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Sacha Schwarz is playing @ #bloop. #London #United Kingdom, Tue 07 Oct 2014 @ 21:00 http://blooplondon.com/2014/03/24/sacha-schwarz-sessions/ #gigs

Sacha Schwarz Sessions

Introducing the latest addition to the bloop. roster. Sacha Schwarz Sacha Schwarz started out DJing / producing breaks & held a long-standing residency a

Led Zeppelin to reissue Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy with bonus material

Led Zeppelin to Reissue IV and Houses of the Holy With Bonus Material

Including alternate versions of "Stairway to Heaven", "When the Levee Breaks", "The Song Remains the Same," and more


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Good time breaks all across the board. @pbwolf live from @GOODGODGOODGOD

Peanut Butter Wolf - Live at Goodgod
Peanut Butter Wolf throws down a selection of classic hip hop and good time breaks across the board. Live at Goodgod in Sydney.


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Regarding the canvas-fingerprinting
I was gonna say:

Really freaky. I used to use AdBlock, but it was superseded by NoScript. As the sidebar in the article says, it breaks most websites. But it has made me a better webcrafter, as I build sites that I can use without external scripts.

Additionally: I have only seen the webUI for a couple of pump.io instances, so I can't be sure, but I think it depends on Google's AJAX library (which means I can't use the webUI at all).


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If your pump.io server is identi.ca...
...remember the Pump network is much more than that! ;)

Lots of things changed when identi.ca migrated from the StatusNet system to the Pump.io system.

Among others:

- Pump.io is not microblogging. You can post long texts, with some formatting and line breaks. Well, like this one! You can post short text if you wish, of course. Also, you don't need shortened URL's, and you can make pretty links.

- You can follow people from any other public Pump.io server, like microca.st, hotpump.net, fmrl.me, pump.jpope.org, etc.

- If you use the web interface, when you create new posts, they are not public by default. If you want to make a public post (currently recommended due to some issues), you'll have to add "Public" to the "To:" field. Try to make at least one public post, so people who see your profile can see you're active before trying to follow you.

- You can use several external web services with your account, like hip2.it, pump2status.net, or the "proof of concept" game, OpenFarmGame, to name a few.

- You can upload pictures, audio, video and other files in your posts, though the officially "supported everywhere" attachments are pictures for now.

- There are already several pump.io applications (clients), for PC or mobile devices that can do more than what the web interface can at this point. I seriously recommend checking them out: Clients List.

- You can check out a "public timeline" at hubub.e43.eu , hubub.polari.us and equivalent sites, or from a client that supports it.

- If your account was used for some sort of entity, like a free software project or organization, you can take advantage of tools like Spigot, to post to Pump automatically from your RSS feed, or PumpTweet, to automatically send your Pump.io posts to Twitter.

If you have any doubts about any of these points, feel free to ask.

This list has been modified a few times, and might be modified again, because yes, you can edit your posts and comments in Pump.io! =)



Edit: Posted as a blog post at CommunicationFreedom.

Spanish version at ComunícateLibremente.


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Benjamin Wright Jr. recalls his arrangement work on a Michael Jackson classic -- http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/magazine/key-tracks-benjamin-wright-jr-on-dont-stop-til-you-get-enough


Key Tracks: Benjamin Wright on Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” | Red Bull Music Academy

The celebrated arranger and producer breaks down the story behind one of his biggest hits.

Stream a set of loose grooves and jazz-inflected breaks from rising Berlin producer Max Graef.

Max Graef - Live at Club Bonsoir

Berlin’s b-boy house maverick Max Graef delivers a smoky set of loose grooves and jazz-inflected breaks. Live at Club Bonsoir in Bern.

Paul Whealing

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Nu BreakZ
Nu Breaks smashed in with the old. Im not trying to seemlessly get beats popping. I just tossed this mix together for those of you who loved/ Love their breaks :)


Timeline Photos25 members of a single family killed when their house was bombed, apparently without warning. Initial findings:

On Sunday, 20 July 2014, at around 7:00 PM, the home of the Abu Jame' family in #Gaza came under attack.
The building was home to the extended family: the matriarch, Fatmeh Abu Jame', her four sons, and their wives and children. The family were eating iftar, the meal that breaks Ramadan fasting for the day. B’Tselem’s initial findings indicate that the likely target of the attack was Ahmad Suliman Sahmoud, a member of Hamas’ military wing, who was visiting a merthmber of the family.

Everyone who was in the house at the time of the bombing was hurt: 25 members of the Abu Jame' family were killed, as well as Hamas operative Sahmoud. The rest were injured, including at least three of Fatmeh Abu Jame's sons and one of her daughters, who were taken to the a-Nasser medical center in Khan Yunis.

