Tidy Music Library 11 Feat. BK / Paul Maddox / Guyver + More - OUT NOW!!
Tidy Music Library Issue 11 has something for all music appetites of the Harder variety!

Ranging from Hard Trance to Hard house, Tech Dance to Funky Ass wonky hard beats, there really is something for everyone with this release!

First up Paul Maddox combines with Sam & Deano aka The Tidy DJs to bring you 'Nut Job'. Quirky vocals, Jacking riff's and a beat so Skippy the kangaroo's in Australia will be dancing to this.

Backed up with 2 remixes from future scene leader Vandall bringing his Tech Dance vibes to the table and with a mighty 'Tidy Two' remix from the Scarlet Pimpernel of Hard Dance, Guyver.

Storm's Jimmy Dean makes his debut on tidy with 'Dont Give Up'.

Taking the classic vocals from Inner City's 'Big Fun', Jimmy goes straight for the funk with a heads down no nonsense Hard House groove. BK ups the tempo with a mix suited for the moor peak time floors.

Finishing off the release we have the Nu Raverz make their second appearance with a brand new Remix EP.

Getting deep down and wo

On March 7th 2009, 4000 of you descended on a converted steal works in Sheffield for a night of unforgettable hedonistic Hard Dance clubbing.

'Magna - The Homecoming' has been hailed as one of the best tidy moments to date, and as you, the tidy faithful, made this such a special night, tidy is giving you a chance to relive your Magna memories - live from you stereo!

Now, a 3 disc adventure recorded LIVE at Magna is released to the masses, featuring the jaw dropping world exclusive return of Lab 4 live, trance masters Agnelli & Nelson Vs Solarstone and tidy legend Rob Tissera.

Truly encapsulating the spirit of the event with live crowd recordings, the CD covers all bases of Hard Dance.

Disc One sees the European industrial sounds of Lab 4 featuring exclusive re-edits of the classic 'Candyman', 'Concept Of Love' and 'Requiem', mixed with brand new material from the guys in their solo guises; A+D+A+M Lab 4 and DJ X.

On Disc Two we have a tidy debut in the form of international Trace artists A Read More...

Insperations For A Harder Generation Out Now
Remember the first time you heard that one song that opened your eyes to the world of Dance music, that one piece of music that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and sent a shiver down your spine?

Well hold on tight as Inspirations For A Harder Generation delivers 26 brand new remixes of those very tracks, tracks that Inspired a full generation of DJ's, Producers and clubbers alike.

Combining the talents from 26 of the leading DJ's and producers on the Hard Dance scene, Inspirations For A Harder Generation takes the tracks that inspired them to get into dance music, and re-creates the magic one more time for anyone who has been into dance music over the last 20 years!

From early Rave classics such as Hard Core Uproar " High on Hope and DJPC - Insomniak, to 80's chart toppers such as New Order "True Faith" and Softcell "Tainted Love", right through to modern day club anthems such as JX - You belong To me, Living Joy - Dreamer and Sandy B - Make Read More...

Organ Donors ..Oldskool Autopsy Out Now !!!
The Organ Donors present Oldskool Autopsy

After a string of ground-breaking dance floor fillers from their first album Plastic Surgeons, including 4 Tribes and Blackout (the first two vinyl only releases in ten years to make the National top 40) and the massive European anthems What's up? and. 99.9! The long awaited follow up, Oldskool Autopsy is here!

Taking us back to where it all started and injecting a lethal dose of modern technology, raw passion and 15 years of production experience, Oldskool Autopsy takes a carefully selected crop of some of their most influential tunes from the past 20 years, from artists such as KLF, Joey Beltram, Massive Attack & Moby, and a host of groundbreaking tracks, rave anthems and acid house classics from as far back as the late 80's and gives them a well-deserved surgical makeover.

If you witnessed the dawn of rave culture, have experienced the evolution of hard dance, or are just curious about the modern dance musi Read More...

DJ Hi-Shock presents: DISCOTHEQUE EP
DJ Hi-Shock: Discothequecat# Hroom010

1) Discotheque (Club Tropicana Mix)
2) Diskotek (Disko Ghost Mix)
3) Discotek (Dark Floor Mix)

This is DJ Hi-Shock's debut release on the Hypnotic Room label. Usually he is known to produce hard and minimal techno but this time around Hi-Shock experiments with a more club oriented sound and delivers three excellent takes of the dancefloor friendly "Discotheque".

