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“@MustafaTavv: This brand new #ChillOut album from @piganddan on @BedrockRecords is simply magnificent. #DestinationUnknown” 😊👍😊

Dallas could captivate a venue of 50 or 50,000, just him and his guitar - Will.I.AmDallas has play
Camelot Lounge, 19 Marrickville Road Marrickville NSW 2204

The Rockabilly Women

A Salute to the Trailblazing women of 50's America

Presented by Narelle Evans and her band.

If Elvis caused a scandal in 1955 - imagine what it was like for women who wanted to ROCK!!!

"Narelle Evans had superb strength, a richness of tone not often encountered but once heard can never be forgotten"- Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle (critic).

Fun, and a shared passion for Rockabilly and 1950's Rock'n'roll has recently seen the birth of 'The Rockabilly Women' show. When Narelle Evans decided to put on a Rockabilly show, the daunting task of what songs to choose lay before her. It soon became clear most of the rockabilly/rock'n'roll tunes we love are performed by men. "I wanted to put on a show in the spirit of Imelda May using the music of 1950's female rock'n'rollers but I couldn't find any 50's rock'n'roll sung by women" said Narelle, "until I scratched beneath the surface and dug a little deeper".

What she unearthed was a treasure trove of women who were recorded by Sun records in the 1950's. Dozens of women were recorded but were never promoted like the men and have largely been forgotten. However, they have left behind some fantastic music. What a discovery. Why weren't they promoted? Because women singing rock'n'roll were considered outrageous and vulgar.

"These women unknowingly became pioneers of rock'n'roll music. All they wanted to do was rock! They laid the foundations for the cultural and sexual revolutions of the 1960's. Here was a story we never hear about. It's an important story. We had our show"

Four women (including Wanda Jackson) who defied convention and rocked in this era were chosen. The show is built around their fascinating stories set against the backdrop of 1950's mid west America. "Once the songs were chosen, we had a script written and brought in director Robert Jarman to bring the show to life."

Come and hear the gems these women recorded played live by some fine Sydney music luminaries:

Narelle Evans Vocals: (The Jive Bombers, Bridie King)

Jack Evans Guitar/Vocals: (Steve Prestwich (Cold Chisel) Band, The Kites)

Chris Perry Bass/Vocals/Musical director: (The Moods, The Jive Bombers)

Antero Ceschin Drums: (The Mighty Reapers)

$15 Presale, $20 on the door
Django Bar opens at 6pm
Happy Hour 6pm - 7pm
Show 8pm

Bookings close at 6pm on the day. Tickets may be purchased at the door subject to availability.
Delicious food (including pizza!) available. Fully licensed ?" NO BYO
Please book carefully - as no refunds, credits or exchanges on tix!
All ages welcome (but under 18?s must be accompanied by an adult)

Lil Jabba "Sun Thru a Cloud"

Brooklyn producer Lil Jabba€”an affiliate of the Teklife crew whose proper debut full-length, Scales, appeared via the Local Action label last year€”has a number of releases in the works, but before any of his upcoming efforts officially drop, the budding beatmaker has generously passed along a new effort entitled "Sun Thru a Cloud." Landing on the mellower end of Lil Jabba's p

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Jeff Nme

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It would have been great if they'd made it to Australia for Fiend Fest.

Timeline PhotosWent to an awesome concert with Front Line Assembly yeasterday and when they went on stage I realized: Damn, I should have gone as a xeonomorph! (Check out the shirt!) :D

By: Pilerud's cosplay


#Milkychance #Chill :p

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance (Album Version)
Video directed by Jana und Stefan Cantante Jetzt bestellen: Amazon (CD): http://amzn.to/19Ptwvk JPC (LP): http://bit.ly/162rqWI iTunes: http://po.st/StolenDa...



