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"DX Newsletter (DXNL)"

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[DXNL] DXNL 1877 (Mar 26, 2014)
DXNL 1877 - March 26, 2014
DX Newsletter

a free and weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting"

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB
(e-mail: dxnl@dxhf.darc.de)

translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

5B, Cyprus:
Tony, RT9T (5B4ALB), plans to take part in CQ WW WPX SSB Contest
(March 29 & 30) as H27A. QSL via RT9T.

Jack, R2AA, is also going to be active from Cyprus in the contest
as P3N. QSL via RW3RN.

6W, Senegal:
Jeff, N6GQ, has announced his plans to work the CQ WW SSB Contest
in October from Senegal. His callsign has not been announced so
far. QSL via LoTW. http://www.n6gq.com/

8P, Barbados:
Tom, W2SC, joins the WPX Contest as 8P5A. QSL via NN1N, LoTW.

9M, West Malaysia:
Hairie, 9M2GET, Han, 9W2SBD, Mohamad, 9W2SBL, Azlan, 9M2AGC, Syed,
9M8SYA, Zam, 9M2KRZ, Rizal, 9M2RDX, and Rut, 9W2RUT, form a team of
the North of Peninsular Malaysia Amateur Radio Association to join
the contest as 9M2SM from Arau. QSL direct via 9M2GET, LoTW.

A7, Qatar:
Members of the Qatar Amateur Radio Association (QARS) will be
joined by Kumar, VU2BZY, Alex, OZ7AM, and Jan, OZ1ADL (all of the
Danish Contest Academy) for a joint effort as A73A in the contest.
QSL via A71A, eQSL.

BV, Taiwan:
Operators Tang, BM2AAV, Zhang, BV1ED, Eddie, BV2DD, Evan, BV2KS,
Lee, BV2NT, and Lee, BX2AB, will run a multi-op effort in the
contest as BP0P (AS-020, WLOTA 0022, WW Loc. PL04vt). Also QRV on
the friday before on 40-10m in SSB, CW, and RTTY. For QSL info see
qrz.com. http://www.art.org.tw/EN/Default.aspx

BY, China:
BH1IOT, MingXia, BH1HUK, Yusong, BH1CXR, Lei, BH1DDU, Du, BH1BOQ,
Xiaoyi, BH1IGB, Hui, BH1CKM, Ma, BG1QQT, BG1HAS, Yu, BD1LT, BD1TT,
and Yuan, BD1IIJ, will be operating together as BH1CXR in the
upcoming contest. QSL via bureau, LotW.

C6, Bahamas:
John, 9H5G, will be active from Berry Island (NA-054) during the
end of March and early April. QRV on 10, 12, and 17m in SSB, RTTY
and PSK from a beach location. For extending his periods of
operating he hopes to hunt up additional batteries or a generator.
QSL 9H5G/C6A via NI5DX and LoTW. http://kk4oyj.wordpress.com/

CT3, Madeira:
Helmut, DF7ZS, joins the contest as CQ3L from Madeira. QSL via
DJ6QT. He is also QRV in the days prior to the contest as
CT9/DF7ZS, mainly on 17 and 12m. QSL for that via homecall,
LoTW. http://www.cq3l.de

CT3, Madeira:
A large group consisting of Jose, CT3BD, Luis, CT3DL, Jose, CT3DZ,
Jose, CT3EE, Antonio, CT3EN, Eusebio, CT3KU, Jose, CT3KY, Jose,
CT3IA, Jose, CT1BOH, Tony, CT1FFU, and Nuno, CT1FJO, will be
running the contest as CR3A. QSL direct via EA5GL, LoTW, eQSL.

CU, Azores:
Kim, OH6KZP, revisits the Ilha de Sao Miguel (DIP AZ-002, PIP
AC-002, WLOTA 2016) for the contest and will operate as CQ8X. QRV
before as CT8/OH6KZP, QSL via homecall, CQ8X via OH2BH.

CX, Uruguay:
CV3D near Juanico will be manned by CX1CAK, Oscar, CX1CW, Daniel,
CX1FU, Lupo, CX2ABC, and Jorge, CX6DAP, for the contest. QSL via
CX2ABC, direct only.

D4, Cape Verde:
Lukas, HB9EBT, plans to stay on Santiago (AF-005, Grid HK85) from
March 29 to April 5, operating as D44TEG on 20-10m in CW, PSK and
RTTY. QSL via h/c.

Max, IZ4DPV, gets D4C on the air during the contest in a single
band 10m effort. QSL via IZ4DPV, LoTW, eQSL.

Finally, Cape Verde will also see some contest action by Gianmarco,
IZ4ZAW, operating D44AC on 15m. QSL only direct.

EA8, Canary Islands:
Jaime, WP3A, gets on the air as EA8/WP3A from March 26 to April 6,
and as EF8U during the contest. For QSL info EA8/WP3A follow op's
directions, EF8U direct via EA8URE, LoTW.

EA9, Ceuta and Melilla:
The Ceuta Legion Contest Team, consisting of Salvador, EA7FQB,
Jorge, EA7HZ, Julio, EA7JB, Al, EA7JR, Manolo, EA7LL, Jose, EA7LS,
Cris, EA7RU, Juan, EC7DTQ, Manuel, EA8DO, and Jose, EA9CD, joins
the contest as ED9K. QSL via EA7LS, direct only.
TWITTER: @ed9kteam http://www.facebook.com/ed9kteam

EI, Ireland:
Oliver, ON4EI, is going to try a repeat of his victory in last
year's WPX contest (Single Op, Low Power) and operate again as
EI1A. QRV before and after the weekend as EI8GQB. His station is
100% green powered with wind and solar energy. QSL via PA3249.

