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7 days ago
?@Katrianna_Katz: In the mood to see a @ChrisLiebing show.. #dontaskmewhy #techno ? may I ask why?

Micko Lemur

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1 month ago
Working with trampolines until the end of the year.

Was almost going to be a night shift at cemetery. Damn.

Well, it has it's ups and downs.

Hope the experience has more ups than downs;)

Uhhhh trampoline pun :p

I just deleted a trampoline joke.

Ive just come back from Prague Czech me out

Oh now my joke has no reference

I was gonna say that it's good that you didn't end up with the job at the cemetery because it's a bit of a dead end job :-/

Your sister said something similar

I was gonna call you a dirty tramp but clearly got outclassed and came way too late to the party

jumping back into the workforce

Springfree actually ;)

What do you mean, you listen to a trampoline?

..you should give it a go mate :)

What position? Bouncer....

Morgan Williams

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1 month ago
LBGT heading back to the closet

Gen Silent Trailerwww.youtube.com

TRAILER for the documentary, Gen Silent, r

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Chega monstro ! Kk
Vem de XXX TUOR 18 ?

Lucas Antonio Dos Santos em chapecó mano!!

What about PARIS OR LILLE??

We can do Marseille Olga Scholten 👯

Vem pra xxx!!!!!! 😭😭

T - 3 Days in Zug! oh yeah🎉

When Argentina???? :(

Wiishoo Rivera oraaaa weee*-*

Cd juarez. 8 nov lml fiestaaaaa

Whooop st.gallen 🎉

Louise Feral grave chaud pour Marseille

The mighty HARDPOP!!! Nov 8.

see u at Dream Valley =)

BRAZIL Tribaltech!!!!!

Edelias primeiro dia é ele só pra começar bem ;)

Are you playing in Sydney Boris Brejcha?

tooppp, novembro promeete!!! #amazon

Roberta Chapeco eh a sua City? Se for vá ver o Bruxo!!!! Hahahhaha

Hahahahaha não Amanda Oliveira a minha é Sapezal

Richard Weiss

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1 month ago
Murray Hilton just gave me a sneaky peaky of
his exquisite new show, that opens this week.
Murray knows how to capture a moment, then
painstakingly finesse it to make it even more perfect.
1st till 26th October
Galleria Vicino - Shop 2
57 Macleay St, Potts Point.


I got a little sneaky peak too via email as I am not going to be there and I agree Richard. It's sublime. It will knock your socks off. Bravo Murray Hilton.

Wow ..... Go Murray ..fantastic!

The cleverest of the cleverest ,you rock Murray Hilton.xx

I am so jealous I can't be there. Just trying to do the math in hours and see whether I could do it. Might need a helicopter or private jet for part of the journey. Then...what to wear?

Stephanie...a hop skip and jump from you you lucky b...stard

Can John Travolta send me his private plane? I would so love to do an unexpected arrival xx

Fbi Radio: Liquid Architecture 2014 Special on Ears Have Earsfbiradio.com

This week on Ears Have Ears we sample sounds and ideas from Liquid Architecture 2014. This annual event celebrates the world’s leading artists working with sound, with a focus on social and conceptual questions around what we hear. Our one hour special features artist interviews and audio experiment…



Ich Freu mich auf Freitag :D

Tristan mek, musica boa.

Come to el paso tx pls well be glad to hear your great music

Vem pro Brasil Mago..

Awww my heart!!! Come to Brazil again bro!!! We love you ;D

Vem pra xxxperince 18 vem #BRASIL te chama chega no #ValedosDragoes

Please come to Argentina!

Come to argentina boris!!

Boris, we need you in Sweden, I must dance to Dark Planet before I perish!

See you at Freakz 22-11 Dock des suds Marseille.!!

Brazil...rio de janeiro!!!

BORIS BREJCHA (the best dj)

Ich liebe dich :o

Veem pra #xxx18anos_SP BRUXO haha

Christian M. Grube

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2 weeks ago
Tolles Plugin. Fehlt noch eine Version für #wordpress #linktip #friendica #diasporaNew addon "Leistungsschutzrecht"Image/photo
@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I just created a new addon, called "Leistungsschutzrecht". It is a function that helps with one of the dumbest laws ever made in germany: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leistungsschutzr...

2 weeks of studio 65 new ideas and 23 almost finished tracks now it's time to go home had an amazing time with The Advent get ready ppl a lot of work in progress


Damn yeaaaah give us an eargasm duuuuude ! Keep goin up, ad&in you're the best

23 tracks in 14 days?! Are you kiddin'?!

You guys gonna drop some new tracks at Dockyard, the 18th of October?


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2 weeks ago
Ebola: Genetically Modified Organism developed in US Biowarfare Laboratories in Africa. #WakeUp http://www.globalresearch.ca/?p=5409003

Faith Hibberd

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4 weeks ago
A mystery of the First World...The government needs to spend Eleventy Million dollars to research this!

Timeline PhotosMommys

By: Alice 105.9


Subsonic Music

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4 weeks ago
Talented goddesses' & faerie folk from Subsonic '13's Hathor's Hideout.

Roll up amigos and grab your tickets for '14 > http://bit.ly/SubsonicTixOct



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3 weeks ago
Why Many Don't Stay
## Why Many Don't Stay ##

I'm not sure why attracts a certain group of people. Maybe because many of us nerdy, geeky Free Software types tend to lean a little to the socially or politically, and D* attracts a lot of nerds and geeks.

