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Call for Entries – 4th Annual “All Photography” Online Art Competition

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for entries for the gallery’s 4th Annual “All Photography” online art competition for the month of January 2015.  Photographers from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for inclusion in to the Gallery’s February 2015 online group art exhibition. Light Space & Time encourages entries from all photographers regardless of where they reside and regardless of their experience or education in the art field. All digital, film, manipulated, alternative photographic and printing processes will be accepted into this online competition.
The winning artists of the "All Photography" Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, 70+ press release announcements, 75+ event announcement posts, extensive social media distribution, marketing and promotion,  in order to make the art world aware of the art exhibition and in particular, the a
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Angel the captain of LABS-THINGS is just invasive... completely passively and directly

Hi I would like to introduce to too a similar MMMM mmm militaries passport (Mine is M8747409 - the owner of a cosmic pontoon [img src="http://www.simonaroberts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/117.-Lumpies-Defenc e-Images.jpg" / style="max-width: 200px;" />) -- you might know Angel better in the comic Invader Zim as Zim herself)

Her badge you see there stands as 1 above all 2 the captain and this photo is not only in another cosmos it is is a completely different multiversities all together.. We're still looking like you but we are heartless and more like an insect or a spider..

The end...

ps.. The reason you can't get any Zim parifinalia that is just an old internal resort broadcast, like nikiloding says, we just market zim, that is our military standard, that is where it is tattoo'd -- Suggest LDF in marrickville, they are also invasive

[img src="http://www.simonaroberts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/wpid-img_20141219_1 40811_
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CEJ is still around you know -- been busy for ICTY+Ayahusca

Hey how are you all, myself and michael MD (Sysop of Spraci.com) have been hanging out constantly for the last 15 years or so, we have been snowed under for awhile since serving 4 all beef paddies special sauce letter cheese on a pickled seasum seed mccourt st (wiley park).. Where we downed in a highly concentrated dose of Ayahusca 1kg, chowaponga and siven roe and one package that unlabelled itself when these amazonian tribal men in programming ANTdb 2005 turned up in my rental place all of a sudden like hunting "wood-be cannibals" on the internet. I know some of themselves are targeting cause I can't see visible even though the file store is there on my media service http://extraterrestrialslam.org that one band that shows it is local and remote ~ Cannibal Corpse.I since 2007 have been contributing as an Open source developer to the XOOPS Community (http://xoops.org under the username - wishcraft). If you want to have a look around my bizo it is a Cooperative that myself and Robin "de'goblin" spratt have be
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Need the Perfect Birthday Hat Present?


You never really realize the quantity of different uses we now have for hats. Just look around and see how hats can be used. The primary style of fitted hat you can find on the web is the conventional baseball cap style. You will discover a multitude of fabulous websites which specialize in fitted hats for every individual. Then you can order your hat meant to measure (so ensure you measure the head before you order your size). Later coming your designed personalized hats that has a logo, a team name or simply a picture which you decide on. It truly is totally under your control!

There are many kinds of golf hats you can customize and produce for your own designs. Fitted caps are perfect simply because will fit you comfortably simply because have already been engineered available for you
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Doormats Welcome You Home

Doormats Welcome You Home

When a guest arrives to your front step, the first thing they are greeted with is a locked door and a vacant porch. How to make people do not feel a little cold and empty? A nice printed door mats will be a great way to warm up your entryway and welcome people to your home. Of course these items are mostly functional, especially in wet weather, but there are so many ways to personalize these mats that they have now become a decorative point of interest in most homes.

Doormats are your home’s protectors against outside debris since they trap and hold dirt from your shoes. The front entrance of a house gives the first impression, and we all know how important those are. You can personalize these items with monograms, addresses, printed designs, funny slogans, silly pictures, ironic jokes, season
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Funny Tshirt Or Race Track?


So, do you have kids who never want to sleep? And are too tired to play with them? Well, today I’ll show you how to cheat, with a funny homemade t shirt. Now, your kids can have fun by playing with you while you are sleeping. Yeah, I know, sounds like a dream.

The race track t-shirt, as shown below, will keep your kids busy and they will also offer you a great back massage. Now, if there could be another t-shirt, designer for the wife, with some similar perks. We’ll keep you posted on that as well, don’t worry.