F, France:
Jean-Pierre, F6FNA, is going to operate the special event call
TM850CS during the upcoming weekend, and again in APril, May,
August and during the European Heritage Days on September 19 to 21.
The callsign calls attention to the 850 years old Gothic cathedral
in Sens. QSL via F6FNA.

A number of special event calls will commemorate the begin of the
first World War between now and the year's end. See the list.

TM02REF April 13
TM02REF May 12 - 18
TM8FDA June 14/15
TM02REF June 15
TM100LGG June 28
TM02REF June 12 - 14
TM100LGG July 27
TM60GW August 1 - 3
TM100LGG August 1
TM100LGG August 2/3
TM100LGG August 10
TM02REF August 13 - 15
TM100LGG August 17
TM100LGG August 7
TM1GM September 27, October 14
TM100LGG September 5, October 12/19
TM100LGG October 26
TM100LGG November 9
TM100LG November 10/11
There will also be an award available. http://www.tm1418.fr/index.html

Special event station TM8BIRD operates in the context of the Festival
de l'Oiseau et de la Nature during April. QSL via F5INJ.

FH, Mayotte:
Pierre-Louis, F5NED, stays on Mayotte (AF-027) from March 29 until
April 2 and gets on the air as TO5NED. QRV on HF in CW and SSB. QSL
via F5NED.http://dxing.at-communication.com/en/to5ned_mayotte/

FM, Martinique:
Rich, M5RIC, plans to get on the air from Martinique (NA-107, DIFO
FM-001, DDFM 97, WLOTA 1041) from the 26th until April 1. QRV on
80-10m (especially on 30, 17, and 12 before and after the contest)
as TO4C. QSL via M0OXO, OQRS preferred.http://www.m0oxo.com

G, England:
The Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society (RAFARS) runs an
Airfields on the Air week from March 29 until April 6. The
following stations are going to take part.
For QSL info see list below.

HC, Ecuador:
Rick, KK4GV (HC1GVT) continues to visit various areas in Ecuador
(HC2-HC7) until April 4. During the contest he will get on the air
as HC1GVT/HC3. QSL direct via h/c, LoTW.

JA, Japan:
8J740YYM celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Tsugaru Sky Club
(JA7YYM) on the air from April to AUgust.

Katsuhiko, JI1ALP, will be joined by friends for a multi-operator
effort signing 8J1MTD in the contest. QSL via direct, LoTW.

KH0, Mariana Islands:
Jacek, SP5APW, continues to operate as KH0/SP5APW from Saipan
(OC-086) until March 30. QSL via h/c.

KH2, Guam:
Nori, W6LJ, Rio, NY8A, Aki, W3JH, Kaz, AH0KT, and Masa, AH6KY, will
be joining the contest as KH2KY. QSL via JA1MFR, LoTW, eQSL.

KH6, Hawaii:
Jon, N0JK, gets on the air as KH6/N0JK from Oahu between March 24
and April 4. QRV on 6m with a 3 element beam and 100W, during the
WPX contest he may appear on 10m. QSL via h/c.

KP2, US Virgin Islands:
Bob, WP2XX, and probably a group of other operators, will get the
Windwood Contest Station at the north coast of St. Croix (NA-106,
USi VI-002S, WLOTA 2477, CQ Zone 8) on the air as WP2Z for the
contest. QSL via KU9C.

Yuriy, N2TTA, is going to sign NP2P during the contest. QSL via

KP4, Puerto Rico:
Al, WP3C, also plans to join the contest. QSL via W3HNK, direct

LZ, Bulgaria:
The Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) continues to honour a
Bulgarian Orthodox Saint each month of the year. All contacts with
their special callsigns count towards various awards. See the list
for details:
LZ1808SNS April
LZ1555WNS May
LZ1816PAS June
LZ1810PPW July
LZ1680MTS August
LZ37MP September
LZ1375IKA October
LZ1164SIM November
LZ1784SMH December
QSLs via bureau, LoTW.

P4, Aruba:
Andy, AE6Y, once more operates the WPX contest as P49Y. QSL via
h/c, LoTW.

PA, The Netherlands:
PA6USA marks President Obama's visit of the Nuclear Security Summit
in Den Haag. QRV March 24 to April 18. QSL via PA7DA.

PJ2, Curacao:
Anja, DH2AK, and Torsten, DL1THM, return to Curacao (SA-099) for
another visit from March 31 to April 18. QRV as PJ2/homecalls on
the higher HF bands in SSB and digital modes. They plan to announce
their actual operating times on twitter. QSL via homecalls
(bureau), direct (see qrz.com). https://twitter.com/dl1thm

SV9, Crete:
Operators Dimis, SV9COL, Georgios, SV9DJO, Giannis, SV9FBG,
Yiannis, SV9FBK, George, SV9GPV, Manolis, SV9IOI, and Konstantinos,
SV9OFS, all members of the SV9 DX Team will activate SX9C for the
contest. QSL via LoTW. http://www.sv9dxteam.blogspot.de/

TA, Turkey:
Yasar, TA3D, plans to sign TC3D in the contest. QSL via TA3D.

