Lil' Mo - Pain & Paper - Album Review
Pain & Paper is the third studio release from Lil' Mo. Formerly the protg of Missy Elliott, Lil' Mo has been known for her popular collaborations with the likes of Jay Z, Next, Missy Elliott, Fabolous and Ja Rule (Lil' Mo was the predecessor to Ashanti). But apart from 2003's 21 Answers (a response to 50 cent's 21 Questions), Lil' Mo is not widely known for her solo efforts. Pain & Paper is testimony to this fact. Read More...

Shaya - Fallen Awake - Album Review
In an era where young Hip Hop artists are releasing more albums than many of their veteran counterparts have in an entire lifetime, it is refreshing to hear of an artist who has taken the time to perfect their craft, waiting for the right time to launch themselves onto the music landscape. This is certainly the case when speaking of Bay Area-bred emcee Shaya and his fiery opening salvo Fallen Awake.

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N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds - Album Review
Experimental music it's something you seldom encounter in mainstream music; that is, of course, unless it's N.E.R.D.. It has been five years since the release of their last album, Fly Or Die, but Pharrell, Chad and Shae have brought back their original sounds with the synesthesia inspired title Seeing Sounds. In case you are wondering what synesthesia is well, just wiki it. After all, we are exploring the musical experiments of N.E.R.D., not those behind the psychological phenomenon that gave name to their album.

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Time Machine - Life Is Expensive - Album Review
With a sound that would have been as perfectly at home in a 1980s roller rink disco as it is now in the blingtone era, Southern California trio Time Machine (consisting of emcees Biscuit & Jet Set Jay and DJ/producer Mekalek) have returned with the retro-tinged good vibrations of Life Is Expensive, the follow up to 2004's Slow Your Roll.

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Cheatcode debut EP Select Start - free download
Mystika Music presents...

Cheatcode - Select Start EP

The exciting debut EP now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!


ARTIST: Cheatcode
TITLE: Select Start EP


East Coast bass music artist Cheatcode brings years of experience as a hip-hop producer to his debut EDM release, "Select Start". The EP is a fresh change of pace from the pop brass ring leanings that the American dubstep scene seems to be intent on capturing these days. Cheatcode designs his own sounds with an arsenal of studio gear, bringing beats that incorporate elements of glitch-hop, Miami bass, trap, and even the aforementioned dubstep. The funk that some critics have said is lacking in this style of music is front and center on "Select Start" making it a fresh and pivotal release.


ill.Gates - The ill.Methodology - Muti Music - Muti100
  After years in the making, The ill.Methodology is here. The 18-track LP features collabs with Samples, Ana Sia, Mimosa, Datsik, Opiuo, Filastine, Dov + many more.
Download it now from the following stores:

Pioneering glitch hop producer, remixer, and composer ill.Gates teams up with artists such as Mimosa, Datsik, Ana Sia, Opiuo, Masia One, and more to release The ill.Methodology, an 18-track EDM excursion through the genres of glitch, bass, dubstep, breaks, and hip hop.
The album is also Muti Music's catalog # 100.

The ill.Methodology corresponds with the artist live production workshop series and ground-breaking Ableton studio and DJ templates, as well as his upcoming ill.Methodology site for DJs and producers in Dec 2011.

To celebrate the re

Hi All,

Please check out one of our artists Ether L Banks latest upload to her Soundcloud page.

I See ft Jaxon


Also check out her Dubstep single Bad Bwoy vs Bad Gyal produced by DJ Enme & Euby (Sumting New)


Ether L Banks!/pages/Ether-l-Banks/180852835279241

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SYDNEY, July 2, 2010 - DJ Nino Brown releases an international mixtape titled "Flight 973 to Sydney" with New Jersey recording artist Internal Quest available for free download and features original music from El Da Sensei, 5FT of Blackmoon, MC Rafa (Australia) and Jersey Sound Lab (JSL) label mates Special and Bodat Ink.

"Working with DJ Nino Brown has been an exciting time; a learning experience," says Internal Quest from Jersey Sound Lab studio. "Even though we are on opposite sides of the planet, it felt like we were in the studio together. Like minds and technology is a crazy combo."