Here’s how to get your own racetrack t-shirt. All you have to do is to take a white t-shirt, some freezer paper, some fabric paint and some creativity. After this, you should draw a pattern first in a pencil and when it’s ready in black marker. Then, put the paper freezer inside the ts
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Create Your Unique Style from Your Hat


Though these days you may most commonly associate a hat with the baseball field, there are many other hat styles that have found their way to the forefront of the fashion scene. Cowboy hats, fedoras, snapbacks, flat brims, bowlers—they’re all major players in the hat game. Fashion trends come and go, but the personalized hat has long had its place in our daily wardrobes.

The customized hats are perhaps the world’s most universal accessory. Whether you’re a hipster capping off your sporty get-up with a stylish fedora, or an urban legend who’s carving a new urban trend under a classic fitted flat brim, you’re well aware of the accessorizing versatility of a personalized hat. Switch up your outfit, switch up your hat—with so many different styles of hats to choose from, yo
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Adorable Way To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays

Decorate A Small Space

If you love decorating for the holidays, but the idea of fitting an 8′ tree in your tiny apartment seems more fantastic than a visit from Santa, then these ideas for holiday decorations with a small footprint might be just the thing. Those with tiny living areas can still get into the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations. It just takes a little creativity and thought to find the perfect place for a garland and ribbon. Start thinking small to ensure everything fits into the space. Also, consider hanging decorations on the walls and making the furniture a part of the decor too. Do not let a small room stymy creativity. Instead, use it as a creative challenge for coming up with new holiday decoration ideas. When ready to find the best Christmas decorations for the room, head to the reliable s
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Custom Hoodie Stands out among the Masses

hoodie stands

Although hooded garments date back to medieval times, knights and monks, their advance into mainstream fashion really began in the 1930s, where a little company called Champion produced hooded sweatshirts to help outdoor workers in upstate New York battle the cold. It wasn’t until the 1970s, though, when hip hop culture, Rocky Balboa, graffiti and break dancing became hot, that hooded sweatshirts—then-coined “hoodies”—really took flight.

Hoodies (also known as a “hoody” or “hooded sweatshirt”) are the perfect combination of comfort and style. Snapmade customized hoodies have a drawstring hood and a kangaroo pocket in the front which is a great place to put your iPhone 5 with custom iPhone cover. Our custom hoodies are ideal for anyone.

Personalize this warm and toasty p
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DIY Gift Guide


While flowers and cards are always appreciated, I like to get a little more creative with my holiday gift giving. And what better way to show your friends how much they mean to you than with something handmade? As the resident crafter on Team LC, I wanted to share a chic and simple custom mugs that would be particularly perfect for Holiday. Check out my how-to below…

Here’s what you will need:
Plain white mug or coffee set
Metallic gold paint pen (Note: This is different from a regular gold Sharpie)

1.Draw or trace out your design onto your mug. (I printed a heart out on a piece of paper, cut it out, and used that to stencil my outline.) If you make a mistake, the paint is easily removable from non-porous surfaces with rubbing alcohol before it sets.
2.Allow your designs to dry to the to
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Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for art for the gallery’s 4th Annual “Seasons” Juried Online Art Competition for the month of December 2014.  The gallery invites all 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world to make online submissions for possible inclusion in the Gallery’s January 2015 online group art exhibition.  
The Seasons theme will include and represent the four distinct times of the year, along with any scenes, events, or any activities associated with those four seasons  The deadline to apply to this art competition is December 27, 2014. Winners receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion. For further information and to apply online http://www.lightspacetime.com/newsletter/4th-annual-seasons-online-art-competiti on/
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Tips for You to DIY Your Tote Bags


Step 1: Cut fabric.
Print out the Market Tote templates here at 100% or use the tiled version available here. Cut out the templates and then cut out the burlap, outer, and lining fabrics according to the pattern templates. Sew an overcasting or zigzag stitch around the bottom and side edges of the burlap to prevent fraying.

Step 2: Sew outer bag pieces.
Pin and sew one burlap piece to a patterned fabric piece along the top long side, right sides together.Press the seams open. Repeat with the other matching pieces.

