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2 days ago
Nakamichi Parts and Repairs
My Nakamichi Dragon is having FF and RW problems. I took the top off and cleaned the drive capstan and drive wheel.
There's just not enough friction for the deck to function properly. The rubber parts are supposedly new within the last
two years. Today is the first time the top has been off since I've had it. The deck has been used less than 20 hours
since it was rebuilt.

The FF and RW were not very "powerful" when I got it, but not having had a Dragon before, I thought it was normal. Now
it's clear to me that there is a problem.

Are the drive wheels and spindle hubs (for lack of a better word) still available? Who does a stellar job of repairing
these in the US? The only issue is mechanical. The electronics rebuild is first rate.

eHam.net News for Saturday 18 October 2014
eHam.net News

Ham Radio Operators Were Keys to Communication After Quake:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:20 PM PDT

In the wake of the Loma Prieta earthquake, Santa Cruz County residents had
no real way of connecting to the outside world, as power lines were down
and phone service outside the immediate community was not possible. In
order to help establish contact with state and federal emergency agencies
in order to coordinate relief efforts, members of the Santa Cruz Amateur
Radio Club -- a group of amateur radio enthusiasts, or ham radio operators,
as they're colloquially known -- came forward to help county emergency
service agencies re-establish communication with Sacramento. For nearly a
week after the quake, ham radio operators were on duty around the clock at
relief centers and hospitals countywide, as well as the Santa Cruz County
Office of Emergency Services -- then located in the basement of the
Governmental Center in Santa Cruz.

Amateur Radio Operators Get Their Own Day:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:19 PM PDT

LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Amateur Radio Operators, they help during times of
need, including emergencies and severe weather; but they also like to have
fun. Amateur Radio or Ham Radio - most people consider it to be their
grandfather's hobby, but what people don't realize is how useful this hobby
can be. "...when cell phone service fails, the internet is down, the only
thing that will be left is amateur radio communications..." said David
Reeder, a Fannin county amateur operator. Amateur radio is not just a
day-to-day interest for some, but also used during and to prepare for
emergencies. Because of its importance, the City of Paris has declared
October 18th as Ham Radio Day. "Well I think it is a good opportunity for
ham radio operators to have a day of recognition in the sense that they
provide a very valuable service and not only enjoy but can be a benefit to
any community," Paris Mayor Matt Frierson said. "This year we wanted to
make the city and the community even more aware of the hobby, what's going
on, and the service the hams can provide in the event of a disaster," said
Main Trading Company Owner, Richard Lenoir.

Blizzard Saturday in Colorado? No, Just a Radio Test:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:18 PM PDT

Ham radio operators and listeners might hear about some extreme weather
this Saturday as part of a test of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service,
ARES, of Colorado. It's just a test, though. Pikes Peak ARES will flash
back to the blizzard of October 1997 from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday for its
annual Simulated Emergency Test. The service provides a communication link
for emergency responders, shelters and neighborhoods because amateaur radio
is generally self-sufficient for power and doesn't use normal communication

Service and Sacrifice: WWII Radio Man Still Connecting:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:18 PM PDT

Bumper stickers call for us to "live our passion" and that is what Charles
Kayhart continues to do at age 103. "Well, I like to talk to people from
all over the world," said the WWII veteran sitting in front of his
home-built bank of ham radios. "Japan, China, any place you can think of--
some of them are veterans. We talk about where they were during the war,"
said Mr. Kayhart. He was already an expert in radio when he joined the
United States Army Signal Corps. in World War II. Mr. Kayhart had attended
training in electronics at Harvard and M.I.T. before he learned military
brass wanted to send him to the Island of Iwo Jima to build a communication
network in preparation for an invasion of Japan. "That flag waving on Iwo
Jima, I will never forget that," said Mr. Kayhart recalling the famous flag
raised by U.S. Marines on Mount Suribachi. During his service on that small
island he witnessed more history in the sky, catching a glimpse of the
Enola Gay B-29 as it flew over hours before it dropped the first nuclear
blast on Japanese soil.