TJ, Cameroon:
Thomas, DL8SEQ (7J1AIJ, AA8NN) works at the German embassy in
Jaunde until summer 2015. He has now received his callsign TJ3TS
and is currently on the air with 100W, a spider-beam and wire
dipoles. He plans to add a linear later. QRV currently in SSB and
digital modes (PSK, JT-65, JT9). He also hopes to get on the air
via satellites and also 6m. QSL via PA3249, direct only.

UA2, Kaliningrad:
Igor, UA2FZ, will be using UI2K as his callsign in the WPX contest.
QSL via UA2FZ.

V6, Micronesia:
Masa, JL1FUQ, hopes to get on the air during April or May as V63GJ.
He plans to work mainly on 6m. QSL via h/c.

VE, Canada:
Steve, VE2TKH, will put Zone 2 on the air during the next months as
VE2CSI from Sept-Iles. QSL via M0URX (bureau, OQRS), LotW.

Ron, K5HM, Matt, K5NGU, Rick, W5RH, and probably more members of
the Project X Contest Team will participatze in the contest as N5T
from the Joseph S. and Lucie H. Cullinan Park. QSL direct via K5HM,

VK9M, Mellish Reef:
The upcoming expedition to Mellish Reef (VK9MT, OC-072) is this
week's highlight in our DXNL. An international team consisting of
Norbert, DJ7JC, Heye, DJ9RR, Pista, HA5AO, George, HA5UK, Luigi,
IV3YER, Dave, K3EL, Gene, K5GS, Glenn, KE4KY, Luke, VK3HJ, Les,
W2LK, and Mike, WA6O, will get on the air from Mellish from March
28 to April 9. QRV with SteppIR antennas, Hex-beams, and a
4-Square. QSL via M0URX (OQRS), LoTW. http://vk9mt.com/

VP9, Bermuda:
Kei, KG2A (also JJ1RJR, V25AI) pays a visit to Ed, VP9GE, in
Hamilton Parish and will get on the air from there as KG2A/VP9 for
the contest. QRV also before and after the weekend, mainly in CW on
the WARC bands. QSL via h/c.

XW, Laos:
Champ, E21EIC, operates the contest as XW0YJY on all bands. QRV
also before and after on 160-6m, with a focus on 17m in CW, SSB,
and RTTY. QSL preferred OQRS via ClubLog, via homecall, LoTW.

YA, Afghanistan:
Dragan, 4O4A, remains active as T6DD from Mazar in Badakhshan until
March 15. QRV on 80-6m, mainly in CW. QSL via h/c (ClubLog), LoTW.

Baltic Countries Prefix Trophies:
Sam, LY5W, calls our attention to the following trophy awards:

LY WPX Trophy

LY WPX Trophy Honor Roll

Baltic States WPX Trophy

Baltic Sea WPX Trophy

LY Prefixes Hunter Trophy

YL WPX Trophy

WPX Contest:
For even more announcements regarding activities in the WPX contest
see: http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxs2014.html

DF8AN Tour:
Michael, DF8AN, announces his next activities:
A6 and A92 end of March, pending on operating permits
V26MN April 15 - 16 Antigua
VP2MMN April 16 - 24 Montserrat
V4/DF8AN April 24 - 25 St. Kitts
V4/DF8AN April 25 - 29 Nevis
QSLs via homecall DF8AN.

DL7AFS QSL-Service:
Lot, DJ7ZG, told us: "We used to offer a logsearch for all our
expeditions (DL7AFS/DJ7ZG) from 1996 to 2013 on our homepages
http://www.qsl.net/DL7AFS. The employed Java platform however is
behind updates now and the logsearch no longer works. We have put
our most recent logs (D44TXT, V21ZG, VP2MGZ, VP2MYL, VK9CX, TO7ZG)
into ClubLog, and are working on a solution for our older logs."

And regarding V21ZG: "Our 4th trip to Antigua was supposed to be a
holiday. Yet the continuous demand, especially of small pistols was
huge, and we put more than 11000 QSOs into the log. Our rig was
quite limited, yet we covered 160-6m. Our new QSL, featuring a
spectacular snapshot of DJ7ZG, is currently being printed.
Collectors of our V21ZG QSLs might appreciate the new motif:
1. QSL motif: Jolly Beach
2. QSL motif: Babs and Sting Ray
3. QSL motif: Steelband
4. QSL motif: Hummingbird
Please include an SAE and postage with your direct requests."

T6DD has been approved for DXCC credit.

Silent Key:
Selim Canbeken, TA2DS, avid DXer (333 DXCCs confirmed),
died on March 17.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. We are sorry for
their loss.

