Aeriae presents Victris
CA043 on Clan Analogue Recordings

Clan Analogue's latest release, Aeriae's second album Victris, has been quietly making its mark as a modern IDM gem in the Australian electronic music soundscape.

A thirteen-page booklet by Wade Clarke (aka Aeriae) with notes on the inspiration and techniques behind each of Victris's tracks, can be downloaded at aeriae.com/victris.pdf

The first person to email clan@clananalogue.org and tell us which music software was used to compose the original version of the Aeriae track 'Ai No Kuni' will be sent a free CD copy of the album.

Ambitious in texture, programming and melodic design, Victris explores the modern sonic parameters of electronica through the prism of deep historical insight into music, production and technology. With Bach-influenced melodic counterpoint, Spector-inspired mono mixes for discipline and impact, and the use of sonic detritus from the world of obsolete technology, colliding concepts of sound have been reconfigured for new expression in Read More...

Let Love Live, The Pop Rock Single by The Jon Collins Band
  Handsome leading man Jon Collins is reminding listeners of One Republic with the new Pop Rock single "Let Love Live" from The Jon Collins Band. The new song is putting everyone in a great mood with uplifting vibe that will attract listeners immediately. The Jon Collins Band is the new 2014 sound of today, check him out for yourself and see why his near 30K fans on Facebook are shouting about all the commotion!

Discover more of Jon and the Jon Collins Band on Twitter, on Facebook and check out his hit single "Let Love Live" on Itunes. Or, visit his official website: www.JonCollinsBand.com.

Nickbee/Displaced Paranormals/Dubtek - Mothman/Obey [IA005]
Nickbee/Displaced Paranormals/Dubtek - Mothman/Obey

Inception:Audio proudly presents:


Starting off with a sample from cult sci-fi hit 'They Live', this collaboration between Dubtek and DP quickly descends into a heavy-hitting bassline and infectious,
minimalist drum patterns. Sure to be a firm club favourite!
Sinister and unsettling, 'MothMan' combines eerie vocals and shifting alien-type beats. Fans of disturbing sounds will get the most from Read More...

DOSE - Mind the Future LP out now!
DOSE - Mind the Future LP out now!

2014 is DOSE's year.

Hailing from the broken city of Christchurch and recently relocating to Auckland, DOSE has knuckled down to bring us his long awaited debut LP "MIND THE FUTURE". You might agree its quite an LP too - giving fans and champions of DOSE's music an exiting and varied platter of his sound from cuts that are driving and energetic to tracks that have a deeper and intimate style.

Since his first release in 2006 DOSE has forged a solid reputation as one of the top solo D&B artists to come out of New Zealand. Consistent releases on a vast spectrum of top Labels including Ram, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio and Commercial Suicide combined with DJ sets of exceptional power, depth and quality, DOSE has built a well respected reputation as both a DJ and producer.

Dose's Mind the Future LP available on both digital and Vinyl formats, with the 2 x 12" vinyl pack having 6 tracks.

Listen here:

https://soundcloud.com/commercialsuicide/sets/dose-mind-t

Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP - MAMSW8
Chicago producer Donnie Tempo delivers another solid old school EP of Chicago House & Techno jamz for moreaboutmusic.

Listen & Go on a journey with Donnie Tempo

Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP Soundcloud Page

Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP CLONE.NL Page

Donnie Tempo Social Media

4tha3rdtime Facebook Page

4tha3rdtime Twitter Page

4tha3rdtime Myspace Page

DOSE - Organic Beats Mix April 2014
DOSE - Organic Beats Mix April 2014

With his debut LP fast approaching on Commercial Suicide, Dose decimates our speakers with an absolutely disgusting guest mix.


01. Dose - Once Again

02. The Upbeats & Inside Info - Epsilon

03. Fourward - Talk To Me VIP

04. Dose & Teknik ft JabZ MC - No Turning Back

05. Stakka & Skynet - Decoy

06. Dose - What Lies Within VIP

07. Dose - Mind the Future

08. The Upbeats - Corposant

09. Dose - Nowadays

10. Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix)

11. Dose - The Summoning

12. Dose & Victim - Scourge

13. Dose - Somethings Wrong

14. Cern & Maztek - Unknown

Mind the Future LP - Commercial Suicide - May/June 2014

Since his first release in 2006 Dose has forged and cemented a solid reputation as one of the top solo drum and bass artists to come out of New Zealand. Having consistently released his works on a vast spectrum of top Labels such Ram and Renegade and with his dj sets containing a Read More...