VA Plans to Build Nationwide High-Frequency Radio Network for Emergencies:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:17 PM PDT

Why Ham Operators Should Consider 3D Printing:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 05:15 PM PDT

As a member of the ham radio community, I have always been fascinated by
the maker mindset which has existed since the early days of radio. From
making radio equipment from scratch, to kits and even modifying
commercially available equipment, the maker movement and radio go hand in
hand. The 3D printing community shares many traits with the ham radio
movement. At the heart of it all is making, creating and inventing. And
just like ham radio operators, those involved with 3D printing are
constantly learning new technical skills that can be used in other areas of
our lives.

CQ Policy Statement on Stations in Crimea Using Russian-Issued Call Signs:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 12:12 PM PDT

Hicksville, NY - October 17, 2014) -- After considerable deliberation, CQ
has determined that the best course of action regarding Crimea and CQ
contests is to follow the lead of the United Nations and the United States
government, both of which continue to consider Crimea to be part of
Ukraine, until such time as the political situation there is resolved.
Therefore, Logs will not be accepted for any CQ contest from stations in
Crimea operating with Russian-issued call signs. Contacts made by others
with those stations will be removed from contestants' logs without penalty.
No contact or multiplier credits will be given.

Propagation Forecast Bulletin #42 de K7RA:

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 09:44 AM PDT

Solar activity declined this week, with average daily sunspot
numbers going from 98 last week to 55.1 in the week ending
Wednesday, October 15. Average daily solar flux went from 131.9 to


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4 days ago
mixcloud preview ...
mixcloud preview is now working on D*, too? yay!
Pure @ Noiseangriff #38 06.11.13

Les Cargill

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7 days ago
Lot of 11 E/V 635A

Les Cargill


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6 days ago
Music to wake up,...
***Music to wake up, Hello salut les amis my friends, bonne journée, Namaste***

### Liv / Come a Little Closer***Liv est la nouvelle princesse du rnb anglais. Elle met aluna Georges très loin derrière en plusieurs morceaux facon puzzle. Ne vous laissez pas impressioner par cette intro très électrique, sa voix de miel se dépose ensuite sur les beats comme une abeille sur des tournesols. Come a little closer est une pépite sensuelle et caressante.***
Come A Little Closer by I Am Liv

Bob Eero

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7 days ago
Air, Cosmic Trip,...
Air, Cosmic Trip, Le Voyage dans la Lune, 2012.

Air, Cosmic Trip.

Luka Chunow

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7 days ago
A last salute to Mark Bell of LFO
### A last salute to Mark Bell of LFOYet another hero returns to stardust...
He will live on through his music!
Advance - LFO (HQ)

FF Shukke

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1 week ago
#music #french #h...
*(vid tournée chez mon pote Fab, made in St Étienne)*
## Schlaasss - Salopehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-EevKnWdCo

#CRIM3S - Stay Ugly
## - Stay Ugly


sTay ugLy
sTay ugLy



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1 week ago
My favorite punk ...
My favorite punk band from France: Berurier Noir

Brurier Noir - Nuit Apache Live - Live Viva Bertaga 89

4 Dsda

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2 weeks ago

#of #ep
Autechre - Move of Ten (Full Album)

fabdo - Fabian Dost

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2 weeks ago
Stirling http://w...
**Music Archive - Lindsey Stirling**

noch zwei tage - dann geht es ab auf ein Lindsey Stirling Konzert mit Meet & Greet - ich bin sehr gespannt


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2 weeks ago
Musique (encore)...
### Musique (encore)... ###

Après [C2C](https://diaspora-fr.org/posts/672614), je viens de lancer [The Chemical Brothers](http://www.thechemicalbrothers.com/#p=home) et je pense que je vais enchainer ensuite sur [Kraftwerk](http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1tv0fi_1977-kraftwerk-radioactivity-maxi_music) pour finir le projet en cours...

