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Admin Note:

Right now its just events and federated social networks (friendica and hubzilla)

Some of the other sections of spraci (such as forums, etc) will probably return when the new version of spraci is rolled out,

However I would like hear more community feedback about what people actually want and would be likely to actually use here.

Regarding the Forums, the old forum code could still work but too few people were recently using them so decided that can wait. (if you want them back, let me know, I'll bring them back if I know there are people wanting to use them)

If you have any sugestions about what features you would like to see in spraci in the future feel free use the "Contact Us" form.

I would like to hear more from the community about what people want and would like to see more community involvement in spraci generally.

Feel free to leave me a message with any suggestions/ideas regarding spraci (you can use the "Contact Us" form to do this)