K'Alexi~ ACID KING (KK002)
  Following on from the phenomenal success of 'The Dancer' K-Alexi is back on his own K Klassik label with 'Acid King' - a no nonsense late night acid house rumbler, with vocals from K' Alexi showing just why his voice & style has stood above the rest as the true Acid King.

No shortage of heavyweights on the remix front either, with a stellar cast including Grammy Award winner Maurice Joshua, Joe Smooth, Stretch Sylvester Terry Farley & Cabana Recordings honcho Justin Imperiale, each taking Acid King into different areas of the dancefloor.

It's not just epic it's K Klassik Baby!

Social Media

K'Alexi Twitter Page

K'Alexi Discog Page


ACID KING - Soundclound

TecSoul Deep - Beatport Page

TecSoul Deep - Traxsource Page

TecSoul Deep - Stompy Page

Antagon - Belief Engine (Damaru Records)
Hey everybody :D

Artist: Antagon
Title: Belief Engine
Label: Damaru Records
Format: CD
Release: 07.03.2014
Catalog: DAMCD006CD


01. Breakdown 167 bpm
02. Crash 169 bpm
03. Buenos Dias, Cochineros 169 BPM
04. Forest of Equilibrium 170 BPM feat. Loose Connection
05. Individual Thought Patterns 171 BPM
06. Belief Engine 172 BPM
07. Structures 175 BPM
08. Dyspepsia 175 BPM feat. Nemeton
09. Voyager 178 BPM feat. Ex

Future Sickness: Fragz & Deathmachine [SICK019]
Future Sickness: Fragz & Deathmachine


Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 19th vinyl release featuring Fragz & Deathmachine!
In this release Fragz shows his versatility with this two raging tracks, perfect blend of Drum & Bass with Hardcore!
A-side is "I Got A Story To Tell", you will get hooked up by these energetic vocals and heavy kickdrums, amen breaks
and crazy edits, true banger for sure! B-Side is a collaboration with UK's fines Read More...

The House Of EDM - Vincent T. + Aggravated Measures + O.B.One
2014 VTT / Comm Cast

Album out 1.9.14

Includes: Dang It, Quantum, The Last One On Earth, OT & Dance On Mars.

http://www.youtube.com/AggravatedMeasures

Maztek & N-Phonix - The God Particle [FREE DOWNLOAD]
WIZ deliverz:

Maztek & N-Phonix - The God Particle


send your promo/press emails to: wiz.promotions@gmail.com


[MFR074] Various Artists - Flight of Memories / Part Two
Listen / Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two) on BEATPORT


Genre: Prog-House, Trance

Release Date: Dec 23 2013

Label: Majestic Family Records

1 Marc Pollen Ft Dewi - Wrong (Original Mix)

2 Qosmos feat. Ange - Reach For Me (Andrea Bertolini Dub)

3 5uGar and Eva Kade Ft. Evil T - All Around (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)

4 Beat Factory - Rising (Deep Active Sound Remix)

5 Alex Drayling - Geometria (Original Mix)

6 Arma8 feat. Julia Lav - Your Day (Original Mix)

7 Artem Viceman - Flight of My Mind (Blugazer Remix)

8 Another Note - Dominate Night (Original Mix)

9 Andy Hardo ft. DJ Glushkov - Away From Here (Yuji Ono Remix)

10 Quinn Ft Daniel Baron - Dream State (Katrin Souza Remix)

11 Leisuregroove feat. Joe Killington - Falling (Joost van Hooijdonk Dub)

12 De Kibo - Tony Stark (Original Mix)

13 Masstek - Flashed (Massive Vibes Remix)

14 Noel Sanger - Deconstructed (Johnny Beast Remix)

15 Robert Firth - The

Maztek & N-Phonix - The God Particle [FREE DOWNLOAD]
WIZ deliverz:

Maztek & N-Phonix - The God Particle

send your promo/press emails to: wiz.promotions@gmail.com

M.Y. Project - Darker By Light (PSMREC027) - Free Release
Artist: M.Y. Project
Title: Darker By Light
Label: Psymoon-Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Released date: 16.12.2013
Format: All
Lenght: 2h 08m 28s

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Psymoon Records is proud to present:
M.Y. Project - Darker By Light

About Release:

Darker By Light talks about the experience of many of the most Read More...