Step 3: Sew bag and lining.
Pin the lining pieces right sides together. Sew the top straps together, then sew along the bottom and sides, attaching the lining pieces to one another, stopping 1/2″/12 mm from the curve where the straps will begin. Then repeat with the main bag pieces, being sure to
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Dog Tag, the Best Gift for Your Pet


Having some form of identification on your pet is definitely a good idea. There are varying degrees of information that personalized dog tags can convey to someone who finds your dog when they are lost. The more detailed the tag information the better the chances that you and your pet pal will be reunited. Some owners think it is enough for their personalized dog tag to have their dog’s name and a contact number, but it is increasingly more of a necessity to have more personalized information on the tags.

The more information you can place on your personalized dog tags the better and Dog Tag Art offers the most customizable and flexible custom tags to give you an optimum amount of customization.

At Dog Tag Art we offer a great deal of options and allow you to be in control of creating your ideal custom dog tags. You
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Design Pillow cases by Yourself

design pillow cases

Buying extra pillow cases can be very expensive. Here is an easy way to make your own extras at a minimal cost. What is more, your homemade pillow cases will match perfectly with your sheets, no matter what color or design the sheets have.

One of my small pet peeves is that sheet sets never have enough pillow cases. We like to double our pillows, making it necessary to have twice as many pillow cases as is standard. Sometimes, you can find sheets for sale singularly and purchase them by the piece. This, too, can get expensive. When you add in the cost of a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and four pillowcases. Does anyone else have this problem? I also like to have extra personalized pillow cases for the kids in case one gets soiled in the middle of the night and needs to be quickly changed. It is also nice to have ex
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The Perfect Coffee Mug for You

christmas coffee mugs

Start your day off right with one of our coffee mugs made just for you. Whether you like your morning brew black or light and sweet, coffee is bound to have the perfect coffee mug for you!

With all the great products we have here at Snapmade.com, one very important item might be overlooked, and that is the custom mugs! What better way to enjoy your morning cup of Joe than with a personalized printed mug? With so many colors to choose from you can have a mug for each day of the week and a different color, picture, or saying for each! Get creative and design your personalized mugs with some flair and finesse. Show off your witty and funny side by printing your jokes on them or just upload your favorite picture and enjoy the presence of your best friend or family member at breakfast! Each morning is a joy to wa
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What¡¯s your creative ideas for Thanksgiving Family Traditions


November is here and Thanksgiving Day is upon us. Are you ready for starting with Thanksgiving in just a few weeks? There are many fun activities to do with the family around Thanksgiving to teach your kids to be grateful, keep the family laughing and creating memories around Thanksgiving. From school parties to family events, watch the Parade to Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, let your little turkey participate in all the Thanksgiving Day activities to help children learn about the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Before the big games, the big meal, the parades and the pies, why not get in a little exercise with a few thousand neighbors? Do a “Turkey Trot” Run or Walk. Our neighbors run as a family every year. This is our great Thanksgiving Day tradition. It’s an event the whole f
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Families create fun and memorable holiday traditions


Holiday traditions can make your family’s Christmas memorable and fun. Small or big, holiday traditions are about the memories you create and the anticipation of everyone’s experiences. Following are a few holiday traditions that make the holidays memorable for these families. Perhaps you can add one or two this year.

Dine at a “different” restaurant
You don’t have to make reservations at a typical restaurant to create a holiday tradition and memorable meal. Try something different! Allison Friedrich, mom of three, shares her family’s holiday tradition: “As a kid my family and I always ate at a Japanese steakhouse for Christmas Eve dinner, and that’s something we’ve continued with our family. We only go the one day each year, so it’s a special treat.&rdqu
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What Should We Look for When Buying a Bib?

Buying a Custom Bibs

When buying a baby bibs, the most important consideration is safety. Bibs with tie closures are an old standby, but after hearing all the dangers associated with hoods that tie, many parents avoid ties on any article of clothing. Some bibs also come with plastic backing, which can smother babies or small children if they are left unattended. This style provides good protection for clothing because food and liquid is absorbed into the fabric on the front, but kept away from clothing by the plastic backing. However, it is somewhat more difficult to clean.

