There have been reports of people recently receiving email containing "invoices" claiming to be from Spraci (sometimes with a link to a fake "payment" site)

They were sent by SPAMMERS and were NOT sent by anyone with any relationship with SPRACI.
The payment pages are FAKE

If you have received any such spam recently: DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY

Make sure you understand the following to avoid falling victim to phishing scams

The "From:" header that is usually used by email clients for display is easily faked by spammers,
do not rely on it.

If you are not sure, make sure you check the full headers for clues about the real origin of an email message, especially the other headers added by servers it passed though.
Those are not as easily faked by the sender.

If your email client cannot show you the full RAW headers then for the sake of your own security you should replace it with one which can show you the raw headers.
Notice also that the domains in links in such spam point to domains that are not in any way related to where the scammers want you to think its came from.
That is another important clue that it is FAKE.

Spammers are doing this to everyone, often using fake addresses at real domains that are not theirs in the from header, presumbly to avoid their spam being blocked when servers check if the domains in the header exist and obviously also to trick the recipient.
You might have noticed spammers often also often use the names of real people or organisations or websites you know and trust in their faked From header. (possibly they scrape those from social media or steal them directly from your friends' PC's via malware. Think about what some of those "virus infections" could do)

As with anything related to money, always check and never assume - if you are not sure, ask for confirmation, and even then double check to
make sure a reply to such an enquiry can actually reach you!

I have tried to send some replies to people asking about those fake "invoices" and the replies bounced.

If any email blacklists out there are relying on the From header that is downright stupid and everyone should ask the people running them to fix their broken software.
They should be fighting spam not assisting it!
so this notice is here because scams are not tolerated here and we want to make sure nobody falls victim to any scams and to make it clear to everyone that spraci has no association whatsoever with the scum that sends those spam emails.