Featuring: Beatnuts, DJ Craze, J Majik, Roc Raida & local support

Urban Agent is proud to announce the upcoming Beat Fest 2004 tour that will bring together the old Skool beats of the world acclaimed Beatnuts, the talents and party rocking ability of Roc Raida, the cross over genius that is DJ Craze and drum n' bass mastery of J Majik.

Fusing together some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and Drum 'n Bass and featuring local acts at each show, Beat Fest is happening in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The sound systems at each event will be enhanced and with no small-scaled side shows being planned, this will be the only chance to see any of these acts whilst they are in Australia. It is in affect an opportunity to see four of the biggest underground acts in the world for the price of one!


Sunday 14th march - Adelaide - TBC

Friday 19th march - Perth

Saturday 20th march - Melbourne

Thursday 18th march - Sydney

In the lead up to the tour, Urban agent is also holding a 'Beat Fest tour t-shirt design competition' that gives young Graphic and Fashion Designers the Chance to Win $200 cash, $300 worth of Cd's and tickets for them and 3 of their friends to the show of their choice, should their design be chosen to front the shirt. Entries should be sent to by 16th February. Designs must contain name of Internationals on the bill - Dj Craze, Beatnuts, Roc Raida, J Majik as well as urban agent logo.

Artist background info:

The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts are a hip hop institution. They are as 'hip hop' today as when they formed in 1989 and unlike most of the 'born again old skool' acts they are as relevant as hardworking to the movement as ever before. With plenty of yet to be released material, a live reputation to be reckoned with and 15 years of rocking parties the world over the Beatnuts are not to be missed.

The Beatnuts have been driving hiphop forward since Psycho Les (Les Fernandez), Ju-Ju (Jerry Tineo) and Fashion (Bertony Smalls) came together in Queens New York in 1989. The early nineties saw them remix and produce for the biggest Hip Hop acts of the era including Cypress Hill and Naughty by Nature before establishing themselves behind their own music. 1993 saw their first release "Intoxicated Demons" on Combat records. Their second release, the self titled 'Beatnuts' came out on Violator to critical acclaim. In 1997 the Beatnuts finally had commercial success to match their live reputation with the massive single "Off tha Books" from Stone Crazy establishing them as heavyweights in the hip hop scene. The Beatnuts released the hit album A "Musical Massacre" in 1999, "Take it or Squeeze" it in 2001 and "The Originators" in 2002 before establishing their own album "Junkyard Music" soon after. One of the Beatnuts' hit songs "Watchout now" was also sampled by J-Lo for the track "Jenny from the block".

Roc Raida (X-Ecutioners-USA)

Roc Raida's quest for supremacy culminated in the 1995 DMC Technics World Championships in London where he was crowned as the 1995 World Champion. He was later christened a "Grand Master" by some of Hip Hop's founding fathers as well as being inducted into the DMC Hall of Fame at the 1999 DMC World Finals in New York.

In addition to DJing, Raida has become a successful producer - The Jungle Brothers (How Ya Want It - featuring De La Soul, which has become an underground classic), Leftfield ( "Dusted" remix which had a debut on the top five on the commercial radio charts in the UK) and Macy Gray (Still). His scratching skills have also been immortalized on wax for The Artifacts (Come on wit The Get Down), Sadat X (Lump Lump), Mad Skillz (It's Going Down), O.C..(Times Up, Set into the Ozone and Far From Yours), and Big Pun (Tres Leches).

Roc Raida is one of the founders of the X-Men DJ Crew and one of the four pillars of strength that makes up the X-Ecutioners. Self-described as "the overqualified but under-appreciated blue-collar superheroes of the new Hip-Hop," the X-Ecutioners, from New York had phenomenal success with their second album - 'Built From Scratch". Roc Raida, together with Rob Swift and Mista Sinista and Total Eclipse, pulled out the big guns - M.O.P. bring their signature bashing style to "Let It Bang", and Joseph Hahn and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park importing crunchy guitars and rapping on "It's Goin' Down. Roc Raida also recently released a critically acclaimed 'Champion Sounds' mix album globally through DMC.

Dj Craze (Allies - USA)

"More than just a technical DJ, Craze is a performer, inciting the crowd into a frenzy while titillating the scratch fetishists. Starting with Mobb Deep and winding up with Common -with cut and juggle excursions through Biz Markie, Q-Bert, electro and jungle -he slid easily to a second victory," stated New York City's PAPER Magazine.

On September 23, 2000 in London, England, Craze defended his 1999 title and claimed the 2000 DMC World Champion title, an unprecedented 3X win, making DMC and turntablist history. He also won the Team Championship for 2000 alongside Allies' crew member A-Trak, regaining the title from the UK's Scratch Perverts.

Craze is a mad scientist who slices and dices beats into a breathtaking sonic concoction in his Miami laboratory and at events all over the world. When Craze is behind a set of 1200s and a mixer, he's on stage: sometimes he's shy, sometimes he's cocky, but I've never heard him be anything short of absolutely magnificent. If you have never been to a Dj Craze show, then you are truly missing out on something.

Dj Craze uniquely has a claim at being both the best technical and best party DJ in the world, if not of all time. His un-matched combination of hiphop drum and bass and turntablism trickery has seen him never not sell out an Australian show. DJ Craze is back with his Stanton's "Final Scratch" at Beat Fest 2004.

J Majik

J Majik has been at the forefront of Drum & Bass for over a decade when he started Infrared as an outlet for his own music. Releases of Goldie, Peshay, Lemon D, and Dego from 4 Hero saw Infrared and J Majik grow to become leaders in the Drum and Bass Scene. 1998 saw J Majik release his first LP Slow Motion and it combined with a string of devastating 12's from Goldie, Photek, John B, Total Science, Futurebound and Future Cut elevated the Label to the head of the Drum and Bass market and J Majik to be one of the most in demand Drum and Bass DJ's in the world.

J Majik recently corroborated with Legendary Vocalist Kathy Brown to create Love is Not A Game which was released on Ministry of Sounds / Defective records. This was followed up with the massive Infrastructure album and hugely successful FABRICLIVE mix that have re-installed J Majik as the true leader of Drum and Bass.