An Alphabetical list of links to information about record labels around the world

 1 Voice GlobalSpirit filled entertainment company
 20Hz RecordsRecord Label
 21-3 Records
 21st Circuitry RecordingsRecord Label
 3 Cell Records Orlando Breakbeat Label / Home to DJs Mike&Mia info@3cellrecords.com
 3 Wishes Electronic Studioadvanced electronic recording studio
 3D Vision Records3D Vision 39, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France Phone: ++ 33 142 778 660 Fax: ++ 33 142 778 661
 3gees entertainmentUK artist promotion
 3rd World Tracksintended to promote and distribute artists that make psychedelic sounds all over the world.
3rdWorld RecordsPositioning -U- To Be Heard
 4 Seasons RecordsRussian Trance Label
 403Record Label
 4ADRecord Label
 666 ZipCode Town RekkidsLabel from Kansas supporting Psytrance, techno, Goa, ambient and dub releases.
 6TunesTVLabel & Online Music Shop selling Japanese Indie & Underground muisc
704 Productions Indie hip hop label/production team 704 Procuctions motownsback@hotmail.com WEBSITE
 74422 Records captures, contains, and releases.. music
 7th City
 7th Dimension Music We have a recording studio. 7th d does graphic design for posters, CD covers an
 8 dec records
 83 West Records :: Camouflage Recordings83 West Records Toronto :: House music for your soul
 A-Wave.comSystem 7s new record label
 Abnormal Behavior RecordsDigital label focused on electronic dance music
 Abora RecordingsCalgary trance label, releasing quality uplifting, progressive and Balearic style trance music.
 Abstrakt MindzDrum and Bass, House, Downtempo,Techno and Experimental grooves
 AbstraktraksConcept record label
 Abysoma Recordselectronic music record label specialised in different styles like, downtempo, chillout, ambient, electro.
 Abysoma Records Electronica music label from Spain specialised in styles like downtempo, chillout, ambient, electro, IDM. Always in tune with avant-garde sounds within the international
 Abysoma RecordsElectronica Music Label from Spain - Downtempo, Ambient, Electro, IDM,...
 AcaciaRecord Label Detroit Releases of Progressive Dance Music
 Acelerator Recordslanel deep techno detroit , influenced based in clermont ferrand france wabteda new artists producer's !! send us demos !! welcome !!
 Acidance Records
 Acidance RecordsFull-on psy-trance label from greece
 Act 2 RecordsThe Independent Record Label That Makes Dreams Come True
 Activated Recordsrecord label
 Active Pass RecordingsFine House music from the Left Coast
 Active-Neo-Psy RecordingsLabel from Visual Space Access (ex Suntec)
 Acutest Recordsindependant label
 Acutest Recordsmichigan based indie record label.
 Ad Lib Records Ad Lib Records is the messenger of quality music! We listen and scrutinize each and every track we receive and our offers go to the most deserving producers
 ad21musicThe label of Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilippo created exclusively for the edition and online order of their solo and collaborative projects.
 Addiktion ADDIKTION Record Label Australia info (at) addiktion.com.au bookings (at) addiktion.com.au WEBSITE
 AdditiveRecord Label
 Advanced Records
Advanced Recs Ade Fenton's pioneering UK techno label Unit 9 The Fashion Centre Huntingdon Street Nottingham NG1 3LH UK WEBSITE
 Aeon Trackstechno-hardcore-gabber italian label
 Aerial RecordingsRecord Label
 AerodyneworksRecord Label
 Aerphax RecordsRecord Label
 AF TransmissionsRecord Label
 AfrotechMarketing & Distribution of : Psychedelic Trance Club Progressive Techo World Chill
 AfterdarkRecord Label
 Agitato RecordsA psy goa trance label from Israel
 Ahari Press electronic & classical music contact (at) aharipress.com
 Air Snare Records Air Snare Records is an Electronic Dance music Label based simultaneously in Mum info (at) airsnare-records.com
 Ajuca Productions Limited'We manage + promote artists, djs and recording labels into distribution'
 Alchemix MusicMusic Resource Site - recording - studio - label - band directories
 AlchemyRecord Label
 Alchemy RecordsPsychedelic Trance label based in UK
 AlgoRhythm RecordsAlgoRhythm Records
 Alias Frequencies  ...
 alias [rec]artist / label site : mothaphukinjackintechno
 Alien Gossipindependent label,indepedent bands....if you want difference...
 Alien RecordsRecord Label
 Alkaloid RecordingsAlkaloid Recordings based in mullumbimby Australia releasing psychedelic & progressive trance
 AlphaLab RecordsIndependent trancelabel - psygressive & ambient
 American RecordingsRecord Label
 Amor et Psyche ProductionsRecord Label
 AmtraxRecord Label
 Analog RecordsAnalog Records USA 612.598.5465 voice 612.823.5741 fax Analog Records was founded by Freddie Fresh in 1991. It has since become a A Minneapolis, Minnesota based record label and collection of artists dedicated to creating dance music with analog equ
 Analysis Paralysis Records Scottish based Record Label Specialising in Hardcore, Metal & Grind.
Anatomy Records small independant focusing on artist development first and foremost info@anatomyrecords.com Anatomy Records WEBSITE
 Andreas Kremer ANDREAS KREMER
 Angels TrumpetRecord Label
 Anger Epidemic RecordsOfficial site of the turkish Extreme Metal Label
 Anjuna BeatsLondon based trance label. Home to Above & Beyond and Free State
 anny-jack recordings
 Another World SoundlabRecording studio and dancelabelgroup specialized in all genres of dance music details artists, labels and services through MP3 downloads, a CD and Vinyl catalog
 AntapexRecord Label
 antapex records antapex records label techno tracks wanted acid trance 303 909 jup ANTAPEX RECORDS ...
 Anthropo Records... music is humanGrowing label featuring organitronic music... FREE CD available!
 Anticipate RecordingsHouse of NYC electronic label.
 Anticlock RecordsExperimental music. Putting a new head on the old god...
 anticore recordshardcore label produce by dj maniak
 AntimatterExperimental arts collective
 Antler SubwayRecord Label
 Anubis RecordingsRecord Label
 Apocalypse RecodingsHard, Fast, Dark and Evil.....can you deal?
 Apollo Records
 Apostrophe Music Publishing Pop publishing label enquiries @ apostrophepublishing.com
 Apoxina RecordsOuterspaced Psytrance Label
 April RecordsRecord Label
 Apwood Recordings
 Aqua Musicofficial homepage for the independent record label
 Aqua-Rium Dance CollectiveAqua-Rium Dance Collective
 AquatecRecord Label
 ARC Music World aamp;amOver 360 albums from Africa to Ireland to Tahiti and beyond each with Real Audio
 Arctic RecordsAddress: 10 BUCHANAN ST. WEST END QLD 4101 AUSTRALIA Telephone: 61+ 7 3844 6790 Facsimile: 61 + 7 3844 7869 E-mail: info@arcticrecords.com.au
 Arctic RecordsArctic stands for credibility and quality in the market place. Arctic Records is distributed nationally throughout Australia and New Zealand under contract with BMG Music
 Arkamoria Records New netlabel interested in all kind of melodic electronic music. arkamoria (at) gmail.com
 Arktic Records
 Artifact CommunicationsRecord Label
 Artificial Intelligence CommunicationsAn independant record label based out of central Virginia
 Arts IndustriaRecord Label
 AscendAscend is a label based in Montreal. Dj Nivoc is the main producer. ASCEND TECHNO MUSIC GOA TRANCE
 Asimetrixsite where you'll find artists, electronic music(trance,techno,psycho,house etc)
 AsphodelRecord Label
 AssemblageRecord Label
 Astralwerks104 W. 29th St., 4th Floor, New York
 AstrofarmRecord Label
 Aswan TransmissionsPhone: +61-3-9510 7934 Fax: +61-3-9510 4374
 AtatakRecord Label
Atlas Records a C/ SAN BERNARDO, 66 3ºD PHONE+ 34 91 360 43 70 FAX: + 34 91 522 09 95 WEBSITE
 Atmosferix Productions UK Based label specialising in NU Skool Breaks, US House & Drum and Bass
 AtmospherexAtmospherex is a new media record label located in Brooklyn, New York that produces DVDs with VJ (video jockey) visuals set to continuous mixes of progressive trance music. Exotic Robotics: Pleasure141x is the first of many titles to follow within the
 Atom SoundsAn indie record label promoting some of the best talent from around the world in all genres including: KMP, OAS, Carlos Wilde, Remergence and more.
 Atomic CityRecord Label
 Atomic SilenceRecord Label
 Audio Injection New techno label based out of Los Angeles and Sweden info @ audioinjection.com
 Audio Visual RecordsIndependent record label set up in the mid 1980s to release new music by unsigned bands worldwide. We welcome both demo CDs and visitors to our website.
 Audiobulb Records Exploratory electronic music PO Box 3496, Sheffield, S10 3ZR, UK
 AudiokrautElecktro from Germany
 Aum Records
 Aum Recordsmulti media techno
 Aural Ecstasy Recordsprofile label ...
 Aural IndustriesAural Industries is an electronic sound collective and research facility, based in Sydney Australia.
 Aural IndustriesRecord Label
 Aural Planet
 AuraQuakepsytance label for Penta fans
 AusfahrtRecord Label
 Authorized RecordingsAuthorized Recordings is an independent Toronto based record label featuring New Electronica. Pop. Rap. House. Club. Dance. Industrial. Lounge and Two Step.
 AutomaticTechno/electro record labels and bookings
 AutomaticBRIGHTON TECHNO - home of IBRAHIM ALFA and friends
 Awkward Influence RecordsPsytrance and Electro Label (looking for live acts, and electro dj's)
 Awkward Influence Recordslabel/shop looking for artists for compilations
 Axiom / Subharmonic / Strata / Black ArcRecord Label
 Aztech RecordsMohawk, Aztec and MOM Records, Unit 3, Westmoreland House Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6RE Tel: ++44 (0)208 960 4777 Fax: ++44 (0)208 960 7266 E-Mail: chrisc.mom@vi
 Azuli Records25 D'Arblay St, London. W1V 3FH. Tel. 020 7287 1932 Fax. 020 7439 2490
 B-Shocked ProductionsRECORD LABEL, hiphop/reggae/R&B/Dance
 B-SHOCKED PRODUCTIONSOttawa Close to Tornoto 5hrs away drive profile label ...
 BaalsaalReeperbahn 25, 20359 Hamburg Phone: ++49 40 9479 3295 Fax: ++49 40 3176 5785
 Back 2 BasicsRecord Label
 Badbubba recordsTeambuilding Services also hire and sales of Djembe Drums, Drumming Facilitators, Drumming Programs, Conference options and services, Award winning group
 Bamboo MusicBamboo Music from the lowlands of the Netherlands All instruments & sampels produced & recorded by J.Derwort
 Bang-On RecordsGold Coast Label Bang-On Records
 BAnt Records HomepageFeatures hardcore Impulse Tracker music.
 BarracudaRecord Label
 Barraka el FarnatshiRecord Label
 Base 9
 Basic Channelunofficial site
 Bassdrive24/7 drum and bass radio station featuring live shows with guest DJs, as well as broadcasts from venues all over the world representing the best of drum and bass & jungle music. BassDrive is also a new record label promoting US drum and bass.
 BassivitySerbian Hip Hop label
 Bassmint Music Inc. Online record label that signs indie artists from around the world
 Bastard Squad RecordsSydney Canberra profile Artist label ...
 Batona Music Electronic music from New Jersey.
 Bear Swamp Records and Management Kenny Belanger 607.648.2882 Frank Ward 480.814.1490
 Beat Banggahz EntertainmentBEAT BANGGAHZ Entertainment is an Urban Independant Record label & Production/Management Company that Produces/Composes/Arranges Music and develops young talent
 Beat To DeathRecord Label
 Beat-RouteRecord label and online store
 BeatBoy Records Hip-Hop & Breaks Production Company and Record Label
 Beatroot RecordingsA collective of weirdo electronic music.
 Beats and Friends - GermanyGerman THE independent record labels Beats And Friends Musikproduktions GmbH -
 Beatservice RecordsRecord Label
 Beautycase-Recordslabel für elektronischen wohlklang
Bedrock RecordsUnits 13-14, Barley Shotts Business Park, 246 Acklam Road, London, W10 5YG
 Behavior Music Inc.An Electronic & Urban Music record label, publisher and studio.
 Belchatnik recordsa site devoted to siberian techno community, events and also record label.
Beluga Recordings label dedicated to sound & vision based Utrecht Holland. beluga recordings post box 10045 3505 AA Utrecht Netherlands WEBSITE
 Beyond Records Record Label
 Big Dog RecordsRecord Label
 Big Dreamers, Inc.Big Dreamers, Inc. an independent hip hop label based in Miami, Fl
 Biokiplabel & magazine Urban art & musci research >label >magazine
 Bionic Orange
 Bizz RecordsRecord Label
 Blaam Productions/RecordsMusic and Audio for Film and Television. Composition and Design. Studio Facility.
 Black HoleBlack Hole Official Web Site - Promoting and Supporting Electronic Music Producers
 Black HoodzRecord Label
 Black Nation
 Black Nite RecordsRecord Label
 BlackBeat Recordsprofile label ...
 Blah Blah Blah RecordsLevel 1 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia Ph: 61 3 9534 3955 Fax: 61 3 9670 9920
 Blatant Propaganda ProductionseZine of propaganda & activism plus record label of progressive electronica industrial dance and propaganda
 blend corp. www.myspace.com/blendcorp info@blend-corp.com www.youtube.com/blendcorp
 Bloody FistRecord Label
 Blow Media Electronic Music Info @ blowmedia.com
 Blow The Sound Music
 Blu NoiseRecord Label
 Blue Moon
 Blue Room Released
 Blue Rose RecordsRecord Label
 Blue Sector RecordsBlue Sectors Home Page Blue Sector Index Blue Sector R e c o r d s   Releases Info Contakt Linx     Vote for Blue Sector - ...