Abbreviations in this DXNL:
AKA also known as
ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
DCL DARC Community Logbook
DDFM Diplome des Departements Francais de la Metropole
DIA Danish Island Award
DIFO Diplome des Iles Francaises d'Outre Mer
DIP Diploma das Ilhas Portuguesas
IOSA Island of Scotland Award
OQRS Online QSL Request System
PIP Portuguese Islands Plaque
SCOTIA Scottish Island Award
USi United States Islands
WAB Worked All Britain
WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air

Upcoming Contests
===============./30.03. CQ World-Wide WPX Contest

IOTA Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
==EU-088; OZ; Kattegat group: Chris/DC7VS, Ron/DG2RON, Andre/ DO7ALE
and Bert/DL4ZZ are going to get the world's first expedition on the
air that is solely organised via social media. They formed their
team and commenced their planning via facebook. From March 30 to
April 4 they'll operate as OZ/homecalls in CW, SSB, PSK31 and Hell
from Laesoe (DIA NK-003, WW Loc. JO57lg) and probably also from the
lighthouse Syrodde (ARLHS DEN-069). Skeds may be arranged via their
website. QSL via homecalls (d/B), there is a special QSL available
for contacts with all four operators. http://oz-laesoe.com/

EU-123; GM/MM; Scottish Coastal Islands: Glen/G0SBN, Bob/M0KLO, and
Tony/G8YFA, all members of the Tynemouth ARC will activate Arran
(IOSA CL01, SCOTIA CS14, WAB NR93, WW Loc. IO75in) from March 26 to
April 2. QRV on HF, during the WPX contest as GM5N. QSL via LoTW,
M0URX (OQRS for direct and bureau cards), logcheck via ClubLog.

NA-101; J7; Dominica: Martin/DB4BJ pays a visit to the island from
April 1 to 15. QRV mainly in SSB and PSK63 as J79DB. QSL via DB4BJ
(d/B). http://www.db4bj.de/

OC-084; T32; Tabuaeran and Teraina Islands [AKA Fanning and
Washington Islands]: Tov, T32TV, who was active lately from
Christmas Island has now moved to rare Washington Island. How long
he is going to stay is not known so far. Tov is QRV with 100% solar
power, running 100W and a AV-640 vertical antenna on 40-6m. His
power supply is not capable of running an amplifier at the moment.
QSL via his Manager Stan, KH6CG (d/B), who is also eager to learn
of possibilities to enhance Tov's power supply for generating more

OC-219; YB8; Tukangbesi Islands: YL Tety/YB3TET, Adhi/YB3MM, and
Budi/YF1AR are announcing their next IOTApedition. They will
activate Wangiwangi Island (WW Loc. PI14sq) and the lighhouse
(ARLHS IDO-259) there from March 26 to April 2. QRV as homecalls/8,
mainly in SSB. QSL YB3MM/8 and YB3TET/8 via OQRS or IZ8CCW, YF1AR/8
via N2OO. http://www.yf1ar.com http://www.yb3mm.com

SA-029; PY1; Rio de Janeiro State West group: After his visit and
activity to Jurubaiba Island in February, Celo/PY1MT now returns to
the island. He also plans to join the WPX contest as PY1MT/p. QSL
via PY1MT (d/B).

===Noerdliches Wietingsmoor - DLFF-156
A team consisting of members of the DARC club I25 (Ric/DL2VFR,
Friedrich/DL4BBH, Klaus/DL2YBG, Matthias/DK7LV, and Klaus/DL7UXG)
will activate this area for the WPX contest with the special event
call DJ60DXMB, celebrating the anniversary of DXNL (DXMB). QSL via
DL7UXG (d/B). For the corresponding award see qrz.com, fur future
activations of DJ60DXMB see:

ONFF-activations by OT6V
Rene/OT6V announces the following first activations: "Het
Beiaardbos - Fonteinbos" (ONFF-349) on March 26, and "Bos ter
Rijst" (ONFF-351) on March 27. QRV as OT6V/p from about 09z
onwards on 40, 20, and 15m. QSL via OT6V (d/B).

SMFF - awards
The rules for the Swedish Flora & Fauna awards have been revamped.
Awards are now available for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 44, 60, 80,
100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, and 750 areas worked.

UNFF - awards
UNFF has established a new award scheme "Green Kazakhstan". Awards
are available for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 areas
confirmed. All QSOs from Mai 1 2009 count towards the awards.

