DJ Lord of Public Enemy/Trill Bass

Asia Tour - April 2011
European Tour - June 2011

LORD ASWOD, internationally known as DJ LORD, originally hailed from Savannah, Ga., and now calls Atlanta home. DJ LORD has been acknowledged for years in the competition circuit as one of the best turntablists in the United States. His role models in the industry include Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay, Mix Master Ice, & Jazzy Jeff. Recognizing their skill,

LORD spent years honing his craft to raise his caliber amongst these

renowned greats. Aft...


SUTASI is the search for new, contemporary Asian music talent.

SUTASI provides an opportunity for talented artists to become international music superstars by launching them on a worldwide stage.

Through a series of broadcast shows, SUTASI showcases the best contestants Asian countries have to offer in a regional playoff within South East Asia, North East Asia and South Asia. The winners of each region advance to the Grand Final Gala to determine Asia's best solo artist, best band and best songwriter.... Read More...

A Book Review on Filipino Author by Danny Sillada

SURVIVAL: Unleash Your Inner Survivor (Your Guide to Life)

A Book Review on Filipino Author by Danny Sillada

BOOK TITLE: Unleash Your Inner Survivor (Your Guide to Life)
AUTHOR:Genevieve "Viva" Andrada
NUMBER OF PAGES: 260 pages
PUBLISHER: Atlas Publishing Co., Inc., Philippines
PRICE: PHP 275.00

On page 233 of the book "Survival", under a section "What other nations say about Philippines", a Hong Kong expat named Frank Cancelloni related his first impression of Filipinos as "domestic helpers or singe... Read More...


(An excerpt from a Research Paper on the Life & Works of Danny C. Sillada submitted to the University of Asia and the Pacific by Michael Marlowe Uy & Katrina Kalaw)


"Danny Sillada is the embodiment of a Filipino who defies the existing trend. His multi-faceted attribute in the humanities, as a Renaissance man, is identical with those of well-rounded historical figures during the Renaissance period in Europe. Sillada is a visual artist recognized in the Philippi... Read More...

Qbert to Tour North America & Pacific Rim in 2007

Release of Scratchlopedia BreaktannicaDJ Qbert is easily one of the most gifted scratch DJs of his generation. Known for his legendary speed, laser-like precision, and quirky imagination his turntable opus, Wave Twisters, was a science fiction odyssey of thunderous proportions.
This Bay Area resident is still rocketing listeners through bizarre sound bites, gigantic bass and amazing crossfader work, keeping heads nodding . A true expert in his field, DJ Q-Bert not only displays stellar examples of h... Read More...

Roc Raida Hits Asia in Feb & Tours Gong Battle in April!

Roc Raida has taken the DJ to soaring heights being the first ever DJ to be featured on an episode of "Saturday Night Live" and has garnered some serious production credits in the last 8 years, producing records for Big L, Smif 'N' Wessun, Fat Joe, Ghostface, Black Thought of The Roots, and Linkin Park. He has also performed some of the most memorable scratches in hip hop history on O.C.'s classic "Time's Up" to pop sensastion Pink's new album "I'm Not Dead." You can also check Raida as the star of national... Read More...

Public Enemy's DJ Lord Plans Tour of Asia for August

LORD ASWOD, internationally known as DJ LORD has been acknowledged for years in the competition circuit as one of the best turnablists in the United States.

In 1999, DJ LORD joined PUBLIC ENEMY on their 40th World Tour. Soon after, LORD was granted his own performance segment within the PE show. It is with these performances that DJ LORD gained worldwide recognition and acceptance amongst an elite group of turntablists and soon became a highly sought after commodity.
While DJ battles and Hip Hop...




Started performing live at 15...and plans to keep rockin til the wheels fall off
Special talents include being a drummer and songwriter
Album "Get You Some" available upon request

Music Review: By Thema Love

Madi Simmons is a reggae veteran, and he's turning up the heat with songs like "Get You Some", and "Living Witness". Madi (pronounced mah-dee) has been performing since age 15, w/ over 20 years of experience. His music fuses contemp... Read More...

Turning a Date into a Mate Part I

Turning a Date into a Mate Part I: How to Find a Date, Keep the Conversation Stimulating and Provide a Compelling Online Profile

Relationshipfor some that word stirs up fears of commitment and for others it conjures up the idea of ever lasting love. For many on the dating scene 'ever lasting love' is their ultimate goal but how do you find someone to go on a date with and once you do how do you go from date to relationship?

