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▶ #SlamRadio - 11...
[▶ - 112 - Luke Slater in Slam Radio](https://soundcloud.com/soma/slamradio-112-luke-slater?in=soma%2Fsets%2Fslam-radio)

#SlamRadio - 112 - Luke Slater by soma

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2 days ago
#music #electro #...

### Some Electro goodness!

I had fun doing this track and I'm quite happy of the result :)

Tell me what you think!

lucky one - Bubbles by lucky one

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4 days ago
Franck Vigroux - ...
Franck Vigroux - Secret Thirteen Interview | Secret Thirteen - Infinite Music and Art Journal -


Franck Vigroux is a French musician, instrumentalist, composer, turntablist and movie director, who covers wide musical range from avantgarde and improvisational music to experimental and extreme kinds of electronic music.

▶ Aphex Twin - On...
**▶ Aphex Twin - On (µ-Ziq Mix) - Unofficial Video - - YouTube** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwY9KKrn1qk

Aphex Twin - On (-Ziq Mix) - Unofficial Video -


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6 days ago
Any ideas on how to wire this together?

It's a very basic idea. I will include a diagram at the bottom for clarity.

So right now, my speakers and subwoofer are independent in volume control, but both are connected to the back of my computer using a splitter to share the sound due to my speakers using an external amplifier while the subwoofer is powered and has its own amplifier.

It is possible for me to plug my phone into the back of the amplifier through an auxiliary cable in order to play music through the speakers, but obviously it doesn't play through the subwoofer.

Any way for me to get it so my PC and phone somehow can share the subwoofer and amped speakers? I can't think of anything right now other than somehow linking my subwoofer into my amp which isn't possible.

Here is the wiring diagram of my setup drawn in paint lol

The speakers are Micca MB42X, the amplifier is Lepai 2020, the powered subwoofer is for one of those 5.1 logitech systems, but I got rid of the 5 speakers for my Micca MB42X and just couldn't afford a new subwoofer.


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5 days ago
Quick question: salvaging parts from a motherboard

I have a motherboard with heaps of caps, it's fairly new but it's not working anymore and has been sitting on my desk for about a year, anyway, is it a good idea to desolder the caps and reuse them or something like that? (I know, they'll be short :|)

There's also a ton of regulators and stuff like that on there :)

It's so tempting to not salvage it and keep it/put it in something so I can look at it, it's a very lovely board (although I've got an identical I'm using now in my PC)


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6 days ago
Weller WES51 Battery Mod?

I have a Weller WES51 that I love and use just about every day, it is without a doubt the best piece of equipment I own. My experience with electronics has shown me that most devices take household 110VAC and eventually end up using some form of DC. Does anyone have experience with the innards of a soldering iron like this? I'd really like to be able to run it off battery power with a nice simple mod, keep it as stock as possible, but I have no idea what the electronics inside are like, other than a huge transformer as seen in searching Google images.


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5 days ago
Adding delay to a useless-box circuit

I've got myself one of those things everyone needs called usually with silly names like "useless box" when they're quite the opposite. You know, the thing where you flick a switch and a "finger" comes out of the box and turns it off again.

Anyway, the one that I got from eBay does work quite well, but has practically no delay after flicking the switch. Also the motor is too fast to my taste, so the whole cycle last only about a second or so from flicking the switch to ON position.

I'm looking for a simple way to:

a) add delay to the process by adding basically a timber after pressing the switch after which the turning off process would start

b) as a bonus perhaps slow down the motor a notch.

c) even bigger bonus to add a bit of randomness to the process by varying the timer and/or motor speed on each time

The one that I have is pretty much this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEAVE-ME-ALONE-Useless-Box-Kit-Ultimate-Machine-Science-Kit-DIY-Version-/151459693997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2343b385ad

So it's purely mechanic in a way that there's no logic chips in the circuit.

And it's running on 2 x AA batteries in series so optimal circuit would work with that 3V but it's not a problem to add another battery or change the voltage if the delaying needs that.