 Blurred Dot MusicRecord Label
 BMG Ariola GermanyRecord Label
 BMG EntertainmentBMG Entertainment is the global music division of Bertelsmann AG, one of the world's leading media companies. Headquartered in New York City's Times Square,
 Bodybag Productions P.O. Box 800216 Valencia, CA 91355 USA
 BoldheadRecord Label
 BolshiRecord Label
 Bong Load RecordsRecord Label
 BOOM! RecordsRecord Label & store
 BoomBox RecordsNew look BoomBox site has now been completed! Please take a look
 Boonsdale RecordsIndie record label based in Toronto with a current roster of metal, rock and punk.
Born To Dance Records Funky House Label looking for New Talent, Licensing & Distribution on Worldwide. MOB :+44 (0) 7787 507 372 MOB :+44 (0) 7787 155 014 TEL : +44(0) 1273 301555 FAX: +44(0) 1273 305266 WEBSITE
 Bosca BeatsRecord Label
 BoscalandRecord Label
 Bpitch Controltel: + fax: +
 Breakbeat Science
 Breaks CollectiveNew Generation Breaks:::Funky. Vocal. Florida. Fresh!
 Breve ElectronicaSite for Newcastle Artists
 Broke the Mouldbrokethemould.info is an extension of the Broke the Mould album. It is an in depth journey through the Album, the Artists and the Partners – those who helped u
 Broken RecordsMusic and Peformance Artist Promotions
 Broken RecordsRecord Label
 Broken Tongue EntertainmentCalgary's own Independent Record Label - Rock/Hip-Hop
 Brown Paper Bag Productions A label that makes it work!
 BTM Bochumer Ton ManufakturRecord Label
 Bucolic Eclectic Electronicfrench electro breaks label created during an electro freeparty in lyon, people gather on warp and rephlex stuff and build old school party with differents styles, video, design, art afcts
 Bug RecordsRecord Label
 Bug Recordsprofile label ...
bugrecordsBUG RECORDS PO Box 657 Darlinghurst 1300 NSW Australia studio phone: 02 9564 6271 studio fax: 02 9564 5053 WEBSITE
 BuguBuguBar Recordssoul house music
 Built Recordingsrecord label
 Bull RecordsRecord Label
 BungalowRecord Label
 BunkerRecord Label
 Busytown Records
 Butterfly MusicBirminghams based label representing an eclectic mix of club/dance music
 BWPTBWPT sound system
 By Any Means MusicIndependent Artist Owned Rap Label
 Bzrk RecordsHollands NR1 hardcorelabel with artists such as Buzz Fuzz
 cafe.satzelectronic groove culture - german musicagency & dj/producer-team
 Caffix Mexico psytrance collective in Mexico
 Caffix MexicoPsychedelic Trance online culture website, promoter and record label
 Cajual RecordsRecord Label
 Candyflip RecordsNew label releasing quality psy techno-trance
 Candyspiteful ProductionsCandyspiteful productions 4202 Co RT 4 Oswego NY 13126 315-342-3129 Candyspiteful productions 2051 East cedar st #8 Tempe AZ 85281 480-968-7017
 cannonball recordsBig blues blasts. Explosions of funky jazz. Sonic shots of Hammond B-3 organ. We at Cannonball headquarters, promise you quality music thats interesting, provo
 Carnage RecordsHard Mayhem Techno Working Vinyl Sub-Label 100% Underground Techno
 Carwer Recordingstechno house record label
 CaSaNoVa ReCoRdSWashington DC profile label CaSaNoVa ...
 Castle von Buhler RecordsRecord Label
 Cave StudioElectronic Music
cdp - Carpe Diem Project pop rock electronica dance steffen herzog 6, rue du sanglier 67000 Strasbourg - France tel 0033-388-222712 WEBSITE
 Ceiba RecordsRecord Label
 Celestial Records (UK)Record Label
 Celestial Records (US)Record Label
 Center recordTech-house label "One that move radiate"
 Central Station Records
 Centre Of Desire Entertainment (America)an indepedent recording, promotion, marketing and distribution company for gothic, industrial, black/death metal, goa, electro, trance music
 Centre Of Desire Entertainment (Europe)an indepedent recording, promotion, marketing and distribution company for gothic, industrial, black/death metal, goa, electro, trance music
 Centre Of Desire Entertainment (Japan)an indepedent recording, promotion, marketing and distribution company for gothic, industrial, black/death metal, goa, electro, trance music
 Chain Reaction
 Chained Duck Records Independant Label in St. Louis, Missouri
 Chamaamdas chamaeleon hat viele gesichter so auch wir! Chamäleon Team - Euer Partyveranstalter Willkommen beim Chamaeleon Team !!! ...
 Chaos Eternal EntertainmentWeb Site of Chaos Eternal Entertainment
 Chatun RecordsRecord Label
 Check Plus ProductionzOrlando, FL-based underground record label.
 Cheeky Frequency RecordingsRecord Label, Hire of services to do with electronic/dance music
 ChemistryRecord Label
 Chicaria RecordsChicaria Records is one of Germans leading Electro und House-Labels. Artists are Marcello Marchitto, Groovedust, Manuel Lopez, Mashtronic, Mr.Da-Nos, Superfunk
 Chicaria RecordsGerman House Label with Artist like Groovedust, Marcello Marchitto, Manuel Lopez
 Chocolate Fireguardindependent record label
 Choo Choo RecordsPO Box 1208, Sheffield S35 2JY, UK PH: +44 (0)114 278 6264 FX: +44 (0)114 275 0450
 ChromeRecord Label
 Chronic Illness RecordsHome of The SucklinG infants, Industry KraPp & sucklinG Twins
 Chug n BumpRecord Label
 CitadelRecord Label
 Citadel Records
 City Boy RecordsTechno Originator &Godfather of Techno Soul DJ Eddie Fowlkes
 City SlangRecord Label
 CL Recordings
 Clan AnalogueCollective & Label
 Class A UKWebsite for one of the UK's leading DJ Agencies, Record Labels and Events companies.
 ClearRecord Label
 Clear Blue RecordsNew label out of California specializing in hip-hop with a country tinge plus other cool stuff
 CleopatraRecord Label
 cliqrecordingsSydney Record Label
 Club BizarreNew Zealand's premier Dark-end/Avant Garde music recording/events label and resource site
 Club KookyIf F*R*E*A*K*Y dancing and being friendly and loozing your inhibitions is your cup of tea, come along and get a serve of BUTT bouncing fun. DJs Gemma & Seymour
 ClubCraftRecord Label
 ClusterRecord Label
 CMS MusicRecord Label
 CocoxquaampCocoxquï Records, A small net-label from Finland specialized in techno, detroit and monotrax. MP3 Downloads.
codeXpress The advantage of music distribution! Nicole Wohlsecker Rainer Diehm WEBSITE
 Coffee Milk Records
 Collekt RecordsIndie Record Label
 CollideRecord Label
 Cologne Dance LabelRecord Label
 Colossal RecordsDistributer and Record Label
 Colourfinder RecordsHot NYC indie label - and music info worldwide New York Citys premeire independent glam record label
 Comatonse RecordingsRecord Label
 Coming In Second RecordsRecord Label
 compu_sol recordingsHi tech funk headquarters
 Confidential RecordsUK Independent label specialising in new bands / acts.
Confused RecordingsSchumannstr. 11, D-28213 Bremen, Germany Phone/Fax: +49-421-21-59-23 Mobil: 0.172- Worldwide distribution via Intergroove Germany
 ControlRecord Label
 cool chill tec recordsundergound forward thinking music with passion
 Coolmelon RecordsIndependent punk/ska/reggae label based in Calgary, Alberta.
 COP InternationalRecord Label
 Cosmic Soundsbridging the gaps between east and west, past and future
 Cosmophilia Distribution for Psychedelic Techno and Trance Vinyl, CD Woferlstr. 20 - D-81737 Munich - Germany Tel.: 0049-89-680889*10 / *27 / *18 Fax.: 0049-89-680889*24 / *11 email: info@cosmophilia.com
 CozmicstuffPsyber Galactic Portal for the Immortal Psy Label - Welsh Parties - Entheogens -
Crafty Records Crafty Records is an independent, artist friendly record label based out of nyc. Crafty Records 75 Earley Street Bronx NY 10464 WEBSITE
 CrammedRecord Label
 Crash Frequency a collective of Industrial/Gothic bands from Australia
 Crash RecordsRecord Label
 Crazy H
 Creamcrop Records
 Creation RecordsRecord Label
 Creative Differences, Music aam Independent purveyor of quality rock ian Kitney
 Creative VibesRecord Label
 Creon RecordsSwedish Trance Label
 Crippled Dick Hot WaxRecord Label
 Cross Channel Productions Professional entertainers. ccp, ofienvios, , avda de españa 70 apt 345, Estepona, malaga Spain
 Cryme Records Hiplife, Highlife, HipHop, R&B, Ghana music 788-790 Finchley Road London NW11 7TJ
 Cryogen RecordsTechno Label Grenoble, France
 CryptRecord Label
 CrystalRecord Label
 Crystal Matrix Psy Trance label / Party Org. info@crsytal-matrix.org fax : +351 265237466 WEBSITE
 csjaudio/word netlabel
 Cup Of TeaRecord Label
 Cup Of Tea Records Discography of the Bristol based record label
 cutterz choicethe headbangers - dedicated to d&b producer rhythm b and the cutterz choice label
 CY Entertainmentsmusic, reggae, ska, laurel a pr===itken mr bertus mr diamond claudia yap club
 D aamp;Record Label
 D1Record Label
 Dallas Disks record label 07958 134 934
 Dance FactoryRecord Label
 Dancing Ferret DiscsAmerican gothic/industrial/synthpop/EBM record label
 Daniel PooleRecord Label
 dank diskdowntempo electronic ambient dub label
 Danza Y MovimientoRecord Label
 Dartainian MusicRecord Shop, Internet Radio, and More!!
 dassrecordsblending drum and bass rhythms with vocalists from around the world. we are producers of styles of the future
 DC RecordingsRecord Label
 DCERecord Label
 DDAM1T RecordsManagement - Publicity - Marketing - Branding
 De LuxeRecord Label
de:code records swedish trancelabel contact@decoderecords.com send demos to: drottninggatan 61 461 33 trollhättan sweden WEBSITE
 Dead By Mono RecordsUnit 27A, Nottingham Business Centre, Nottingham, NG7 2BYPhone: +44 (0) 1158477054 Fax: +44 (0) 1158477054
 deadboyfriend recordsUK based dance label Deadboyfriend Records artists range from house to breaks and beats. We offer our artists tracks to download in mp3 for free or to buy online on 12" vinyl.
 DeadRecordsIndependent label featuring the experimental artists J.U.N.K., Techix, The Autopsy Report, and Glen MacInnis.
 DealmakerIndependent Record Label
 Decomplex Audiomusicproduction - booking - label
 DeconstructionRecord Label
 Deeboz MuzikProduction Company Specializing In Artist Management, Booking Agency For Johnny Osbourne, Internet Marketing & Publicity
 Deep Techno - Hypnotic TechnoBelgian Underground label focussing on deep and hypnotic techno music
 Deepen Discs
 Deepfunk Recordsurban groove, downbeats and funky, deep house
 DefcomRecord Label
 Defected RecordsPO Box 2862, London, United Kingdom, W1F8DU PH: +44 (0) 207-439-9995
 Defective RecordsRecord Label
 Definition RecordsTechno label
 Deja Vu Records
 Deja Vu RecordsDéjà-Vu Records Postfach 117, 4204 Himmelried, Switzerland Phone : ++41 (0) 61 743 90 30 Fax : ++41 (0) 61 743 05 36
 Delancey StreetRecord Label
 Demon Tea
 Demonseed a
 Dereko EntertainmentDereko Entertainment - A feature film & television music publishing/record label
 Desoto RecordsRecord Label
 DetroitSounds recordsDetroits multi cultural records Muzic One Live sound and remote recording
 DeviantRecord Label
 Dialect Records
 Dialectrique promotionRecord Label
 Dig Your Rootsindependent canadian electronic musicians
 Digital AccessRecord Label
 Digital PsionicsFresh new trance record label from Byron Bay, Australia
 Digital Quest MusicDigital Quest Music stands for touching Trance melodies, emotion and tight beats, great for listening even better for dancing. Demo’s accepted
 Digital X Records Trance, house, hip-hop, RnB, DJ Hipnotic Currently in Miami Beach Also representatives in NYC, NJ, & Philly. DGX@DigitalXRecords.com
 DigitaLies RecordsPsytrance Record Label Based in Greece.
 Dinky DowRecord label, bookings agency, events organiser and studio
 Diode Records USATrance and Breakbeats record label based in Beach Park, Illinois
 Direct HitRecord Label
 Dirty House RecordsRecord Label
 dirty penny records Put your Music where your mouth is.
 DischordRecord Label
Disco Cats Records Melbourne based record label focusing is on Australia's growing dance scene discocats (at) live.com paulbell (at) live.com
 Disco Fuckerz RecordingsLabels site: Dj Corleone, Red Richards, John Blackmore. Hours of online mixes and tracks !!! News ,parties, events releases and more...
 Disco StokholmRecord Label
 DiscotechRecord Label
 Disko BRecord Label
 DiskonoRecord Label
 Distance52, rue Paul Lescop F-92000, Nanterre, France
 DisturbanceRecord Label
 Division By ZeroRecord Label
 Dj Dexon - AmsterdamInfo and bio about Dj Dexon from Amsterdam
 DJ Fokus Productions Independent Production Label. info (at) magicianrecords.com.au
 DJ Rach Home PageMixing Music Links Clubbing DJ RACH WEB SITE The Long Awaited Site DJ RACH WEB PAGE     About Me Mixing Page Clubbing in the UK Music Styles ...
Djax-Up-Beats / DJAX PO BOX 2408, 5600 CK Eindhoven, The Netherlands
 DnB Wyz RecordingsDetroit's own home grown Junglist's.
