CA048A: Aeriae: Peril Triage

Aeriae continues to carve out his unique space in modern electronic music production with Peril Triage, the new 7-track EP out now on Clan Analogue. A hyperkinetic evocation of psychological response, Peril Triage emerged following Aeriae™s touring to support his enigmatic 2014 album release Victris.

Honing the Aeriae controllerism setup through live performance enabled heightened levels of instinct and drama during the atypically rapid (for Aeriae) composition and production process for Peril Triag... Read More...

Bassnectar: REFLECTIVE

Presenting the next Bassnectar EP from Amorphous Music.

Featuring collaborations with Gnar Gnar, Born I Music, Mimi Page, Macntaj, G Jones, and Dorfex Bos.

Two tracks are available now, full release June 16.


...

Infusion Vol. 2

Infusion Vol. 2 assembles many months of single song releases together into a new compilation focused on various flavors of electronic music. As a series, Infusion seeks to curate artists, songs, and genres to deliver a weekly dose of modern aural surprise and delight. One by one, each tune was released paired with a complimentary piece of artwork from visual artist Joyce Su, creating a story told through each publication. Together, these twelve distinct songs create a diverse yet coherent listening exper... Read More...









Featuring anecdotes by some of Australia's esteemed Music Industry figures, including:
John Course, Nik Fish, BeXta, Mark Dynamix, Simon GT, Maynard, Mark Alsop, Rudy James, Harry K, Josh, Archie, Tim Mcgee

"Made the mistake of thinking I'd start off with one or two chapters and ended ... Read More...


In just 9 days, 5.2 Million people have watched this hilarious video of Mashd N Kutcher trolling their audiences.  Mid-set, they play a track which features a drop and as anticipation builds, another track starts in its place, a random, much lower intensity & unexpected track.  This video has reached media all over the world.  
Check it out below! This follows up their ‘Collab with Pizza Guy video’ which has now reached 2.8 Million views.
Since forming in 2013, Mash...

Department S

Is Vic There? - Age Of Control

Rogue Sector are a mysterious band that describe themselves in terms of 'Arid minimalism, stark electronics'. With their track 'Spare The Words' featuring an unreleased Nico sample to be released soon they are truly on a roll!

Department S are a London based post-punk/new wave band originally formed in 1980. The band, featuring vocalist Vaughn Toulouse, keyboard player Eddie Roxy and guitarist Mike Herbage, released three singles and recorded one albu... Read More...

ALT-A - "Encore" w/ WAVEWHORE Remix - (Very Important Music)

ALT-A - "Encore" w/ WAVEWHORE Remix - (Very Important Music) - Out Now!!

Very Important Music is proud to present a 10 year anniversary release featuring Alt-a with remix duties from Wavewhore!!

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/wavewhore/alt-a-encore-wavewhore-remix-very-important-music-1

Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/encore/1979196

Aquasky - "Thanks for the remix... put us down as supporting!"

DJ Icey - "Cool... has a very Mid 2000s UK Vibe to it"

601 - "I really like it... it's n...

Talisman - Don't Play With Fyah

Format: Album

Release: 17.03.2017

Label: Sugar Shack Records

EAN: 5052571069523

Explicit lyrics: no

File under: Roots Reggae

Talisman's new album śDon™t Play with Fyahť is a revelation. Most bands with a history that stretches back four decades are content to go through the motions, their creative peak somewhere in the past, not Talisman. Their new album includes some of the strongest material they've ever recorded, with seven brand new songs and the corresponding dub count... Read More...

Rock Against the TPP

Users Continue to Rock Against the TPP With Three New Tour Dates
The Rock Against the TPP concert tour continues to gather steam as it makes its way around the country, giving voice to users whose concerns about the Trans-Pacific Partnership are being ignored. This Friday, the event will hit San Francisco, and there's still time for you to claim your free tickets. Hip hop stars Dead Prez and punk legend Jello Biafra are headlining the event, joined by nine other acts in an event that will rock long into the... Read More...

NASA KSC Florida Extreme ISS High Power Sky Laser Light Rocket Launch

ISS Sky Space Laser Developed by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

The ISS Space Sky Laser was developed in December, 2014 with developed by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide and approved and inspected by Randy Scott NASA KSC Florida December, 04th 2015 the ISS Space Sky Laser was projected for 12 hours continuously prior to the Orion Space Capsule Rocket launch. Many news outlets and news medias from around the World covered the extreme high power laser projection in many live news stories and n... Read More...

Weejoonz - Implosion Switch EP

Artist: Weejoonz
Title: Implosion Switch EP
Artwork & Design: Valeria Razumova
Genre: Forest
Format: Digital, Wav (16 bits)
Length: 42:08
Mastering: Sergey Nazarenko @ Enichkin Studio
Label: Patgap Music
Release date: 9 January 2016


01. Weejoonz - Flyowiz (150 bpm)
02. Weejoonz - Hoha (147 bpm)
03. Weejoonz - Flute & Fault (150 bpm)
04. Weejoonz - Wiznest (150 bpm)



Release description:

Behold our first inters...