=======start - end DX DXNL
25.01.14 - 30.11.14 2Axxx 1868
23.03.14 - 31.03.14 3D2FJ 1876
permanent 3V8HQ 1867
- 14 3W3B 1815
- 19.05.14 3Z70MC.. 1871
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 4V1JR 1876
14.03.14 - 11.04.14 5H3MB 1875
- 31.03.14 5V7DX 1875
23.03.14 - 31.03.14 5V7MP.. 1876
- 13.07.14 5Z4/EA4ATI 1840
- 14 5Z4/LA4GHA 1810/1827
- 31.12.13 5Z4EE 1803/1807
- 14 6O0LA 1810/1827
- 31.12.13 7P8CC 1807/1820
14.03.14 - 03.04.14 7P8PB 1875
- 31.12.14 7S400K 1866
- 05.14 8J110SIT 1838
10.13 - 03.14 8J130MUT 1851
06.13 - 03.14 8J170ICK 1836
- 31.12.14 8J1AOBA 1870
- 31.03.14 8J1IC 1827
01.06.13 - 31.03.14 8J1MTD 1834/1877*
- 31.03.14 8J1TS50A 1860
01.14 - 03.14 8J1TZ20Y 1870
- 03.14 8J270TK 1848
- 31.03.15 8J3ZUKA 1866
31.07.13 - 08.15 8J4J 1848
- 30.04.14 8J5SSS 1860
04.14 - 08.14 8J740YYM 1877*
10.13 - 03.14 8J7JE4OO 1851/1857
- 31.03.14 8J7JUMP 1827
- 31.12.14 8J7T 1865
28.07.13 - 31.03.14 8N1FUJI 1842
01.03.14 - 16.06.14 8N2HHH 1873
- 31.03.14 8N2MDR 1813
15.01.14 - 30.09.14 8N3HKC 1870
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 8P5A 1877*
20.03.14 - 31.03.14 8Q7TS 1876
- 11.14 9G5AC 1843
03.14 - 04.14 9H5G/C6A 1877*
- 03.14 9L1A 1861
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 9M2SM 1877*
- 23.05.14 9N7AA 1875
- 10.13 9V1RM 1751
- 03.14 A6? 1877
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 A73A 1877*
- 03.14 A92? 1877
- 31.12.14 A91YA 1874
21.11.13 - 20.11.14 AF1G/C6A 1865/69
- 31.12.14 AY1DZ 1872
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 BH1CXR 1877*
28.03.14 - 30.03.14 BP0P 1877*
unbekannt CE0/W6NV 1873
03.14 - 04.14 CJ3A 1875
12.03.14 - 30.03.14 CN2R 1875
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 CQ3L 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 CQ8X 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 CR3A 1877*
- 29.03.14 CT8/OH6KZP 1877*
- 29.03.14 CT9/DF7ZS 1877*
06.03.14 - 02.04.14 CT9/DL3KWF 1874
06.03.14 - 02.04.14 CT9/DL3KWR 1874
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 CV3D 1877*
- 31.12.14 CW30A.. 1866
permanent CY0/VA1AXC 1872
16.01.14 - 12.14 D2SG 1867
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 D44AC 1877*
- 31.03.14 D44CF 1875
29.03.14 - 05.04.14 D44TEG 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 D4C 1877*
15.02.14 - 01.15 D8A 1871
- 12.14 DA0EIM 1815
- 31.12.14 DB50FIRAC 1865
- 31.12.14 DF0DC 1865
- 31.12.14 DJ60DXMB.. 1865/68/77
- 31.12.14 DK40BOSCH 1868
- 31.12.14 DK40ECH 1868
18.03.14 - 21.04.14 DL1LLL/mm 1876
- 31.12.14 DL60JMZ 1865
- 08.14 DL600WW 1846
- 31.12.14 DL0HRS 1865
- 31.12.14 DM200TSV 1868
12.13 - 11.14 DM50PCK 1860
- 31.12.14 DP90RKS.. 1865
- 02.15 DP0GVN 1864
- 31.12.14 DQ25GRENZE 1865
- 31.12.14 DQ8T 1873
- 31.12.14 DQ0HARZ 1873
- 31.12.14 DR175LDE 1866
unbekannt DR800BI 1873
01.05.13 - 31.03.14 DR0PALAEON 1830
12.02.14 - 31.12.14 DS4DRE/4 1872
- 03.14 DU3/W6QT 1865
03.14 - 12.14 E750EBL 1875
26.03.14 - 06.04.14 EA8/WP3A 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 ED9K 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 EF8U 1877*
14.03.14 - 27.03.14 EH3DWN 1876
24.03.14 - 30.03.14 EH5HCO 1876
- 31.12.14 EI14LCC 1866
- 31.12.14 EI30T 1866
22.03.14 - 02.04.14 EI8GQB.. 1877*
- 31.03.14 EM200RT.. 1874
- 31.12.14 EM50JA.. 1867
- 31.12.14 EO90WF 1866
16.03.14 - 08.04.14 FR5MNW 1875*
- 10.15 FW5JJ 1852
25.01.14 - 30.11.14 GAxxx 1868
29.03.14 - 06.04.14 GB1RAF 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 GM5N 1877*
26.03.14 - 02.04.14 GS0NWM 1877*
29.03.14 - 30.03.14 H27A 1877*
- 31.12.14 HB14SAF 1873
- 31.12.14 HB40VC 1868
20.03.14 - 04.04.14 HC1GVT.. 1877*
- 01.05.14 HC2IMP 1858
- 31.03.14 HF15NATO 1875
01.01.14 - 31.08.14 HF2014JP 1867
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Spotlight: Swans - The Seer
Swans - The Seer
A coruscating, compelling treatise on creation and destruction...

Clash€™s Spotlight series usually looks at albums marking key anniversaries, or that are being brought back into the public eye through special shows or some other industry-standard opportunity for reappraisal.

But with Swans set to release their 13th studio set, €˜To Be Kind€™, in May, we thought the moment was perfect to look and listen back to what is perhaps the most powerful studio statement in the Michael Gira-fronted New York experimental ensemble€™s catalogue so far: August 2012€™s incredible €˜The Seer€™, spread across six sides of vinyl and just as remarkable now as it was on release.

- - -

Swans, €˜The Seer€™

- - -

€œI see it all.€

€˜The Seer€™ reeks of the definitive, the platonic form of Swans made real, a hellish golem raised from magma and mud. It collects the produce of the American experimentalists previous 11 albums and craftily condenses them, distilling their dusky essences in the way of an alchemist or particularly dastardly perfumier. Propelled by a ferocious fervour, its unbridled, ecstatic, musical mania feels somehow inevitable €“ but considered and wiser than ever before.

