Photo Shoot 9th Of This Month.
Sacramento California Northside to Southside Photo Shoot HML for availibility...(916)470-8074T: Photo Shoot 9th Of This Month.U: 807653343c342e05b8dd261439580ef8A: 44ab69b0e4776fe07a44ef8a046c42fdK: x2sacramento 61d04be299da95d4f0ca4daf35aa6773 _uid59417_ _posts125766_ _f_59417_ c89ec36577785111db70293df338b13c c544a2eb754f923d7ca55d1d9052d86b b6bb4113fcbcab5156bfac31c1e777cc .

ya ya lets get it goingT: Re: 4thelove2 THe DJ SWAMP MASSACREU: ac22e3a86a1fb6d6d642c6be6a9c3e8eA: 7f7f59577af16139c0d9f3c11d2008bcK: x2sacramento _uid58767_ _prt10206452_ _prtwwwspracicomeventcgi206452_ _posts123207_ _f_58767_ 6a86cbcbf324e90c70e0abd3145f15b3 4358a94e069494d9ada50c694e549317 59aa37b8a206ffba30c3a948f4851084 .

Andy P - Break U Off
Andy P - Break U Off


Booking Info:


1. hip-hop don't stop - agent k
2. everybody in the house - the goodfellas
3. bottem end number 8 - dj fixx
4. xtc - agent k & deuce
5. ?
6. collins ave. - dj icey
7. keef - joe galdo
8. funky movement - dj fixx
9. clicky - dj icey
10. otc - rick west
11. kick the flow - dj fixx
12. quadraphonia - c.nm. remix
13. hold your head up - dj perm feat. jackie
14. tricky - urban j
15. swangin - ?
16. lets get ill - 3 bad brothers
17. i will set you free - deuce & agent k
18. i'm commin - peter paul rmx
19. we are alive - dj icey

MOVEMENT fridays in Sacramento



MOVEMENT is the new night of which I (shaun slaughter) am the producer/DJ of. The idea is very simple.... Following in the footsteps of another notorious friday night club we ran, it's an anything goes, musical and cultural kaleidoscope swaying in the direction of all things new and dancefloor friendly.

Fridays will feature a dizzing array of guest DJs, Bands, Artists, Designers and all things interesting and bizarre tied together by Jon Droll and myself

Hands down, it's probably going to spawn some of the best nights of your entire life.

EXPECT....Fridays filled with debaucherous behaviour, sinfully sweet & super cheap drinks and music to nix your hang-ups and inhabitions spun (and played) by a choice selection of cutting-edge DJs bands and artists.

Not to mention weekly drink specials (cheap!!!), monthly fashion shows, film screenings and nights curated by Sacramento's brightest art collectives all spun together under the roof of Sacramento's finest club venue... hearkening the phrase: CULTURAL EPICENTER.

WHO RUNS MOVEMENT? MOVEMENT is a collective of like-minded individuals working together to bring you the BEST in Music, Art and Fashion and the BEST nights of your life!

---M RADIO..1 Up now featuring tracks by LCD, Ego Express, Princess Superstar, In Flagranti, Goldfrapp, DFA1979 and tons more...

VON IVA "Not Hot To Trot" Video


EDIE SEDGWICK's "Martin Sheen" Song Sample

SEP 2:

Early Fashion Show with Designer MONTE CRISTO

and his most fabulous dancers!

(Most procedes go to The Rainbow Festival)

HG,CG's Song Samples

ELECTROCUTE "Kleiner Dickie Junge" Video


Chelsea Wolfe's Song Samples Add Club Movment as a friend to receive special updates and freebies!


12 years ago
Dub Rock from Hawaii..PEPPER!
Come out and see Pepper at the Baordwalk Feb 1st 2003 all ages T: Dub Rock from Hawaii..PEPPER!U: 90e346ad7c6a155d5bf64b4fc92d2805A: 90e346ad7c6a155d5bf64b4fc92d2805K: x2sacramento _posts64828_ .


12 years ago
new sacramento town kid
Hey all check out this sac kid ill b i got some free dance tracks on my yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/illogicalbeats/If you like that join the site and psot on it Also check out the full archive here of all my songs "even the ones not done yet"http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=10935&T=5344Peace much love ill b T: new sacramento town kidU: 6a70c3b95bd288153ce5bcc7c6fdffecA: 6a70c3b95bd288153ce5bcc7c6fdffecK: x2sacramento _posts62947_ .