The next consideration is size. A small bib won’t cover enough of your child’s clothes to protect them from damage, and one that is too large may let food slip through at the neckline and fall onto clothing. Finding a bib with adjustable closures is
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Ways for You to Celebrtate Thanksgiving with Less Money


Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away. Whether you’re traveling across the county or staying local, there are things that require planning and that doesn’t even begin to touch the Thanksgiving meal. While the Thanksgiving meal is a non-negotiable tradition for most people, it can also be a hectic time with all the preparation involved. There is also the cost aspect to be considered. No one really wants to be cheap when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal, but it does add up if you don’t plan it out beforehand. So here are four ways for you to save money:

Shop the sales:

Retailers are smart. They know when we’ll be shopping heavily for items and Thanksgiving is no different. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, it’s common to see many of the more
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Polo Shirts¡¯ History


Despite its name, the polo shirt has it roots firmly in the world of tennis. It was multiple Grand Slam tournament winner Rene Lacoste in the late 1920s who decided that playing in a button-up shirt and tie was just too uncomfortable and restrictive. He came up with a short-sleeve cotton shirt in loose knit pique fabric that retained a smart appearance by keeping the collar with a 3-button placket, although the collar was flat and unstarched.

Meanwhile, polo players were still wearing thick, long-sleeve Oxford cotton shirts – the type of top that nowadays would be marketed as a traditonal rugby shirt. Within 3 years of Lacoste’s invention though, polo players had adopted it for their own sport and custom polo shirts embroidery was the image of a polo player.

To throw another sport into the mix, the polo shirt printing
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How to Create Your Own Dress Style

Dress Style

If you want to catch the eye of strangers and cultivate a striking presence when you walk into a room, you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. You can easily do this by creating your own style of dress. Creating your own unique style that reflects your individuality can be fun and easy.

Go through what you already own and decide what you like. Pieces that you keep should have a fit that’s flattering to your body, as well as an overall look that blends with your shape. Throw out or donate anything that fits poorly or that you’re hesitant to wear out of the house. A good rule of the thumb is that if you haven’t worn it for 6 months (barring seasonal items such as sweaters for winter or swimsuits for summer), get rid of it. On the clothes that you do keep, evaluate what exactly it is that makes you like t
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What¡¯s Thanksgiving All For?


Pilgrims, dressed in black, sat down with Indians, wearing feathers and colorful beads, for a big meal of turkey, cornbread, cranberries and pumpkin pie…Do all these create what we know as Thanksgiving? It’s almost Thanksgiving!

“Pilgrims” weren’t even introduced as part of the holiday until the late 19th century! You didn’t know? Thanksgiving myths persist, largely due to our schools passing down pure nonsense about this holiday from one generation to another. Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Football half-time takes twelve minutes too. This is not coincidence.

That business of the Pilgrims wearing only black and white clothing with buckles on their custom hats, custom t shirts, clothing and sho
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First-Ever White House 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge

Today is November 5th, and that means it’s time to throw out those pumpkins and start preparing for Christmas. The White House is wasting no time. A Christmas tree supermarket that started 51 years ago is memorialized in the 2014 Albany Easter Seals Christmas Ornament. On Thursday, the administration launched the “First-Ever White House 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge”. It will figure out which personalized ornaments are going to hang on the tree.

The contest, which the White House is undertaking along with the Smithsonian, “invites makers, artists, designers, engineers and anyone interested in 3D modeling and 3D printing to design a winter holiday-inspired ornament.” A selection of the winning designs will be printed and displayed in the White House; they will also be displayed on the Smithsonian’s 3D data platform and will end up in a W
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Office Promotional Leather Mouse Pads


A mouse pad, is a supplementary part that is added to a computer for the purpose of improving the function, mobility and control of a computer custom mousepad. Most common computer pads are made of lesser density rubber composites or fabric, plastic, vinyl, or synthetic fibers. A leather computer pad is one of the best promotional products that can be branded for use in advertisement in the office.

Multiple functions are executed by computers on a daily basis and because most computers use a computer mouse, they need a mouse pad. As a promotional item in the office, a leather mouse-pad is not only ideal for promotional purposes, but is also quite a functional giveaway gift. Computer pads have become very popular in recent times as fashionable promotional items that can be used in the office to ens
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Wonderful Gifts of Engraved Compact Mirrors

Some people prefer to purchase Engraved Personalized Compact Mirrors for themselves, but they in fact make very exclusive gifts. These mirrors are really unique, and anybody will find them to be pretty helpful and fun to use. They may not invariably be used as presents, but they make impressive gifts and are absolutely worth the money.

Why do engraved compact mirrors make wonderful gifts? Every girl in the world today desires to look beautiful. These mirrors are extremely compact, that is why they’re called compact mirrors, as they are quite easy to carry. Whether people is meeting their favorite celebrity or going to take a photo, looking their best is their aim, and you can give them just what they need for looking their absolute best.