Joining with an impressive cast of collaborators €“ including Yeah Yeah Yeahs€™ Karen O, Iceland-based noise merchant Ben Frost, members of Akron/Family and Low €“ is Gira€™s former partner in crime, Jarboe. Their respective inputs provide luxurious glossy highlights, the butter in the jus if you will. But they don€™t dilute a thing. Some passages initially make for excruciating listening, only to shift tone dramatically, whisking you a hair€™s breadth from danger and certain unbidden defecation to a plane of vibrant aural pleasure.

Constructed of distinct movements, €˜The Seer€™s is a symphonic piece clocking in at over two hours in length, with a half-hour title track. You don€™t listen to something so demanding overly regularly, which is possibly why over a year on it sounds as fresh as the very first time. It€™s an event, like a Wagnerian opera, a marathon dictating complete surrender €“ music so simultaneously cerebral and dynamically physical you can feel it in your muscles, your belly and bowels.

Its refusal to compromise is sometimes claustrophobia inducing, but this is what lends €˜The Seer€™ its sense of potency and emotional catharsis. The honesty and clarity of this record is rigorous and relentless. It is aggressive, reflective, dually awkward and elegant: an ordeal, but a beautiful one. The cover €“ a snarling/grimacing wolf leering out from the shadows €“ suggests both hunter and hunted. The perfect image, really, of a metaphysical monster in the dark.

Opening track €˜Lunacy€™ sets the tone. An unhinged voice, leeching out of darkness over a wave of percussion and guitar builds inexorably, expansively; drums froth like waves, violins crash against harpsichord. Eventually a chorus of voices begins to chime and soften, and order seems restored, the piece becoming a madrigal. But it€™s merely the calm before the storm of €œlunacy€ being chanted a hundred or so times. It€™s a dark, dense struggle sitting between Aleister Crowley, Led Zeppelin-style paganism and the secretive mysticism of the Knights Templar. In a final Songs Of Experience-period William Blake-style flourish Gira states: €œYour childhood is over.€ Is it ever.

Syncopated drumming and a single panted refrain heralds €˜Mother Of The World€™: a spiralling arabesque of squalling, scissor-sharp guitars and a wailing, scatting Gira. It then shifts into unbridled glam rock: an incongruous Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars jam segueing into the sleaze of €˜Sister Midnight€™-era Iggy Pop. This is the beating heart and breath of the world, the universe, a diabolical Ohm. Gira€™s Gaia is the €œmother of senseless things,€ a disappointing human race, unbalanced in our consumption and living practices.

The title track is aptly grandiose. It€™s the voice of an oracle witnessing the horror and splendour of the divine in real time. It€™s Carlos Castaneda vibrating in the desert on a peyote-fuelled trip, or Samuel Taylor Coleridge€™s opium-induced near-death experiences. It€™s Swans€™ €˜The End€™ or €˜Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun€™. It builds and builds, tighter and faster, like a train derailing, an ever-crescendo-ing voice in the background. Around the halfway mark it is absolutely relentless €“ but just when it threatens to become too much, the monstrous becomes elegantly beautiful. A piano coda worthy of a Giallo horror soundtrack diffuses the endless repetition of €œI€™ve seen it all€. It€™s pretty much better than most bands€™ entire albums. However, Nietzsche has a point: €œWhen you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.€ In other words, I wouldn€™t listen to it on repeat too much.

In its companion piece €˜The Seer Returns€™, the world is literally being torn asunder, perhaps ready for rebirth, a resurrection. Whispers of immortality flutter over its sand torn ribbon of desert sound. Then the record hurtles into batshit-crazy New York-style free jazz territory on €˜93 Ave. B Blues€™. Are those dolphins screaming beside the mild-mannered credit of the €œViolin type instrument€? This takes work. It€™s a punishing point of no return. Yet, for all the hair shirt qualities evident here, these musicians sound as if they€™re having big-time fun.

There are brief moments of relief, such as the Beefheart blues of €˜The Wolf€™,  €˜The Daughter Brings The Water€™ and the haunting, alt-country ballad €˜Song For A Warrior€™. Gira really has to give us a few of these songs. It would be difficult to make it through without them. They€™re the pause on a treacherous alpine pass, a respite from catastrophe.  The beautiful, King Crimson-recalling €˜A Piece Of The Sky€™ is still apocalyptic, however. The €œsun f*cks the dawn€ isn€™t a light hearted observation €“ it€™s redemption, Book of Revelation style.

Abiding influences can be heard throughout, the sinister soulfulness of Howlin€™ Wolf, the experimentalism of Can and the deep psychedelia of early Pink Floyd bubble under the surface. It may seem like spiritual flagellation in song but its actually closer to an aural meditation on the sublime: the danger, terror and beauty of boundlessness.

This struggle with the notion of the divine is heard on €˜The Apostate€™, as a struggle with truth. We may be on €œa ladder to god€ but it€™s definitely an Old Testament deity towards which Gira climbs. The song possesses the preposterous overblown arc of Van der Graaf Generator€™s €˜Man-Erg€™ but also the control of Steve Reich and other great minimalists and modernists.

This is an album that will be spoken about in decade-marking retrospectives as an epic exercise in American gothic. We may feel insignificant in our everyday lives, but music still allows us to bypass the mundane for the metaphysical if we are desperate to experience secular rapture or transcendence. As Gira himself states, €œLike anyone else, I want to experience ecstasy €“ something greater than myself.€ 

We may not fast, we may not meditate or dance ourselves into a trance and we may not imbibe large quantities of drugs (or we may) €“ but maybe we don€™t need to. Listening to this album is a portal allowing us to touch the fleshy membrane of something else. It€™s a Lovecraftian mountain, a Conradian odyssey, a Freidrichian ravine. It leaves you flayed, sensitised. It€™s ancient and authoritative, a coruscating, compelling treatise on creation and destruction. So it goes.