DJ Nino Brown was voted Best DJ at the 2006 and 2007 Urban Music Awards, as well as nominated for the Best Radio Show twice, the first time after only four months on air. Since inking a deal with Universal Music Australia in 2002, DJ Nino Brown has achieved Platinum certification once and Gold certification four times with his Blazin' series that features chart topping artists such as Jay-Z, S

Too Phat - Rebirth - Album Review
Don't let their American influenced sound fool or discourage you, Too Phat, comprising of Malique and Joe Flizzow, have been representing Malaysian hip hop since 1998. The guys have worked with estsablished Malaysian artists like Sharifah Aini and Datin Yusni Hamid, as well as California's own Warren G. The duo's first two albums went platinum, and they executive produced a compilation, Phat Family. On their third ...

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Take The Lead - Original Soundtrack - Album Review
Take The Lead is a New Line Cinema production starring Antonio Banderas and looks like something between Save The Last Dance and Strictly Ballroom. But, dont get disillusioned, as this is a full blown, urban music release. The film and accompanying soundtrack are aimed at a younger audience and you can tell by some of the names here. These include Akon, Fatman Scoop, The Black Eyed Peas ...

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The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift Original Soundtrack - Album Review
Tokyo Drift is the third film in the Fast & Furious franchise, much like its predecessors it is basically a fast food movie, it's okay but has no real substance to it. The same can be said about the accompanying soundtrack. I will give the record label credit for doing one thing, the fact that they included some foreign language hip-hop, which is a pretty risky ...

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Juse - Global Casino - Album Review
Although the hip-hop scene in New Zealand has experienced a critical and commercial renaissance in the last few years, there are artists like Juse (pronounced Juice), who have been producing music for the last eight years. Juse has worked with the likes of Che Fu, King Kapisi, Scribe and Savage and has become one of New Zealand's most sought after beat-makers. Now he is undertaking his biggest challenge with the debut release of Global Casino.

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The Outsider - DJ Shadow - Album Review
Ten years following his revered debut Entroducing, DJ Shadow returns with his most varied and complex release so far. Much like his earlier work, the overall sound and style is hard to define as the tracks range from funk, rock, hip-hop and spoken word poetry. On the hip-hop side of things, Shadow works with some artists

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Unkle Ho - Circus Maximus - Album Review
Big band vibes, hip-hop beats, real instruments. These three characteristics are used to create the laid back, chilled out sounds of Circus Maximus put together by Australia's Unkle Ho.

Unkle Ho (Kaho Cheung) combines various forms of musical genre's and periods to invent...

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U.G.K - Underground Kingz - Album Review
As there is a whole new swag of fresh faced artists coming out of the works talking about gripping grain, sitting on 24s, drinking purple and keeping it trill, Bun B and Pimp C, rightfully known as the Underground Kingz (UGK), have been there and done that. Now six years after their ill-fated Dirty Money album and following Pimp C's incarceration, the pioneering Houston natives return with this, their self-titled fifth studio album.

One of the main characteristics to allow the legendary duo to amass such an enduring career is their ability to...

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DJ Bonez - Roll Call - Album Review
Fresh beats, raw melodies and a mixed bag of artists are the ingredients for creating a stellar album in the case of one of the greats of Australian hip-hop, DJ Bonez. Originally hailing from Sydney but now residing in Melbourne, Bonez has pioneered the art of the DJ in Australia for 16 years, possessing a range of unwavering talents in both production and turntablism. This is evident from the sound of the first track, where DJ Bonez's scratching ability is showcased in the most extravagant motion and throughout the album with tracks such as No.1, Sideways and I'm Leaving.

A heavy dark beat surrounds the title track...

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Masta Ace - Take A Look Around SE - Album Review
As digital downloading is on the rise and album sales continue to fall, Traffic Entertainment continues bringing listeners real value with the next release in their series of Cold Chillin' Records reissues, with Masta Ace's 1990 debut Take A Look Around. As they have done with the previous albums in this series, the remastered album comes with a bonus disc of b-sides, remixes and instrumentals, along with a booklet of previously unseen artwork/photos and stats.