1977-Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (maxi)

#Glitch 'N' Blues
## 'N' Blues


Glitch 'N' Blues

Milan Mensch

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2 weeks ago
Savant - Cult (Full Album)
Savant - Cult (Full Album)

Savant - Cult (Full Album)

Martin (der)

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2 weeks ago
Nochmal was zum O...
Nochmal was zum Ohren durchpusten

[Bunker_C](https://www.jamendo.com/de/artist/353426/bunker-c) - Willkommen In Meiner Kranken Welt


Martin (der)

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2 weeks ago
Ich werde mein #W...
Ich werde mein mal chillig starten

Illusion Of Light - Come To Me


Illusion of Light - Come to me


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2 weeks ago

Basement Mix // Shkedul ? Introduction Mixtape by basement_inc.

Aux 88 are deeply...
Aux 88 are deeply rooted in Detroit’s musical culture and heritage, with Tommy ‘Tom Tom’ Hamilton graduating from high school with time in dance groups from Cosmic Swingers, the Motor City Poppers, to the Devo Dancers already on his resume, and with Keith Tucker a local DJ deeply immersed in the burgeoning electronic music scene. In fact, their first joint undertaking was a group called RX-7 that performed live renditions of Cybotron or Model 500 tracks – in 1985. Housing a growing collection of equipment, Tucker signed to Metroplex as Frequency and it wasn’t until 1993 that the two of them got together again to form Aux 88 and focus on the finest techno bass, released via Tucker’s own Puzzlebox label. Never losing sight of their heritage, Aux 88 gave techno a hard edged infusion of electro sounds, drawing from an era when the nascent scenes of hip hop and techno weren’t too far removed from each other.

**▶ Aux 88 - Live at Movement 2011 : Red Bull Music Academy Radio** - http://www.rbmaradio.com/shows/aux-88-live-at-movement-2011 -

Martin (der)

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2 weeks ago
Unglaublich, was ...
Unglaublich, was aus der meiner so kommt...

Altmark Electros - EBM Armee


Altmark electros EBM Armee


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7 days ago
Yes, it's true: g...
Yes, it's true: good dubstep exists.

Kryptic Minds - Six Degrees (HQ)


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2 weeks ago
Nochmal audite - ...
Nochmal [audite][1] - sehr entspannt und 'smooth'

[1]: http://www.audite.org/
2012 #11: Audite ? Polaris by KFMW Adventskalender

Brooke Olsen

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2 months ago
The soundtrack we're playing on Ears Have Ears: Unexplored Territories In Sound FBi Radio tonight if off the hook excellent! It's called 'WANKING YR LIFE AWAY' and was made by The Sunset Flips aka Crabby Bogman from Altered States Tapes in Melbourne and Moocow Leetchskins from the Grog Pappy label in Newcastle. Noise, lo fi tape chaos clocking in at 24 mins. Definitely something my 20 year old self would've loved to have discovered at that time, also great at this time. Can't wait to play it!

It's inspired by fictional wrestling characters, made with tapes and electronics. Also this week, we've got 1 x double pass to giveaway to Samuel Kerridge live (Downwards / Horizontal Ground, UK) at the The Red Rattler Theatre this Saturday! 9pm tonight.


The Sunset Flips, by The Sunset Flips
6 track album


Tom Bols is playing @ #Electro Radio #Zürich #Switzerland, Wed 01 Oct 2014 @ 22:00 http://www.electroradio.ch/ #gigs

:: Electro Radio :: | all about electromusic
:: Electro Radio :: all about electromusic - Switzerland #1 High Quality WebRadio!


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2 months ago
Nennat Omen is playing @ #Club Al Pacino #Kavadarci #Macedonia, Fri 05 Sep 2014 @ 23:45 http://www.nennatomen.com/ #gigs