- - -

Words: Anna Wilson

More Spotlight features

Swans€™ €˜To Be Kind€™ is released by Mute on May 12th. See the band live in the UK, supported by Jenny Hval, as follows€

22nd €“ Academy 2, Manchester 23rd €“ Hoult€™s Yard, Newcastle 24th €“ The Arches, Glasgow 25th €“ The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen 27th €“ Brixton Electric, London 28th €“ Trinity Community Arts, Bristol 29th €“ Sub89, Reading 31st €“ Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

1st €“ Cockpit, Leeds 2nd €“ Concorde 2, Brighton

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Listen: The Horrors’ excellent new song “So Now You Know”
The U.K. Goths debut the second single off their forthcoming album, Luminous.


3.22 (Sat) RITUALS The Head Shop"...紹'
????????????????-??RITUALS The Head Shop "The Dark Evolution"? ??"?...??????'???'?-??? ??"???????????????-????-?????'??????? DJ TAIZO(TOKYO DARK CASTLE) folklore Gothic /classic Gothic/spiritual's rock 1984?????????????'????'?'?-?'?? 1992? ?????...?? 1993? ?????...?????-??????? ????? ???????? ?????????-???????-????"????? ????? ...


SA 04.10.2014 Konzert: DER SCHWARZE BALL Live: VNV Nation (UK) + Torul (SLO)
Club X-TRA, Limmatstrasse 118, Zurich
SA 04.10.2014 Konzert: DER SCHWARZE BALL Live: VNV Nation (UK) + Torul (SLO)
Noxiris & More Than Mode prsentieren:
DER SCHWARZE BALL 2014 - Live: VNV Nation & Torul& Party auf 3 Dancefloors

Liebhaber dunklerer Tonarten und Angehrige der Wave- und Gothic-Szene treffen sich am Samstag, 4. Oktober zum Schwarzen Ball im X-TRA. Auf der Bhne stehen VNV Nation und Torul.

Anschliessend steigt DIE Party fr die Szene - auf 3 Floors. Die Afterparty auf dem More than Mode Floor (Main Floor) beginnt gleich anschliessend an die Konzerte. Auf dem Electro Floor stehen ab 22 Uhr wie gewohnt verschiedene Residents hinter den Plattentellern und auf dem Depeche Mode Floor sorgen die DJs fr den richtigen Sound. Das Datum also fett im Kalender anstreichen und dieses hammermssige Line-up auf keinen Fall verpassen!

Ab 16 Jahren / Einlassregeln
VNV Nation - Beloved

Torul - The Fall


An Oral History of EBM
An Oral History of EBM JAMA has published an interesting piece on the origins of the EBM movement. T

Club X-TRA, Limmatstrasse 118, Zurich

Lebanon Hanover sind Laurissa Iceglass und William Maybelline, die aufs Wesentliche reduzierten, frostig-minimalen Gitarren/Bass-Wave produzieren. Ein vielseitiges und ideenreiches Duo, das Minimal Synth mit ursprnglichem New Wave und einer gehrigen Portion Post Punk anreichert und veredelt.

Tombs for Two (Fabrika Records) ist das dritte Album innerhalb von zwei Jahren.:

"Schnell wird klar: der Name des Openers "Sadness Is Rebellion" ist Programm. Was sich bereits auf "Why Not Just Be Solo" andeutete, wird auf dem neuesten Werk fortgefhrt. Die absolute Finsternis und die Sperrigkeit des Debuts sind einer herrlich romantischen Traurigkeit, Verzweiflung und Melancholie gewichen. Die Songs sind somit etwas zugnglicher, jedoch meilenweit von frhlichen Popsongs entfernt. "Those graves are such a temptation, if we don?t press rewind it will all end? ?" noch Fragen? Fortgefhrt wird die Tradition, dass vereinzelte Songs oder Songfragmente auf Deutsch gesungen werden. Dies gelingt mal weniger ("Your Fork Moves"), mal endet es in absoluter Perfektion ("Hall Of Ice", "Gallowdance"). Richtig gut sind LEBANON HANOVER, wenn sie dann doch nochmal die absolute Dsterkeule auspacken. Wenn William Morris aka William Maybellin in der Ode an die Deutsche Schwerindustrie "Stahlwerk" singt "in the stahlwerk i can see skeletal structures, skeletal steel" luft es einem eisssskalt den Rcken runter. In der zweiten Hlfte des Albums wagt die Band Ausflge in poppigere Gefilde ("I Believe You Can Survive") oder experimentiert mit Tanzflchenbeats ("Tomb for Two") ?" ein wenig Gesellschaftskritik darf natrlich auch nicht fehlen ("Autofocus Has Ruined Quality"). Wenn Larissa Georgiou aka Larissa Iceglass dann mit den Zeilen "times are fast and unsafe and my melodies ever so grey" das Ende (der LP) einlutet, ist der Hrer lngst am Boden zerstrt. LEBANON HANOVER fhren uns mit "Tomb for Two" mal wieder vor Augen, wie schrecklich und ungerecht diese Welt, die Liebe und das Leben an sich sind. Doch diese unendliche Traurigkeit, diese scheinbare Aussichtslosigkeit knnen als Motor und Antrieb zur Vernderung der Dinge dienen ?" "Sadness Is Rebellion?! LEBANON HANOVER glauben fest daran. Und ihr solltet es auch"
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?-? New Wave, Electro, Gothic Rock, Industrial, Elektropop ?-

ab 18 J. / Einlassregeln


Watch Goth-Trad Make a Beat with Ableton Live

In a new video from Dubspot, Japanese dubstep specialist Goth-Trad builds a new track piece-by-piece in Ableton Live, and we get to watch it all happen in real time.