12 years ago
Bible Research
Greetings,Any and all are invited to come and share GOD`SWORD with us.I know you have Questions and I know many of you have Serious Doubts.I know there are some of you that don't believe at all.I DON'T Have ALL the answers...I DON'T know it all...BYOB (bring your own Bible).We will seach the Living Word:And Pray for Guidance.We WILL find the answers to all of the Questions God choosesto reveal to us!!Many of you have been turned off by religion because of the hypocrisy, in most churches today.So called "Christians" judging you personally because of your lifestyle, instead of showing you the Love and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ!Those who are interested in attending please contact me at pilkster1@excite.comMay the Pece of our LORD JESUS be with you and yours!!!!! T: Bible ResearchU: da21d24f4c485a9533eb4eaea4c60a8cA: 9786ccea08d01f89f25ee62f99908b98K: x2sacramento _uid5385_ _posts59760_ .



12 years ago
REDWOOD FENCING THE CHEAPEST AROUND !!! CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES WINTERS COMIN IF YOUR FENCE IS DOWN WE WONT LET YOU DOWN!!! EMAIL @freakbrother69@hotmail.com T: REDWOOD FENCINGU: 55ef213901942017216d3ecdacce1fa6A: 55ef213901942017216d3ecdacce1fa6K: x2sacramento _posts58320_ .



12 years ago
Band seeks manager
The band Sinfest is currently touring the greater Sacramento area, and is also seeking management. Qualified applicants must have managed for a min. of 3 years, and be able to produce verifing documents to the fact. Contact drummer Dan Bethel at 484-0985 or at danielbethel@hotmail.com or guitarist Dirty White Finger at kernchad@hotmail.com or go to the SINFEST home page for contact information at http://home.attbi.com/~sinfest



12 years ago
Let's put a group together!!!
Hello All: Are you sick and tired of working hard all week, only to find yourself in a bar with people who don't like to engage in creative partying? Are you finding your friends all getting married and not wanting to go out anymore? I feel your pain. I am a 27 year old health care professional, who is in the same boat. I want to make new friends who want to go out together, engage in creative partying, and even travel to events together. I want to put together a group of people who have time and means, and want to be in a tight-knit group that is into having fun. I will be the organizer- all you have to do is let me know that you are interested and, I will notify the group of events, and create an e-mail/phone list so we can meet to hang out. Even create parties of our own. Realize that by meeting new people, you will meet their friends indirectly, and that could be promising. E-mail me at: DocOptic@hotmail.com and we will get this started!!!!



12 years ago
Re: Get Down
this party looks coo...



12 years ago
Save the Sacramento Underground Scene!!!!
Brandon Schilling?s manifestoSixQ.net Party locationHello, I am here to discuss some futuristic goals I wish to achieve by working with the First Modulation, SixQ.net event committee. By gathering together enough likeminded people, from this gradually multiplying social society, we could produce many new alternatives to the end of week boredom caused by the turgid bar scene. It seems more commonplace to work all week long, exhausting your creativity, only to waste your weekend nights locked into a money pit drinking habit at a lousy bar or a dark room playing video games till all hours. The key to ending this madness is by first recognizing that there is a problem. It seems everyone has become very separate in his or her community. I feel that people are constantly looking for something to do, while at the same time not doing anything about it. If you spend over twenty dollars a night trying to entertain yourself, then you might be spending too much money for little or no avail. We need to begin creating a society of friends, artists, neighbors and acquaintances to join in the festivities. I am not looking to provide a drunk tank for lizards but a place for positive interactions. Successful examples include the numerous gatherings that randomly pop up and complete themselves without major problems such as: Joes Style Shop, Process; Crackbaby Inc, and Dead horse Island Party 1 and 2. We need to expand on these ideas by upping the frequency and exploring a more extensive party itinerary. Sacramento happens to be one of the most centralized cities in the US. This small culture of artistic and imaginative people is getting larger by the day. The point behind these gatherings is to bring everyone together to one location instead of small islands of people scattered around the city. It is advantageous to meet new people, to witness, new sounds, visuals, music, art, trends, trips, memories and experiences. Lets up the frequency of these parties and begin a new trend in entertainment. By attending these parties you may also help upcoming artists get exposed to a larger audience. A much larger listener base than one you might find at old ironsides on a Tuesday night. You will also see new acts and genres that you wouldn?t normally find at the Capitol Garage on Saturday night, for seven dollars. There is a large artistic culture right in your back yard! We need more events to support our local artists. The number of all ages venues in this town are next to none. We need to overcome this obstacle and create our own environment with our own definition. I am probably not telling you anything that you don?t already know. This a call to arms for anyone who is sick and tired of the current situation in Sacramento. Please contact us if you want to help. We need people to pass out flyers help with decorations, new artists, new acts, new ideas anything will help. Email myself, Brandon (Jaydee2928@hotmail.com.) with new location ideas, new talent, or any other crazy ideas you have for the next party. We also want to get you on an email list to keep you posted on future events. Keep the momentum going. Stay tuned to SixQ.net for party locations and times. Remember the underground scene starts with you.



12 years ago
strictly hip hop clubs for the weekend
are there any hip hop spots going off this weekend for friday or saturday?

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