Nennat Omen
Nennat Omen’s beginnings in his DJ-ing career start in 2003, with his first resident DJ parties. First, he shows off his skills at playing electro and acid house in Trac Café. After the great success of his parties, other clubs come in line for him. Scream Club, Square Pub, Logo Café, Fashion Café, Ice Café, Club Ice and Angels Café are those places and here, Nenad’s DJ-ing skills come to light and the audience gets to hear him playing.
In the beginning, Nennat Omen plays on CD, but from 2008, Nennat Omen decides it’s time to go old school with vinyl and timecode vinyl. From acid house and electro, Nennat Omen continues to progressive and electro house. As the years went by, his sets became more minimalistic and represent a mixture of minimal, techno minimal, deep and tech. His sets sound unique every time he plays, because he loves to experiment with samples, live editing and one of a kind effects from programs like Traktor Pro and Ableton live.
Besides being a DJ, Nennat Omen has been involved in various music projects. His first collaboration is with Dalibor Dadoff for the radio show “Night Vibes” which aired on “Street FM” back in 2005. During this partnership, Dalibor transfers his passion for playing on turntables to Nennat Omen. After “Street FM”, the radio show “Night Vibes” continues on local radios “UGD FM” and “Angels FM”. At the time, “Night Vibes” is the only radio show that goes live both in audio and in video format, something that is new for the audience not only in Stip, but in the whole country. Since then, “Night Vibes” has remained the synonym of a cult show that urban people enjoy listening. Many Macedonian DJs have been guests in the radio show, but a lot of foreign DJs have also showed what they know best. They were coming to play live sets from the studio.
Aside from Stip, Nennat Omen has been guest DJ in clubs and part of many music festivals like GreenFest, VelikDance, 5th Dimension, KaleFest etc. which are in some of the largest cities. The highlights of his whole career are the gigs in Chicago and New York, US (2012) and thanks to the success of his gigs in Belgrade, Serbia (2013) he has booked gigs for 2014 in various cities in Serbia.
He has shared the DJ Booth with a lot of local and worldwide famous DJs like Tomcraft, Marko Nastic, Mladen Tomic, Saso Recyd, Gramophonedzie ,Milos Vujovic, Vladimir Acic, Loco Baby, Lady Dee, Kerkez, Dadoff, Flooder, Nikifor etc.

Electronic Musician

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2 months ago
Looking to read Electronic Musician on your kindle? Look no further! Get the kindle edition today: http://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Musician/dp/B007W2ES8Y

Dan Conway

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2 months ago
New Horizons. A grand piano size box of electronics heading at 76,000kmh towards Pluto. Launched in 2006, been sending crazy data and pics back ever since, and will achieve it's main mission targets as it whizzes past Pluto in July 2015. Wow.

New Horizons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org

New Horizons is a NASA space probe launched to study the dwarf planet Pluto, its moons and one or two Kuiper Belt objects, depending on which are in position to be explored. Part of the New Frontiers program, the mission was approved in 2001 following the cancellation of the Pluto Fast Flyby and Plu…


Check out the Simmons Stryke6 iPad drum controller, with 6 velocity pads and 2 pedals: http://emusician.com/news/1340/simmons-introduces-stryke6-ipad-drum-controller/48394


Simmons Introduces Stryke6 iPad Drum Controller | Emusician

Electronic Musician - featuring gear reviews, audio tutorials, loops and samples

Electronic Musician

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2 months ago
.@Alesis has a new hi-hat controller: http://emusician.com/gear/1332/alesis-announces-pro-x-hi-hat/48478


Alesis Announces Pro X Hi-­Hat | Emusician

Electronic Musician - featuring gear reviews, audio tutorials, loops and samples

Electronic Musician

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2 months ago
Check out @Peavey's ReValver 4 amp modeler: Redesigned engine, improved tone. $99. http://emusician.com/gear/1332/peavey-revalver-4-now-available/48421


Peavey ReValver 4 Now Available | Emusician

Electronic Musician - featuring gear reviews, audio tutorials, loops and samples

Electronic Musician

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2 months ago
Power tips: Tempo mapping in @motutech Digital Performer http://emusician.com/recording/1344/tempo-mapping-in-digital-performer/48128 #proaudio


Tempo Mapping In Digital Performer | Emusician

Electronic Musician - featuring gear reviews, audio tutorials, loops and samples

Electronic Musician

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2 months ago
The @AESorg program is online. Who's going? http://emusician.com/gear/1332/aes-technical-program-now-online/48237 #proaudio