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Thief 4 review

I should start this piece with a caveat: I was a huge fan of the originalThiefseries -- even the Xbox version,Deadly Shadows, from 2004. For many of us older gamers theThieftitles launched in 1998 were the daddy of the stealth genre. But here we are after a long 10-year wait for Garrett's return, eager to see how the rascal is doing.

Thief 4-- or just "Thief" to denote the reboot, a laTomb Raider-- for those new to this frachise, is once again set in a fantasy Victorian gothic steampunk world where it is permanently night. Garrett, a master thief, returns to The City to find it is being ruled by The Baron, a tyrant. To make things worse a sinister plague referred to as the "gloom" is killing off the poor and making them somewhat unruly. You are tasked with taking on various missions in an attempt to piece together what has happened to your uppity apprentice, who has vanished after dropping in uninvited -- literally -- on a mystical ritual. Of course, as you explore The City on these quests you are meant to help yourself to all that glisters along the way.

By: Jeremy White,

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Neo Goth Fashion Ads - The Acne Spring 2014 Campaign Stars Model Zlata Mangafic (TrendHunter.com)
(TrendHunter.com) The Acne Spring 2014 ad campaign reveals the neo goth. Although the fashion designs themselves are relatively clean and simple, save for one shredded outfit, the styling takes them to the next level....


Golden Donna "Empty Charm Vessel"

Hailing from Madison, Wiconson, Golden Donna is the latest producer to add to the growing catalog of Amanda Brown's 100% Silk label. Pulled from Golden Donna's new II album for the imprint (out this week), "Empty Charm Vessel" is a track which exists somewhere between analog synth music and retro-lined darkwave. In truth, it all comes off more as a composition than a track, the song's six-minute run landing on a number of different musical sections, each with their own distinctive moods and melodic hooks. The vibes woven throughout Golden Donna's new tune are furthered emphasized by its blurry, clip-heavy video, which can be seen after the jump.

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Golden Donna "Empty Charm Vessel"

Hailing from Madison, Wiconson, Golden Donna is the latest producer to add to the growing catalog of Amanda Brown's 100% Silk label. Pulled from Golden Donna's new II album for the imprint (out this week), "Empty Charm Vessel" is a track which exists somewhere between analog synth music and retro-lined darkwave. In truth, it all comes off more as a composition than a track, the song's six-minute run landing on a number of different musical sections, each with their own distinctive moods and melodic hooks. The vibes woven throughout Golden Donna's new tune are furthered emphasized by its blurry, clip-heavy video, which can be seen after the jump.

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London studio reveals year-long BioWare affair
Sunless Sea - Failbetter Games

London-based studio Failbetter Games has announced it's been working on a secret project with BioWare.

You might know Failbetter from its Victorian-Gothic browser-based game, Fallen London, or perhaps from its work-in-progress, the ocean exploration game Sunless Sea.

By: Philippa Warr,

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Versatile Lace-Up Vixen Wedges - The Derek Lam Maxine Wedged Heels are Fierce and Versitile (TrendHunter.com)
(TrendHunter.com) The sleek black Derek Lam Maxine Heels are smoking hot. The wedged boots are made of Spazzalato leather, they have a pointed toe and a lace-up ankle. The wedges are to die for. The vampy, gothic...


Bohemia Cabaret Club
Friday, 28th February 2014
226-228 Coventry Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205
BOHEMIA Cabaret Club
Freedom. Beauty. Dreams.

Bohemia is a World, a sanctuary of taste, desire, live entertainment and good times in this hardest of times. A World where you can shed the conservative skin of modern life, unleash your deepest yearnings and be who you truly wish to be.

?By far the best burlesque show I have ever seen.? Inside Cabaret review

Polis parasit och yrkesbrottsling Maria Lönegård välkomnas tillbaka till rikskriminalpol
Ekobrottschef Marie Lönegård betalade ingen förmånsskatt under åtta år ? Slutar på EBM efter a

Ant Banister

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3 months ago
Listen to my new Cloudcast on Mixcloud at http://www.mixcloud.com/antbanister/action-ants-gothic-playground-1/?utm_source=redirect&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=cloudcast check it out now! This time DJ Action Ant Goes Goth

Action Ant's Gothic Playground 1

This week I am presenting a mix of Gothic dancefloor fillers that I play out when DJing and also hear when I am out dancing. This mix is pretty indicative of the kind of tracks you will hear in a Sydney Goth/Deathrock club these days. The scene has recently experienced a renaissance with club numbers being swelled by young blood and the 90's clubbers now having a mid life crisis. The tracks are for the most part from the 80's, despite Europe having a number of trad Goth bands. The only modern dark bands that have made any inroads to Australias clubs have been EBM and Darkwave acts.

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