As former Cold Chillin' A&R Fly Ty says in the accompanying booklet, Masta Ace was a different...

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Havoc - The Kush - Album Review
While the legacy of Mobb Deep is etched in Hip Hop history, the tremendous production talents and ever-improving lyrical abilities of the soft-spoken Havoc don't get nearly the amount of attention that the brooding and crafty wordplay of his partner-in-rhyme Prodigy do. That is all set to change with Havoc's solo debut The Kush.

Living up to the title, this 12-track album is potent and packs a punch. The lead single I'm The Boss is one of the best, if one of the simplest, tracks on the album. Borrowing the same drum sample A Tribe Called Quest ...

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Pegz - Burn City - Album Review
For the past decade or so, Obese Records has been establishing itself as the premiere record label for Hip Hop music in both Melbourne and Australia as a whole. The fruits of those labors were fully realised in 2003 when Adelaide's Hilltop Hoods hit it big, after twelve years of hard work, putting themselves and their home label Obese on the map simultaneously.
With the activities of the past couple of years particularly, Obese Records CEO Tirren Pegz Staaf ...

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Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - Album Review
For a kid that initially rhymed about skateboarding, Lupe Fiasco has certainly changed his lyrical approach. The subject matter on The Cool is much darker than anything on Food & Liquor, which featured mostly poetic, inoffensive lyrics. That has a lot to do with the story of the album. The Cool is a fictional character who was talked about on the first album, and this album is based on his life.

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Blazin 2008 - Mixed by DJ Nino Brown - Album Review
"Australia's favorite DJ, DJ Nino Brown" is back with Blazin' 2008, a collection of the "biggest Hip Hop" tracks out, and I use the term 'Hip Hop' very loosely. I couldn't help but explode with laughter at the Winner Intro. It is very reminiscent of the episode of Family Guy where Brian becomes a radio host and Stewie joins him, and they play a load of generic sounding radio ads with all the accompanying sound effects. It gets off to a good start with The Way I Are, even though we all have heard it a minimum of 8 million times in the past year. Surprisingly, it doesn't wait until the end of the CD to bring an actually listenable track by (really surprising to me) Young Jeezy, which is I Luv It.

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JR Writer - Writer's Block 5 - Album Review
Not many producers manage to hold their own as lyricists, and if they do, it only seems to be for one or two tracks. Take the example of Pharrell Williams - possibly the only good verse he's ever dropped was on Drop It Like It's Hotwhich he himself produced so it pretty much goes without saying, most producers should stay away from the mic.

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Lowrider - Diamond Amongst The Thieves - Album Review
With Australian music getting better and better all the time it's a rare privilege to review an Australian album that is truly incredible. Lowrider has produced Diamond Amongst The Thieves and have not only hit a home run, but they've knocked the ball way out of the park! From the moment this album starts, you would never think that firstly Lowrider is Australian, and secondly that they are white. Lead singer Joe Braithwaite has an incredibly soulful and dramatic voice made for funk/soul/blues/hip hop and I know you'll agree. If there is a group that should be flying the Australian music flag right now, it should be Lowrider.

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Bliss N Eso - Flying Colours - Album Review
Following on from the success of Day of The Dog, one of Australia's most outstanding Hip Hop acts, Bliss N Eso are back with their most impressive album to date. The guys have obviously spent a lot of time on this over the past couple of years, as the quality of beats, turntable skills and general production are as good as ever. The first single off the album Bullet and a Target, which samples Citizen Cope, was one that I absolutely loved after first hearing it. After traveling to South Africa as part of the Oaktree Foundation, the idea to document the political climate and day-to-day life many under-privilege South Africans go through ended up being a very moving and thought-provoking song.

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Drapht - Brothers Grimm - Album Review
Ever thrown on the radio and said to yourself, "I know that voice, that's "? I did this when I threw on Drapht's album Brothers Grimm. From the first few syllables I felt like I was listening to Pressure from Hilltop Hoods after he had scooped up some helium! Drapht's style is very unique and he possesses a distinct voice that cruises over beats like a supped up Skyline on Chapel Street.