I do also have a couple of Arduinos lying around so there's always a possibility to just do the entire logic with that, but if there's a simpler solution I'm interested in that at this point since I'm considering giving some of these modified boxes as a gift and adding an Arduino to each is not optimal :)


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6 days ago
Triggering a 555 with another 555.

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build a reaction timer circuit, when you press the "Start" button, a light will come on, once the light turns off, the timer will start then you'll press the "Stop" button to stop the timer.

I was able to make the timer circuit, and I made a monostable 555 to trigger the LED.

The problem I'm having is, I can't figure out how to trigger my counter circuit to start counting once the LED goes off.

Also, does anyone know how to stop a 7490 counter? It's being fed a clock from a 555.

Thank you anyone for any help!!


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5 days ago
Four Tet - The Fader mix May 1, 2008
### Four Tet - The Fader mix May 1, 2008

Four Tet ?Dj Set? Mix - The Fader May 1, 2008


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6 days ago
Need help catching the Office Food Thief.

So someone in my office has been eating a lot of peoples lunches/breakfast food in the fridge/freezer. I wanted to setup a simple device that would sit in the box, I have for my frozen breakfast sandwich and make an obnoxious noise, when the box was opened. The box is a box of aunt jemima breakfast sandwich. It holds 6 not 2 though. My plan is to go into work very early and wait for this device to go off and run and find out who it is. Anybody have an idea on a device I can use or make to do this.


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7 days ago
Dave from EEVblog investigates very serious Rigol DS1000Z & DS2000 Oscilloscope Jitter Problems


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7 days ago
Can anyone ID this cap? (SMD,Pics inside)

I have no clue, it seems like a Nichicon cap but I can't find any information about it from a google search.

Sorry for the blurry picture, I swear the camera will focus on anything except for the capacitor


It's the one to the left of the IC

Writing says




Also, is the dent in it supposed to be facing outwards? Because it is...

Thanks for the help.


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6 days ago
Car Diagnostic stuff .. wanna more info

Hi , Im mobile phone technician ( http://dcserviceteam.blogspot.com/ ) .. now I wanna learn Car diagnostic and add it in my daily .. but firstly I want some info about this field .. like the beginning stuffs , etc .. am reading to invest in that ..


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6 days ago
Flux Pavilion - Mountains & feat. Turin Brakes (Odjbox Remix)

## Flux Pavilion - Mountains & feat. Turin Brakes (Odjbox Remix)


Flux Pavilion - Mountains & Molehills feat. Turin Brakes (Odjbox Remix)


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7 days ago
Does anyone have any experience with MAX21100 IMU chips?

I've recently started a project with Maxim's MAX21100 IMU. Usually, the chip manufacturers write basic high-level drivers to speed up development, but I can't find anything. Does anyone know where I can find c drivers or do I have to write everything myself?


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7 days ago
Fan Tach signal conditioning

I have a 50% duty cycle 100khz signal that is ether 6.2 volts (high) or 1 volt (low). I need to chop the signal down to 1.8 volts (high) and 0 volts (low) after I run it through an optoisolator. I have been using a comparator with a 1.25 precision source but I cannot seem to get a decent signal to drive an optocoupler and get my 1.8 / 0 pulse out the end? Any suggestions. I was using LTspice for the most part


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7 days ago
Custom guitar pedals

Hey ya'll! I'm currently in the process of prototyping a fuzz pedal for my friend's bass guitar. I've looked around for schematics, and I settled on this one: http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/index.php?MAINTAB=SYNTHDIY&PROJARG=VOCODER2013/VOCODER2013.php&CATPARTNO=VOCODER2013&PN=1&SONGID=NONE

It works for the most part but it's got an unbearable hum when the string isn't being plucked. Do any of you know where I can find more effects pedal schematic. I want to try a bunch and see which one works best.


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7 days ago
If you have any questions about FCC certification or CE Mark, ask me anything.