Should I try buying them online? yes, you can consider buying them online. They’re less expensive online, and you can do it al
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Games and Puzzles Improve Your Memory

Are games just a fun way to pass time or can they help you stay mentally sharp as you age – and even delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Games are enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and socially engaging – and that’s all good for you. But do they keep your brain sharp?

If people repeatedly practice a certain task, they do improve over time, says Richard Caselli, M.D., professor of neurology at Mayo Clinic Arizona, in Scottsdale. So chances are, if you do a crossword from custom Jigsaw Puzzles and funny jigsaw puzzles every day, you’ll become an expert at them.

But researchers are still evaluating whether that skill can transfer to other tasks, like remembering a name, date, or where you left your keys. If so, fun brain games and personalized photo puzzles could be a component in helping manage degenerative brain diseases, such
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How To Make Easy DIY T-Shirt Pillows?

You know what your teen have too many of personalized T-shirts.Does your teen have a stash of favorite t-shirts they no longer wear but can’t bear to part with because they have some sentimental value or they just love them too much? Instead of burying them in the bottom of a box, with the chance of them seeing the light of day again next to none, repurpose them into easy-to-make DIY T-Shirt Pillows.Follow along with the instructions below to see how easy it is to make these t-shirt pillows yourself. They are very simple to make and it took me less than an hour to make all four!Just join me to enjoy this crafting!

Supplies You Need:
Materials:T-Shirts,Thread,Polyester stuffing
Tools:Scissors,Tape measure,Pencil,Paper,Sewing Machine

1. Go through your pile of favorite funny t-shirts and pick out one with a fun design.
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Why Do Mens and Womens Clothes Have the Buttons on the Opposite Sides?


The most widely touted theory by far is that the practice of reversing buttons on men’s and women’s clothing stems back to the time of elaborate dress of gentlemen and ladies when upper-class women, particularly during the Victorian era, wore so many layers that it was necessary for them to be dressed by a servant or maid. Men’s clothes were left with the button on the right, as has been common throughout the history of buttoning, because most men tended to dress themselves.

The upper-class were the trend-setters for right over left buttons and that even if women didn’t have a maid or servant. Men, especially upper-class men, didn’t have servants who helped them button up their coats and waistcoats just isn’t accurate. Up through the 18th century there are numerous examples of women’s clothing that included buttons having the buttons on t
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Let Us Wait for Baby No. 13

A western Michigan couple with 12 sons is looking forward to baby No. 13, and even though they’re insisting their tradition of not finding out in advance whether they’re having a boy or girl, they said they’d be shocked if their streak is broken.

Jay and Kateri Schwandt’s baby is due May 9, The Grand Rapids Press reported. Even though they expect it will be another boy, the couple said they would welcome either into the family.

“If we were to have a girl, I think we would go into shock,” Kateri Schwandt said. “It would probably be disbelief.”

If he had a choice, Jay Schwandt said he would love to have a girl, but they’re just “hoping for a healthy baby.” Still, he would like to see the effect of adding a girl to the mix in a household with 12 boys. and they want to design custom t shirts and custom hats for this team.

“I’ve experienc
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Choose the right way to lose weight

 Some women will try anything to squeeze into those skinny jeans, but the latest extreme slimming trend has nothing to do with cutting carbs or exercise, but rather, simply taking a step back in time and strapping on a corset.

Diane Gonzales, 53, of Azusa, Calif., has turned to corset training after striking out on multiple diets. What she just hoped for as the outcome of this “diet” was a tiny little waist just like a Barbie doll.

Under the supervision of Dr. Alexander Sinclair, a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, Gonzales hopes to go from a 26- to a 23-inch waist, which her doctor says is possible.
Sinclair says that compressing the bottom ribs both up and in makes the space between your ribs and hips look smaller, and the possible side effect of such discomfort might even make you eat less, but you will can wearing custom t shirts and custom tank t
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The Surprisingly Invention of T-Shirt

The t-shirt is arguably the most popular outer garment in the entire world. But where did this iconic garment come from and how did it become so popular?

The t-shirt is a fairly new addition to our collective wardrobes. It has only been an acceptable piece of clothing in its own right for around half a century. With wider necks and shorter sleeves, it was almost universally considered to be underwear since the early 20th century.