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DJ K-Note - Dutty Bass Volume Two - Album Review
There was a time, in the not too distant past, when the West Indies cricket team was the best in the world. They dominated; they had style, a style that was distinctly theirs. But over time their dominance diminished. The real reason for this lies in the fact that over time the Caribbean has shifted its cultural attention away from its past, and focused on the USA as a beacon for the future. Thus, basketballers replace cricketers, and musically, dancehall/hip hop artists trying to win over the US market replace reggae artists.

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Spit Syndicate are now previewing their brand new album Exile in its entirety. All 13 tracks are now live on their MySpace page in the lead up to the release of their much anticipated sophomore album.

Produced by Adit of Horrorshow fame (and featuring additional production from M-Phazes, JSquared, Cam Bluff), Exile is the musical progression of the Sydney duo, and features the single "Starry-Eyed".

You can hear the entire album here:

Download "Starry-Eyed":

Exile is out Friday.


01. Exile

02. Crooks and Crimescenes

03. Showtime (ft. Solo)

04. Exhale

05. Starry-Eyed

06. Pretty Girls Make Graves

07. Kings Only

08. Disruption

09. Table for Two

10. The Creditors (ft. Joyride)

11. Can't Go Home (ft. Sarah Corry)

12. Contour Lines (ft. Solo)

13. Endgam

Jess Harlen Releases Debut Album
  Release date: March 5 2010
Record label: Plethora Records

Harnessing her lyrical introspection, distinctive songwriting and fusing it with renowned Mercury Prize winning producer Plutonic Lab, Jess Harlen reveals her remarkable debut album 'Neon Heartache'. The record embarks upon unchartered territory of soul music, drawing on subtle hip hop beats, reggae rhythms and moments reminiscent of Motown.

Described by Rave Magazine as "what real soul is meant to be - from the soul, not from the formula", Neon Heartache's lead single, 'Watch the Water' combines the grace of acoustic melodies with dynamic rhythm while effortlessly offering up picturesque ocean imagery. It is a beautiful contrast to the track 'Diamond', a crackling gritty bass-driven blues number backed by midnight reflection and heartbeat tempos.

The second single 'I Go' is the album's most ethereal moment. Against a backdrop of shimmering harmonics, Harlen's earthly tones dance along a glistening undercurrent. The atmosphere is comple

Kussu Music Publishing Signs Excl. Pub. Agrement With BlackIsBeautiful - BlackIsBeautiful to redefine the electronic music with their debut EP "Alerion/Purpur" ‐ set for release on October 5, 2009
  Inspired by the aesthetics of analogue music devices, DJing and live band

experiences, BlackIsBeautiful production and live shows are sensational and

unforgettable events.

Both artists/producers met two years ago at VRSTCK Club in DortmundCity

(Germany). Ever since Uemit Han and Tim Dicke have been working together to

create and develop a special liveperformance as well as a "realtime production

style" that both describe as "Alternative Techno".

Tim Dicke has paved his way into the electronic scene through being a drummer,

bassist and solo artist in Punk and Hardcore bands in the 90s and later on as a

DJ, while Uemit Han has been working as a DJ for the last 15 years including 9

years of music production experience. In 2006, Uemit won the remix contest to

Gabriel Ananda's "Gluecksmelodie" and also released tracks on Karmarouge,

Meerestief, Harthouse and other labels.

BlackIsBeautiful have created two real handicrafted tracks " Alrion and


Chasm & Vida-Sunshyne have released the new video for the song "Where Did We Go Wrong". Directed by the Artifact collective (Dialectrix, Astronomy Class, Gully Platoon), the video features the song's plotline played out in reverse as both Chasm & Vida-Sunshyne share the story in real time.

You can now check out the video online:

The song is the first released from the much anticipated sophomore full length album from acclaimed Sydney producer Chasm, who has teamed up with Melbourne-based singer Vida-Sunshyne for the collaborative soul/reggae/hip hop album Move. Featuring guest spots from UK artist Million Dan, Damajah, and Mantra, the album is a wonderfully eclectic and global effort that will surely appease music lovers all over.

Move is set for release October 23rd via Obese Records. Chasm & Vida-Sunshyne will embark on a nationwide tour supporting Astronomy Class along with a date on the Obese Records Block Party Tour in Melbourne, November 6th.