Information B’Tselem has at this stage indicates that no warning was issued and no warning missile was fired prior to the attack. Our investigation of the incident continues.

By: B'Tselem בצלם


Dan Rossi

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Rada brawl video: Ukraine parliament fistfight breaks out again
A mass brawl broke out in the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, in Kiev on Tuesday, as deputies from the Party of Regions fought with members of the Svoboda party.


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Damn tough to pull of with a crappy behringer effects mixer and popping drum loops not single kicks... Anyway i made this for those of you who like a bass line and a snappy drum loops. Enjoy ^_^. PS: Working on a really dark 178 bpm avg tech step mix soon. DnB heads check it. PPPPeacccceeeer

Nu BreakZ
Nu Breaks smashed in with the old. Im not trying to seemlessly get beats popping. I just tossed this mix together for those of you who loved/ Love their breaks :)


Lusine - Arterialfrom DaBrainkilla

Music video Genre : Electronic / Ambient breaks 4’45 min – Technique : stop motion / video Directed, filmed and produced by Christophe Thockler http://christophethockler.com http://www.facebook.com/dabrainkilla http://twitter.com/dabrainkilla Extract…

Image/photo   Watch on Vimeo  

Alister Ferguson

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Check out the list of the Coalitions broken election promises. When you consider their entire campaign was based around ONE lie (that wasn't even a lie anyway - it's not a tax!) it becomes painfully clear just how mercilessly the Australian public have been swindled by these crooks!! >>

This democracy voted for Abbott based on the promises he made. Here is an exhaustive list of promises he has BROKEN. The people did not get what they voted for.

1. Does not spend his first week as Prime Minister with an Aboriginal community – 14 September 2013. This promise was made in front of indigenous elders and participants at the Garma Festival on 10 August 2013, this is a live recording.

2. Fails to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013. This promise was repeated so many times I can’t count. Here’s Abbott’s 2013 campaign launch speech.

3. Breaks his promise to support Gonski – 25 November 2013 and 13 May 2014. Fails to commit to future funding or to require States to match the Commonwealth funding commitment. See paragraph two from Christopher Pyne on 29 August 2013

4. Breaks its NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013 This was the Coalition’s policy they took to the election first announced 9 April 2013.

5. Changes name of NDIS “launch sites” to “trial sites” and flags cuts to funding – 17 December 2013. The unequivical promise to deliver the NDIS in full was made 20 August 2013 and is in the policies they took to the election

6. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools on 17 December 2013. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments.

7. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments. This promise was first broken on 27 November 2013 when they cut funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council and again on 17 December 2013 when they cut $150 million from hospitals and health services.

8. Fails to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013 Promise made by Greg Hunt – 9 April 2013

9. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network. This promise was confirmed my Malcolm Turnbull on 17 August 2013 and confirmed as broken by the NBN Co executive chairman Ziggy Switkowski on 13 February 2014.

10. Breaks a promise to introduce the paid parental leave scheme he took to the election on 30 April 2014 by reducing the promised benefit for those earning above $100 000.

11. Breaks promise of “no cuts to the ABC or SBS” by cutting $43.5 million from the ABC and SBS.

12. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a deficit tax rise of two percentage points for people earning more than $180,000 a year.

13. Announced to sacking of 16,500 public sector workers as whole Departments are abolished despite promising only 12,000 job losses and through natural attrition.

14. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a fuel levy.

15. Reduction in foreign aid budget of $7.9 billion over five years despite promise to not exceed $4.5 billion and cut via indexation.

16. Increases the pension age to 70 from 2035 after promising last month that changes to indexation and pension age would come in three years.

17. Cuts to old age pension by indexing to CPI, while it was promised there would be no changes.

18. Scraps The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) which was set up to support new and emerging renewable technologies and in doing so breaks an election promise.

19. Tears up Federal Government’s agreement with states and territories to help fund increasing health costs despite promise of no cuts to health.

20. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health with a $368 million cut from preventative health measures.

21. Reduces the Medicare benefit for optometry services and allows optometrists to charge more, despite promise to not cut health budget.

22. Axes the Charles Sturt University’s dental and oral health clinics, despite promise to not cut health budget.

23. Abolishes Medicare locals, despite promise to not cut health budget.

24. Breaks a promise to spend $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund by committing less than half this amount in the budget.

25. Breaks a promise to have one million more solar roofs across Australia and at least 25 solar towns.

26. Breaks a promise not to cuts funding to health by dramatically cutting hospital funding.

27. Breaks election promise and slashes funding to Landcare

28. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy after revelations that two public servants in the Department of Industry have been made involuntarily redundant since September.

29. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy as it is revealed that at least 30 staff in Treasury will be made involuntarily redundant.