 Dog RecordingsClassic Vintage 1960s Country Music
 DogmaTone RecordsDogmaTone Records is a record label formed to promote rock bands and musicians, basically Rock Music in India.
 Dominant Records Chicago independant label with artist EmSolid, DyVersaStyle, Garcio, and Swee P.
 DoraboRecord Label
 DoradoRecord Label
 Dose Recordings
 DossierRecord Label
 Douf Douf RecordsMelbourne profile label ...
 downfall records pobox 12009-402 41 gbg-sweden
 Downtech Music LabelDowntech Music is a label created in 2010 with releases of; Tech House, Techno, Deep House, Electro and Minimal...
 Doxa Records
 Dragon Claw RecordsStrictly the best in hip-hop and R&B
 DragonflyRecord Label
 Dramacore- netlabel - free mp3 downloads - lofi - 8 bit - mashup - digital hardcore - noise - breakcore - digital punk
 DreamKing ProductionsRecord label, band promotion, Tour organisers, booking agent
 Drive Online Music Record StoreRare music cd great prices,swing,big band dance,jazz,blues,country,R&B,folk (Drive Archive).Brian Setzer,Royal Crown Revue,Louis Prima.Dance Junior Vasquez. Legendary performers rare recordings digitally re-mastered CDs
 droidbehaviorLA underground techno collective - label: Droid recordings
 Drome TapesRecord Label
 Drop Bass Network Record Label
 DroughtRecord Label
 Drycastle Recordsa new indie label is born . jazz, blues, positive rock oriented
 Drycastle Records a new label jazz,blues,positive rock oriented
 DSBPrecord label and distributor
 dual plover outsider, noise, experimental, blah. swerve
 Dubcoast MusicOfficial Website of Dubcoast Music
 Duman6 Gangstar
 Dumb Unit
 dump Huck industriesAustralia profile label ...
 Dune RecordsElectronic Music Label. Experimental attitude and constant attention to the beat. Styles: breakbeat, big beat, electro, trip hop, hip hop, nu house, dnb.
 DV8band/label of delicious electronica grooves & hosts of the annual festival of blown minds
 E-Pro Records
 E-Watt Records French label Psytrance & Ambient - Trip Hop Gilles
 Earbubbles ProductionsRe-Inventing Hip Hop Music
 earjoy music DUBCON / KELAZH / NION - profile
 Earphone MusicElectronic, Eclectic, Experimental Music
 Earth Island RecordingsMusic Label
 Earth Project Nu Jazz, Broken Beats, House, Future Soul 201 E 79th Street / Suite 7C NY NY 10021
 East/WestRecord Label
 Echota RecordsIndependent Record Label and Recording Studio Specializing in Traditional Country, Gospel and Bluegrass Music
 Ed Palmerold time traditional music ed palmer 231 448 2304
 Edgecore ReleasesElectronic Music & Culture / Byron Bay
 Edm4musicArtist, Band and Songwriter promotion
 EevoLute Record Label
 EFA MedienDistributer
 Eggzup Audioelectronic music
 Eggzup Audio electronic music
 EHXRecord Label
 Eject Records Ultra sophisticated synthpop and indie rock label. 15 E. Kirby #807 Detroit, MI 48202 (734)474-0338 <
 EktoplazmEktoplazm is a collective based in Toronto, Canada dealing with many aspects of the underground scene here...
 El Mestizo Records Ltd. El Mestizo Records is a truly unique digital indie label founded in 2011. http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/1943
 ElbtonalRecord Label
 elecktronik bass recordingS
 electr-ohmElectronic music label and distro from Japan
 electr-ohmlabel and distribution
Electric Honey Records Student based record label. Electric Honey Records (Room 101) Stow College 43 Shamrock Street Glasgow G4 9LD WEBSITE
Electric MonkeysVINYL, CDS, DJ ACCESSORIES, CLOTHING 284 Bondi Rd - Bondi Beach
 Electric Sauna RecordsElectric Sauna Records is a new uprising electric dance music label.
 Electro CultureUrban art & musci concept
 ElectrodelicRecord Label
 Electrodelic Records
 ElectronWebsite for the Australian record label Electron
 Electron IndustriesRecord Label
 Electronic Dope RecordsPsytrance, Freestyle(Psy) & Fullon Record Label
 Electronic Music FoundationRecord Label
 Electronic Revival AssociationRecord Label
 electronic revival association (era)Divine styles from the Trailer park. Listen,look,love. The Ghetto one!
 electronic revival association (era)The only Ghetto House imprint with mp3s, real audio. Sample page soon to come E R A Records music artists about us booking links e-mail home " ghetto house" is the first CD release from ERA Records . ...
Electronica Records Electronic music records label We are based out of Cadiz, Spain please contact us at info@electronica-records.com if you would like to preview or distribute our music. WEBSITE
 Elefant TraksRecord Label
 Elektra RecordsRecord Label
 Elektrax Music
 Elektrik Orgasm Records
 Elektrik Orgasm Records news info and sounds from nervasystem +aether
 Elektro-Statik Productions OnlineESP is the Premier in web and street promotion, and more! Visit Our Website for more Info!
 Elementree RecordsKoRn's personal website featuring DEADSY. Submit your demo now!
 Elevate Recordings Dance/Electronica Record Label Andres Minich, management. Myspace
 ELF music Tokyo
 Eliptica Records label, production, booking international dj's, events, online mix tournée international glitter n gloss
 Ellesdesia Records
 ELPThe finest in Electronica
 EMI ElectrolaRecord Label
 EmissionRecord Label
 EmissionsRecord Label
 Emoove music LtdBrighton Music agency
 Emotif aampRecord Label
 EMP (Entity Muzik Productions)Hot New Multimedia Recorduing Label
 Emperor Norton Records102 Robinson Street, Los Angeles CA 90026 tel: (213) 427-1580, fax: (213) 427-1588
 EmptyRecord Label
 eMpTy Records Home PageOfficial Site of eMpTy Records
 Endearing RecordsRecord Label
 Energise RecordsRecord Label
 Energy Industries
 Energy IndustriesRecord Label
 Enigma RecordsEnigma Records is an independent record label based in Sydney, Australia, which is devoted to promoting Australian hard house/trance/techno/hard trance/progress PO Box 793, Epping, NSW
 Enlightenment RecordsRecord Label
 Entity Muzik ProductionsGainesville profile label Entity Muzik ...
 Entity Muzik Productions / New South EntertainmentRecording Artist Whose Muzik Has Vision
 Entity Muzik Productions The New South Vibe EntertainmentIndie Production In Da South!
 Epileptik Productions web siteHardcore sounds and mixs
 EQrecord label and distributor
 Equinoxe Records Record Company
 ERA RecordsRecord Label
 Essential NoiseRecord Label
 esstradapromote music
 Etch_Music Experimental Pop Dr Orpheus Morph etch.music.carves (at) gmail.com
 Eterniti RecordsSan Diego based record label featuring punk, rock and metal bands
 EukatechRecord Label
 Eukatech RecordsRecord Label & store - 49 Endell Street, London, wc2 9aj, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7240 8060, +Fax: +44 (0) 20 379 4939
 Euro RalphRecord Label
 Eve RecordsRecord Label
 Evolution MusicEvolution is a promotion and booking agency for DJs, female DJs and sexy Dancers & Gogos. We work with DJs like 4 Strings, Ron van den Beuken, Clokx, Kara Sun, Ale Reeves, Marcello Marchitto.
 Evolution RecordsEvolution records was set up in January 1994 by hardcore producer, Scott Brown, who was sick of being ripped off after releasing records on various 'dodgy' labels. The label was an instant success with record licenses and bookings coming in from all ov
 Exogenic RecordsP.O. BOX 257 00151 HELSINKI FINLAND Phone: +358 9 8240 0451 Fax: +358 9 8240 0452
 ExperimentalRecord Label
 Extreme SoundsDrum and Bass / Breakbeat / Funky House
 exun recordsunderground house label
 Eye-Q Record Label
 eyephunklabel group and distribution
 F Communications (formerly FNAC)Record Label
 F-Communicationsfrench label electronic with no limit
 FA Music chillout, lounge, free style, retro, ethnic and other electro genres. info@famusic.co.il WEBSITE
 FAB RecordsRecord Label
 fabularecordsbrand new record label pushing groovy funkedelic twisted trance music
 Factoria RecordsRecord Label
 Factory RecordsRecord Label
 Fade Out RecordsFade Out Records - Label, Croatia
 Fallen Angelz EntDetroit underground hip-hop label
 Falsified RecordsDoc Benways independent Drum n Bass label
 Falsified Recordsprofile label Falsified Records ...
Fat Gypsy Records Coming soon...Gip·sy (jĭp'sē); One inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way Fat Gypsy Records PO BOX 357 Prahran VIC 3181
 Fat Leads RecordsFat Leads Records is a boutique dance music label based in Australia, specialising in great Progressive House tunes, Club Stompers and Lounge Techno.
 FatCat RecordsPurveyors of Quality Noise
fatpigfarm records making music that will make you very wet down below email: info @ fatpigfarm.com WEBSITE
 Fatsouls ProductionHouse Music Label &Event Site
 Fax + 49-69/450464 (Australian Distribution)Sydney profile label Artists Fax 49 69 450464 Fax 49 ...
 FAX +49-69/450464Record Label
 FeroxRecord Label
 Festival Records
 Fever-RecordsRecord Label
 FeverpitchRecord Label
 Fi Sci RecordsRecord Label
 Fiction Graphics Clothing#111 257 Niagara Street, Toronto Ontario Canada, M6J-2L7, Phone: 416.504.6554, Fax: 416.504.8845. Online product catalogue; Providing style names, sizes, fabrics and release dates. Fiction will also be proud to bring you its own record label
 Fidelity RecordsIndependent record label for indie, rock, postpunk, emo, and melodic hardcore bands and is the home of The Escape Engine, Race The Sun, and We're All Broken
 Fierce Technik Recordshome of RR Fierce and Fierce Technik Record Label.
 Fifth ColvmnRecord Label
 FilterRecord Label
 Fine Audio RecordingsRecord Label
 Firewall RecordsRecord Label
 First Nations MusicRecord Label
 Five20East Records UKGlasgow based urban music label producing house, garage and funky music. Home to The Hong Kong Micros with remixes from Craig Smith and Double Dragon.
 Flavor RecordsFlavor Records is an independent internet label and record label based in Hollywood California
 Flavour Recordings
 FlexRecord Label
 FLF Entertainment
 Flow Records
 FluidRecord Label
Fluid Recordings404 Ducie House, Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JW, United Kingdom
 Flux RecordsRecord Label
 Flygaric TracksHouse Music from the Highlands
 Flying Nun Records
 Flying RecordsRecord Label
 Flying RhinoRecord Label
 Flying Rhino RecordsFlying Rhino Records Flying Rhino was conceived in August of 1994 with ...
 Flynote Recordings DetroitA profile of Detroit djs and producers. Info on upcoming releases
 footnote recordsunderground, anti-corporate, pro peace, skint as record label
 Force IncRecord Label
Force Inc. Music Works N. America4060 St. Laurent, suite 602B, Montreal, Quebec, H2W 1Y9 CANADA fax: 514-843-5475
 Force RecordingsLabel of Stateside Collective
 FormationRecord Label
 Formation Records
Fosbury Records The jumping indie label? info@fosburyrecords.org WEBSITE
Four01 Recordings sublabel of Stickman Records (Canada) info@four01recordings.com WEBSITE
 fraktion42chemnitz-drumandbass - drumandbass since 1997!
 Freak RecordsRecord Label
 Freeform 040/256874
 Freetransform RecordsPsychedelic label based in Norway
 Freibank/Play it again SamRecord Label
 FreshRecord Label
 Fresh Bear Recordsfeaturing acts Psyburbia and Angelpuss online sales and artist information
 Fresh Fish Records Independent Label PO Box 148 Red Hill QLD 4059 07 3300 2130
 FrogmanRecord Label
 frogpadelectronic pop from France
 Frost ProductionsNetlabel producing Noise/Drone/Ritual/Industrial/Psychedelic/Experimental Ambient Music from all around the world
 Fucked Up And Wasted Recordspunk independent label/distro
 Fuckeroo Recordsunderground, experimental, indie label
 fukt label // soundfuktory online music shopfukt label web site and online electronic music shop
 fulan moroccan inspired electronic label daren@fulan.net younes@fulan.net
 Functional Breaks
 fundamental breakZ collective
 Funkdawg Recordslabel site (flash + fast connection required)
 Funky Fresh Records Hip Hop/R&B Record Label Out of Dallas, TX Cris - 972 964 9526 info@dallashiphop.com
 Funkydown Recordings Independent Record Label / Prodn Co. Artists include Dr.Rubberfunk & Mr.Guder
 FurnaceRecord Label
 FUSIONpresentsFUSIONpresents is a Montreal-based artist label specialized in the development, management, and showcasing of artistic talent.
 Future Shock Records 206Seattle USA overseas profile label ...
 Future SkullyTo the Future and Beyond Omega
 Future Underground NationF.U.N. run two record labels releasing underground dance music and promote clubnights in the area's premier underground music venue The Cavern Club. F.U.N. undertake production work for one off events and festivals including running The Glade dance stage a
 Future VisionsDrum and Bass compilation series featuring future breakbeat pioneers
 g.r.o.o.v.e.r.i.d.elinks me music Grooveriders P.A.G.E *-Grooveriders Homepage-* A.K.A Johannes Netelenbos or just casual Joop since 1-6-1999 pops pops pops popo ...
 Gaia TontraegerRecord Label
 Gaia13Electronic artist and label in Saint Louis
 Galactic Dust
 Galactic Entertainment / DJ NebulaGalactic Entertainment and the home of DJ Nebula. Providing all of your sound, lighting and DJ entertainment needs for any commercial or residencial event.
