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Southgate Amateur Radio News for Sunday 23 November 2014
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IZ0UDF lifts off to ISS today


Former fighter pilot Samantha Cristoforetti IZ0UDF is all set for her
mission on the International Space Station, the launch will be broadcast

Essex Ham at the Raspberry Jam


Saturday the 22nd of November saw the worlds of amateur radio and the
Raspberry Pi collide in Southend-on-Sea

Happy Birthday, $50SAT/MO-76!


Friday, November 21, 2014 marked the one year anniversary of the launch of
the $50SAT/MO-76 PocketQube satellite

Snow: Amateur Radio Volunteers on Alert


The ARRL reports Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur
Civil Emergency Service (RACES) volunteers have been on alert after several
days of heavy snowfall in Upstate New York

SARL Antenna Defence Project - progress made but slow


When the South African Radio League launched the initiative to have antenna
regulations changed to facilitate the erection of antenna and antenna
support structures, the South African Radio League Council indicated that
it would be a long drawn out process

Ham Radio Training at UoS


The Surrey Electronics and Amateur Radio Society report 13 people took the
Foundation practical assessments on Saturday, Nov 22 at the University of
Surrey, Guildford

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP


Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity will at low to
moderate levels

Perig Gouanvic

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▶ The Jeyênne - P...
[▶ The Jeyênne - PiPiPi 1993 - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgnqMBR_qus)

Salinger 3

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Part 10 bonus /10...
Part 10 bonus /10 ▶ Lil Louis - French Kiss


Grand classique de la musique techno part 10 bonus. (1989)

Lil Louis - French Kiss

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Part 10/10 ▶ Rhyt...
Part 10/10 ▶ Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings of Life (Original Mix)


Grand classique de la musique techno part 10. (1989)

Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings of Life (Original Mix)

Part 9/10 ▶ Faith...
Part 9/10 ▶ Faithless: Insomnia (Forever Faithless)


Grand classique de la musique techno part 9 dont on ne connaitra jamais la fin. (1996)

Faithless - Insomnia

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Part 8/10 ▶ Cygnu...
Part 8/10 ▶ Cygnus X The Orange Theme


Grand classique de la musique techno part 8Que d'émotions dans ce morceau. Que de bons souvenirs

Cygnus X The Orange Theme

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Part 7 ▶ Legend B...
Part 7 ▶ Legend B Lost In Love


Grand classique de la musique techno part 7@{Perig Gouanvic ; perig_gouanvic_biomed_etc@diasp.org}

Legend B Lost In Love

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Part 6 ▶ Aurora B...
Part 6 ▶ Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way


Grand classique de la musique techno part 6

Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way

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Part 5 ▶ Capricor...
Part 5 ▶ Capricorn - 20 Hz


Grand classique de la musique techno part 5

Capricorn - 20 Hz

Part4▶ Plastic Dr...
Part4▶ Plastic Dreams - Jaydee ORIGINAL


Grand classique de la musique techno part 4

Plastic Dreams - Jaydee ORIGINAL

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Part 3 ▶ Joey Bel...
Part 3 ▶ Joey Beltram - Energy Flash - R&S Records Classics


Grand classique de la musique techno part 3

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Part 1 : ▶ JB3 - ...
Part 1 : ▶ JB3 - Forklift (Luke Slater Filtered Mix)


Grand classique de la musique techno part 1

JB3 - Forklift (Luke Slater Filtered Mix)

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Part 2 ▶ Jeff Mil...
Part 2 ▶ Jeff Mills - The Bells


Grand classique de la musique techno part 2

Jeff Mills - The Bells

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Redeye : contrexville ,
## Redeye : contrexville ,


Un morceau de que j'aime particulierement

Redeye - Contrex Ville by Mikorist

"Dave Plowman (News)"

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Re: Ping-pong stereo
In article ,
Gary Eickmeier wrote:
> In design school, the designer was not necessarily the builder of the
> product in question. Take automotive design as the best example. But
> even if it were a simple toaster or lawn mower, we would simply come up
> with a new "look" or study some aspect of that type of product and make
> an improvement in the function of it and then the marching orders for
> the engineers would be to make it work. An example of that would be a
> new type of camera.

> Therefore, when I say I designed the speaker I didn't mean that I
> selected components and ran them through a few computer programs to
> predict their response or radiation pattern or needed crossover design.
> Dan was extremely capable of those things. I just knew that what was
> audible about loudspeakers is the radiation pattern, frequency response,
> and power into the room. I had certain desing goals in mnd for those,
> and I didn't care what kind of drivers or electronics it would take to
> make it happen.

What you're basically saying is you left the design work to someone else.
What you produced was a concept.

The actual specification of the drivers - and how a crossover etc is
achieved - are vital to any speaker design. As indeed are more mundane
things like the choice of cabinet materials and how that too is
constructed and treated acoustically.

To get such things even vaguely right costs lots of research and
development time. As you'd know if you looked at the design history of
accepted good speakers.

*Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.*

Dave Plowman dave@davenoise.co.uk London SW
To e-mail, change noise into sound.

eHam.net News for Saturday 22 November 2014
eHam.net News

Japan Records Huge Sunspot Cluster 66 Times Size of Earth:

Posted: 21 Nov 2014 05:21 PM PST

TOKYO, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- Japanese space probe and observatory have
recorded huge sunspot activity with a sunspot cluster 66 times the size of
Earth, the Asahi Shimbun reported Thursday. Images of the sunspot cluster
were released by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and
the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Wednesday. The solar
observation probe Hinode and NAOJ took pictures of the sunspots on Oct.
16-30, before the sun's rotation obstructed the view. The sunspot cluster
could be seen again on Nov. 15, but it had shrunk to one-third of its peak
size on Oct. 26. Sunspots appear in big clusters when the sun is most
active. Large solar flares, a phenomenon triggered by sunspot activity,
were also observed on the surface of the sun on six occasions in October.

City Puts Curbs on Towering Backyard Antenna:

Posted: 21 Nov 2014 05:20 PM PST

For several residents of Coombs Street in Napa, Jeff Hullquist is their
least favorite neighbor - or rather, the 55-foot-tall antenna outside his
house is. Since the longtime amateur radio enthusiast raised the spidery
metal mast in April, some homeowners have attacked it for spoiling their
views, and others claim the antenna has even disrupted their electronics -
or, in one case, disabled a woman's electric wheelchair. But their efforts
to fight the mast in their midst has bumped against federal law Hullquist
argues protects his right to build and use the antenna, even without a city
permit. On Thursday, the city Planning Commission granted him a use permit
for the ham radio antenna - but with limitations including a requirement to
lower the mast to 21 feet between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. to avoid intruding on
his neighbors' views. (The city allowed an exemption to transmit during a
local emergency.) Hullquist also was barred from operating his transmitter
while the antenna is retracted. Afterward, Hullquist promised to appeal his
case to the City Council - which also is scheduled to hear a counter-appeal
from an opponent of the antenna. The decision continues a seven-month
stalemate pitting Coombs Street homeowners - who say the antenna also
disfigures the Napa Abajo-Fuller Park Historic District that includes the
street - against Hullquist, who has argued a Federal Communications
Commission memorandum from 1985 blocks cities from passing laws that make
ham radio use impossible.


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Kiasmos - thrown
### Kiasmos - thrown

kiasmos - thrown (HD video)


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My #music #album ...
My "SQUALL" is now avalaible at @bandcamp


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▶ #SlamRadio - 11...
[▶ - 112 - Luke Slater in Slam Radio](https://soundcloud.com/soma/slamradio-112-luke-slater?in=soma%2Fsets%2Fslam-radio)

#SlamRadio - 112 - Luke Slater by soma

I've just release...
I've just released a with a bit of
Go listen my last : "Abyss"
Abyss by CyberSDF

lucky one

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#music #electro #...

### Some Electro goodness!

I had fun doing this track and I'm quite happy of the result :)

Tell me what you think!

lucky one - Bubbles by lucky one

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Franck Vigroux - ...
Franck Vigroux - Secret Thirteen Interview | Secret Thirteen - Infinite Music and Art Journal -


Franck Vigroux is a French musician, instrumentalist, composer, turntablist and movie director, who covers wide musical range from avantgarde and improvisational music to experimental and extreme kinds of electronic music.

Scotty Innit

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▶ Aphex Twin - On...
**▶ Aphex Twin - On (µ-Ziq Mix) - Unofficial Video - - YouTube** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwY9KKrn1qk

Aphex Twin - On (-Ziq Mix) - Unofficial Video -


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Any ideas on how to wire this together?

It's a very basic idea. I will include a diagram at the bottom for clarity.

So right now, my speakers and subwoofer are independent in volume control, but both are connected to the back of my computer using a splitter to share the sound due to my speakers using an external amplifier while the subwoofer is powered and has its own amplifier.

It is possible for me to plug my phone into the back of the amplifier through an auxiliary cable in order to play music through the speakers, but obviously it doesn't play through the subwoofer.

Any way for me to get it so my PC and phone somehow can share the subwoofer and amped speakers? I can't think of anything right now other than somehow linking my subwoofer into my amp which isn't possible.

Here is the wiring diagram of my setup drawn in paint lol

The speakers are Micca MB42X, the amplifier is Lepai 2020, the powered subwoofer is for one of those 5.1 logitech systems, but I got rid of the 5 speakers for my Micca MB42X and just couldn't afford a new subwoofer.


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Quick question: salvaging parts from a motherboard

I have a motherboard with heaps of caps, it's fairly new but it's not working anymore and has been sitting on my desk for about a year, anyway, is it a good idea to desolder the caps and reuse them or something like that? (I know, they'll be short :|)

There's also a ton of regulators and stuff like that on there :)

It's so tempting to not salvage it and keep it/put it in something so I can look at it, it's a very lovely board (although I've got an identical I'm using now in my PC)


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1 week ago
Weller WES51 Battery Mod?