Elections analyst predicts double digit swing at Stafford by-electionwww.abc.net.au

A swing against the LNP at the Stafford by-election should concern Campbell Newman, expert predicts.


Douglas Perkins

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wrote the following post:
I bring, not comfort, but some useful data to the table:

"The mean duration of the common cold is 7–10 days, but in a proportion of patients some symptoms can still be present after 3 weeks." [1]

Of course, means are the best predictor of the true value but the real number in any case can be less than, or exceed, the mean.

The above reference then cites [2][3][4]:

"The median duration of the cold episodes was 11 days in HRV culture-positive patients, 9.5 days in HRV RT-PCR-positive patients, and 11.5 days in HRV-negative patients." [2]

"The mean duration of three symptoms showed a difference between the [rhinovirus-positive and rhinovirus-negative groups]. Hoarseness (7.2 days vs 5.8 days, p
This one breaks down the duration of various symptoms, which is neat!

[1]Heikkinen T, Järvinen A (January 2003). "The common cold". Lancet 361 (9351): 51–9. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(03)12162-9;

[2]Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Volume 35, Issue 11, November 1997, Pages 2864-2868;

[3]Journal of the American Medical Association
Volume 202, Issue 6, 6 November 1967, Pages 494-500

[4]T Puhakka, MJ Mäkelä, K Malmström et al. The common cold: effects of intranasal fluticasone propionate treatment
J Allergy Clin Immunol, 101 (1998), pp. 726–731


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cartoonsSouth Sydney Herald july 2014 — with Clive Palmer and 2 others.

cartoons for the South Sydney Herald by norrie mAy-welby
By: Norrie


Jimmyz Fourplay

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Bloggy Moment

One person's statement "We need a sense of purpose".

My comeback "We need leaders who are visionaries".

-- This came this afternoon as an off-the-cuff email to the CEO of a leading, progressive recruitment company in Australia that is currently booming & expanding internationally.

And this was my ramble ...

A sense of purpose is clearly due for the western world.

Pictured on this post is a photo of a community hall on Redondo Beach California, USA with the motto "Where there is no vision, man will perish". I already have previously reached this conclusion, and was chuffed to see someone actually thought to set it to stone.

As traditional religions crumble as the human race becomes technologically and scientifically more aware, it's drained us of those in-bred human senses of "purpose".

Whether it be to explore space, the ocean, our inner selves or dreams - it needs to be something generally a fair segment of the population can get excited about.

The globe is currently heading toward a multi-national consumer led capitalist so-called democracy - third world countries like China, India, Peru are still playing catch up, so it's exciting for them, while USA, Australia and UK & Western Europe are falling to decay because capitalism, by its own virtue, only works for a short period of time while there is opportunity abounding, where the potential to exploit, exists; remember that even one of the main prefaces for capitalism is Unemployment. But it burns out, like a schizophrenic, resets then starts the cycle all over again, more weary but tired every time over.

So western societies are being dragged and pushed disgruntled, kicking and screaming into yet another new phase of capitalism version 1.5 (being that each improvement in our refreshed versions of capitalism have been forced after every subsequent major stock market crash/recessions in the 18th/19th/20th centuries). The only difference now is that more rules and safety mechanisms (eg. watch dog authority on high investors) are in place, and while with each crash there is always a segment of the population who cash it all in and head for the hills on a hippie journey of self-exploration and attempt at spiritualism - first with the hippies of the 60s, yoga of the 90s, and so on... these lovely waves of awakenings inadvertently get pushed to side while the general population become bored and frustrated and simply head back to materialistic goals eg. children of the flower power generation go looking for careers. So, in a simplistic sense, think of a child's toy with flashing led lights and which does "dumb things" being far more interesting for most people than "talking about spiritualism".

So, consumerism is the modern religion.

However, people live first for dignity and pride, second for money.

In consumerism, pride is temporarily achieved through acquiring status symbols eg. watching Wheel Of Fortune (TV Shows promoting material wealth and prizes - imagine what a 'Mantra Wheel Of Fortune' would be like) - mechanisms geared to promote consumerism. For the general population however, they try hard to achieve these goals themselves, being seduced into credit card debt - again a preface of capitalism and productivity - particularly among the working classes, forcing them to get jobs to work to pay off the debt incurred by consumeristic/material goals. This system, while it looks good on the outside, seems to be bringing people so much unhappiness/depression due to the lack of real spiritual fulfilment from their material lives, that we are witnessing a refined but now sluggish machine of capitalism that's no longer running like a cheetah - and some people are always looking around for a next evolution, or enlightenment, for the general population.

Yes a sense of purpose is needed.