There is a bit of everything here from bouncy techno, a bit of breaks, electro, hard house, funky tech-house and even some classic trance thrown in.

The sound is big and the promo release has been receiving terrific dancefloor response from clubbers. Enjoy and play it out loud!

"The Disko Ghost mix of Diskotek is very grabbing - it shares the insect-driven tech sensibilities with Jeff Mills, circa the Waveform Transmission days"
- Little Nobody (Melbourne, Australia)

cool trax! - the discoteque ep is a nice nod back to the old skool sounds, i prefer the first mix and the Dark Floor Mi Read More...

Adrenaline Dept EP2 OUT NOW! + Launch Party Details !!
Addiction Digital proudly presents... The Adrenaline Dept


Feat 'Give It Up' & 'Movin' On'

For full length clips please visit


iDJ Review, December 07, Score: 5/5

This dynamic Norwegian duo have had an absolutely storming 2006, with tracks and remixes

signed to several leading labels as well as two DJ appearances on the infamous London

circuit. Here they return to Addiction Digital in absolute style with two huge hard

trance cuts. Lead track 'Give It Up' features a distinctive diva sample laid over

some tough euphoric riffs with deliciously groovy percussion, whilst the darker

'Movin' On' accentuates the shuffled groove but delivers an absolutely killer

breakdown. The future is certainly orange for this pair!

Jason Cortez, M8 Magazine Review, Score: M7/M8

Hailing from Norway, the Adrenaline Department having been consistently churning out high

octane hard-dance throughout 2006. This EP, yet again showcases th Read More...

Addiction Digital pres. Feed Your Addiction Vol1 (The Album)
Addiction Digital proudly present our debut fully mixed album...

Feed Your
Addiction - Vol 1

After 11 successful releases, countless positive reviews, and a plethora of DJ support,
the time has come for Addiction Digital to launch
their first mixed album. Picking 11 of our biggest tracks from the last 8 months was no
easy task with the quality available, but we proudly present to you a hard dance album
with a difference. Following a progression unheard of in many other hard dance albums, we
take you on a journey from the label's trancier output right up to our most banging,
featuring productions and remixes by Alf Bamford AKA
Technikal, Nick Rowland, Rich C & Barrry Diston, Adrenaline Dept., Chrysus, Xinetd_D &
Bruce H, Nick Jenkins & Addiction Residents. The album has been expertly mixed by
Label Manager Olly Perris, a man responsible for
over 50K record sales, 2 top 50 hits, and all at the tender age of 21. Here he has
created an album which not only follows a natural progression but also a musical one. Read More...

GENERATIONEXT 'House2hard' cd & tour
Musical purism and close-minded genre wars have run their course - the next generation in music compilations has arrived! Forget everything you know or have presumed about mix compilations, this one is different. As a concept, Generationext was born in Cairns - a city dominated by transient travellers and fun-loving party personalities. Attend one of the crew's parties and you'll find everything from breaks, to house, electro, techno, trance and hard dance - all in one night and all under one roof! The parties being so successful the crew decided to take it to the next level, and so the Generationext CD series was born. With a proven track record of destroying dancefloors worldwide, UK house act Studio B seemed the ideal team to mix up the magic on disc one of Generationext's first compilation offering, presenting the funked-up party starter that grooves its way through everything from jackin' electro/tech house to butt-wiggling breakbeat. Generationext couldn't employ the talents of just any DJ for this task Read More...

Enigma Records volume three double CD released!
Following on the heels of our successful Yoshi and Jumping Jack compilations, we've just released our newest double CD - Enigma Records volume three - which features the latest and greatest original music from some of Australia's best dance music artists.

The CD, mixed by Scott Baker, covers a wide variety of styles such as trance, hard house, techno, progressive, funky house and chillout, and features well-known artists such as Yoshi, Chia, Liquid M, H.P.S?, Brad Aspin and Xenobis.

Enigma Records is an independent record label based in Sydney, which is devoted to showcasing Australian dance music artists. Since its inception in 2001, the label has focused on releasing locally produced music which might otherwise have gone unheard. The release is distributed Australia-wide by Stomp. Read More...

Trance Communications Records
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CompilationsOut Now

title Lucignolo 2 artistVarious Artists
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partnership withSaifam / Self

title I Am Hardstyle Vol. 02 artistProphet & Technoboy
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title Hardstyle Allstars

Transmission Black Magic CD
  Black Magic Hard Trance Anthems Volume 1 CD mixed by Steve Hill and Yoji Biomehanika - Out Now!