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No charges for contacting people!

Please note: You need to log in to the main SPRACI website to post a profile here or send someone a message in SPRACI PERSONALS. Profiles posted in the personals section are not spraci user profiles and your spraci username is not shown on them (unless you post it on there yourself)

Registration is free and posting your profile or sending someone a message is also free.

This section is is for meeting people.
Please keep an open mind.

If that is not what you want you are in the wrong place!

Anyone found harrasing people, sending jugmental or vindictive messages, posting or sending spam or attempting to scam or mislead anyone will be banned (and in serious cases of abuse, harrassment or stalking, reported)
This is not a discussion forum (there are plenty of forums on spraci for general discussion), nor is it for advertising or anything to do with money. It is also NOT a chatroom.
It is ONLY for people who want to actually meet other people.

When contacting people please think about the general guidlines of netiquette.

When contacting a moderator for help (eg "how do I ******?") make sure you have read the main spraci FAQ first and if it a request for us to delete or edit something make sure you include the full url (web address) of the page/post in question! (so we can know exactly what it is you are are talking about!)

... now that isn't so scary is it? ... go out there, have fun, and meet some nice people!

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Looking for a new friend? ... or a new lover?
or some people to go to a party with? ... or ???

You have come to the right place!
BROWSE other people's profiles (its free to send them a message!) or POST your own.

If you are putting on a public event you can ADD YOUR EVENT here and it will be listed in the whats's on so others can find out about it.

Please note that anyone found abusing this free service for spam or harrassment will be banned.

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