J.S. Bach - 2nd Suite in A minor, BWV 807 - Prlude

## J.S. Bach - 2nd Suite in A minor, BWV 807 - Prélude#


my first harpsichord CD... and gidday!

English Suite No.2 in A minor BWV807 : I Prlude


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160 BPM bizness out of NZ. http://section8recs.com/r/sick-cycle-criss-hathaway-birth-of-trungle/4147 Sick Cycle, Criss Hathaway - Birth of Trungle
DOWNLOAD: http://rinse.it/ig3jp0 New Zealand producers Sick Cycle & Criss Hathaway team up to showcase the birth of their new genre-bending "trungle" projects -- a fusion of jungle rhythms, hip-hop half-time beats, and deep bass. Sick Cycle, Criss Hathaway - Southside Trunglist - Jungle, Drum & Bass…

Nina ☥

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.... I absolutely...
*.... I absolutely love these two amazing musical performers.... Thoth and Lila.... wow... what a couple! spent the better part of my evening last night experiencing every video they have online, then reading through their amazing journal.... hoping to get to watch them in action one day in person ~ turns out quite a few of my friends here in the SF bay area know them personally, so I shall be kept in the loop of their 'doings'... Thoth was a solo performer for many years before they met, but now with the two of them together, it is something altogether unique... they truly seem to be cosmically aligned into one beautiful spark ~ really enjoyable energies! watch for yourselves!* <3

### *Tribal Baroque ~ Tango*

I told Thoth and Dan what David said when we finished. “I would have said “no” if he had asked to give me his opinion.” Thoth said. “Like water off a ducks back. You have to be tough in this city and believe in what you’re doing. Did you see that man who stayed the entire two hours watching you? You should have seen the look on his face. He was blown away.” Dan said. “We actually had audiences the entire prayformance. I wasn’t expecting that,” I said. “I feel better now that we’re finished.” We packed up and walked with Dan to the subway and said goodbye on the train. We took the L to 8th Avenue and had dinner at La Bonboneure.

    About Tribal Baroque:
Using counter-tenor and soprano vocals, Thoth and Lila'Angelique create miniature operas based on love and devotion accompanied by foot percussion, dance, ritual theater, and violins.



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