But a sense of real interest in a pursuit is what we need to be the catalyst, to counteract the palsy distractions of consumerism. Let's face it, once you've spent $20k on that new Jeep vehicle, the consumeristic buzz lasts for 10 mins, then we are back to trying to acquire the next thing, then the next thing, next iPhone etc etc cycle continues, but never finding any real true permanent lasting happiness - we want to make more money to buy more things we don't really need and that only bring us a hit of happiness for a very short period of time, then back to misery, because the screen breaks or it constantly needs increasingly expensive and environmentally unsound fuel to keep it running; it's almost akin to playing Candy Crush and gambling : What proportion of people ever walk out of the local poker machine parlour looking happy or pleased with themselves?

So, how do we arrange a sense of purpose ?

We need new leaders who are Visionaries.

In the western world we vote for safe, mature and intelligent leaders who we trust not to rock the boat. Over years ago and beyond this wasn't the case it seems, western governments wildly swung from mega socialist to ultra conservative. Capitalism, hedge funds & investors, keep pushing money back into drive the economy to try give it more steam. These people don't want anyone but a safe leader in place to protect their investments - quite understandable.

Hence why we have Tony Abbott (Australia) - apparently invisible - Obama (USA) - too hand tied, bound scared to be adventurous - safe leaders in power. We generally voted them in.

But we need leaders who we trust who also have clear visions for their people - this includes - and actually may take the lead from - multi national companies like Richard Branson's Virgin empire, where even just the thrill of working for Virgin provides its employees a sense of excitement and life fulfilment. But fulfilment in your working life doesn't necessarily go far enough to total personal fulfilment - employees in these exciting companies may be scratching their heads why they have no "lives" on weekends because their workplace environment provides them with weekday goals but nothing left to give to themselves on the weekends.

So we need an overall plan.

Safe, but adventurous - leaders with vision - not to fight poverty or whatever, but provide for the majority of the world's normal achieving every day members, new goals to aspire to, to improve themselves and help others, while maintaining the current system and/or allowing it to slowly metamorphose into the next enlightenment

One can often understand why other doctrines/beliefs/dictators pit themselves so dead against our apparent free world market economy, because our system, while simple and accessible, is actually missing a key ingredient : spiritualism, real personal human fulfilment. Our system is so flashy, infectious and addictive - everyone wants an iPhone! But does it make them happier, more contented? Not really.

As a teenager I figured out the apparent purposelessness of life after it was clear that the nursery-rhymesque, fabled existence of God in the early Sunday School sense of things was rubbish. As I've grown older I've come to admire the presets of christianity, they are great - but tied up with the fiction of the Bible, like most people, we just reject it all as codswallop.

I gave myself a sense of purpose - to inspire others, to make a contribution to humanity even if it was just an artistic or magical concept, or an entertainment - and that's what drives me today - even more so, a desire to want to help others and inspire others who are keen to do the same. So that's my story. But it isn't everybody elses, and it doesn't necessarily match everybody elses either.

But I see so many people struck these days almost unknowingly with a sense of purposelessness - like ships adrift in an ocean without a breeze - just working for the weekend and to make their pay and sort the mortgage & kids, almost turning in on themselves (and each other) out of frustration these days.

This I find so bloody frustrating to witness, and work with, and deal with on a daily basis How can you motivate people who simply aren't motivated - even

So I come to the same conclusion - yes, it is a sense of purpose we need (addressed to that CEO of the Recruitment Agency) - but what we actually need are visionaries as new leaders to take the globe into a sustainable future.

Does the world population eventually will this into being? Like how homicidal maniacs with a death-wish make great leaders during times of war, but fall away and be outcast as dangerous megalomaniacs in times of peace? Or do we simply keep going back to work, waking up on Mondays, to work all week and make enough money to party again with our friends the next weekend, and so the cycle continues without much change. Sanguine.

What are your thoughts ?


Google claims Australian R&D tax breaks, but to be in Singapore for actually paying tax. Can I get that too?

Search to unearth Google Australia directors returns '0'

The profits 'from' Google Australia are not the same as the profits Google makes 'in' Australia.


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Mister Chill’R – Oscillator Opera: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/mister-chillr-oscillator-opera #ccmusic #netlabels #netaudio

Mister Chill’R – Oscillator Opera - Free Download at Ektoplazm - Free Music Portal and Psytrance Netlabel

In Oscillator Opera, a classically-inspired psystep release, Mister Chill'R breaks new ground with an amazing blend of classical instrumentation and tripped-out noises with the help of Planewalker's psychedelic sound design skills. Half orchestra, half banging dance beat, the tracks on ...

Mark Pritchard

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Danny Breaks - Conscience
Danny Breaks - Vaultron Label: Droppin' Science [DSCD003]Format: 28 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps Country: UK Released: 29 Apr 2014 Genre: Electronic...


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