uploaded image on the "add event" form?

          How do I add my news item?
          I wish to comment on what someone has said in a news/feature article.

          How do I delete my profile in the Personals (the delete function isn't working!)?

          Cookies and Session IDs (what they are and why they are used)
          Privacy Policy

          I have a profile created on the old system years ago - how do update it?

     Syndication of Events Data


     Usenet Newsgroups
          What Is Usenet?
          Where to find the FAQ for a specific Newsgroup
          Why are there few/no messages in the newsgroup I was looking at?
          Why can't I find usenet posts when I use "spraci search"?
          Why do I see so many spam posts in the usenet groups?

     User Accounts and Logins
          How do I change my settings?
          I can't log in!
          I forgot my Password!
          I registered in the past but cannot log in anymore!
          Why do I need to register at all?

     User Agreement / Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer

     Weblogs (blogs)
          Using Blogger clients to post to your blog
          What is a Blog or Weblog?
          What is RSS?

     Webmaster Services
          Custom Listings
          Custom Message Boards
               How do I change the formatting of dates displayed on my board?
               How do I create my own message board?
               How do I delete my message board?
          SPRACI API
               Blogger API
                    fast event search by location or area
                    fast spraci area and nearby town/suburb search by location (lat/lon)
               PHP Serialize
               Query String / Flashvars
               REST XML
               RSS Feeds
                    Events RSS Feeds
                         simple php example using Magpie RSS
               Terms of Use

     Where can I post my info on spraci?

     why don't the SMS forms in my mailing list work?

     Why is the CD store offline?

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!