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“@MustafaTavv: This brand new #ChillOut album from @piganddan on @BedrockRecords is simply magnificent. #DestinationUnknown” 😊👍😊

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ill-esha Goes Deep With “Open Heart Surgery” LP
The ever talented ill-esha returns with her sophomore LP, Open Heart Surgery, due for a fitting February 14th release date on Gravitas Recordings. Taking an excursion from her norm, this multi-talented artist shows off her impressive vocal chops throughout 11 tracks. While the album hints at the bass heavy vibe of releases past, the redefined... Continue Reading

Turn to Crime ready new LP (streams), playing NYC release show and other dates

by Bill Pearis

Turn to Crime

Turn to Crime, originally a solo project of Derek Stanton from defunct Brooklyn band Awesome Color, relocated to Detroit and became a proper band. The trio will release a new album Can't Love via Old Flame on July 1. Where Awesome Color were more garage-psych, Turn to Crime are mellower and more minimal, but still with a big dose of attitude. The album's up for pre-order and you can check out a few tracks from it in this post.

The band don't have a tour lined up at the moment but will be in NYC later this month for a record release show at South Williamsburg venue Wild Kingdom (above East River Bar) on June 28 with openers TBA. The day before (June 27) is their Detroit record release party (venue TBD).

Song streams below...