 Galactica RecordsPsy Trance / Tech / Exotic Downtempo Music
 Galivant MediaRecord Label
 Gallery 4731 / 4731 Records
 GAMBRecord Label
 GargoyleRecord Label
 Garudha Recordsartist release & indipendent record label
 Gdansk RecordingsGdansk Recordings, Stow College, Room 101, 43 Shamrock St, Glasgow G4 9LD
Gen-Sub Records An artist run label for artists by artists. P.O. box 68588 360A Bloor St West Toronto, ON Canada M5S 1X0 WEBSITE
 Generator RecordsRecord Label
 Gentle Giant RecordsRecord Label
Geometrix RecordsPsychedelic electronica 203 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 3065 Phone: (03) 9419 4370 Website
 Get Groovy
 Get Real Records LLCWorld Wide Distribution
 Ghodzilla RecordsOfficial Website - Find out about Ghodzilla's latest news, music and tours etc.
 Gigant RecordsGigant Records / Polish Independent Hip Hop Label
 GigoloRecord Label
 Giiwa ProductionsTwisted psy-chaos from australia
 GlasnostRecord Label
 Glass RepublicInto - but not limited to - drone, psych, noise, experimental, plunderphonics & mi/macrowave & anything we find particularly quiet, noisy or interesting.
 GlitterhouseRecord Label
 Global Communication / ReloadRecord Label
 Global Cuts
 Global EyesDigital Art & Electronic Music
 Global Recordings
 Global Zero RecordsDIY Records, Sacramento Website/Band Links
 Global Zero Records anti-corp-anti-gov-diy-indie-rock-punk-metal-electronic record label rob zero
 Go Discs U.K.Record Label
 Goathead RecordsTechno label started up by Swedish dj/producer Slobodan aka Staffan Ehrlin
 God Says No!Record Label
 Gold Leaf ProductionsRecord Label
 Golden Bay RecordsA New Zealand electronic music label specialising in futuristic downbeat tunes.
 Good Looking Organisation
 Good Looking Records84 Queens Road, Watford, Herts WD17 2LA, UK PH: +44 (0) 1923 690 700
 Gordon TennantUK DJ & Producer site
 GOTRecord Label
 Gotham GroovesNY Techno label
 Gotham GroovesNYC based techno label and Newsletter
 Gourd MusicRecord Label
 Grand RoyalRecord Label
 Green Ant
 GreenhouseRecord Label
 Greenwise RecordsTurntablism, Experimental hiphop/Alternative label in Los Angeles
 Gremlin UK / Unity Studiosartists management and recording studios
 GringoRecord Label
 Groove Music Canada
 Groove Pleasure DJ bookings, event co-ordination & record label, house, techouse
 Groove Tickle RecordsG.T.R. Is a World Wide Distributor of Australian Underground DJ's and Electronic Artists specializing in - Dubstep - Electro - Breaks - Dance
 Groovepressure DJ bookings, event co-ordination & record label, techno
 Groovescooterprofile label Groovescooter Sydney based groovy electro sounds Other ...
 GruvkingRecord Label
 Guidence RecordsRecord Label
 GULP CommunicationsRecord Label
 GUP - Ground Under ProductionsPO Box 246 Northcote VIC 3070 Australia phone : +61 3 9443 7265 fax : +61 3 9443 7265
 guruharanprofile label ...
 GymnasticRecord Label
 H aamp;Record Label
 H2OH RecordingsRecord Label
 Halo - The LabelSydney profile Label Label Halo The Label ...
 Handcuts RecordsNew Releases and Established Artists
 Hangars LiquidesHangars Liquides produces avant garde hardcores
 Hard HandsRecord Label
 HardBeats International/e-tek recordingshardtrance live act and record label
HardBeats International/e-tek recordings Hard Trance and Hardstyle vinyl releases Dj Random/Simon Brennen +61409 464 915 Christronic/Chris Brennan +61413 369 829 WEBSITE
 Hardpresse RecordingsLabel of Xeno Volcano and Elektra Sturmschnell - dark swiss performance poet
 HardsignalCanadian-based hard techno site.
 Hardtrance AustraliaAussie Techno & Hardtrance MP3
 Hard_RecordsRecord Label
 Harthouse Record Label
 Harthouse Record Label
 Hashish StudiosRecord Label
 Headspace Records
 Headstick Recordings
 Heart Of Steel Records is a new independent record-label division of DEFOX Records
 HeartbeatRecord Label
 HeavenlyRecord Label
 Heavy Sick
 Heavyfingers RecordsUNDERGROUND HIP-HOP
 Hermes Entertainment Group
 HiP hOp 4 HiP hOp HeAdZall of your hip hop needs under one roof HiP hOp 4 HiP hOp HeAdz gives you links to those specific artists you crave.
Hokis Pokis Records HIP-HOP & R&B PO BOX 30331 MESA ARIZONA GOTTI29 @ COX.NET 480-228-0989 WEBSITE
 Hom-Mega Productions
 Homegrown RecordsA production and record label located in montreal Canada
 Homeland Music
 Honey Bear RecordsFor Honey Bear Records, J Church, and related stuff...
 HoneysmackRecord Label
 Hooj ChoonsPO Box 16789, London, NW6 6ZX
 Hook and Bellboy Records
 hookrecordingsdance music download forum artist bios PO Box 32043, London NW1 9GE, UK PH: 44-0-207-267-1447 FX: 44-0-207-267-1448
 HOT RECORDSAtlanta GA profile label ...
 Hotbass RecordsHard Techno records label - MP3, RealAudio streaming
 Hotpidegree music productionsmusic productions - Europe
 HotwireRecord Label
 House JamRecord Label
 House of DecadenceDECADENCE has produced some of the most memorable house parties held in Sydney with many more to come. House of Decadence - http://www.houseofdecadence.com Obsession-One step beyond Since the first Obsession production these events have had outrageous succ
 Hoztyl RecordsHardcore Hip Hop at its best, since 1997!!
 Hunab Ku
 Hydrocore Recordingsprofile
 Hydrofunk Records info hydrofunk.com.au po box 1380 Toowong
 Hydrofunk Records LABEL / ON LINE STORE FOR BEATS / AUSSIE BEATS AND BREAKS HOME OF RESIN DOGS KATCH 61-2 66843129 sales (at) hydrofunk.com.au
 Hydrogen JukeboxRecord Label
 Hypno-TraxxOnline Techno Label
 HypnoticRecord Label
 I Grade RecordsRoots Reggae label from St. Croix
 I Trinity Train: Trinity Record Label, Reggae Record Label: Trinity Roots BandRecord Label and Band / DJ Booking. Road to Zion Soul Reggae Radio Live
 I. Stalk Productionsprofile label I Stalk Productions Music ...
 Ian Hard RecordsTechno site with video and satire default Ian Hard Records Ian Daily News 10/7/99 prdf cat.jpg (15615 bytes) A new chat room for St. Louis assholes ...
 Iboga Records
 ICU PromotionRecord Label
 IDaamp; Record Label
 IdMEDIARecord Label
 IF? RECORDSIF? Records homepage
 If? Records Melbourne / TokyoThe new homepage for the experimental electro record label.
 ifach RecordsRecord Label
 Illionaire Records
 Illionaire Records
Illtown Records Illtown is a Belgian underground organisation, a recordshop and a label 37a, Dorpsstraat 3500 Hasselt (Belgium) tel/fax +32(0)11-378681 illtowncrew@hotmail.com dj_ladylite@hotmail.com WEBSITE
 IllyRap RecordingsSpecializing in Hip Hop/RnB instrumentals and lyrics
 IMFTB RecordsSwiss Hardcore Label
 Improvijazzation NationRecord Label
 In Demand RecordingsRecord Label
 inDiscover Recordings Justin Hines, Tyler Kyte, Johnny Hollow Alanna Memme (alanna [at] theorangelounge.com) 567 Queen Street West Suite 300 , Toronto, M5V2B6 , ONPhone: 416-504-8084
 IndochinaRecord Label
 Inertia Record GroupRecord label collective home to Built Recordings, Progress Recordings USA, Activated Records, and Inertia Management Booking Agency (
 Infinite Mixx RecordsIndependant All-Australian Record Label
 Infinite Mixx Records An independent all-Australian record label, setup to help uplift Aus. artists
infinite sector A non-profit collective/label dealing with Experimental Music, Noise, Electronic for information regarding compilations, releases and submissions please contact info@infinitesector.org WEBSITE
 INgroovesThe new wave a digital dance music distribution
 Inperspective RecordsProgressive D&B site
 Inpsyde Media
 Inside Productionsmusic promotions company based in Newcastle, UK
 Inspirit Music150 Desborough Road, High Wycombe. Bucks. HP11 2QA Tel: 01494 538111
 InstinctRecord Label
 Integrity RecordsIndependent record label home to greek hiphop artist Bz Jam
 Inter-ModoRecord Label
 Interchill Records
 IntercordRecord Label
 Interdimensional IndustriesA record label dedicated to EBM, Elektro,Industrial & Powernoise!
 Interdimensional IndustriesRecord Label
 Interface and Bigelow Recordsofficial website to interface and bigelow records
 InterferenceRecord Label
 InterGround RecordsOfficial home of InterGround Records!
 InterlopeRecord Label
 Internal BassRecord Label
 Interzone MusicInterzone Music 517 West King Street Martinsburg WV 25401 USA One of the premier online record shops specializing in DJ friendly vinyl. We carry a large selection of Vinyl and CDs. Fast Delivery. Low Prices.
Inti Raimy Records Psychedelic Trance Label ( Acidance Group ) Telephone: 00301.5202.830-1 Mobile phone: 003.0945.381.888 INTI RAIMY / ACIDANCE RECORDS 4 Eyrymedotos str. Athens 10435 GREECE WEBSITE
Invada Records Sydney based label INVADA Records - artists KATALYST, Dynamo Productions UK.. PO Box 247 Potts Point NSW 2011 Australia WEBSITE
 ionik recordsindie sounds
 IrateRecord Label
 IrdialRecord Label
 IslandRecord Label
 Issue Records Record Label / On line Shop leroy @ issue-records.co.uk
 ITNRecord Label
 Its Faboulous!Record Label
J.M.A. Entertainment L.L.C. Independent record label based out of Stamford, CT. Juscelino M. Acevedo juscelino@jmaentertainment.com (203) 904-5996 WEBSITE
 Jazz FocusRecord Label
 JazzlineRecord Label
 Jenkins-PeabodyRecord Label
Jewelltyme Music Home of 800 the Jewell (Only N'Colorado) 800 the Jewell - CEO/In House Producer/Artist/ Consultant F.O.E. - V.P. of operations/Graphics(Friend or F.O.E. Graphics)/Artist/Booking J-Hood-(The Hood Files)/Street Promotions/Consultant/Artist
 Jiva Sound
 Jive Turkey ProductionsOfficial website of Jive Turkey Productions
 Jive Turkey Productions
 JKP EntertainmentEntertainment 4U
 Joker RecordsTop Jump up label Camp Of The Legendary Bizzy B
 Jolly Roger RecordsHard Dance Label - Home of Gordon Tennant
 Juice Records (Adelaide)Record Label
 Jungo RecordsNew Australian Electronic Music Label
 Junior Boys OwnRecord Label
 Jupiter Entertainmentmanagement co specializing in djs & artists
 K7!K7 Ditmar-Koel-Strasse 26 20459 Hamburg Germany Tel.: 49 40 - 3179 12 55 Fax.: 49 40 - 4018 66 98
 Kado RecordsRecord Label
 Kagdila Records new label who looking for new talent for psy trance 001.818.996.2818 phone 001.818.757.3358 fax 001.818.535.8107 mobile
KanzleramtKoepenicker Str. 154a/157, ausgang 3, d-10997 Berlin fax: +49.30.617.022.66 WEBSITE
 KanzleramtRecord Label
 Katalyst MusicDJ Promotions: Mation, Gruvgirl, Fl.Oz., Rymes....
 Kavator Records
 KbaretIndependent label, music, info about underground artists
KeepOn Entertainment Syd based Hip Hop promoters & engineers P.O.Box A353 Arncliffe Syd NSW Aus P.K.Stojan 02 95924475 0401377443 WEBSITE
 Ketuh Records
 Keyf RecordsRecord Label, based in UK (Run by Norwegians) : Musical Aroma
 Keytone Independent Record Label and Recording Studio based in Brisbane Andy or Trevor mail (at) keytone.com
 KickinRecord Label
 Killing Sheep Records dark drum & bass / industrial beats Po Box 1287 Newcastle 2300 NSW Australia
 Kinetic Records425 West 13th St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10014
 KingsizeRecord Label
 Kinkt RecordsIndie-home for artists like The Sugarrush and Conquistadors.
 Kitten Kong RecordsBased in Brisbane, Australia, Kitten Kong Records is a sole-artist label formed to record and promote the music of Melissa Forbes.
 Kitty-YoRecord Label
 KittyKittyRecord Label
 Kk / Nova ZemblaRecord Label
 KLaamp;## free music ## nice noise non-profit cd compilation series. no limitations, no censorship, no copyrights. every body may contribute. free author´s copy for every contributor.
 KlubDJDJ Agency - Club Dancers - Record Label - Forum - Free Email
 KlubvisionTrance and Techno label Via Spagnoli 16 60015 Falconara Marittima (AN) ITALY Tel. +39 071 9175129 Fax +39 071 9172743
 KodexRecord Label
 Kog Transmissionslabel
 Kombined Mindzentertainment company
Komotion Recordings Techno label specialising in hard driving percussive techno. Phone: +44 (0)7092 334421 Fax: +44 (0)7092 334421 email: info@komotion-recordings.net WEBSITE
 Kompute Musik
 Koyote RecordsKoyote Records Ermington Mill, Ermington, Devon, PL21 9NT, UK. fax: +44 (0) 1548 83 11 83 fon: +44 (0) 1548 56 01 30 fon: +44 (0) 1548 83 04 52
 KremboRecord Label
 Kryptic Music
 KTMRecord Label
 KudosRecord Label
 Kundalini DanceKundalini Dance is a unique form of ecstatic dance developed and taught by Antara Decker world-wide over the past 11 years. Kundalini Dance is a practice that is deeply transformational and totally ecstatic, the practice rejuvenates the body, clears old st
 KurbelRecord Label
 Kussu Music Publishing Music Publishing-Music Production-Artist Development - Established in 1994, kussu productions is specialized in artist development, music production, publishing and music library.