Anyway, a lot of folks who are have no idea what to expect, and if they were invited here by someone like me (right-of-center politically and socially, and proud of it, straight, pro-life, pro-family, capitalist, etc.), they are often surprised to find their news streams full of posts *ridiculing their values*. Diaspora seems a hostile place to people with our "unpopular" values. Many of those people just log out and never bother with D* anymore. I think I have found a way around the problem, though, which I will explain at the end of this post. But first I think it might be helpful to let the larger Diaspora community know a couple of reasons why many of it's new arrivals don't stick around.

I managed to bring one of my more geeky friends here from , but most haven't even looked at Diaspora as far as I can tell.

**Three of my Facebook friends have actually *tried* Diaspora and quit within a couple of weeks. I asked them why and here's what they said:**

"I was overwhelmed with geek stuff! I'm glad you got me using Linux, Robin, but I don't want my news feed full of computer stuff, scifi stuff, tech stuff, and - well, geek stuff. *Diaspora is a geeks-only club*. No thanks."

"I was chased away by people who were all too eager to ridicule my Christian faith and American patriotism. There's so much stuff on Diaspora that is hostile towards the country I love, and the Savior I love. *Diaspora is a pagans-only club*. No thanks."

"Diaspora is full of people who are hostile to Christianity. It's very much like the people I interact with in the Libertarian forums I used to participate in, who imagine that being a Libertarian means you have to hate Christians or something. I found myself having to defend my Christian faith among my fellow Libertarians, got tired of it and just quit there. Same thing here. *Diaspora is a politically Left-Wing-only club*. No thanks."

See what I mean? **I'm *not* writing this to chide anyone for their opinions or to ask that anyone stop sharing their opinions!** But I think it's fair to point out that many newcomers do not share the atheist / anarchist / LGBT / feminist / anti-religious values of - apparently - the great majority of Diaspora users. **There ought to be room for everyone in this great federation!** Even the non-techy types who've never heard of Linux, BSD, or FOSS.

Okay, so here is my suggestion, which may offer a way for to identify and find each other without wading through dozens of posts and articles that are obviously hostile to our faith. **Christian believers could use the hashtag instead of in their profiles.** As word gets around, maybe people like Amy, Kyle, and me can find each other on Diaspora and benefit from the decentralized and free approach that makes D* so awesome.

And do we really need an "alternate hashtag" for non-geeky people?

Ming d'Arcy

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4 weeks ago
Locked in a secert inner west venue for a killer Halloween party...Friday 31st
.. Abel El'toro Ming d'Arcy, Felix Warmuth plus more tbc are going to DJ and a few live sets.. 250 people max capacity $20 invites ..to pay for costs and DJ's
It's on ! ...stay tuned .. more info to follow MSG me to reserve a place. .BYO


Ollie Olsen

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4 weeks ago
Timeline Photos“SABOR & SAUDE” LIXO WALL
35 x 29 x 10 Inches

By: Kenny Scharf


Thames Christmas Disco Cruise
Saturday 6th December 2014
M V Royalty, Festival Pier, London, SE1 8XZ, UK
An evening cruise on the river Thames is unique to London?s Nightlife and offers tremendous and unbeatable value-for-money. Enjoy a light bite whilst taking in the sights along the banks of The River Thames. A great way to meet new people and dance the night away to some traditional Christmas songs with our resident DJs in the heart of London town!

Category: Nightlife


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4 weeks ago
Opening Facebook takes me directly to an Ads manager page and asks me to buy advertising......

Chris Lego

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1 month ago
Dreams Of Jeanswww.youcaring.com

It has become essential for Lennox to undergo sex reassignment surgery to continue her transition due to multiple medical conditions. Help us raise the funds to get her to Thailand. #dreamsofjeans


Hi Lego! Thank you so much for sharing this link. Honestly I feel so loved right now. Xxxx

I love you babe. I'll try and find some cash to get you over the line, but sharing this was the least I could do xxx

Xxx thank you beautiful! Xxxx

Bruce Mitchell

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2 months ago

Cisco Crescente

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2 months ago
"Despite the jet ski incident, our congratulations go out to H Man yet again blitzing the field and qualifying for yet another season. Will this be his last?"
~ John Sullivan ~

"Passsed L/g test for season no.18....AND I WASN'TLAST.....SHTOKED.
big surf....howling swter!!!! Love a REAL test."
~ Harry Nightingale ~

"Rock pool toys ! @jessepolock you are one cowboy! @lifeguardbox @1beardy_ @lifeguardhoppo @bondilifeguards @tbunt #northbondi #bondi #rockpool #pooltoys #sydney #lifeguards #IG"
~ Bill Morris ~ (for bill photo)

"This was EPIC!! Waverley Lifeguards are definitely the best in the world!! Great teamwork after the jet-ski was washed up onto the rocks during testing this morning.
Legends, the lot of them......"
~ Lian Ellison ~

photos by lian and bill. not sure who took the photo of H.

~ Bondi Pride ~

~bondi in bondi out~


Dee Jay Gian

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2 months ago
Our little pup that broke out of his cage this morning on an emirates flight. Poor thing had bags on top of him in the bulk hold. We swiftly comforted him and rescued him and got him out unscathed. Another Toll dnata great story for the day. 😊


Guido Arnold

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2 months ago
Drunken Surgeon wrote the following post:
Male-dominated cultures

#domination #burka #bikini #islam #liberalism #west #genderroles #gender #women #perspectives

Must do Georges Brassens karaoke before i take the tache off

iOS Photos

the real test is in the razor


i just remembered that i have blueberry cheesecake in the fridge

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