It’s thought that it evolved from a kind of all-in-one underwear made from red flannel known as the “union suit” which was popular with workers in the 19th century. A similar garment which consisted of two pieces of long underwear is recognized today as “Long Johns”. They were similarly popular with workers and the poor. Long Johns have never really waned in popularity since and have been keeping people w
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The Most Suitable Material for a Backpacker¡¯s Towel

custom towels

A test has been done among three different types of material (named pale blue, dark blue and brown) to find out which one would be more suitable as a backpacker’s towel. A low density, high absorbency, rapid drying towel would be made as a good backpacker’s towel.

The experts weighed the fabric before wetting it and weighing it again. They then hung it on some suspended string and let a rotating fan dry them for fifteen minutes. After this time was up, they weighed the materials again in order to work out the drying rate, the absorbency and the amount of water lost. They then recorded their results in a table and analyzed these to come to a conclusion.

Part of the criteria that adds to what makes a backpacker’s personalized towels is a high absorbency. The graph shows that the Pale Blue fabric had the hig
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Which One You Prefer, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung¡¯s Galaxy Note 4?

iphone6 plus and samsung note4

The world’s two biggest smartphone manufacturers each has a premium flagship phablet, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, vying for your attention. But which one you will choose?

Both the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 are fantastic phablets and you won’t go wrong with either, but if you’re torn between them, you need to look at your usage patterns and prioritize what’s important to you. That is easy if you want to custom iPhone 6 cases or custom Samsung cases at snapmade.

The 6 Plus has a more aesthetically pleasing build and finish, with incredible attention to detail and lots of subtle design accents, like matching torx screws and a curved-edge display that looks and feels luxurious. On the other hand, it’s not actually the most c
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Turns your favorite photo into 3D printed lithophane key chain


Are you finding a safer and more durable way to carry a photo around that holds great emotional value? Now it have some companies that professionally produce 3D printed lithophane key chains. They will make your dreams come true! Just design a custom made, 3D printed lithophane personalized key chains. The engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts have started Print 3D for many customers. Besides, the web service will allow you to upload the photo of your choice, and a 3D printed keychain will arrive at your doorstep within a few weeks.

These custom keychains are relatively small. They’re about 1, 75 inches wide and 1,25 inches high, and only about 0,3 inches thick. Using pictures with limited detail that don’t feature too many subjects is being recommended as the size i
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Study says flip-flops may ease knee arthritis pain

custom flip-flops

Shakoor, a rheumatologist at Rush University Medical Center, discovered that flat, flexible shoes, like sneakers and personalized flip flops, may be easier on the knees than the kinds of shoes arthritis sufferers usually wear.

The idea is a lot of force is bad for the knees. “So, if we reduce the loads, we think arthritis will progress less and people will have less pain,” said Shakoor, an associate professor at Rush Medical College. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and ask your doctor to prescribe a pair of custom sandals, Shakoor said. Flip-flops put people at risk for falls and all sorts of foot problems. Shakoor worked on a study a few years ago that found when people walk barefoot, the load is lowest on the knee. The amount of force relates to how fast the arthritis will progress and how m
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The Develop Story of Hats

The Develop Story of Hats

Some while ago, a century or so, there was a time when only beggars went bareheaded.But up until World War II and the period just after, a gentleman was not considered properly dressed without a hat.Then the hat went the way of the dodo.The real blame probably belongs to automobiles, though. Hats were knocked off when you entered a car and inevitably got squashed beneath a passenger’s wayward behind or went into orbit when you lowered the top to a convertible.

While it is true that the headwear business is not altogether on the skids, it would be stretching things to say the future looks bright. Who knows what happened in Europe? Was it the influence of a fine museum show sponsored by the Borsalino Foundation at the Triennale in Milan demonstrating cinema’s long love affair with the hat?
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Finding the perfect bed pillow for resting your head

the perfect bed pillow

Selecting a pillow is as personal as it is technical. Along with differences in material and levels of firmness, there are terms like “fill power,” a number determined by putting an ounce of down in a compression chamber, or you can design your own custom pillows cases and personalized pillow cases if you want to get unique pillow cases.

Below are some brand pillows. Who knew the world of pillows was so vast?