I used to own an FCC test lab. I'll do my best to help with whatever you're working on.

Edit: This was fun, but I have to go and enjoy the weekend outside. If you have any more questions, most of the answers, including in depth answers to most of the questions below, are contained in my eBook called "Global Certifications for Makers and Hardware Startups".


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7 days ago
my arduino based plant monitor (x-post from r/arduino)


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help reading data sheet for a digital pot

Hey guys,

I want to control an aftermarket seat heater; in my classic car, with a micro-controller but i'm not sure the best way to do it.

the seat heater have a 5 position potentiometer that takes 12v signal (5 amps) to adjust the temp

originally i was going to use a high current motor driver and use the pwm to control the seat temp. I have the hardware to do this if it's a viable solution, but i was thinking about using a digital pot instead (to make it more compact)

i came across the analog devices' AD5290.pdf But i'm having a hard time figuring out if it can handle the current load of the seat heater.

Would someone be willing to quickly look it over and help a novice out?

thank you


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1 week ago
Friend's cross-platform USB-based LED controller's kickstarter, "Allpixel," already hit funding! (xpost with hwstartup)


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1 week ago
WiFi-connected LED display project

Pictures here http://imgur.com/a/8F6hg

I've been working on a LED display which can get pictures sent to it via WiFi. I found a 64x32 LED panel from Seeedstudio, and I'm driving it with a TI Connected Launchpad (120 MHz and 256KB of RAM - nice specs for what I'm doing). It gets WiFI from an ESP8266, so that a program on my PC can send it updates. Right now what I usually display is some song information & album art queried from iTunes. But it can also take resized or cropped images or rendered graphics.

The program is really simple, but the speed is decently impressive. It updates the whole display 60 times a second, and includes 12 bits of detail for each color channel. That gives me enough brightness levels to use a gamma curve and not lose too much low-level detail.

A couple further tweaks that I might make sometime: - Some faster communication with the ESP8266. I haven't played with the SDK or flashed any firmware since I got this chip, but it takes ~0.6 seconds to transfer a 6KB image since it's only using a 115200 baud serial link. - Add two-way communication to the iTunes app so it can be used as an iTunes remote to skip/pause tracks. - Scrolling text, since the full title almost never fits on the screen.

Right now I'm calling this screen "Thanks, iTunes" because it used to be a 32x16 screen which couldn't fit much information at all. 8 characters of text and a handful of pixels for art ... thanks a lot. I couldn't think of any IoT projects to do with an ESP8266... I have no particular need to monitor some room's temperature all the time, or turn lights on when I arrive, or whatever else people do. So I thought that I'd pursue something different that was similarly useless.

tl;dr: Shiny pretty colors.

▶ Pete Namlook & ...
**▶ Pete Namlook & Jonah Sharp - Interdimensional Communication (Alien Community) - YouTube** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjtS__7UgWg
Pete Namlook & Jonah Sharp - Interdimensional Communication (Alien Community)


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7 days ago
the new EP from C...
[the new EP from College “Save the Day” is so so great, as is always the case with College](http://www.valeriecollective.com/2014/10/save-the-day/)
College feat. Nola Wren - Save the Day (Official Video)


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1 week ago
Flying Lotus' new...
Flying Lotus' new album is pretty awesome.

Scotty Innit

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1 week ago
▶ Scotty - force ...
**▶ Scotty - force in a brief history of electro** - https://soundcloud.com/onspiderpark/scotty-force?in=onspiderpark/sets/a-brief-history-of-electro -

Scotty - force by onspiderpark

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2 weeks ago
Aphex Twin / AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 5
## Aphex Twin / AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 5


album rare daté de 1995 et libéré en 2005lien pour telecharger l'album ou la video sur

#A23P Live Techno...
Live Techno Electronique
All original sound design
On Acid
[IlluminZero](https://hearthis.at/a23p/illuminzero "")

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2 weeks ago
Funk D'Void Mix
## Funk D'Void Mix


J'adore trop/ Fan depuis très longtemps.> 10 ans

Cadenza Podcast | 141 - Funk D'Void by Cadenza Music

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4 weeks ago
#music #electro #...