You c

Eloquor 'Move Up' Album Release & Tour
  Release date: May 14 2009

Record label: Donny Records

Moving right along! Fresh from the streets of Melbourne comes Eloquor, whose mission is to stamp his name on the Australian Hip Hop scene with his articulate and powerful story telling brand of Hip Hop. Donny Pelsoczy aka Eloquor - a Latin word meaning 'to express oneself', pronounced 'Ell-o-Core' - is set to drop his debut album 'Move Up'. You'd better watch your footing because he's moving in and moving up!

Eloquor has been rubbing shoulders with Aussie hip hop's elite and musically translating his life experiences for years. He was first inspired to create Hip Hop when he heard Eazy E's 'Eazy Duz It' in 1988, going on to write his first rhyme in eighth grade. Now, many years later, Eloquor is set for the release of his debut long player 'Move Up'.

Featuring the production talents of highly respected heavyweight producer Jase, Eloquor has also enlisted young and upcoming beat makers 76, Evade, Wik, Doc Felix and 16 Barz to contribute their sk

New Full-Length CD by Electron -
Electron - Nuance
Release 2009

Electron is the solo studio project of Paul Handley,
Adelaide based songwriter and keyboard player who currently plays
in The What 4 and electronic duo Beltane. Electron stems back
as far as the mid 90's, writing sound-scapes for student
dance theatre, experimental theatre and independent short films. The
first official CD 'Atmospherics' released in 2006 was written while
travelling through Japan and Europe, and recorded in Prague. This
release utilised ambiences recorded in the 'field' of which, train
stations and downtown city centres were of particular interest.

The forthcoming CD retains the ambient focus inherent
within the music of Electron but utilises more complex drum and
percussion rhythms with a tonal quality that often provides a melodic
backing to subtle undulating waves of synthetic textures.
For further information visit:
or email Paul Handley;

Copyright electron 2009


Evil Nine album 'They Live!' - Australian Release January 2009
  Evil Nine, known to their mothers as Pat Pardy and Tom Beaufoy are set for the Australian release of their latest album They Live! With more references to the undead than you can poke a rotting limb at, They Live! has dancefloor thumping tunes and choruses that will get you singing along to all the gruesome lyrics. Large helpings of hip hop, breaks, post-punk and krautrock with a splash of B-movie soundtracks are accompanied by some inspired guest vocals. The title track (and first single) pays irreverent homage to cult director John Carpenter's classic 1988 sci-fi ghoulfest 'They Live' with its ultra-catchy vocoder chorus. After sinking your teeth into the first single, buckle up for the second single 'All The Cash'. Guest vocalist El-P's brutal spitting transforms this apocalyptic slammer.'

They Live! is set to be released in Australia in January 2009 but in the meantime check out the awesome video clips to the first two singles...

They Live! - They Live! Video
All The Cash - All The Cash Video

  Release Date: 31 January 2009
Label/Distributor: Fort Knox Recordings/ Inertia

Radio Free DC sees the Fort Knox boys delivering universal salutations of peace with such a heavy dose of horns, brass, keys and - well - funk, that it would even get James Brown breaking it down.

An influential force in the international funk and breaks scene, Fort Knox Five are already responsible for an arsenal of crowd bouncing singles and remixes including monster mixes for A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts, Kraak & Smaak, Ursula 1000, Dynamo Productions, and Mo Horizons, as well as remixes for the legendary Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong, and Bob Marley.

The Guardian UK says "These guys put the 'fun' into 'funky', the 'aargh!' into 'R&B'. FKF are fairly bursting with life. Imagine if PUBLIC ENEMY were a go-go-band, if SLY & THE FAMILY STONE made an album with PRINCE PAUL at the controls, if CURTIS MAYFIELD joined forces with a stoned BOMB SQUAD, if AFRIKA BAMBAATAA had managed to coax one final tour of studio duty out of N

  A former member of respected Down Under Beats Crew, MC Immune (aka Nik Wheatley) has been a crucial member of the burgeoning hip hop scene since the early naughties, issuing the critically acclaimed album 'Hiphoperation' in 2003. 2008 brings sees Immune bring Australia 'The Future Kill' which Immune describes as 'a poetic and socially minded commentary' album. With 'The Future Kill' on shelves around the country, a killer live show is sure to follow. MC Immune will definitely be the man to watch in 2009.