[BRI017] Ickoo - The Pussification of America

Artist: Ickoo
Title: The Pussification Of America
Label: Briokids Recordings
Catalog#: BRI017
Format: CD, E.P.
Country: USA
Released: Dec 2013
Quality: .mp3 / 320kbps / full stereo
Genre: Drum & Bass/Jungle, Breakcore, Trip Hop
Runtime: 16 minutes
Filesize: 39.5MB

01 My Pussy Belongs To Daddy {4:24 / 162bpm}
02 Kristi Yamaguchi (It's About That Time) {3:51 / 162bm}
03 Tyra's Fivehead (Dookie

Gancher & Ruin / C.A.2K / Damage Inc [SICK018]
Gancher & Ruin / C.A.2K / Damage Inc


Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 18th vinyl release featuring Gancher & Ruin, C.A.2.k

and Damage Inc! For this release we have an amazing collab tune between Gancher & Ruin and C.A.2K and

a remix Gancher and Ruin did of one of the Damage Inc tunes (original previously released on digital).

To top that we added a 3rd special VIP tune Damage Inc did from one of their own tunes. All the tunes

Gancher & Ruin / C.A.2K / Damage Inc [SICK018]
Gancher & Ruin / C.A.2K / Damage Inc [SICK018]

Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 18th vinyl release featuring Gancher & Ruin, C.A.2.k

and Damage Inc! For this release we have an amazing collab tune between Gancher & Ruin and C.A.2K and

a remix Gancher and Ruin did of one of the Damage Inc tunes (original previously released on digital).

To top that we added a 3rd special VIP tune Damage Inc did from one of their own tunes. All the tunes

have been played a lot in the clubs by several big producers and dj's in the scene. These tracks are

solid dancefloor smashers! Brutal drum and bass in combination with some hardcore driven vibes and a

big bad bass. Ready to drop and deliver on any dancefloor. Not convinced?Listen to the previews and

you know that this is another smash record from Future Sickness Records!

A1/ Gancher & Ruin, C.A.2K - Uncro

B1/ Damage Inc - Connect The Cuts (Gancher & Ruin Remix)

B2/ Damage Inc - Connect The Cuts VIP


A1/

Nyama - Freaks Of The Stoned Age EP
Hi there 8)


We are very proud to bring you "Freaks of the Stoned Age" from Nyama, dealing out some killer blows in the shape of 4 totally freaked out classic dancefloor smashers.
This production is all about the full power high energy to hit the dancefloor.
Play it loud and enjoy the journey that Nyama has put togeth Read More...

EP Syen - In Dusk (PSMREC026) - Free Release
Artist: Syen
Title: In Dusk
Label: Psymoon-Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Released date: 28.10.2013
Format: All
Lenght: 41m 11s

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Psymoon Records is proud to present:
EP Syen - In Dusk

About release:

Always motivated to express their deep thoughts and feelings through
the infinite possibilities of music 2010th moving

V.A Psychedelic Forms Vol.2 (PSMREC025) - Free Release
Artist: V.A
Title: Psychedelic Forms Vol.2
Label: Psymoon-Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Released date: 24.10.2013
Format: All
Lenght: 1h 24m 17s

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Psymoon Records is proud to present:
V.A Psychedelic Forms Vol.2

About release:

With this release we continue with our exploration of
psychedelic forms, with many new power

ATLANTIC 22 " (aka" 808 mix) Promo Video [Electronic House]

"ATLANTIC 22 " (aka 808 Mix) Promo Video

Listen & Buy

4tha3rdtime Soundcloud Page

Beatport Page

Traxsource Page

The Partysquad & Mitchell Niemeyer #PANTSDOWN (OUT NOW)
The Partysquad & Mitchell Niemeyer proudly present #PANTSDOWN. A crazy electro infused production with loads of attitude. Drop this in a big room set and just wait for it to happen... Put on your clean knickers because those pants are coming down!

Dutch DJs and producers Ruben Fernhout and Jerry Leembruggen make up the energetic and highly sought after musical sensation The Partysquad. They just released the video for their collaboration with Mitchell Niemeyer "#PANTSDOWN." The video reflects the fun and silly vibe of the track, following a comical guy as he makes his way around Ibiza. The video culminates with the guy dropping his pants in front of a packed Pacha dancefloor, finding himself literally #PANTSDOWN.