I am now full speed on production again! I have at least 4 tracks in the pipe, and here is a first one. Warm and sweet, with guitars, a mandolin and my beloved Moog synth. I wrote the lyrics inspired by the Cosmic Core online communty experience. Tell me what you think! Free mp3 download, so spread the word :) Check it here: http://soundcloud.com/lucky-one/the-community
lucky one - The Community by lucky one

WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity
WHERE: College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Cnr of Oxford St and Greens Rd Paddington, Main Lecture Theatre ? EG02 ( campus map here! )
WHEN: Thursday 27th March, 6-8

We?re back! With a new home and a new Overlord. Scott Brown has joined the fold! So we?re looking forward to hearing about his endeavors and we?re also very happy to have the ?new kid in town?, Jeffrey Koh! Bring along some snacks if you like and we can journey to the pub after to continue scheming!!!

Jeffrey Koh
I?m a bit of a polymath when it comes to my research and practice interests, which ranges from UX design, design thinking, installation and new media art, hacker/maker culture, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, as well as robotics. My most recent project deals with morphable and shape changing interfaces based on the electro-magnitization of ferrofluids. In the past I did some work with PRADA doing catwalk designs, as well as helped design a robot with the capacity to love and be loved. Recently I co-founded a startup in Singapore and I am now an associate lecturer at COFA, UNSW. Connecting the dots between disciplines has been a life-long journey, and I am a firm believer that these grey areas between traditional practices is where all the cool stuff happens.

Scott BrownScott Brown was born with one eyebrow. Despite this terrible affliction, he has overcome the odds to not only interact with other human beings, but excel at investigating this very field. Taking the well-trod path of DJ-turned-promoter, Scott found himself involved in many creative pursuits within the DIY culture of dance music during the dreadfully titled ?noughties?. Before long, this resulted in a keen interest in design and performance technology. Combining his background of music production, theatre and visual design, Scott has now focused his efforts upon experiential media. Interested in the area where performance, technology and design meet, Scott?s projects are often a reflection upon our own behaviour as humans, as much as they are an investigation of the technology we bring into our everyday lives.

Pia van GelderPia van Gelder is an electronic media artist. Her practice is centered around building and hacking media machines for live audio and video performance and interactive installation. Pia?s recent work has been focused around synthesisers. In 2013, van Gelder built an analogue video synthesiser in collaboration with Stephen Jones. She has also been working with CMOS chips to devise various ?bio synths?, one that she built with Andreas Siagian and Michael Candy is called Mountain Operated Synthesiser and is at Mount Merapi, an active volcano near Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where they installed it on the Second Base Camp.

(Photo by Gabriel Clark)

As per usual, our final ?show&tell? session is up for grabs. Bring along something your working on!!!

WHEN: Thursday 20th June, 6-9PM
WHERE: Campbelltown Art Centre, One Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown www.campbelltownartscentre.com.au PH: 4645 4100
WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity
RSVP: Edwina.Hill@campbelltown.nsw.gov.au

We are super excited about our awesome excursion to Campbelltown Art Centre this month. In conjunction with the ISEA2013 exhibition Catching Light in which Campbelltown Arts Centre has brought together 5 creative innovators from the analogue and early digital eras to mentor, collaborate and exchange ideas with 5 ?new generation? artists from various disciplines ? art, sound and performance ? who have chosen these technologies as the most appropriate channel of enquiry for their current work, or have a practice reliant on engagement. The focus is on conversation, participation and interaction as a means of informing us, the audience, how we communicate, or respond to art. Collaborators include: Linda Dement & Kelly Doley, Tom Ellard & Paul Greedy, Troy Innocent & Benjamin Kolaitis, Stephen Jones & Pia van Gelder, Wade Marynowsky & Michael Candy (Many of whom have presented at Dorkbot before!!!).