WAVEWHORE - "Got To Be Funky" - (Elektroshok Records)

WAVEWHORE - "Got To Be Funky" - (Elektroshok Records) - Out Now!!

Available exclusively at Beatport on December 14, 2015 and then all stores on December 28, 2015!!

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/wavewhore/wavewhore-got-to-be-funky-elektroshok-records

Buy: https://pro.beatport.com/release/got-to-be-funky/1654788

Wes Smith: "Tops dude... played it a few times"

The Freestylers: "Mixdown sounds good... will play it when I get a chance"

DJ Icey: "It's a cool track"

For more information abo...

NEW Envision Festival 2015 Recap Video

Costa Rica™s Envision Festival 2015 Video Recap Will Take Your Breath Away

Envision Festival - Costa Rica has released an awe-inspiring video recap of Envision 2015 produced by Pure Souls Media. The breathtaking video shows global revelers celebrating unity and life amidst Envision™s world-class curation of over 50 musicians, art, workshops, and yoga classes all set amongst the stunning tropical oasis of Uvita, Costa Rica.

With the jungle as its backdrop, enchanting waterfalls, epic surf and cr... Read More...

:: TECHNO :: [DT010] VA - Underground Compilation Techno


01 Dhyan Droik - Beyond Borders (Original Mix) 07:02

02 Carlos Beltran - Rehab (Original Mix) 07:04

03 Dani DL - La Campanada (Original Mix) 06:15

04 Marfel - Jungle in the Bass Line (Original Mix) 08:36

05 Deniesty & Matula - Revelation (Original Mix) 07:18

06 Dj Hippy - Parabellum (Original Mix) 06:30

07 Christina McDermott - Tiwaz (Original Mix) 09:02

08 Aerodynamik - Sopa Castellana (Original Mix) 05:54

09 Keener - Into The Darkness (Original Mix) 05:49

10 Johnny Peraz...


Omsphere & Cimi 'Great Cycles Of Time' EP (Free-Spirit Records)

Track Listing:

1) Omsphere - Great Cycles Of Time - Original Mix

2) Omsphere - Great Cycles Of Time - Cimi Rmx

Mastered by Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM

@Killah Mastering Studios, London N22


Listen to samples:

coming soon..

Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 08/06/2015

General Release 22/06/2014

Genre: Psychedelic Progressive Trance

Cat No: FSR0062EP

Worldwide di...

NW Ed Cluster PDXedTech Meetup

NW Ed Cluster PDXedTech MeetupThursday, January 11, 2018 from 5:30–8pmVernier Software & Technology
The new year will be here before you know it! Let s welcome 2018 with a meetup dedicated to science and STEM at one of the premier educational technology companies in the country right here in our backyard: Vernier Software & Technology.
We will have a seasonal fireside chat with Vernier s founders, Christine and David Vernier as they speak to starting a successful business in our field an... Read More...

Emacs Monthly Meetup

Workday Beaverton Office4145 SW Watson AvenueBeaverton , OR97005United States (map)
As the Ultimate Nerd Battle for Editor Anecdotal Mindshare (UNBEAM) closes in on forty years, the VI forces has taken over the Emacs Cathedral in Portland threatening the diocese. But during an intense battle of differing perspectives, a metallic ship emerges from space. Aliens beamed a message to the surface of the planet:
Nerdy Earthlings, can we call you Nerdlings? You need not fight anymore! The best... Read More...

Lococast.net Episode 21: OLF recap and there will be rants!

Episode 21: OLF recap and there will be rants! Intro Events - 1DevDayDetroit Nov 4/5th OhioLinuxfest Recap: Thanks for stopping by the booth everyone! Sourceforge Interview Elizabeth Naramore, Community Developer Manager Links of the week A Gnome OS? Would you use it? Ubuntu with a rolling monthy release, what might work/what will fail Mark Shuttleworth …... Read More...

Lococast Ohio Linuxfest 2011 Interview: Michael Fischer

Lococast Ohio Linuxfest 2011 Inteview: Michael Fischer We have one last interview in the can from Ohio Linuxfest, and it's appropriate that we release this canned interview, since it's with Michael "Call me Fish" Fischer (get it? Canned? Fish? OK, I'll stop now). Fish presented a talk at Ohio Linuxfest entitled: "Managing a Computer Lab …... Read More...

Episode 23: Where did all this JavaScript come from?

Episode 23: Where did all this JavaScript come from? Intro Events Penguicon Rick Talking 27th Craig talking April 28th Ubuntu Michigan Loco Release Party Bookie Mini-sprint PyCon summary bpython ftw Front end developer toolset checklist http://rmurphey.com/blog/2012/04/12/a-baseline-for-front-end-developers/ Other recent handy tools grover YUI test runner phantomjs Used for running Heroku PaaS for your apps The great …... Read More...