I posted my news item in the events listings. Why was it removed?

Was it an event?

The events listings are ONLY for upcoming events.

Other non-event news type posts (including "calls for submissions") should be submitted as news articles
(log in and go to "add article") or posted on the relevant message board.

General posts or comments that are neither events nor news items should go on the appropriate message board or discussion thread.

The events listings here are also used by other sites and must be strictly events only.

Event listings may also be removed or temporarely hidden by the moderators if there is doubt that it is a real event or the person who posted it can't be quickly and easily contacted.

If there is a complaint by the organisers of the listed event that the person who listed it did so without their permission (and they don't want it listed) it will also be removed.

It may also be removed if it is a "duplicate listing" (if there is another listing for the same event) - so make sure you check the listings to see if it is already there (and the info is correct) before posting.

Was it a PUBLIC event?
(can people looking at the listings actually go to it?)
Events that look like they might not be public events may be removed by the moderators. This includes events where the venue looks like it might be a person's house (in case the people who live there might not want it listed publically - if they do and it is legitimate make sure you let us know by contacting us)

We will also remove listings if they include text that violates our terms and conditions of use or if we have been asked by authorities to remove them

Please note that listings on a public website should be regarded as similar to listings in any public media (such as street press), anyone can see them. So if you don't want your event information to be seen publically don't list it in public places!

In the case of semi-private/public ticketed events make sure that there is information about how to get tickets is in your listing.
(you can edit your event to be shown only to registered users if you wish but if you do this it won't appear on syndicated listings or to anyone not logged in to spraci - and this should still be regarded as "public" in the sense that anyone can register and log in - its only if you want to filter your attendance a little bit in a statistical sense)

If you have previously posted the same event (same date, etc) you should edit it to make changes rather than submitting it as a new listing.

Please note that any deliberate attempts to spam the listings with many copies of the same event or any deliberate attempts to add fake listings (for either fake events or for stuff that is not an event) will be regarded as spam and therefore as serious abuse of the service. (this could lead not only to posts being removed but also to logins being suspended or in serious cases, further action)

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!