 Kussu ProductionsMusic Publishing/Production/Artist Development/DJ Pool/Record Label
 Kussu Productions aamp;Reggae/Dancehall/Reggaeton/Hip Hop Record Label. Murder Riddims Records is a didvision of KUSSU PRODUCTIONS
 kYMFRecord Label
 labrecordsunderground hiphop label
 LabworksRecord Label
 LaHipnopia.comSpanish promo-netlabel. Hours of MP3, Dj-mixes, video, media-links and information about Electronic Music. 24h online radio.
 LanguageRecord Label
 LeafRecord Label
 Leaf RecordingsPhone: +1 604 878 1640 Fax: +1 604 687 7445
 Leep RecordsA new Record label dedicated to Dance/Electronic music. Leep Records   Leep Records is a new label which was founded in the Atlanta area near the end of 1998. As of now ...
 Leep RecordsRecord Label
 leet recordingsIndependant Drum & Bass Record label
 Left As In SinisterLabel /Distribution / online store / Studio / Film Clips interested in hearing new music, especially dark wave / goth / industrial / noise
 Lempicka RecordsIndependent Brisbane based label. 36 Borrows Street , Virginia , 4014 , QLD Phone: (07) 32 66 58 69
 leukos industriesindependent label based in st. louis, missouri.
 Level 4 ProductionsThe cyber abode of the Level 4 collective. Take your shoes off before you come in please. One Love.
 LeWay RecordsMusic CD's, Books, Miracle Eye Cleaner, Alternative Health Newsletter
 libra music 26a kerasoundos str 15771 ilisia athens greece
 Licorich RecordsIndependent Record Label Featuring up and coming artists in Hip Hop, Rnb and Pop music styles
 Lifeform RecordingsMayhem Techno Label by Andreas Kremer
 Liftin SpiritRecord Label
 Limbo RecordsRecord Label
 LipstickRecord Label
 Liquid MotionRecord Label
 Liquid Music World-class music production and artist management info (at) liquidmusic.us 0449037327
 Little Rascal RecordsIndependent Record Label
 LIvFE PEOPLE PRODUCTIONSLabel & Booking Information
 Lo-FI KillersRecord Label/Collective
 LoadedRecord Label
Logic RecordsRecord Label Logic Records U.S. 270 Lafayette St. Suite 1402 New York, NY 10012 e-mail: LogicUS1@aol.com FAX: 212.219.2050 Logic Records U.S. BMG Building 8750 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2713 e-mail: LogicRecordsWest@a
 Logic RecordsRecord Label
 Loko LlamaRecord Label
 LoopRecord Label
 Los Hermanos
 Lost Highway Recordsa Universal Music Company Record Label home to singer songwriter artists like Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams and others. Whiskeytown Pneumonia released 5-22 message board on site.
 Lostrack Records
 Lounge Productions Offering the finest in Downbeat, Headz, Dub...
 Low SpiritRecord Label
 Luaka Bop
 LushRecord Label
 Lust RecordsRecord Label
 Lust RecordsLondon profile label Lust Records We ...
 LZ MusicSwedish based music that works for you while you rest
 M-TrackRecord Label
 M.E.L.T. 2000Record Label
 M1Techno/ House Club Germany. DJ Booking Agency - Record Label - Events.
 machine.records Electronica/experimental label dan @ machine-records.com
 MachineryRecord Label
 Magic & Sound Recording Studio set in quiet countryside. Recording digital and analog Los llanos 120 P.O. Box 49, 29680 Estepona Tel. (+34) 952 808 088 Málaga, Spain
 Magician Records Melbourne Based Independent Record Label - Hip Hop & More
 Magick EyeRecord Label
 magnusmusicindependant label based in Syd. Artists:Vicious Hairy Mary Pavo Cristatus.Programming/editing studio magnus music...brief intro to new independant label in sydney aust
 Majique MusicIndependant jazz, blues, rock record label
 Make UpRecord Label
 Maker's Music EntertainmentGospele Rap Artists
 Mali Invasion RecordsDiscover all the artists of Mali Invasion Records such as Yeli Fuzzo, Magic Black Men and SNK.
 Manta RecordingsTHE PYLON EP : MANTA RECORDINGS : CD EP OUT 10 FEBRUARY Adapting it's shape and form but keeping to it's orginal conception. " Manta " is achieving what it set out to do...evolve. Plyon : Storm Pacesetter : All Purpose Pylon : Evolve Hacker : Sample
 MatrixRecord Label
 Matsuri ProductionsRecord Label
 MaxOnWax.com Recordings Hip Hop Production and Publishing. Debut freestyle EP & LP available online. artmax @ maxonwax.com christa @ maxonwax.com imperialfam @ maxonwax.com WEBSITE
 Mazeman RecordsHard/trance style
 MC ProjectsRecord Label
 Mechanism RecordsMusic For The BioRobotics Generation Via Nina Da Messina is.458 n.18 98121 Messina Italy Tel. 0039.090.5730400 Fax. 0039.090.5730400 mail@mechanismrecords.com
 Media RecordsRecord Label
 Media Records Record Label
 Mediatrix Publishingdark/underground record label/distributor
 Medium RecordsMEDIUM Records Asmecke 38 D-59846 Sundern Tel.: +49 (0)29 33 / 522 0 Fax: +49 (0)29 33 / 789 545 Mobile: +49 (0)171 / 690 180 6 E-Mail: office@medium-records.de A&R Dj BIM Arnold - Flues Str. 2 D-59872 Meschede - Schüren
 Melbourne Techno MassiveManagement/Recordings
 melly bmy music website
 MentholRecord Label
 Meratron ProductionIsraeli based label representing artists like Sidhartha , Technodrome , Nemesis Divine Fatal Error , Insane Logic .. Metatron Production got a new wave of psy
 MetalheadzRecord Label
 Metropolitan MusicRecord Label
 MFSRecord Label
 Mid-TownRecord Label
 MIDFI RecordsPurveyors of Noisebeat, Industrial, Goth, darkwave and other cruel & unusual music
 Mile High RecordsNew Music by fresh new artists. Mp3 downlaods available
 MilitantsexcouncilCollective of artists, electronic music producers, and DJs based in Los Angeles supporting the underground electro industrial breakbeat techno idm communities.
 MilitiaRecord Label
 Mille PlateauxRecord Label
 Millenium Records
 Mind Control Records
 Mindshift Records Mindshift Records specializes in underground electronic and hip hop music. tel. 206.851.0573 fax. 206.324.6039
 MindVision recordsCroatian independent record label
 Ministry of Sound103 Gaunt Street, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6DP
 Minnesota PhatsTechno record label and Monthly mp3 radio show
 Minus HabensRecord Label
 Minus-HabensRecord Label
 Mix aamDrum and Bass record label
 Mix Trax
 Mix2inside Recordshouse music Production & remix
 MJA RecordsRecord Label
 mja Records, a master jazz artist labelmja Records is a New York based jazz record label. New artists, new music, new jazz. mjajazz...
 Mo WaxRecord Label
 Mobilization RecordingsSan Francisco studio and record company for Savage Republic, F-SPACE, Scot Jenerik, Targodie
 Modern MusicRecord Label
 Mogul ElectroAmerican record label designed to champion the nu-electro sound
 Mohawk RecordsMohawk, Aztec and MOM Records, Unit 3, Westmoreland House Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6RE Tel: ++44 (0)208 960 4777 Fax: ++44 (0)208 960 7266 E-Mail: chrisc.mom@vi
Mohican Records AN INDEPENDENT LABEL for unsigned bands in West London, we can help you sell you davemohican @ mohicanrecords.co.uk 99 Rochester Ave Feltham TW 13 4EF WEBSITE
 MokumRecord Label
 MoleRecord Label
 Mole Listening Pearls
 Molecular Recordings Cutting edge techno label
 Molecule RecordingsRecord Label from Amsterdam
 Molecule Recordings Record Label from Amsterdam Rozengracht 60; 1016 ND Amsterdam + 31 (0)20 330 90 54 WEBSITE
 MollRecord Label
 MollRecord Label
 MOM RecordsMohawk, Aztec and MOM Records, Unit 3, Westmoreland House Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6RE Tel: ++44 (0)208 960 4777 Fax: ++44 (0)208 960 7266 E-Mail: chrisc.mom@vi
 Monad MusicDigital recordings label progressive house, techno, tech house, house, breaks
 monkey recordsNew Zealand ambient and electronic music.
 Mono Records
 Monoid RecordingsRecord Label
 Monstaar RecordsCruel & Unusual Music
 Moon Magnet Productions
 MoonroofRecord Label
 MoonshineRecord Label
 Motor City Recordslocal detroit label. everything in house
Motor City Records independant detroit label. everything in house. (313)839-6339 live in the 313 WEBSITE
 Motor MusicRecord Label
 MoveRecord Company
 Moving ShadowRecord Label
 Mr BongoRecord Label
 Mr Cucumber RecordsRecord Label
 Mushroom Group
 Mushy RecordsPsytrance Record Label - home page of Bubble,Ellis Vanghoul,In-panic and more
 Musical TragediesRecord Label
Musicbest Records New Independent label 8 Hunter's Lane Donaghadee BT21 OAB N.Ireland WEBSITE
 Musictradevirtual community label focused on electronic music. Our agenda is to release interesting, imaginative and impressive electronic music for your enjoyment - for free, with no strings attached.
 Mute429 Harrow Road London W10 4RE United Kingdom
 Muti MusicBest Breakbeat in USA
 Mythical Records experimental music label
 N.E.M. RecordsProgressive House & Trance label from Miami, Florida USA
 nandan productionswiss psy (swiss psytrance label)trance label nandan production
 Napalm RecordsRecord Label
 Narcosis RecordingsRecord Label
 Nascent RecordingsProgressive - House label based in UK T: +44(0) 1915660972/(0) 1915660977/(0) 7941745009 / F: +44(0) 1915660930/
 Nation RecordsRecord Label
 native records independent guitar label label @ nativerecords.co.uk
 Naughty NaughtyRecord Label
 Naveen / Sabi / labs Of PerceptionPsyber-future night trance & Sophisticated chill electronic dj ,promotor, manager
 Neferiu RecordsCalgary record label focussed on bringing the global obscure to Western Canada
 Neighbor BeatsCzech and European hip hop
 Nemesis Records
 Nephilim Records
 Nervine Progressive/minimal trance label Ben Richardson P.O. Box 802, Kings Langley 2147, Sydney
Nervous RecordsNervous Inc. 363 Seventh Avenue, 16th Floor New Nork NY 10001
 NeuRecord Label
 Neuro Net RecordsRecord Label
 Neurobiotic RecordsThe first 100% italian trance label...first release "Experience"
 New Creation RecordsReggae and Hip hop
 New Dawn Recordspromotion of u/g hiphop worldwide - Belles in Monica - Urbanelite Productions
 New Electronica Record Label
 new generation records soulful underground dance music/ house fon / fax 1 732 873 8875
 New Image Management aaOur mission is to begin with exceeding our clients expectations through innovative management practices, commitment to excellence and company values
 New Pants Publishing, Inc.Music Publisher
 NHR RecordsRecord Label
 Nine Music Record Label info@ninecorp.com Nine Corporation, PO BOX 42287, London E7 0YX
 Nine Planets HiphopCanadian indie label and home of DL Incognito Mic Check Techtwelve The Beatsmiths and BigTime Management
 NinjaTuneRecord Label
 No Bones RecordsRecord Label
 No Entry Records
 No RespectRecord Label
 Nocturnal ProductionsPO Box 1102 Windsor 3181
 Nocturnal Transmissions Studiosworks primarily with electronic/industrial artists, though is not exclusive to this genre. Visit the site for mp3 downloads. PROFILE
 Noise-O-LutionRecord Label
 Nomad WaveBerlin based label
 Noodles DiscothequeNoodles Discotheque is the brand new record label from the producers of the cult compilation series Noodles: The Death of Cool. Noodles Discotheque is aimed directly at working disc jockeys playing the dancefloors or stirring up the radio dial. The label i
 Noom RecordsRecord Label
 Nord Ultra FranceTechno, dance and fine arts label
 Nordic Trax3A-34 POWELL STREET VANCOUVER BC V6A 1E7 CANADA Tel. (604) 681-0336 Fax. (604) 688-2552
 North South RecordsRecord Label
 Northstar Imprintpure underground hiphop
 notone musiciens, djs, vj et organisation de soirées 15days
 Nova Tekk
 Now! RecordsRecord Label
 NQuitNQuit - the label that gave you Third Option and M.C. Murph
 NRG-X RecordsRecord Label
 NRK2 Princes Row, Bristol BS2 8NQ, UK PH: +44 (0) 117-942-6188 FX: +44 (0) 117-942-4747
 NT Production French Hardcore Tekno Label http://ntprod.heretik.org dj-japan@clan.st nout@heretik.org
 NtoneRecord Label
 NURecord Label
 Nu Blood RecordsIndependent Record Label
 Nu Illusion MusicNu Illusion Music - bringing you the best in intelligent nu skool & electro
 Nukleuz RecordsNukleuz makes and releases dance music for the World's best clubs and DJ's. Nukleuz releases usually go through three stages: white label release, 12" release (date given below) & commercial release.
 Nulab Recordingsthe french techno label of Dj Steve D aka TEVATRON
 Nutznboltz Records
 Nymphonic RecordsRecord Label
 Obese Records
 Oblivion Digital UndergroundHardcore Undeground and Extreme Electronica Promoters
 Obscured Records Obscured Records opens you to the new frontier of a fusion between electronica, roach @ obscuredrecords.com les @ obscuredrecords.com
 Octave RecordsA coast-to-coast canadian record label
 ODA Digital Records
 OFF Records pop/R7B/Rock Richard Bruni
 Off The WallRecord Label
 Official Hakke Chemnitz Home"Hakke Hardcore Heroes" Gabber record label websites
 Offworld MusicRecord Label
 Offworld MusicLos Angeles profile label ...