About "#PANTSDOWN" The Partysquad says, "It's just a fun track that came about last summer. Of course it's always awkward (and funny) when someone gets caught in the act, literally with his or her pants down. But we have this DJ whapp group with a lot of well known DJs; it's just a place Read More...

Inception Audio releases new vinyl with free CD!
Inception Audio releases new vinyl with free CD!

The latest release from two drum 'n bass powerhouses is a slice of minimalist neurofunk designed for the dancefloor. A subtle rolling drum pattern eventually gives way to a distorted voice sample and menacing midlines which will shake the foundations of any club it's played in. The AA side is another neurofunk classic but with a more epic, movie-like feel. Soothing Eastern strings effortlessly transition into a more sinister sounding piece, complete with s Read More...

RELEASE: BABY F-16 - PANTEROS666 BROMANCE #12 [onelove Recordings]

SAVAGE CIRCUIT - Digital Domain EP [Free-Spirit Records] - SAVAGE CIRCUIT - Digital Domain EP [Free-Spirit Records]
SAVAGE CIRCUIT - Digital Domain EP [Free-Spirit Records]


Track Listing:
1] Buying Time2] Instinct3] Slight Of Mind4] Re Entry
Mastered @Killah Mastering Studiosby Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM
Listen to samples:www.soundcloud.com/savage-circuit
Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 23/07/2013General Release 06/08/2013
Genre: Psychedelic TranceCat No: FRS0044EP
Worldwide distribution byINgrooves, San Franciso, CATel: +1 415 489 7000http://www.INgrooves.com/

SAVAGE CIRCUIT - Digital Domain EP [Free-Spirit Records]
P.R> by DMGAccording to the universal law of attraction, like attracts like and no better evidence of this is London-based psy label Free-Spirit Records adding Savage Circ Read More...

One of Australia's biggest DJs and instrumentalist Timmy Trumpet has partnered up again with Chardy to release their new track Melbournia today.

Following up from the success of their collaboration last year, which saw Sassafras hit #1 on the ARIA Club Chart, the boys felt it was the perfect time to reunite and release a new track. Melbournia is laced with that Melbourne bounce championed by a collective of forward-thinking new wave producers breaking down boundaries both domestically and overseas. Drawing inspiration directly from the dance-floor, this big system Saturday night rocker demands attention from the backrooms to Billboards.

DJ Timmy Trumpet said: "We didn't want to release a follow up until we knew we had something that would work no matter the room, at the same time as representing the sound that has become famous in the city we love and play the most. Melbourne is buzzing! Not just locally, but overseas and it's Chardy's backyard. So... Melbournia was born."

This dynamic duo infuses

Aeriae present Nurse 2 Alyssa Type
CA042A on Clan Analogue Recordings

Sydney producer Aeriae, aka Wade Clarke, paves the way for his second album, Victris, with 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type', a dark techno cut of cascading textures taken from the album and backed up on this seven-track EP by a genre-tripping set of remixes and retakes from Clan Analogue associates.Lightwell distils the melody into a Brian Eno-like chill. CMI's massive sludgification of the material is chased by the hurtling beats of Che. Kate Carr delivers a vinyl-pricked mass of ambience before Thallium & Milo close the playlist with a mixture of four-on-the-floor and syncopated chaos. Before the remixes comes Aeriae's 'Nurse 1 Cindy Type'; the A-side's slower-paced cousin, building drama through layers of carefully intersecting synth lines.

Aeriae is Wade Clarke, techno and baroque experimentalist and controllerist, ready to launch new electronic tones into the void in the great tradition of Clan Analogue.

Lightwell is the current incarnation of long time music producer E Read More...

MassimoMilianO - Lost Bro's EP [The Remixes] - FIXUS 047 [Techno]
NOTE: Links will take you to either Soundcloud, Facebook or MP3 Store webpages.

Fixate Records presents MassimoMilianO - Lost Bro's [The Remixes] - FIXUS 047 [Techno]. Featuring Featuring remixes from Dexon & October Rust, Nelman, Philipp Centro, SystemY, Michael Schumacher, Al Zwodezwo, Ninna V, Vanessa Heich, MiNjO!, Scizo & Dubtune.




Available on Junodownload and Beatport

"Like" @ http://www.facebook.com/fixaterecords



Fixate Team


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