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Re: V/A - Psy Stories III - Parvati Records - Feb. 2007
Psy Stories III, the newest v/a from Parvati Records is now released.This compilation closes the Psy Stories trilogy where we have tried to presentwhat we think is some of the finest psychedelic-trance music nowdays.With the end of the trilogy Parvati Records try to focus on music for the earlyhours of the morning: Here you will not find "straight to the faces" tracks,likemaybe you are used to hear from Parvati Records, but music more deep,atmosphericand groovy, always Psychedelic.I hope that you will enjoy it and any feed-back will be most welcome :)Tracklist:1) Mussy Moody - Clear Fusion2) Acoustic Reaction - Spystories3) Dronebixie - Paths In Nature4) Syntax Error - Where Is Pop? Rmx5) Encephalopaticys - Chaotic Secrets6) Atriohm - Paranormal Amplifier7) Red Eye Jedi - Infiltrator8) Gidra - Joker's Joke9) Hokus Pokus - BZ?erSamples available : www.parvati-records.com/news.html Review by DeathPosture:Gob smacking trip tales pt. 3Psy Stories 3 is the 13th (oo-er!) release by Danish underground psytrance outfit Parvati Records ? and the final instalment in the Psy Stories trilogy. The first one, released in October 2005, was a masterpiece and still holds the position as the seminal Parvati release. The follow-up, released in June 2006, was a real whirlwind too and was *almost* as good? Great, great stuff all together, so yeah, I?ve been jumping around in concentric circles ever since this third opus was announced. Sadly it?s also the last in the series, but hey, I?m sure more Parvarti madness awaits so I?m only frowning for a sec? Enough jabbering, it?s story time.Let me take you thru the tracks?#01: Mussy Moody ? Clear Fusion [146 BPM]As with the first two Psy Stories, Danish producer Thy Trung opens the ball with a taste of her fingerlicking psytrance? This is twirling, acid-fuelled, bass-heavy psytrance rooted deep in the ?rhus underground? Crackling textures, syncopated synths and totally trippy stuff? Some of the best stuff I?ve heard from Thy? A lovely piece of rich, shroomy girl-power psytrance!#02: Acoustic Reaktion ? Spystories [149 BPM]Next up is a track by Parvati label DJ Arjuna (Arjuna Musicco) from Italy. To my knowledge, this is his first released track? At least it?s my first encounter with his music. The track opens with the subtle beat of a filtered-down drum, which soon evolves into a driving, rapid beast? The atmosphere is liquid and spongy and the psychedelic little quirks are sprinkled about just the way I like ?em? The rhythm section is immensely complex, which will cater to both trippers, dancers and underwater trancers? A very lush track! #03: Dronebixie ? Paths In Nature [149 BPM]Jingle bells! Danish producer Christian Kaas Andersen has made some real amazing stuff in the past ? and I?ve always appreciated his somewhat anti-climactic style. His subtle full-off style takes psytrance to new, uncharted territories ? and this track is no exception. And though this runs @ an incredible 149 beats per minute, it never gets too full-on? It?s somewhat ?halted? and that?s pretty unique within this kind of music. So, as usual this track caters more for the focussed home-listener than the tripped-out dancer? A very interesting track.#04: Snap, Crackle & Pop ? Where Is Pop? (Syntax Error Rmx) [148 BPM]S,C&P was a one-off collaboration between Grapes Of Wrath (Jacob Skouborg/Jaffa & Morten Wurtz/Monno) & Kindzadza (Leo Greshilov) formed for the first Psy Stories compilation. The original track was an epic underground mega-hit of unforeseen dimensions ? and this remix by Jaffa adds even more magic monkey juice to the mix?. If the first track was dark, this is pitch black. If the original was psychedelic, this is ?ber-psychedelic?. It?s lingering somewhere between amazing and downright perverted! It?s a big, stinking pile of what-the-fuck-was-that!? (And in this context, that?s meant as a superlative, mind you!) Blimey!#05: Encephalopaticys ? Chaotic Secrets [148 BPM]Vasko Velickovski is one of the key players in the Macedonia psytrance yakuza and it seems his tracks are popping up everywhere recently? His output has always been pretty high quality, though his compilation tracks have often been outweighed by other players with even greater tracks? And such is the case here. I mean, this is a very nice, driving piece of nocturnal psytrance with a bunch of interesting ideas and quirky twists, but somehow it?s not enough. The x-factor is not present, thus this track doesn?t make it to the stand-out reel.#06: Atriohm ? Paranormal Amplifier [148 BPM]The other two top dogs in the Macedonian psytrance yakuza are the Golcev brothers Leonid & Aleksandar. I?ve always been fond of both their mellow downbeat tracks and their enthralling upbeat tunes? And this is another hit! Atmospheric, pounding night-trance with enough acid to go around twice and a surprise electro-clash middle bridge? Brilliant! #07: Red Eye Jedi ? Infiltrator [150 BPM]The Jedi is Stephanus Smit from Denmark and his tracks have been on all three Psy Stories compilations. Once again Stephanus gives us something totally intense and incredibly complex. This is IDM-inspired, spugedelic psytrance designed for hard-trippers and sickos. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, nor the easily scared. This is about as introvert as it gets when we?re talking Parvati ? and in essence this is demented, gut-wrenching stuff. And sadly just a tad too complex for my taste.#08: Gidra ? Joker?s Joke [150 BPM]From the motherland itself, Goa/India, comes a track by Gidra aka. Thomas Aquino Lobo? It goes without saying, that this is yet another extremely fast-paced piece of murky, cheese-repellent psytrance ? but unlike the previous track, this seems less chaotic? Raw, pounding and leering on the bleak side? Luckily there are enough odd-ball, trippy elements to keep me entertained. A brutal, yet enchanting track. #09: Hokus Pokus ? BZ?er [150 BPM]Christian Kaas Andersen (Dronebixie) is joined by Anders Eskildsen in their Hokus Pokus outfit which has been featured on all three Psy Stories volumes. This is their fastest track though ? and perhaps their most accessible? This is scrump-dedeli-umptious psytrance aimed for both the feet and the mind. Downright groovy, luscious and body-temperature rising stuff? I?m totally digging the bubbly, playful nature of this fantastic track? Amazing!Well there you have it. The final instalment in the gob smacking Psy Stories trilogy. As we?ve come to expect, Parvati always delivers the goods in the shape of relentlessly powerful hypertrance. This is another collection of mostly fiiiiiiiine tracks by some of the underground front-runners. Sure a couple of the tracks were a little too complex for me, but as always, they were easily outweighed by the abundance of really excellent choons. In comparison, the first Psy Stories compilation is still the best, but this second one is pretty damn cracking too. The cover art by Betinna Butann is a winner in all its kitchy glory and I still find myself amazed by the seemingly bottomless pool of sheer mass which Parvati Records seems to have unlimited access to. TwiBBle fums up to Guiseppe & Crew for their continued quest to cater to the masses. Hypertrance fans and members of the Parvati Army in particular needs to own this bitchin? piece of plastic. It?s underground Top Of The Pops. It?s sick, soulful and totally sexy! It?s complete qwnage. Enjoy!Favourites: 1(!), 2, 4(!), 6, 8, 9(!!)DeathPostureExternal links:Parvati Records: http://www.parvati-records.com Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/901589 Parvati Webshop: http://www.parvati-records.com/order.html Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/298nff Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/yqbgku Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/yv6wfj Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/ytt75yJuno: http://tinyurl.com/yptu6d

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