 Ogopa DJzFizzledogg-The upcoming South African star!!!
 OJEB Records Award winning producer/songwriter Jazzy K. las vegas 702.987.3094
 Old Pants Publishing, Inc.Music Publisher
 OM Records245 South Van Ness Ave. STE 303 San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone: 415-575-1800 Fax : 415-575-1807
 OM RecordsRecord Label
 Omnis trance & progressive house
 OmnisonusRecord Label
 On The OneRecord Label
 On-U SoundRecord Label
 One Inch RecordsRecord Company
 OOBERecord Label
 OpalRecord Label
 Optimal EntertainmentHip Hop
 Optimus Records
 OpusRecord Label
 Orac Records2045 13th Ave. W Seattle, WA 98119 USA phone: 206 285 7050
 Oracle RecordsCD Manufacturing. PO Box 392, 127 Balmian Roard, Leichardt NSW 2040 Ph: (02) 9564 3983 Fax: (02) 9564 3183
 OrbitrecordsRecord Label
 Organarchy Sound Systems
 Organic RecordsOffice: +44 (0)208 487 2801 Mobile: +44 (0)7956 876684 Fax: +44(0)870 1375095
 organicworks music a collaboration of independent artists Dave Wu
 Orphan MagneticStyle/Music Label
 oscilator net label
 OutloudRecord Label
 Outmosphere RecordsRecord Label
 Oven Ready ProductionsWebsite for the label and its associated DJs and artists
Ovum Recordings611 S. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147
 Ozone Record house techno label label @ ozonerecords.co.uk
 Ozone RecordingsRecord Label
 OzUndergroundonline music publishing company
 Pacifica Records
 PaganRecord Label
 Panda RecordsRecord Label
 Pandamonium RecordsPandamonium Records, indie record label and online cd shop
Pangea Recordings A label dedicated to progression and sound 813-376-3748 WEBSITE
 PantamuzikElctronic usic from Colombia and Latin America
 Paper Recordings - Repappaper recordings. repap. unit 14 enterprise house, 15 whitworth street west, manchester, uk t: (+44) 0161 237 5661. f: (+44) 0161 237 5662. e: info@paperecordings.com WEBSITE paper recordings is a member of the state51 conspiracy
 Pappa E RecordsLabel Delivering Quality Soulful House. Based in Los Angeles. Launched in 2003! 1st new release, Love's Justified - EUJIN Featuring DAWNYA
 PAR2 Productions /Jikkenteki / KatapultHomepage for Jikkenteki and Katapult. DJ‚“ and Psy Trance Artists. Artists' Info, Audio Samples and Messeage Board.
 para-sightlabel and studio
 Paradax RecordsDeep House label
 Paradisemoon world new age east west music and new media admin@paradisemoon.com
 Parametric Records Dance music label featuring House, Breaks, and Progressive info@parametricrecords.com
 parapop stereorecord label - indie and beyond - yeah!
 Parksyde EntertainmentEntertainment organisation based in Albion Park promoting live hip hop shows. Looking for performers
 Parvati RecordsPsyTrance label
 Paved Earth MusicWe are an all-digital music label, a community, a movement with 40 e/offices worldwide.
 Pawn RecordsFree trance mp3s from Pawn Records USA
 PCPRecord Label
 PeaceRecord Label
 PEACE OFF rec.breakcore record label
 PeacefrogRecord Label
 Peetah! EntertainmentDiverse house label
 Pelicore VisionzRecord Label
 Pendulum Tapes And Digitalia
 Peppermint JamRecord Label
 Perfecto1 Shorrolds Road, London SW6 7TR, United Kingdom
 Persian Records
 Persona Records Electronic Music Record Label
 Pete The Moon Labelmental psyche music
 PetrushkaRecord Label
 Peyote Records
 PH RecordingsRecord Label
 PH1 RecordsRecord Label
 PhantasmRecord Label
 PharmaRecord Label
 Phat RecordsPhat Records is a Sydney based electronic music studio, focusing on styles such as trance and house music.
 Phat RecordsSydney based Electronic Music Production Studio
 PhisstRecord Label
 Phoenix ProductionsRecord Label
 Phoenix UprisingRecord Label
 phonokol ltdWe, at Phonokol Ltd, the leading independent record company in Israel, which specifies in Trance. During the last 10 years Phonokol Ltd has developed Psychedeli
 Phuture Wax
 Phuture WaxRecord Label
 Pi RecordingsRecord Label
 Piehead Records
 PietelanderecordsItalian hardcore label
 PietelanderecordsItlain hardcore label
 pillboxscottish techno club/label site
 Pippola MusicIndependent Music Label
 PiranhaRecord Label
 Pith RecordsMelbourne based record label dealing mostly with Heavy Metal acts. A helping hand with production, distribtion and promotion
 pk audio - d.s.c. records - clubsound techno - hardtrance - elektro info @ pkaudio.com
 Placebo RecordsRecord Label
 Planet DogRecord Label
 Planet E
Planetghost Music Record label/multimedia team. Genres: cyber metal, industrial, gothic. PO Box 118 Leeds LS9 6WX UK WEBSITE
 Plastic CityRecord Label
 Plastic City Suburbia
 Plastic Raygun
 PlasticAgePlasticAge Online Radio & E-Store, online streaming radio 24/7 with Underground Sounds from Australia
 Plate Lunch MusicLabel dedicated to electronic/experimental music
 PlatipusRecord Label
 PlattenmeisterRecord Label
 Play It Again SamRecord Label
 Play RecordsPhone: +1 416 531 4606 Fax: +1 416 588 1157
Playaz PlayGround Recordz972-293-9548 cmkim@msn.com
 Player Recordslatest news and views from technos newest subculture, the Infamous Player Records.
 Players Only Records
 Plink Plonk / EAR / Lo VoltageRecord Label
 Plug In RecordsMilano and London Plug In Records is an open-minded European record label dedicated to the support of musical integrity, while still maintaining a dance sensibility
 Plug In Records100% indipendent house music label
 Plug In RecordsRecord Label
 Plus 8Record Label
 PMC RecordsPMC records release, Fudge "Situation Gettin Sticky"
 Pneuma Australian based electronic media label specialising in experimental audio, video and interactive projects.
 pocketbeats minimal house and techno label viennese minimal label
 POF RecordsRecord Label
 Polaris Records
 PolygramRecord Label
 Polyphase Records deep progressive doof goodness
 polyrhythmichomepage for l.a. based, experimental music label
 Pomelo RecordsRecord Label
 Pop Gun RecordsRecord Label
 Popart Discos / Tocka Discos Roster includes main Argentinean artists Manager International Exploitation
 Porcelain ProductionsIndie Record label
 Porcelain VortexRecord Label
 Pork PieRecord Label
 Pork RecordingsRecord Label
 Pornosofa RecordsUnderground Label from Munich / Germany with mp3 downloads for free
 Position Chrome
 Position ChromeRecord Label
 Positiva43 Brook Green, London W6 7EF
 Post RecordsOrlando,FL based indie record label focused on alternative rock, punk, emo, thrash, experimental electronic, idm, and more.
 PotfleurGreek label specialized in 60s & 70s reissues on vinyl and CD.
 Pounding GroovesLawrie Immersions Labels Direct To Public
 Power MusicRecord Label
 PowertrancePowertrance & Breathe
Premier Muzik International Corporation A Canadian record company who has been in business since 1989. 8272A Pascal Gagnon St-Leonard, Quebec H1P 1Y4, Canada c/o Gino Olivieri WEBSITE
 Pressure SoundsRecord Label
 Pride MusicRecord Label
 Primate Recordings
 ProbeRecord Label
 Production HouseRecord Label
 Progress Recordingsrecord label
 Progress Records Progressive rock specialist in Sweden
 ProstoIndependent polish hip hop label and clothings
 Proton Uk
 PrototypeRecord Label
 Proxy RecordsRecord Label
 PschentRecord Label
 Pseudo RecordsPseudo Records, techno and electro label from North of France. biographies, informations, discography, listenings and on line store.
 Psy-Harmonicsaustralias premier electronica label
 PsyberIllusionsMedia CA based Bay-Area underground label catered to all levels of trance.. Cosmos Pittsburg, California
 Psychedelic RecordsPsy-trance label
 Psychic Deli
 Psycho Alien RecordsRecord Label
 Psycho Face RecordPsychoFace Records can be considered an international label Which releases top quality music from talented artists/ projects worldwide
 Psychoface-recordPsychoFace Records can be considered an international label Which releases top quality music from talented artists/ projects worldwide
 Psymoon-Records Psychedelic, experimental and obscure Trance with concept of intelligence sounds info at) psymoon-records.com eldiavolo (at) psymoon-records.com artist-manager (at) psymoon-records.com organizing-manager (at) psymoon-records.com
 PsystationPsyStation entertainment taking partying into a nu level
PTP Records (Past To Present Records)PO Box 4170, Burwood East, Victoria, Australia 3151 Phone: 61 39886 5848 or 61 39802 8569 WEBSITE
 pts entertainmentsale beats
 Pull The StringsRecord Label
 Pulsewave RecordsRecord Label
 Pure MusicRecord Label
 Pure Noiseemail: marc@purenoise.co.uk tel: +44 (0)7980 615843
 purejack musictennessee usa overseas profile label purejack music Music is music ...
 Purejak MusicRecord Label
 Purgatory RecordsHome of UK dance record label Purgatory
 Purple OzPurple Oz Distribution Email: purpleoz@purpleoz.com Sales: ryan@purpleoz.com Mail: 321 Newark Street 5th Floor Hoboken, NJ 07030 USA Tel: (201) 217-5605 Fax: (201) 217-5604
 Pushdat Entertainment Independent Record Label. Also offering Publishing Service
 Pussyfoot RecordsLeftfield electronic music Pussyfoot Records Homepage. This is the homepage of the alternative dance music label Pussyfoot Records with Artist Bios music clips and ordering capabilities Official Howie B site Pussyfoot Records Third Floor 6 Denmark Str
 Pyraplastic recordingship hop drum&bass media music productions
 Pyraplastic RecordsHigh quality cutting edge drum&bass and breakbeat music get free exclusive producing resources, tips samples,store,vinyl,mp3,news etc..get latest 12" releases, drum&bass,hip hop breaks & breakbeat music. home of internationally known drum&bass producer Ke
 Pyraplastic Recordsprofile label ...
 Q DivisionRecord Label
 Quadrant XRecord Label
 Quarterpipe Recordsindie label >> MP3 retailer from Sydney Sutherland Shire
 R aamp;
 R aamp;Record Label
 Rac RecordzWe are a hip hop label Looking to get know in Orlando Fl
 Radium Produkshunzprofile label Radium Produkshunz Living for Beats Radium releases ...
 Rage RecordsRecord Label
 Rainbow Bridgedeep underground sound
 RainbowBridgeRecord Label
 Rather InterestingRecord Label
 RaveWearAndWhenbody jewelry,drug test cleansers,watches,shoes,vinyl all at up to 50% below retail, rave listings, and much more,if you want it we will add it! Rave Wear and When ...
 Ray`s MusicRecord Label
 RazormaidRecord Label
 RCARecord Label
 Re-ConstrictionRecord Label
 ReactRecord Label
 Really Tight Productionswe sell stuff/ give free downloads/ & do shows in the tri-state area
 Record Labeltechno label
 RecRecRecord Label
 Recrystallize Records
 Recrystallize RecordsRecord Label
 Recycle or DieRecord Label
 RED EMBER RECORDS PERTHDeep House and Techno Record Label
 Red Hook RecordingsRecord label covering Hip Hop, Downtempo, Funk, Dub and Jazz
 Red Phraug Modern MediumRecord Label
 Red Planet
 Red-BloodedRecordsLowell based electronic label
 Red-BloodedRecords electronic label
 Redline ProductionsP.O. Box 35534, Hamilton, On, CA, L8H-7S6
 Redsoul RecordsDeep Detroit Tech-House
 ReefRecord Label
 Reef Recordings
 Reflective Record Label
 Reflective Records - ref web 001Reflective Records of San Francisco publishes experimental electronic music - headed by Jonah Sharp reflective records is an independent record label formed by jonah sharp and co. it is a san francisco based label that has produced such acts as spacetime c
Regime Entertainment A Hip Hop Label in America Richard Nesbitt P.O. Box 923 108 Cascade Cr Dublin, GA 31040
 Reglage RecordsRecord Label
 ReinforcedRecord Label
 Release-22Fax: 713-934-6293 E-mail: info@release-22.com Release-22 Recordings, 4655 Wild Indigo # 93 Houston, TX 77027 U.S.A.
 ReloadRecord Label
 RemixdjAn independent music label specializing in both original and contemporary mixes of classic masterpieces
 Rephlexinfo@rephlex.com po box 2676, london, n11 1az, uk ph: +44-(0)20-8368-5903 fx: +44-(0)20-8361-2811 rephlex is an independent record label, focusing on creatively-inspired music rather than profit-driven product. if you like our music, please hel
 Reptile RecordingsStateside breaks & drum n bass label. Info on artists, tracks, pictures etc...