  Release Date: 29 November 2008
Label/Distributor: Hydrofunk Records/ MGM

It's been a whole year since the Resin Dogs released the 'More' LP in 2007. Having received critical acclaim from the media and their peers alike, the huge success of 'More' has paved the way for the 'More or Less' LP. This new project is a collaboration between the Resin Dogs and a heap of the best Hip Hop producers and DJ's from Australia and abroad who have given their own spin to their pick of the tracks from 'More'.

The 'More' LP itself is a who's who of collaborators with the likes of ARIA Award winning Hau (Koolism), Demolition Man, N'FA, BluRum13, Haiku De'Tat and Abstract Rude. This tradition continues in style on 'More or Less' with the selection of producers who have been enlisted to remix tracks. Two Fresh, the freshest brotherhood in dance, Plutonic Lab, whose production skills have featured on over fifty LPs/Singles & EPs on a variety of labels. All round Roots, Reggae and Jazz master Chasm, who has recently wor

  Koolism have been busy working away in their secret lair (to be found in the depths of a dormant volcano on an obscure pacific isle) on some top secret, very highly anticipated new material. Stay tuned for a taste of those funky tunes that Koolism will be bringing to the table in 2009. Cant wait that long? Then check them out at XMASSIVE on 12 December at the Prince in St Kilda.

  Label/Distributor: MGM

Lifted from their 'No Rest' album released in May 08, independent Hip Hop/ Rock eight piece Casual Projects emerge from the nations capital with their oh so catchy third single 'Time'. Having grabbed the attention of radio and TV with their first two singles earlier this year, there is no doubt that 'Time' will be hot property in the tick of a clock.

Setting the bench-mark high, Casual Projects' first single 'Move Along' earned the band a position as one of the winners of the International Songwriting Competition in the top 15 songs of the pop category ahead of 15,000 others. It then went on to be selected as a Rage 'Indie Clip of the Week' and was flogged by Channel V on their 'New Stock' show. The band took their show on the road between April and July doing twenty-six shows including a sell-out performance in Canberra attended by 600 die-hard fans.

The second single 'Golden Eggs' was also selected as a Rage 'Indie Clip of the Week' and was aired on Channel V's 'New Stoc

  New York, NY -- Polarity/1, the multi-genre artist best known for bold, honest, hard-hitting songs, is releasing a brand new instrumental record titled "Music From the Other Side." Fitting to the title, the album consists of smooth, jazzy tracks much different from louder albums like Yankin' the Food Chain.

Music From The Other Side is the soundtrack for a dance performance by Lisbon's Quorum Ballet. The Other Side's principal objective is to fuse the style and art of the dance of Lisbon and New York. The work is the collaboration of choreographers Daniel Cardoso, Jonathan Hollander and Thaddeus Davis, artistic directors of Quorum Ballet, Battery Dance Company and Wideman/Davis Dance, respectively. Dark, moody, erotic and aggressive, it explores the theme of oppression, which has always been an issue for the people on both sides of the Atlantic. The piece examines the roles of the different agents: the instigator, the oppressor, the oppressed and the observer.

The most impressive song is t

  Winston-Salem, NC -- Rarely does one come across anything genuinely new in music. All the many genres have been mixed together and blended so much that originality often looks as if it has fallen by the wayside. This is not the case with Osaru on his debut album, Home.

His is a unique vocal style, a one-off musical vision and an out of the ordinary personal story. Unlike many of his musical peers, Osaru has spent years honing his talents before cutting a record, and the maturity shows.

Having learnt African percussion at the age of 8, church organ at 9 and subsequently discovering the joys of the keyboard and bass guitar, Osaru went on to play music in three separate continents. His inspirations coming from the worlds of soul, jazz, R&B, hip hop, reggae and even traditional African music. Only after such an extensive musical education, and while simultaneously working as a physician in North Carolina, has Osaru decided to share his gifts with the world.

Listening to the quality and diversity of Home,

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