This amazing show and Dorkbot, all in the same building on one day!!! What will happen???!!!


ROBO DOJO : CAMPBELLTOWN MAKERSPACERobo Dojo are a group of individuals that have teamed together to create, build and work on each others projects! Their projects are open to anything that your creative mind can imagine. They try to make things happen! Their team members have expertise in electronics, arts and craft, and woodwork. They are always keen to learn more skills.
Check Robo Dojo out on Facebook here

DAVID LYON : SOUND & LIGHTDavid is a Dorkbot Sydney officionardo who is also known for his WaterDuino project: an open source water injection for Arduino. This month he is going to present a project he has been working on which drives sound and light from a computer video port!

YOU : SHOW & TELLAs per usual, we have an open slot at the end of every Dorkbot for anyone to present something. Bring something along you have made and show us!!! Could be anything! Could be broken, or unfinished or even just an idea or theory.


2 years ago
Making a Single-Tab Peripheral Board
The first step to making a peripheral board is to take some standard 2.54mm prototyping board, and cut out the board with a cutting tool.

We?re making a Single-Tab board in this case.

Using a Template to cut the board

Once the board is cut, we add 2.54mm connectors to the bottom of the pcb and then solder them on. They need to be soldered to the bottom, not the top as the circuitry mostly sits hidden on the bottom side of the board.

Adding the connectors

After the connectors are added, two for power, two for input/output, all you need to do next is to add the rest of your circuit. That?s done by dropping the components onto the board and soldering them on the bottom as you would normally do.

Add your circuitry

This particular circuit ended up being an InfraRed receiver made with a cheap IR-Receiver sensor that I picked up when an electronics store was having a sale.

Using this process, it?s possible to make up circuits for pretty much any part you can find. If the part is too big, then you can use a double-tab board which is twice the size and gives more space.


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4 weeks ago

L'ALBUM EN ECOUTE : http://bruitblanc.bandcamp.com/album/we-dont-care-about-music-anyway

J'ai vu ce documentaire à l'étrange festival il y a quelques années en présence des réalisateurs. Toujours en attente d'une sortie DVD (je veux des sous-titres FR moi !) - il est dispo en ligne sur des sites US (VPN recommandé)

LES MUSICIENS : http://www.bruitblanc.fr/?page_id=822
LE FILM : http://www.studio-shaiprod.com/blog/?page_id=4

_Bruit Blanc et Studio Shaiprod s’associent pour sortir en Europe la bande originale du film qui avait déjà été éditée au Japon en janvier 2011 à l’occasion de la sortie en salle du film. Le projet “We don’t Care About Music Anyway…” est celui d’un film documentaire sur la scène de musique improvisée extrême de Tokyo. Entre novembre 2007 et février 2008, nous avons filmé la majorité des performances des musiciens dans les clubs de la capitale japonaise._

_Dans le cadre du tournage, nous avons également invité les musiciens à improviser dans des lieux extraordinaires. Sakamoto Hiromichi a fait jaillir les souvenirs enfouis d’une école abandonnée de chichibu, Otomo Yoshihide a fait trembler les métaux de l’usine de recyclage Re-tem, Numb et Saidrum ont jonglé avec le beat et ses échos dans les vastes galeries souterraines de chika shinden. Nous avons aussi tendu l’oreille pour écouter la musique de la ville, son trafic incessant, ses voix amplifiées disséminés dans l’espace, ses musiques d’ambiance… Voici l’essentiel des sources qui composent la bande son du film. L’une des idées fondatrices du projet de film était que le son puisse s’écouter indépendamment des images, cette bande originale en est l’aboutissement.__


Scotty Innit

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3 weeks ago
▶ DJ Skurge and J...
**▶ DJ Skurge and Juan Atkins - Turn The Knob - YouTube** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh6fwSTSbV8

DJ Skurge and Juan Atkins - Turn The Knob

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