 Republika PublikationsRepublika Culture of Revolution
 ReRun BookingsBooking Agency
 Reserve REcordsings / Deep Keeds Audio
 Resonant RecordingsEuropean techno-electro label, free mp3 download, games online, web tv, listen LIVE to our releases
 Resurgent RecordsOnline Records Store, Record Label
 Rev. Jones RecordsDatabase of devilishnes. Includes info on artists, releases, events and the more mundane details of our lives
 Reverend Jones RecordsDublin based shiny dance oriented label with pseudo-anarchist and semi-scatalogical tendencies
 Rhythm Of Life Inc Independent online record label
 Rhythmicru RecordingsRhythmicru Online -- Downloads, Videos, Music
 Riot BeatsRecord Label
 Riotmakeritalian indipendent record label
 Rising High Record Label
 Rising RecordsIndependent Record Label based in Sheffield
 Roadrunner RecordsRecord Label
 Robeter ProductionsHOME OF MUSIC COMPOSERS & PRODUCERS: Robby Riggs, Peter Wellington and Fabian Palmer
 Robs RecordsRecord Label
 Rocca Deluxe
 Rock Chick RecordsSupporting Independent Artists on the Web
 RooArtRecord Label
 Room Service RecordsProduction Music Label
 Room22 Global ProductionsCompany website promoting & marketing new R&B/Hip Hop album and information about services, such as music and video production, web and graphic design, etc
 RotterdamRecord Label
 RuffLife RecordzArizonaz # 1 hip hop artist and underground label official website for The Raskal
 RumourRecord Label
 S - sens Recordsfrench electronic label house minimal techno minimal, info,release,press,sound...
 saamp;aRecord Label
 Saamp;aRecord Label
 S-Sens RecordsUpdate of site www.s-sensrecords.com
S.F.T.S. Entertainment HIP HOP RECORD LABEL MANAGEMENT STAFF 713 894 0787 281 491 4651
 Sabres of Paradise/Sabrettes Record Label
 SabrettesRecord Label
 SahkoRecord Label
 Sanctigroove Productions
 Sasa Recordingstechno label property of dj and productor mariam croft
 SativaeRecord Label
 Satori Records
 ScandinaviaRecord Label
 ScandinaviaRecord Label
 Scandium Recordsrecord label (artists-producers 's biography, discography..) and records shop
 Scapegoat Records UK independant alternative label Scapegoat Records 16 Park Hill Road Wallington Surrey, SM6 0SB
 Scenario MusicThe Scenario Music is an italian indipendent music label specialized in bossa nova, lounge, breakbeat, downtempo, deep house, jazz, soul.
 Scent Records release and artists
 Schismatik Offers non-exclusive contracts and 50/50 split to artists. Schismatik c/o A&R Department PO Box 10486 Baltimore, MD, 21209-1422, USA WEBSITE
 Schubfaktor RecordsLabel
 Scooter Collective / Scootstar RecordsSCOOTER is a non-profit venture set up by a bunch of queer Anarcho punk girls in Sydney to provide space for un-established girl musicians to perform and inspire more women to start playing instruments and form bands. It also involves a network of girl zin
 Scream Records
 SDR Music Toronto record label and recording studio Tom theofanous
 Seahorse Recordingsnew folk and indie pop alternative sounds
 Seatechelectronic underground music collective - Seattle
 Second2LAST Independant Prog. House, Trance & Prog. Trance Label ar (at) second2last.com
 section media[section] media - Drill & Bass, Nu-Punk, Electronic, Hip Hop, Experimental, Spoken Word, Text Publ http://www.sectionmedia.org/contact WEBSITE
 SelectorRecord Label
 SentinelRecord Label
 SeraphicRecord Label
 Serotonin RecordsRecord Label
 Seroxdj serox sets to download TECHNO`
 Sha Ka ReeRecord Label
Shadowplay Productions, U.S. Specializing in synthpop / neu-goth / darkwave Sean Patrick 375 w. 870 n. Sunset, Utah 84015 801-728-0584 WEBSITE
 ShaftRecord Label
 Sharp Recordings
 Shewey Traxrecord label: home of bulb and Exit Cherry sheweytrax news, new releases, house-electro, home of bulb and Exit Cherry...free MP3 samplers..buy tshirts, 12" records...support the House movement!
 Shiltom Recordstechno, dance, electronica, rock/pop and soundtrack music
 Shiltom Recordstechno-,dance-,rock/pop- and soundtrack music Techno- Dance- Rock/Pop- and Soundtrack Music
 Shiltom Recordstechno-,dance-,rock/pop- and soundtrack music Techno- Dance- Rock/Pop- and Soundtrack Music
 Shiltom RecordsRecord Label
 SHILTOM RecordsGermany Berlin profile label SHILTOM Records Music Styles ...
 shirtlifter productionsshirtlifter productions is an exciting independent Toronto based record label, which is loyal to promoting Canadian recording artists.
 Shit Wank Recordsindependant record label based in hazo , specialising in extreme speedcore , breakcore , noise ,and digital grind + shitcore . TRENDY FUCKWIT MUSIC AUSTRALIA
 Shiva Space Technology
 Shock Records
 ShockraveRecord Label
 ShockRave RecordsSydney Canberra profile label ...
 Shoebox RecordsDrum and Bass record label
 Shoebox Records
 Shot Division- We are on a mission! Shot Division is publishing techno-artists and the mothership of the techno labels "Pinku" and "Toolz"
 Shuriken RecordsRecord Label
 sickmode.net digital hardcore - breakcore - digital punk rock www.sickmode.net WEBSITE
 SideburnRecord Label
 Sidewalk Theory
 SigmatronOfficial web site of SIGMATRON techno dj/producer and his label SMP records based in Glasgow,Scotland (plus new label office in Athens,Greece).
 SilentRecord Label
 Silent RecordsDetroit Hip-Hop - backed by experience and work ethic
 Silverglobe RecordsWe are a Roots Reggae Record Label,located in Montreal, Canada
 Silverglobe RecordsWe are a Roots Reggae Record Label.Located in Montreal,Canada. Poise to bring some positive and uplifting Reggae Music for the public
 Silvertraxx RecordingsRecording Studio and Independent Label PROFILE
 Simple Recordings
 Singing Wolf RecordsNashville Independant record label
 Sinusoidal Records
Siodemki Faktory Siodemki Faktory is an independent Polish record label focused on reggae, danceh E-mail: label @ siodemki.com WEBSITE
 Siren RecordingsRecord Label
 Sirius MusicRecord Label
 Six Shooter Records Canadian independent Laura Quartarone
 Skin GraftRecord Label
 SkintPO Box 174, Brighton, BN1 4BA
 Skweekey Mouse
 Slackertone Records Indie label in the Pacific Northwest
 Slamm Records Australia
 Slammin (vinyl)Record Label
 sleeper cell recordshome site of detroit hip hop label commited to revolutionary hardcore hip hop
 Sling Slang Records CT based label specializing in creative, emotional music of all genres. slingslangkevin @ hotmail.com 860-628-7439
 Sm:)leRecord Label
 Smash MusicSmash Music is an independent record label from Sydney Australia with releases from The Von Bondies, Dozer, The Fiery Furnaces and many more on the way!
 Smelly RecordsRecord Label
 Smokin Drum
 Smokin DrumRecord Label
 Smoky Treat RecordsInd. record label focusing on power pop and melodic rock.
 Soap RecordsRecord Label
Social Circles Record Label Demos sent to PO Box 22195 London SE18 7ZW WEBSITE
 Society RecordsSociety Records is an artist collective comprised of deejays, traditional musicians, models, graphic artists, photographers, and writers.
 Solid GroovesRecord Store / Label
 Solitary SoundRecord Label
 Solstice MusicJapan based psy-trance label
 Soma Soma Quality Recordings Ltd, 2nd Floor, 342 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8LY Telephone: +44 (0) 141 229 6220 Fax: +44 (0) 141 226 4383 Slam, 2nd Floor, 342 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8LY Telephone: +44 (0) 141 221 9446 Fax: +44 (0) 141 226 5
 SomaticsRecord Label
 Sombient RecordingsRecord Label
 Sonic MindRecord Label
 sonic-mind recordsartist info record info booking info
sonic360 label specialising in forward looking and infectious music from around the world sonic360 9461 Charileville Blvd., #527 Beverly Hills CA 90212 WEBSITE
 Sony Music Record Label
 Sony Music Australia
 Sony Music GermanyRecord Label
 soren laruepersonal dj site
 Soul City
 Soul Resonance ProductionsMusic production and experimentation.
 soul:r / revolve:r / signatureWebsite of 3 drum&bass labels from manchester
 Soular Recordswebsite for US based psytrance label
 SoulScape RecordsOffical site for Toronto's newest Drum and Bass Label
 Sound Of The UndergroundRecord Label
Sound of Victory Records Full Service Gospel Record label Contact George Hicks at 313 537-0300
 Sound Surgery RecordsPhat beats and future funk! Sound Surgery Records, A&R,15 Richmond Road, Bedford, MK40 3DG, ENGLAND Phone:+44 07887 484586, Fax:+44 01234 300419
 SOUNDS FOR DJSOUNDS FOR DJ AND PRODUCTION USE Audio Sample CD`s & Vinyl records For Dj and Production use
 Soundscape Media Inc. license your music for use in film/tv production 416-238-2317
 SoundShaft MusicRecord Label
 Soundshapes ProductionsMusic productions, DJ Bookings, Record Labels
 SourceRecord Label
 SouthernRecord Label
 Southern OutpostSydney based Electro/Techno label
 Space CadetRecord Label
 Space Gnome Records founded to highlight, record, and promote Pacific Northwest Artists
 Space Industries
 Space TeddyRecord Label
 Spasticated Records
 Sperm RecordsRecord Label
 Spin Music AustraliaAustraian Ind. Label incorporating hi-tech production studio,publishing, video/ DVD, animation , 3d graphics & styling- The best facilities for premiere artists
 Spiral Objective
 Spirit ZoneRecord Label
 Spliff Musicisrael number one psy trance label
 Spot Records
 Sprmint RecordingsRecord Label
 SPX Digital SPX Digital is a bright, original and forward thinking dance music label. UK A&R: Demo@spxdigital.com Licensing: dan (at) spxdigital.com
 Spy vs SpiceRecord Label
 SSRRecord Label
 StainlessSteel Records/ BackAlley ProductionsPROFILE
 Stars In The DarkRecord Label
Starsound records progressive/psychedelic trance label from greece starsound records,kritis 21,athens 10438,greece tel:003 0977 47 57 44 WEBSITE
 Start TransmissionHome of Potential Fossil Assemblage, Antediluvian Rocking Horse, Pixelscope Gallery, Naga Vigil Human Rights Group, Airport
 State Of MindRecord Label
 Stay Up ForeverRecord Label
 Step 2 HouseRecord Label
 Stickman RecordsRecord Label
 Stickman Records
 StipRecord Label
 Stone Tiger RecordsRecord Label
 Strange aamRecord Label
 Strata RecordsWhere you can find original music, mixes, and clothing of the electronic era
 Streetlife Records 822 N.INDIAN CR DR. CLARKSTON G.A. 30021 SUITE E-12
 Strictly Rhythm920 Broadway 14th Floor NYC, NY 10010
Strong Leaf Beats The strongleaf interpretation of hip hop 469-688-5507
 strongleaf beatsall about strongleaf beats
 Studio QualityProfessional Audio and Recording Site features mp3 tracks by reggae singer Kallie-B Prophet and provide dubplate, recording, lighting, audio services.
 Stush RecordsDance Music record label based in Toronto. We are seeking club music demo's including Dance, House, Techno and Trance.
 SubRecord Label
 Sub RosaRecord Label
 Sub-UpRecord Label
 Subaudible RecordingsBay Area based...Drum and Bass label
 SubjectiveRecord Label
 SubjectiveRecord Label
 SublimeRecord Label
 Sublime RecordsRecord Label
 SubmergeDetroit distributor
 SubmergeRecord Label
 SubtronicRecord Label
 Suburban BaseRecord Label
 Suburbia RecordsRecord Label
 Suburbs of HellRecord Label
 sub~wavepostfach 250213, 55120 mainz fax: +49 (0) 6131 684804
 Suction Records
 SuedreflexSuedreflex ist ein Münchner Zusammenschluss kreativer Leute
 Suilven RecordingsExperimental music label featuring the works of Daniel Patrick Quinn
 Sunburn RecordingsRecord Label
 Sunshine Enterprises ViennaAustria`s finest in all kinds of electronic grooves ! Sunshine Enterprises Soul Funk Acid Jazz Hip Hop Events records and much more in Austria and around the globe
 Sunshine Enterprises Vienna (A)For real Groove lovers (in all kinds of electronic music !!!) Sunshine Enterprises Soul Funk Acid Jazz Hip Hop Events records and much more in Austria and around the globe
 SuperstitionNeuer Pferdemarkt 1, 20359 Hamburg Tel: (+49) 40 310773 Fax: (+49) 40 31796400 E-Mail: info@superstition.de
 SuperstonicListen to the trax. Artists involved-2Lone Swordsmen, Marco Pirroni, NealX, Lexi and Laz. Let us know what you think
 Surgery RecordsSurgery Records of Adelaide - eclectic electronics
 Surphasespeacialized on electronics based in rome, featuring artist & dj Leo Anibaldi, Qubit, dj Lory D, Kenofsky & more international guests
Surreal Audio A Helsinki based label info@surrealaudio.com Po Box 965, 00101 Helsinki, Finland +358 (0) 40 5430455 WEBSITE
 SVC Records Folk, Electronica, Strange Pop, Experimental contact @ svcrecords.co.uk
 Swahili EntertainmentA Label with a cultural difference in Music
 SwankRecord Label
Swank 1 Entertainment Independent Hip-Hop/R&B label plus a whole lot more T D Lanier phone: 877-887-7934 E-fax: 775-459-0983
 Sweden SongsMusic publishing
 sweetdrop recordslisten to streamng audio from all our artist, from techno, house, and trance. also keep updated on our soon to come store and weekly events....