Bloomingdale’s: My Luxe Firm Queen pillow is filled with European white goose down with an 800 fill power, making it the loftiest of all. $315
Duxiana: The Xleep pillow incorporates a revolutionary inner spring system—encased in a white goose down–filled removable cover,$235
Williams-Sonoma: The Laurel Down pillow is made from Hungarian goose down with a 600 fill
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To Save Money on Halloween Treats


We’re only a week away from Halloween and while everyone is crazy about the costumes and decorations, I’m crazy about the treats. That’s right, I get more excited about the approaching candy rush than what I’m going to wear around the neighborhood. No Halloween is complete without some spooky treats that adults and kids can enjoy together at festive Halloween gatherings.

There is no need to rely on standard store-bought treats from the candy aisle. Those can be expensive and, let’s face it, a little boring. I have some more creative ideas for you, like custom t shirts or custom hats for our team. and the good news is that they’re also affordable.

Scary Chattering Teeth: You only need three ingredients, which are red apples, peanut butter and marshmallows. Cut the red apples
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As A New Pet Owner,Have You Ever Made These Mistakes

The squirmy puppy in the cardboard box was so adorable. The fluffy kitten on display at the pet store touched you with her paw. The docile bunny rabbit seemed like such a nice Easter surprise.Many of us mere mortals fall in love with animals on the spot and impulsively take them home with us. That’s not always the wisest move to make, though, especially in economic times like these. It’s all too easy for inexperienced pet owners to step on financial land mines before they know what hit them.Even in flush times, hasty decisions about animals can prove to be hard on the humans and the animals involved. To avoid unnecessary heartache and steer clear of some of the most common mistakes new pet owners make, consider these tips. We also provide tons of ideas of custom pet tags and personalized dog tags for your pet. I hope these all help you.
1.A tiny dog’s bite can be bigger than its bark. It&rs
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To Wash Your Towels More Often Than You Think


We took a deep dive into the particulars of towel cleaning: how often should you wash the various kinds of towels used on a daily basis? It turns out you should wash all your towels more often than you probably think. For bath towels, the experts we spoke with recommend washing after about three uses to remove millions (yes, tens of millions) of dead skin cells and avoid that musty scent.

That musty smell of your bath towel isn’t your imagination — because bath towels are extra-thick, they lock in moisture and harbor odors more quickly. so you can custom bath towel or personalized towels for your family when change them.  

Mary Marlowe Leverette, laundry expert, says that When you wash them, use vinegar in place of fabric softener becase Fabric softener residue traps odors and the vinegar strips it away. As a ge
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A Deceptively Simple Plate Designed To Control Your Daily Diet


Counting calories can involve a tedious process of weighing food, doing conversions, and logging every meal, or buying an expensive gadget like this device that shoots a laser at your lunch. But then there’s this low-tech alternative: A plate that shows, in a simple graphic, how to eat a balanced meal.

Dutch designer Annet Bruil saw a need for people to eat healthier, and through design research found that one of the main problems people struggle with is portion control. People find it difficult to estimate how many vegetables they should eat. And even if they know it should be 200 grams a day, but what does that look like on a plate? maybe need a personalized plates.

The ETE plate is divided into sections that show the recommended portion size for vegetables, protein, and starches like rice or pasta. And since
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Top 3 Sweats and Hoodies for Athletes

couple t shirts

Our clothes are what we use to express ourselves the best to the world: they let everyone know what mood we’re in, whether happy, sad, edgy, trendy or confident. The right style of clothes has everything to do with finding the right brand that matches your personality. A darker wash of jeans and a button down shirt gives off a relaxed but classy sense of style; mesh shorts and athletic shoes announces how fit you are to the world and a neatly-pressed suit and tie will show the rest of the world how confident and professional you are. If you’ve ever asked the question, “What are the best hoodie brands available?” before then you have definitely come to the right place! Finding that perfect brand that has the perfect price tag on it is easier than ever; there are several different varieties of name-
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New Things You Need To Know About iPad Air 2


Apple unveiled the new iPad Air 2 on Thursday.”It is the thinnest iPad we have ever made,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. Now just 6.1 mm thin and weighing less han a pound, iPad Air 2 features an improved Retina display for enhanced contrast and richer, more vibrant colors, and better cameras for taking stunning photos and videos. Available in gold, silver and space gray, the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 offer Touch ID so users can unlock their iPad with just the touch of a finger and make purchases easily and securely within apps using Apple Pay.Now let’s talk about some other features for iPad Air 2.

iOS 8 and iPad Air.A powerful combination.
With an easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and security at its core, iOS 8 mak
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Friendship Necklaces for You

friendship necklace

Sure, you have a best friend today, but back in ’90s and early 2000s, best friends were a lifestyle. When you weren’t busy having weird secret sexual feelings for Disney Channel actors or carefully writing Blink-182 lyrics on your backpack in Whiteout pen, you were hanging out with your BFF: making up dance routines, pledging eternal devotion to each other, and coating any item within grabbing distance with glitter glue. It was, in a word, “fetch.”