I have a Weller WES51 that I love and use just about every day, it is without a doubt the best piece of equipment I own. My experience with electronics has shown me that most devices take household 110VAC and eventually end up using some form of DC. Does anyone have experience with the innards of a soldering iron like this? I'd really like to be able to run it off battery power with a nice simple mod, keep it as stock as possible, but I have no idea what the electronics inside are like, other than a huge transformer as seen in searching Google images.


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1 week ago
Adding delay to a useless-box circuit

I've got myself one of those things everyone needs called usually with silly names like "useless box" when they're quite the opposite. You know, the thing where you flick a switch and a "finger" comes out of the box and turns it off again.

Anyway, the one that I got from eBay does work quite well, but has practically no delay after flicking the switch. Also the motor is too fast to my taste, so the whole cycle last only about a second or so from flicking the switch to ON position.

I'm looking for a simple way to:

a) add delay to the process by adding basically a timber after pressing the switch after which the turning off process would start

b) as a bonus perhaps slow down the motor a notch.

c) even bigger bonus to add a bit of randomness to the process by varying the timer and/or motor speed on each time

The one that I have is pretty much this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEAVE-ME-ALONE-Useless-Box-Kit-Ultimate-Machine-Science-Kit-DIY-Version-/151459693997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2343b385ad

So it's purely mechanic in a way that there's no logic chips in the circuit.

And it's running on 2 x AA batteries in series so optimal circuit would work with that 3V but it's not a problem to add another battery or change the voltage if the delaying needs that.

I do also have a couple of Arduinos lying around so there's always a possibility to just do the entire logic with that, but if there's a simpler solution I'm interested in that at this point since I'm considering giving some of these modified boxes as a gift and adding an Arduino to each is not optimal :)


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1 week ago
Triggering a 555 with another 555.

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build a reaction timer circuit, when you press the "Start" button, a light will come on, once the light turns off, the timer will start then you'll press the "Stop" button to stop the timer.

I was able to make the timer circuit, and I made a monostable 555 to trigger the LED.

The problem I'm having is, I can't figure out how to trigger my counter circuit to start counting once the LED goes off.

Also, does anyone know how to stop a 7490 counter? It's being fed a clock from a 555.

Thank you anyone for any help!!


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Four Tet - The Fader mix May 1, 2008
### Four Tet - The Fader mix May 1, 2008

Four Tet ?Dj Set? Mix - The Fader May 1, 2008


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1 week ago
Need help catching the Office Food Thief.

So someone in my office has been eating a lot of peoples lunches/breakfast food in the fridge/freezer. I wanted to setup a simple device that would sit in the box, I have for my frozen breakfast sandwich and make an obnoxious noise, when the box was opened. The box is a box of aunt jemima breakfast sandwich. It holds 6 not 2 though. My plan is to go into work very early and wait for this device to go off and run and find out who it is. Anybody have an idea on a device I can use or make to do this.


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1 week ago
Dave from EEVblog investigates very serious Rigol DS1000Z & DS2000 Oscilloscope Jitter Problems


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1 week ago
Can anyone ID this cap? (SMD,Pics inside)

I have no clue, it seems like a Nichicon cap but I can't find any information about it from a google search.

Sorry for the blurry picture, I swear the camera will focus on anything except for the capacitor


It's the one to the left of the IC

Writing says




Also, is the dent in it supposed to be facing outwards? Because it is...

Thanks for the help.


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1 week ago
Car Diagnostic stuff .. wanna more info

Hi , Im mobile phone technician ( http://dcserviceteam.blogspot.com/ ) .. now I wanna learn Car diagnostic and add it in my daily .. but firstly I want some info about this field .. like the beginning stuffs , etc .. am reading to invest in that ..


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1 week ago
Flux Pavilion - Mountains & feat. Turin Brakes (Odjbox Remix)

## Flux Pavilion - Mountains & feat. Turin Brakes (Odjbox Remix)


Flux Pavilion - Mountains & Molehills feat. Turin Brakes (Odjbox Remix)


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1 week ago
Does anyone have any experience with MAX21100 IMU chips?

I've recently started a project with Maxim's MAX21100 IMU. Usually, the chip manufacturers write basic high-level drivers to speed up development, but I can't find anything. Does anyone know where I can find c drivers or do I have to write everything myself?


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1 week ago
Fan Tach signal conditioning

I have a 50% duty cycle 100khz signal that is ether 6.2 volts (high) or 1 volt (low). I need to chop the signal down to 1.8 volts (high) and 0 volts (low) after I run it through an optoisolator. I have been using a comparator with a 1.25 precision source but I cannot seem to get a decent signal to drive an optocoupler and get my 1.8 / 0 pulse out the end? Any suggestions. I was using LTspice for the most part

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