AES Technical Program Now Online | Emusician

Electronic Musician - featuring gear reviews, audio tutorials, loops and samples

Kobakant - via Phantom Chips lots of great wearable tech / textiles crafts & electronics - projects + a knowledge base http://www.kobakant.at


Thursday March 27th, 19:00 at Bubi in Kadiöy, Istanbul (an amberPlatform talk) Mika and Hannah have been collaborating together since 2006 under the name KOBAKANT. In their work they merge electronics and textiles in order to explore topics ranging from wearable technology to future craftsmanship. I…



2 months ago
Frantic Sydney presents Paul Glazby @ EMotion
Saturday 15th November 2014
In our 13th year Frantic Sydney & The E-Motion Boat Party will play host to one of the absolute biggest names inthe Hard House scene.

Paul Glazby

The man behind Vicious Circle Recordings.

A name synonymous with the global Hard House scene.

A legend within the UK Hard House and NRG scene? Paul Glazby has headlined at numerous events across the entire globe. With Australia being one of his biggest fan bases.

It has been 2 years since Paul Glazby tore the roof off with his closing set at the Hard Dance Icons Tour in 2012.

The requests and demands for his return have not gone unheard.

A legend within the UK Hard House and NRG scene? One not to be missed.




ADD : www.facebook.com/frantic.sydneyLIKE : www.facebook.com/pages/Frantic-Sydney-and-the-E-Motion-boat-party/20279769285FOLLOW : www.soundcloud.com/frantic-sydney

Supporting Paul Glazby are locals Steve Hill, Yoshi, Micky D, The Lab Rats and Cheesey Jim.

The middle level will be cranking once again with local talent featuring? Nathan Flexx, JTS, Yev, Cayza, RobbieMuir, Leon Allen.

For all things Tech House, Electro and funk head to Catch 23 on the top floor with your favourites Torbynik,
Raissa, Scruby and Aron Chiarella.



Paul Glazby (UK)
Steve HillYoshiMicky DThe Lab RatsCheesey Jim

CATCH 23 FUNKY ELECTRO ROOMTorbynikRaissaScrubyAron Chiarella

MIDDLE LEVELNathan FlexxYevJTSCayzaRobbie MuirLeon Allen

The official "EMotion" - Free After Party @ the Burdekin Oxford St5.30pm- 12am

Adrenalize Dj Line up (The Viper Room)...
ChrisCoMTPGeoff Atlas
Dj IkkiCyberCaustic


This event is strictly limited to 500 tickets on sale Monday August 4 from our usual outlets, ticket sellers and from Flight Centre Manly.

Early Bird Tickets $35 + bf until sold outSecond release tickets $40 + bf until sold out$50 + bf thereafter

Wednesday 30th July 2014
Floridita, 100 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TN, United Kingdom
FREE entrance into Bar.
For dining contact Floridita on 0207 314 4000- Restaurant opens from 5:30pm!!!

Live music from 8pm.

Each week featuring an up and coming artist in the UK.

Miss Hoodoo and The Delta Boys

10pm - 12am


From New Orleans to Nina Simone to Ray Charles and Etta James, their addictive blend of rare and well loved blues and soul gems. and some originals, Miss Hoodoo and the Delta Boys have already built up a reputation as one of the hottest new Soul and blues acts around. Originally formed by Chris Webster, Kiris Houston and Matheus Nova, the band features a big sound with full horn section and super-tight rythm section, featuring some of the hottest, most in demand musicians on the circuit.

Currently fronted by the stunning, mesmerising vocals of Bridgitte Amofah, their joint credentials, to name a few have seen them perform and record with such legends as Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Jocelyn Brown, Tom Jones, and most recently Bens?s Brother, Jamie Cullum, Joss Stone and up and coming artist Paloma Faith.

Category: Live Music

Time: 5:30pm to 2:00am

Artists: Miss Hoodoo and The Delta Boys

Booking: http://atnd.it/12356-0Facebook: http://atnd.it/12356-1

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