 SwimRecord Label
 Switchflicker RecordsSwitchflicker Records, electronic indie music based in manchester, experimental poetry hip hop electronica performance
 Sydney Drum n Bassthe Drum n Bass scene in Sydney the sydney drum n bass scene
 Symbiosis recordsRecord Label
 Syndikut RecordsSyndikut Records - Kutting Edge in Drum & Bass
 Synergetic RecordsVienna based Trance Label of Dj Acan
 Synthetic FruitRecord Label
 Synthphony RecordsSynthpop for a new millennium
System 3 Records Breakbeat & Experimental Artists/DJs free mp3s taylor@system3records.com System 3 Records 127 W. Fairbanks Ave. #453 Winter Park, FL 32789 WEBSITE
 System RecordsBrisbane
 T aamp;Record Label
 Tangent Beatshouse music fom sweden - artist/release updates
 Tantrumm RecordsPsyTrance Record Label
 Tatsu Recordingsprogressive trance label
 TecRecord Label
 techno trance labeltechno trance label progressive underground a acid techno trance label from switzeland. record released. tracks and demos wanted
 Teenage ShutdownRecord Label
 Tektite Recordings
 Tektribe AgencyTechno DJ Agency
 Telepathic/PSI (Plus 8 related)Record Label
television records independent brisbane label television_records@hotmial.com PO BOX 35 The Gap 4061 WEBSITE
 television records brisbane the new independent label us @ televisionrecords.com edward @ televisionrecords.com
 TelicaRecord Label
 Tempest Recordingsfeaturing audio samples, news, and more + online store featuring a selection of labels
 Tempest Recordings AustraliaThe Official Website of Tempest Recordings
 Temple RecordsNYC Phone: (212) 475-7552 Fax: (212) 475-7597 email: temple.interport@rcn.com
 Tempo TantrumAll the latest on the London breaks night and label
 Terminal RecordsRecord Label
 Terror TraxRecord Label
 TFP CONNEXXXION TFP Parties all over the World Official Web site of global humanitarian techno/trance project presented by TECHNOKRATIA. Artists all round the world united in order to help people suffered from senseless war in Yugoslavia. Lots of pictures, videos &flyers
 The CD PoolALEXANDRIA profile label ...
 The Cumbersome Company / Cumbersome Recordsrecord store/label/sub-label 93 Johnston St Collingwood
 the dual plover family of businesses cd/dvd manufacturing, record label, distro and touring po box 983 darlinghurst NSW 2000
 The Frequency LabRecord Label, Studio and Performance Space
 The Hazard GroupHazard Records,Hazard Communications, hot new talent with a special edge, lots of video and mp3's
 The Indie Temple Australian Independent record label
 The Infinite Sector Project Independent collective and label focusing on experimental and electronica.
 The Music FactoryRecord Dance Label
 the one stop music complex / MCL Recordsreharsal/recording/digital editing prices. record label.
The Orange Lounge Recording Company Justin Hines, Tyler Kyte, Johnny Hollow Alanna Memme 567 Queen Street West Suite 300 Toronto, ON
 The pawn revelotionRaved based multi media group from lasers to DJs to the Record label....10 years strong...
 The ProductionsRecording Arts - Record Label / Studio audio recordings
 the sound of inverted light source recordingsA recording label devoted to developing techno music and technology itself.
 The Trydent Group, LLCUrban content development
 The Visions CollectionRecord Label
 theremin records Music platform that aims to develop the electronic music scene of barcelona. The thereminrecords (at) gmail.com djmonico (at) gmail.com
TheVidking Cd/Dvd duplication and grafix!!
 Think CommunicationsRecord Label
 Thirteen Productionslabel, shop, parties...
 Thule RecordsRecord Label
 ThunderVision Records
 Tidy Kid MusicBrisbane Australia based label featuring what we like
 tiki entertainmententertainment 808 style
 Time Unlimited
 Time UnlimitedRecord Label
 Timeless Music ProjectThe Huddersfield Community Record Label
 Tinnitus Tontraeger
 TIP WorldRecord Label
 Titan EntertainmentArtist Management, Distribution, Universal Music and Video Distribution, HotSpotsTV, Consulting, Publishing and PS & Non-U new Universal Artist Featured on BET.
 TLCRecord Label
 tmbaseurban electronic sound of timisoara romania
 Tmet RecordingsHome of NZ based label Tmet Recordings and UK Techno events and DJ Agency
 Tokyo Tekno TribeRecord Label
 Tonezone RecordsRecord Label
 TonikaRecord Label
 Tonika Recordings
Top Of The Hill Recordings Cornish musicians and bands Tim Chapple Top Of The Hill canonstown hayle cornwall UK WEBSITE
 Totally Eclipsed
 Touch aRecord Label
 TouchtoneRecord Label
 Touringpartner RecordsPsytrance
 ToyboxRecord Label
 Toyzin 2 Records a division of Toyzin II Entertainment R&B, HipHop,House/Dance, Indie, Gospel Toyzin 2 Records 112 West 131st Street Suite # 1 Manhattan, New York 10027
 Trance DancePsychedelic music and links to information about the pioneers of hallucinogenic practice.
 Trancelucent ProductionsIsraeli house of Trance - serving the global trance community - home of Plexus - Luminus VS. Perplex
 TranSGeniKs Worldsite about underground techno The Site of TranSGeniK french UnderGround Techno!!Default0.0
 TransientRecord Label
 TransmatRecord Label
 Transmission CommunicationsRecord Label
 TranspactRecord Label
 TraxRecord Label
 TrelikRecord Label
Tremendous Records New Liverpool label dedicated to releasing ear catching, alternative new music 07957 454 217
 Trench Recordingstrench recordings is a full service boutique music recording studio located in the west end of Toronto.
 Trend-RecordsRecord Company And Recording Studio
 TresorPostfach 36 04 28, 10999 Berlin
 Tribadelic recordsLabel Tribal
 tribe-adelicpsy trance
 Tricked Out Recordings
 Trinitgerman techno
 Trip n SpinRecord Label
 Trip RecordsRecord Label
 TripofagiaEverything about trip-hop & downbeat; artists, news, release
 TriptychRecord Label
 Trivia RecordsA label from Germany with hiphop, funk and house music!
 Tronic MusicTronic Music's mission is to release pumping, tribal, housey techno from both well established and new international artists.
 Trope Recordingspostfach 250213, 55120 mainz fax: +49 (0) 6131 684804
 True PlayazPO BOX 1508, Slough, Berks, SL1 5XT Tel. 01753 518 577 Fax. 01753 821 723
 True PlayazRecord Label
 Truelove Label CollectiveRecord Label
 TRUELOVE LABEL COLLECTIVEcollective of london s most kicking house hardhouse nu nrg and techno acid trance labels ...
 Trust In TranceRecord Label
 tsuprecordrecord label
 TunnelRecord Label
Turbo3634 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 2V4
 Turbo Trance RecordsTurbo Trance Records 3, rue Saint-Exupéry 13580 La Fare-les-Oliviers France tel/fax: 0033 (0)490.425.019 mobile: 0033 (0)603.561.965
 TurbulentRecord Label
Turmic Records Vesitile Independent Label With Highly Selected Artists +46 40 579969 [OFFICE] +46 40 579968 [FAX] +46 406 679976 [MOBILE] WEBSITE
 Turnipseed MusicRecord Label
 TVT RecordsRecord Label
 TWA RecordsRecord Label
 TwahRecord Label
 TwistedRecord Label
 Twistedtraxxsite for hardhouse record label to promote label and producers on it.
 Twitch RecordingsUnderground dance label in San Francisco
 Tzanda RecordingsMain website for all Tzanda-related activities and downloads
 U-traxRecord Label
 U-Turn RecordsRecord Label (electronica, breakbeat,house,etc.)
 U.S.T.A.- underground sound of tel-avivLABEL INFO,ON LINE SHOP,PARTYS OF USTA
 UbiquityRecord Label
 UCA RecordsRecord Label
 UCMGUndercover Music Group
 UCMG UKUndercover Music Group UK
 UDP Recordingsuniversal dance productions, scotland, uk tel.fax: +44 (0) 1506 410995
 UFO RecordingsDigital record label based in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. With a focus on Breakbeat, the label produces electronic music in a variety of genres.
 Ugly Nephew Records A communitarian record label looking for friends. Ian Gordon write me myspace.com/theuglynephew WEBSITE
 Ultra Violet RecordingsRecord Label
 UltraschallRecord Label
 ultrasound recordingswonderful!!
 Umi EntertainmentRecord Label founded by James Bryan from The Philosopher Kings & Prozzak
 UMI EntertainmentJames Bryans label UMI Entertainments featuring artists Tyler Kyte, Jesse Labelle, Gavin Bradley & Sunshine State
 Uncharted AudioA london (UK) based record label featuring releases by cursor miner, langer and lj kruzer.
 Under Cover Music GroupRecord Label
 Underground Lessonsindependent record label
 Underground RecordsRecord Label
 Underground Resistance
 Underground ResistanceRecord Label
Unified Sound Entertainment Inc. Record Label / Artists Development company Office: Suite 2 - 10711 Shepherd Drive Richmond, BC Canada Tel: 604-512-3379
 Universal Dance ProductionsThe Site of Producer Gordon Tennant, music production & record labels
 Universal EggRecord Label
 unTaamp indierock garage punk hc/punk screamo emo noise label and mailorder for agressive culture.
 Upstairs Recordings
 Urban Guerilla Records (Electronic - Hip-hop - DaamTime to go public!
 Urban Street is an online service providing musical artist with promotion and marketing services. As an agency we provide a wide range of specialist musical tal
 Urban-Traxx-EntertainmentThe newest worldwide hip-hop record label, promoter, booking agent, clothing and more
 Vacancy Records vacancy @ vacancyrecords.com WEBSITE
 Valve recordsprofile label ...
 Van Richter RecordsVan Richter Records was formed November 1993 in San Diego California by long time loyal fans of Industrial Music . Our mission is to develop the careers of the
 Vast RecordsRecord Label
 Velarde Productions Inc.The Label that cares for music...
 Velvet Sound RecordingsRecord Label
 Veracity Musicindependent label, audio and visual production, management, legal advice, promotion
 Verb AudioRecord Label
 Verse Australia Australian hiphop and rnb VA A&R PO Box 252 Hoxton Park NSW, 2171
 Versuch-LabA no-profit, no-budget cd-r label from Montreal, Canada
 Vertical Records Australia Punk/Ska scott@verticalrecords.com.au
 Verve RecordsRecord Label
 VielklangRecord Label
 Vinyl Sol - PhonoRecord Label
 Vinyl SolutionRecord Label
 VirginRecord Label
 VirusRecord Label
 VisibleRecord Label
 Vitamin E Records
 VolitionRecord Label
 Volition Records (USA)An independant record label.
 Voltage Control RecordsRecord Label
 Voodoo RecordsRecord Label
 VoxPopRecord Label
 Wall Of SoundRecord Label
 Warbird EntertainmentFounded in Atlanta, GA USA in 2007, Warbird Entertainment is an independent record label that focuses on Punk, Hardcore & Rock music.
 Warner Brothers
 Warp RecordsPO Box 25378, London NW5 1GL, UK
 Warranty Records All Genre Record Label (Major) in Seattle, Washington Mark Lutch 425.252.7539
 WAU! Mr ModoRecord Label
 Wave RecordsA record label site for house, trance and hard dance. Demos welcome.
 Waveforge Music
 WaveformRecord Label
 Wavescapepostfach 250213, 55120 mainz fax: +49 (0) 6131 684804
 Wax Records 7201 Melrose Avenue Suite A Los Angeles, CA 92004 USA
 Wax TraxRecord Label
 Wecw aawecw e fed but adding recording studio to site
 Weightless Recordingship hop record label
 Weird Music SocietyRecord Label
 WerlWERL - University of Warwick Exposure and Record Label - new student run record label. info @ werlrecords.com ar @ werlrecords.com
 WetMusikMelbourne based Record Label, Event Produciton, Touring and Artist Management dedicated to exposing underground DJ's and Producers
 Whatt Kastle1501 1/2 South Dale Mabry Highway, Suite 69, Tampa, FL 33629 PH: 813-253-2422
 White Label RecordsRecord Label
 Who's Next NowU.S. entertainment resource for you. Check out Kenpooh the latest from the U.S.
 wildcubby musicrecord label and home for reggae artist and orther caribbean styles
 Willbur Records
 Wings special in indian music wings entertainment limited wings hose, behind juhu recidency hotel juhu tara road vile parle west mumbai 400 049 (india)
 Witness-Wax Poetics EntertainmentA piece of 215 HipHop
 WNM RecordsWhy Not Making Records for the kidz??? ++ 49 (0) 2241 973 59 04
 Wonderland RecordsRecord Label
 Wooded Hoods EntertainmentA new label straight from VA. Heres the new Hoods!!
 Woodson Lateral Records
 Woodwork Recordings
 Wootwoomusic downloads
 WordSoundRecord Label
 WorldSongmain site for WorldSong Entertainment Group
 wormwoodprofile label ...
 Worthy RecordsMusic for listening not profit
 Worthy RecordsAn artist run collective of experimental, and hard to classify music.
 written on waterjazz, world music and free improvisation record label
 Wulfpak RecordsConnecticut's hottest new urban music label
 www.mdam.co.ilprofile label ...
 X Dot 25 Music ProductionsRecord Label
 X-Art RecordsRecord Label
 X-TraxRecord Label
 xChild ProductionxChild Production * Representing talented artist around the world and selling beats
 xentaSelf-producing label for underground music.
 Xenta RecordsSelf-producing label for experimental music.
 XR RecordsThe hottest Label in Wash DC Holla!
XR Records The Label Wit All the Bangers Holla! Raymond Eggleston Ceo 202-907-9646 for bookings WEBSITE
 You Love RandomMusic and Art Distribution
 Zaph RecordsRecord Label
 ZenitThe finest in Techno.
Zenovia Records Pty Ltd Label for Electronica Music and Dj's Send Demo + photo/bio c/- A+R Zenovia Records 16 dunvarleigh Cres Griffith NSW Sydney 2680 Australia
 Zero G Sounds Dubbed-out techno and other auditory examinations
 Zillion Mental Anarchiefor bookings,contact,licencing,info: ZMA rec tel:003 0937 616822 003 0977 475744 fax:003 01 9616796 Demos to: ZMA REC po.box:3485 10210 Athens Greece distributed by: WIRIKUTA tel/fax:0043(0) 52323929 mob tel:0043(0) 6644859708 email:wirikuta@utopia.or.a
 Zombie Disco Records New Orleans Label releasing electro underground uncut contactus &@ zombiedisco.com
 Zonar RecordingsRecord Label