But even all those fun after-school afternoons created a dilemma: what was the best way to share the glory of your friendship with the world at large? How could you easily convey that you were super special to each other when you were together? How could you prove that you actually had a best friend when you were apart? go to Snapmade.com if yo
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Police Move Against Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong

 Bobby Yip / ReutersA sign on a barricade set up by pro-democracy protesters blocking a road in Hong Kong’s Mongkok shopping district on Thursday.

Police said they were not trying to clear pro-democracy protesters out of the area in Mong Kok, an offshoot of the main protest in the city’s financial district, the Associated Press reported.

The officers surrounded about 30 protesters, who did not resist.

Students and other democracy supporters in Hong Kong have occupied streets for weeks, demanding their right to local elections without interference from the Chinese government. Though Hong Kong is a part of China, it has semi-autonomy and residents have a number of freedoms that are not part of the larger Chinese government.

The protests have been largely peaceful, though initial clashes with police left more than 50 people injured. Many carried umbrellas as pro
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Teddy Bear Parade Keeps Railroad Festival on Track


Children walked along cuddling their teddy bears and rode along in wagons with their favorite stuffed animals through afternoon drizzle in downtown Appomattox Sunday. The music, car show, and fireman’s competition at the 42nd annual Appomattox Railroad Festival were canceled because of inclement weather, but the teddy bear parade marched on, so you can custom teddy bears to join their tearm or other fashion dolls.

“The teddy bear parade is rain or shine,” said Bryanna Moore, a troop leader for Appomattox Girl Scout Troop 1350, which has organized the small parade for the past five years. At least 100 people trickled into downtown Sunday to pick up snacks and visit craft vendors dispersed through blocked off town streets. The weekend-long festival commemorates Norfolk & Western Railroad’s donation
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Halloween ! How to dress your pet for October 31 ?

dog tag

There is no rule that only humans can participate in the Halloween celebrations. You don’t need to leave your pet behind the celebration and hit the party alone. You must be thinking about whether your pet can follow the dress code on Halloween. Of course, they can’t! Donning them up in a cute costume is a difficult process, but why don’t you make it a try? Custom t shirts or other clothes for your pet, Imagine your pet dressed up in a cute and unique costume and enter the party. It will be a fun and memorable experience for you and all guests in the party.

1.Bring out their inner diva
All you need is a tutu and a tiara to turn your dog into the princess of pop culture. That’s right, your pet can look like the one and only Honey Boo Boo this Halloween.The 9-year-old pageant queen from Georgia – who
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Make Your Own Bookmarks


A folded corner. A spare receipt. An optimistic belief that we can totally remember the page number. We all have our ways of marking our place in a book before closing it for the time being — but far too often that method is unreliable or unattractive.

Have no fear, you can make custom bookmark, which will still mark our books long after we’ve finished reading! A good bookmark will hold your place more clearly and reliably than a grubby bit of scrap paper, and it will ensure the structural integrity of each page in the book is preserved. Once you’ve tried a good bookmark, you’ll never want to go back to the dark days of guessing whether you were at page 67 or page 76. There are some tips for you to make your custom bookmarks.

You can turn your childre
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The iPhone 6 Plus Wins The Longer Race

The 6 Plus initially struck me as too large for normal use; it definitely feels more comfortable to use as a two-handed device than as a single-handed gadget, which is what you’d typically expect from a smartphone. Including iphone 6 cases, becasue i want to custom other accessions for my iphone6, like special custom iPhone 6 cases, design iPad case and so on. But after subsequent weeks of additional testing, I find that the 6 Plus ends up being the one I’d choose for almost any situation, despite its additional size and not-so-pocket friendly dimensions.

Apple’s new iPhones have been available for around a month now, and something interesting has happened with this generation: I’m forced to revisit my original reviews and change my initial impression based on later experience. After further testing of the two devices, I find t
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