While the person you're dating may be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, th... Read More...

Groovin' Asia

Red Mountain Black Releases Its First Music Compilation CD

All song sample clips are available for listening at
Full Song listing for CD can be found on the same page, as well as links to artwork pictures, and video displaying the new cover format.

June 6, 2006

Today, Red Mountain Black (RMB), a division of Red Mountain Records Ltd, Hong Kong, announced the compilation CD Groovin' Asia is now for sale from This announcement marks the firs... Read More...

SILLADA ONE -MAN SHOW with Live Art Performance

SILLADA ONE -MAN SHOW with Live Art Performance

Controversial for his 2005 painting "Menstrual
Period in Political History" at the heights of "Hello Garci" controversy, Danny
Castillones Sillada is mounting a major show on April 19, 2006 at Art Center, SM
Megamall titled "Sillada". The suite of his paintings will include recent and
past works from 1998 to 2006 including the 2005 controversial piece "The
Menstrual Period in Political History", a satirical take on the cyclical turmoil
of pol...

Malaysia: Haikal, Steve , Broxxdj Lil`up Bubble Night

Viva on Tranciet

While more general music festivals like GlobalUnderground and the upcoming ClubMed have been getting the majority of trance addict and underground djs attention in recent times, it was good to see Heineken Night with its strictly dance-oriented line-up - and one appealing to dance music fans right across the board - take its place amongst best Hotel and Resort in Malaysia.
With the likes of Dj Remilex ( Rotterdam Dj) and KampaiTeam as well as DJ Haikal headlining the Godskitchen Arena ... Read More...


[march 11 2005]

AOL Keyword: Three quid for half a kronenburg?!?!?! Oh yeah, I'm in an


This has to be the most rushed psyreviews ever. Ever. Since the last one

All a hectic rush before I set off on travels.... TOMORROW!!! arrg. Has
anyone else had that thing where they got an Ipod with way more room than
they could possibly ever use? 40G my ass.

Anyway, no psyreviews while I'm away, i'm afraid, but we'll be back in May.

And what a marathon of musical mu...

Kashmir Peace Festival moves to Leh, Ladakh.

For Immediate Release

Re: Kashmir Peace Festival moves to Leh, Ladakh.

The Kashmir Peace Festival (previously scheduled for Srinigar, Kashmir) is a two-day music festival to be held in Leh, Ladakh. The festival begins on the 31 st of July and will conclude on the 1 st of August. It has been shortened to two days to accommodate for the arrival of His Holiness Dalai Lama who is scheduled to address a public audience at his residence in Ladakh on the 2 nd August.

This is a non-profit event, managed by...


dirty house from new york city

By Danny Corvini
Satoshi Tomiie is to many the biggest thing to come out of Japan armed with a house music record under his arm. Responsible for a massive collaboration with Frankie Knuckles back in 1989 in the legendary "Tears", Satoshi went on to become a major player in the Def Mix crew, with David Morales and Knuckles, remixing the likes of Simply Red, David Bowie, U2 and Mariah Carey. The boy has DJe... Read More...


on the fabric of things

By Danny Corvini
Softly spoken and thoughtful, is not your average DJ. He doesn't try and sell himself, he actually ties to cuts back on DJ gigs and he loves to paint. So what's this man doing being resident at London's hottest nightclub Fabric? Listen to his new mix CD on DMC "Fabric 01" and you'll see. A tasty and trippy mix of lucid house - it's guaranteed to take your head right away. C... Read More...


You've been Orbed

" if you're sitting in a room and you get up to look out the window and you suddenly realise that it was coming from the record" Dr. Alex Paterson.

It's now eleven years since the Orb sent us the catchily titled 'A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of The Ultraworld'. Out of the Acid House ether it came stroking our fuzzy little heads with its spaced out sequences and ethe... Read More...

Diary from New York - by Miss DJ

Imagine this A two week all expenses paid trip to New York City to spend with 30 other people from 25 countries, all with the same incredible passion for dance music as you. Add a list of lecturers that includes Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Tom Middleton, MJ Cole, Jungle Brothers, King Britt, Richie Hawtin, Adam Freeland, Herbert, Steve 'Silk' Hurley, DJ Colette, Mix Master Morris, Dave Ralph and Woody McBride, and you've got the Red Bull Music Aca... Read More...